Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekly update July 19-25

Monday: Right pleasant weather, nice morning run, fed and kenneled and went to dentist... bad news, need root canal, but can't do it today. Work, then return home early, exhausted. No dogs greet me at gate, by time I get to trailer DB,Snoopy and Banshee emerge from under the porch, yawning. Corey inside, wildly excited to see me home early. I brush him briefly then lay down with the Damcat. Up again, now Snoopy is inside too. Work on Corey a little more (his belly hair has grown out and is matted with srraw, he has a mat between one toe... aargh. Go outside, all dogs out, treat, then decide to mow even though still hot. Mow til 815, dogs enjoying the grass clippings, rolling in them... return to trailer, fix food, feed and kennel.

Tuesday: Weather heating up again... AM run, workers already here, went down the hill, no Corey (he was playing with husband) then DB disappears. got up to gate, husband leaving to go to town, said DB had jumped in one of the worker's cars through the WINDOW ... and i needed to apologize. Got back to trailer and got food, out to kennels ... stopped to apologize to worker for DB, his complaint was she got 'hair all over his car'. Said to get it vacuumed and i'd pay for it. ACK, the guy whp was supposed to remove the wheat straw in Corey's pen hadn't replaced it ... fed the dogs, then let Corey out while worker finished pen, took Corey inside, brushed him. Then rekenneled, and went to work. Return 630, hot, husband gone to Lowe's. Let dogs out, mowed, watered trees, DB running in circles, Banshee gets an apple to chew and Corey thinks its a ball and starts barking at her, Banshee finally gives it to Corey, he then realizes its NOT a ball and lets her have it ... Snoopy meanwhile has an itch at the base of her tail which she just can;t quite reach, goes through contortions trying to get it, I stop watering and scratch it for her ... nightfall! fed and kenneled

Wednesday: Getting hot and humid again ... good morning run anyway, then fed and kenneled. Return home, 100 degrees ... Corey and Snoopy inside, DB and Banshee get to gate to greet me, moving slowly for them)... go inside, poor Corey has rubbed his hind toe raw (there was a mat caused by a sandspur in between his toes, I clipped it out yesterday, but he's still worrying it ... put some of my diluted tea tree oil solution on it ) Get changed to go mow and, a storm blows up... husband crates DB and Snoopy lets Corey and Banshee inside... wait out the storm (weird, 'Devil beating his wife', pouring rain, sunshine, AND thunder and lightening) Ends about 745, decoide to take dogs for van ride instead of slogging thru mud (plus its still lightening in the area) let DB and Snoopy out, all get into assigned places in van, and promptly fall asleep.. Corey wakens when we pass the cow pasture ... return home after dark, get food, feed and kennel.

Thursday: Blisteringly hot again ... morning run, feed and kennel, go to work. return, still 100 degrees. Husband gone into town, dogs kenneled. Let them out, try to sit on porch, too hot. Go inside with corey and Banshee, look at corey's paw, still sore, brush him, then take all for run and mowing til nightfall. Husband returns, feed and kennel.

Friday: Early AM, already hot, run, feed, kennel, go to Columbia for hearing ... even worse there, up to 105 in afternoon ... return home; husband has all dogs inside except Banshee who wouldnt come in, I get there and she does. it is too tight quarters for 4 dogs ... Banshee does OK when its just her and corey, but add the other two and she keeps thinking someone is going to take her toy and cant settle down, keeps circling around and around ... and wants to go out ...the Dancat is getting bolder and bolder, comes IN the kitchen while I'm fixing the dogs food (with Corey sitting by me, eyelevel with the counter, DB and snoop standing there, the Damcat walks in and goes under DB and walks over to Snoopy and touches noses, then runs back under gate ... Corey acts like he never notices. Maybe there's hope. Take all outside for evening run and mowing around 730, still hot but bearable ... dogs arrange themselves on hillside under trees and watch me mow ... feed and kennel at nightfall. A good day, but the heat is really bad this year...

Saturday: You guessed it, another horribly hot day. Let dogs out for run, did some AM watering (as it'll be too hot later), husband and workers gone to other property in Aiken county ... after feeding and kenneling and half hour rest, did about a half hour of mowing (and watering), 11 AM, already in the 90's. went to give Heartgard to dogs (6 weeks) realized I only have medium dog size ... kenneled dogs and went to vet to pick up big dog size for Corey (didnt take any dog with me, it takes car too long to cool off enough to put a dog in ) Return, give everyone heartgard, let loose. Dogs follow me to trailer, Banshee and DB immediately go into the 'cave' under the porch, I let Snoopy and Corey inside. Brush Corey, his foot is better,,, they lay down for a nap while i do wash and computer stuff. Can't DRY the wash as dogs under porch, go out and let DB and Banshee inside. chaos. Banshee just can't seem to be in this small a space with more than one other dog., She gets too excited. after a half hour of trying to calm her down (she grabs a toy, takes it to each dog, barks, then growls, then circuits again...) take Snoopy and DB and put them in ac shed crates. Then dry the wash. Banshee and Corey inside, the Damcat comes strolling into kitchen... Banshee reacts, corey doesnt, Damcat runs back under gate. Husband returns, I let DB and Snoopy out, then it finally cools off enough to mow ... finish around nightfall, feed and kennel.

Sunday: Whew, hot again. Morning run, watered pear trees and Angel Ginger's red plum and the other trees by the pond... then fed and kenneled and off to church.Returned, DB and Banshee in cave under porch, Corey and Snoopy inside. Fix lunch, then lay down with Damcat, when woke up all 4 dogs inside ... Banshee doing better. Everyone settles down, I am reading on the couch, husband at computer. Still awfully hot outside. Brush Corey (difficult with the other dogs, Banshee keeps taking brush.) Settle down again... and Damcat walks in, sees all 4 dogs, skeedadles. Take all dogs out to potty, Banshee and DB decide they've had enough inside time and head off towards the fence line. Corey and Snoop come back inside. Finally get Corey brushed, he's gotten into something sticky and his chest is all matted up. Yuk. Settle down again, here comes Damcat, strolling in. Corey remains calm, Snoopy goes over and Damcat runs behind couch, all OK for a moment, then Snoopy follows ... Damcat runs past Corey who tenses,I hold his collar, this is nervewracking. Damcat goes back to bedroom and hides under bed. decide to go out and mow, still hot (630) but dogs are getting antsy. Mow and water the peach and pear trees on other side, husband re-tilling the spots where weeds re-emerging ... continue working til nightfall, return to garage ... dumping last load of grass clippings, Corey starts chasing DB, who does her mad dash in circles routine, Snoopy joins in, all barking loudly and joyously, Banshee even participates (she cant keep up so cuts them off when they circle near her), all having a marvelous time! Get food, feed and kennel. A good day ... but oh Lord, send us some rain....

A good week ... despite Corey's ouchie on his paw, and Snoopy's finicky appetite, and Banshee's restlessness when all are inside ... my goal is to be able to have all 4 inside at same time, and, for the Damcat to be safe ... if the Damcat just had the sense to STAY on the other side of the gate, but oh no, he's now decided he wants to come out with the dogs... back when Angel Ginger was alive, he was fine with her (well, Angel Ginger was terrified of the Damcat and very deferential, Banshee and DB and Snoopy he was scared of (so I didnt let them in), now he's apparently decided the dogs aren't a threat ...  I'm amazed at how calm Corey has been. Maybe there's hope.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekly update July 12-18

Monday: Dense fog in AM. Took dogs for run, fed and kenneled, husband in town. Late to work, overslept. Rain off and on during day, husband had gone to pick up tractor part, pouring when returned. I return, has stopped raining, dogs are all gleefully splashing around, wet and muddy ... take for a run, all full of 'piss and vinegar', make 3 circuits of property, Corey and Snoopy chase cars, Corey gets tangled up in leftover evil vine from the woods cleanup, I get bloody getting it loose, he keeps grabbing it back from me and getting retangled, finally get it loose and throw over fence. Whew. Back to trailer, take Corey inside and attempt to clean him up, he also has sandspurs, (This is the main problem with Irish setters out here, they attract burrs like magnets ... the other dogs, even long haired Banshee, they don't tangle up, but that long fine Irish red hair, oh my.) All dogs still revved up, send husband out to play ball while I fix food. one ball gets stuck under mower deck, Corey wont give up the other, take him in and exchange for Kong. back out, Corey heads for the tractor and barks furiously at the deck... where the ball is. Won't be dissuaded. I get food and feed and kennel (I knew he'd trade the hidden ball for food.) a good end to the day (which workwise was really annoying.)

Tuesday: Foggy again, good long run, then back to kennels, feed then take Corey in dog shed while wheat straw put in his pen (latest attempt to find a bedding that wont stick in his hair...) Give all extra chewies, go to work. return to all 4 dogs greeting me at gate, husband working outside ... change clothes, take Corey and Banshee inside to brush ...the wheat straw seems to be an improvement) then out to mow ... have a new clippings bagger that doesn't work real well, but it is very pleasant out, a nice breeze, the dogs are having a fine time, taking pears from the pear trees, rolling on them, playing ball with them... rolling in the grass, chasing eah other ... return at nightfall, feed and kennel, Snoopy eating well again. rains in night... A good day!

Wednesday: Husband has gone to town, workers here, take dogs for AM run, feed and kennel, then to work.  Hot and muggy when I return, husband has gone off again. Let dogs out, too hot to do anything yet ... brush Corey and Banshee, finally go out to mow around 7 ...still very muggy, buggy, unpleasant, the dogs are sluggish too, trotting around but none of the exuberance of yesterday ... get in an hour then storm blows up around 8 PM (I'm scared of lightening when in the field, so come in ... get food ready, clip Corey's nails, sit on porch, never rains...) Feed and kennel.

Thursday: Rather nice this morning, not as humid ... morning run, dogs burst out of pens gleefully, feed, kennel, go to Columbia for hearing ... when get back to Aiken decide to go home for awhile as I have to do a talk at 6 PM and am really tired (didnt sleep well last night, toothache.) Greeted at gate by DB and Banshee ... Snoopy and Corey are inside. brush Corey (the wheat straw is better, but still tangles up) after awhile bring Banshee and DB in, but its just too many dogs in too small a space. Put Snoopy and DB out, looks like rain so crate them. Never rains, let all back out then go to Aiken, return 745, all are out with husband mowing. Pretty pleasant out, in 80's. Join them for an hour (all this rain, the grass-weeds are growing fast...) then feed and kennel.

Friday: Another pleasant early morning ... all dogs cheerful and bouncy. run feed and kennel, then take DB to have nails clipped (she is all excited, there are 5 dogs at the vet! DB wagging her tail and wriggling all over like a pup...) return her home then go to dentist (yuk) and work ... get home about 530, arrive at gate at same time as husband who has been in town ... let all dogs out, bring Corey is to TRY to get him cleaned up, the wheat straw is about as bad as the pine straw... gosh, he's a hard dog to keep groomed ... but he's having such a grand time being a 'farm dog'... start mowing about 630, pleasant, nice breeze, Corey and Banshee pick green pears and settle down on hill to chew them, while DB and Snoop 'stand guard', what a lovely picture this would make ... nightfall, feed and kennel, put Frontline on them (hate to use these poisons, but, the herbals just arent handling the ticks this year) ...  Snoopy eating well, Corey's ears looking pretty good, DB is now covered in red clay, Banshee happy and bouncy ... a good day!

saturday: Yet another pleasant day. Am run, fed and kenneled, let out again to help me mow ... and i mowed til noon. (i think this is first time since May it's been cool enough to keep going after around 1030! let Corey in, brushed (the wheat straw is I think even worse than the pine straw. I may shave him.) after husband's workers left, let Banshee in, took brief nap. then was getting ready to go out again, looks like a storm coming ...decided to take dogs for van ride ... Corey saw cows for first time and got ALL excited ... while waiting in parking lot of BiLo for husband, I clipped ALL of Snoopy's nails! (this is a milestone!).. lady from Cato's came over and met all 4 dogs (she rescues too). Return home, it never rained (rained everywhere else we went), so let out, mowed, then fed and kenneled.

Sunday: Pleasant early, morning run, dogs spotted neighbor at mail box, ran to greet him, then fed and kenneled, went to church. Return around 1130, sill relatively cool, mowed until 1,  let Corey and Banshee inside, then Snoopy gets in, Banshee decides Snoopy is after her Kong and snarls at her, put all out, then it looks like storm blowing in, crated DB and Snoopy , little bit of rain, thunder grumbling all afternoon. 5 PM let all out, mowed a bit, then brought Corey inside, then friend and her 2 Irishes arrive! Apparently DB,Banshee and Snoop met them at gate, Corey was laying down inside (I attempting to untangle his tail) when he springs up, goes to glass door and stands in perfect setter stance, whips his head around and joyously carols 'they're here !!' Let Corey out, then join all outside, get on mowers, mow awhile ... dogs having a grand time, the Irish bitch Maggie So reminds me of Angel Ginger, the way she'll take off and run off joyously, circling the property ... the others stick fairly close by, Db and Banshee digging in the woods, then it's time to go, Maggie decides she wants one last run and takes off, whoops, friend's car dor open, DB decides SHE wants to go for a ride ... finally get dogs sorted out with the proper guardians, then feed and kennel my gang. a good day!

An excellent week ... no big adventures, but nice weather, good pack interaction, a nice visit from friend and her Irishes ... Snoopy eating well again, and even getting her nails clipped without panic attacks, Corey's ears doing OK, the dog gate working well, even with 3-4 dogs inside, Damcat more relaxed ... memories of Angel Ginger fill my heart, I can almost see her sometimes, and, i know she's watching over us... God is good.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Still hot, but a good week! July 5-11

Monday: Off work today. Good morning run, feed and kennel, then let all out to join me in mowing. Husband tilling, workers on building. hotter today but not unbearable... Corey and Banshee inside, then joined by Snoopy and DB ... argh, too many dogs... go back outside. friends bring Irish setters Chase and Maggie over, kennel Snoopy and DB, let Corey and Banshee be the greeters, then bring out Snoop and DB (who are all ruffled up, but recognize Chase, so all is well. JoAnn and I mow a bit, accompanied by all dogs, Snoopy then returns to porch to entertain husbands. Maggie is especially having a grand time, running off by herself, exploring the fence line, this reminds me so much of Angel Ginger, who'd do a complete circuit of the property then return and stay by me. Great treat, the human friends brought ice cream for the dogs! (And, framed pictures from last week's play date ... the 2 Irishes in the field and one of sir Corey on the porch...) Showing humans the tornafo shelter, DB trots down the stairs and settles in, decides it's nice and cool down there, doesnt wannt to leave ...After dog and human friends leave, get in another hour of mowing (the tall reedy stuff in back is out of control...) then feed and kennel at nightfall. Then neighbors start fireworks again, Corey going berserk, so bring him inside ... he promptly falls asleep at my feet. I wake him up around 11 PM and take him back to the kennels ... again am reminded of Angel Ginger, I'd always bring her in in the evening for her meds,she'd go out and turn on the motion lights, then i'd put her to bed at midnight (and give all the other dogs midnight snacks ...

Tuesday: Hot and humid ... early run, very steamy. Feed and kennel, (Snoopy not eating) go to Saulda for work, return and get Banshee for pet therapy. Banshee and Corey have been inside, she isn't thrilled about leaving, but does OK once we are in the car. (She can give me the most disgusted expressions ...) Return home without our usual PetSmart excursion, husband has put DB and Snoopy in a/c shed. Both gates open, thought husband had left and gone to town, took Banshee in to kennel, Snoopy and DB in crates, let them into kennels ... where's corey? Went to trailer, greeted by Corey ... whats going on? Husband still here, who opened gates??? Never do find out...  Still pretty hot, take a nap while husband goes into town. Returns, he tills some while I mow, and water some trees. Still hot, try to stay on shady side, Banshee and Corey arrange themselves picturesqly under a tree and watch, DB and Snoopy show up every time I stop mowing. At one point they must spot a deer, cause they all leap up and race towards the front of the property, barking, then return. Feed (Snoopy eating fine) and kennel.

Wednesday: Getting even hotter, Morning run, then one of workers got cedar out of Corey's pen and put in DB's and gave Corey pine straw... fed and kenneled, went to work. Return 530, still darn hot, husband take trash to dump and gives DB a ride, the rest of us hang out on porch until it cools down some, then mow and water trees in back... dogs pretty energetic for as hot as it is, Corey keeps pestering DB to play, finally she does (these dogs dont play-wrestle, they RUN .... go in at nightfall, husband still tilling, feed and kennel. Snoopy eats well tonight.

Thursday: Very hot. AM run, feed, kennel and work. Return 645, still very very hot. Husband in town. Let dogs out, still hot, give them chicken broth ice cubes and wstermelon (which Corey and DB love, Banshee and Snoopy think they're crazy ...this can't be FOOD ...) finally took evening run and fed and kenneled.

Friday: another scorcher ... dogs beginning to drag a bit, though stil burst out of pens in AM. Snoopy wont eat. Kenneled and went to work, returned after grueling excursion for husband to pick up tractor part 9it was 105 degrees southside ... got home 6 PM, still 100 degrees. Dogs inside in AC. Finally around 730 went out had brief run, then a storm blew up ... snoopy terrified of storms, fed her inside shed. fed and kenned 8 PM. nice rain.

saturday: Cooler in AM, hooray. Snoopy still wont eat in AM unless i hand feed her. Good run, kenneled, then out again mowing 10-12. got gate up inside trailer! all 4 dogs inside briefly, then Snoopy and Db back outside. Turning hot again. Now the Damcat will sit on the washer and hiss at the dogs behind the gate... the dogs just stand there. this is a VAST improvement! Bring Corey and Banshee inside, put DB and Snoopy in crates in AC shed for afternoon naps. Brush corey and Banshee, trim Corey's nails. Go out again around 6, quite pleasant outside, let all out, mow for several hours, husband plays ball with Snoopy while i'm on other side of property ... whoops, Corey spots the ball, snags it, chews it, refuses to give it up. Decide to take Corey inside, go to trailer, close dog gate, let Corey in, no ball... look out, Banshee now has it. Everybody back outside, now Snoopy gets it, then DB, then Corey, let him back in, exchange for treat, back out, finish mowing. Feed and kennel at nightfall, Snoopy eats fine. Corey likes the new bedding (pine pellets) but it was a small bag and only covers one part of pen ... which he promptly lays on. a good day, quite nice temp wise, humidity low, nice breeze.

Sunday: Got up late ... it was 8 AM before i got the dogs out for their run ... still pleasant weather, fed (Snoopy still barely eats in morning), kenneled and went to church. Returned around noon, not real hot thermometer wise (90) so tried to mow, but humidity must be high cause i couldn't stand it... back inside for lunch, took Banshee and Corey in. the gate is working well! Damcat can sit on the washer and sneer and hiss at the dogs, who sit quietly beyond the gate! Afternoon storm, crate DB and Snoopy, then let all out after rain ends around 5; do some work in the woods section, then fertilize some trees, then the grass is dry enough to mow ...  it's really pleasant out, the humidity has lifted, there's a nice breeze ... dogs having a wonderful time, chasing each other, rolling in the grass clippings, running back and forth between where I'm working and where husband is working ... hated to call it a day, but, it's getting dark ... feed and kennel.

Another good week! The dog gate in the trailer seems to be working great, we had a wonderful play date last monday, banshee had her pet therapy day, all dogs are getting along well ... when we're all sitting together down at the bottom of the hill, near Angel Ginger's tree, I can almost see her out of the corner of my eye, and, she's smiling ... good job, my sweet red girl, well done in sending Corey to us.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy, and the new wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-04/09/10)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Another good week

Monday: Not as hot, early AM run, feed and kennel, go to work, return and mow ... corey's ears are looking great! Snoopy is eating well.

Tuesday: early AM run, feed and kennel, go to work ... returned in a blinding downpour. stopped raining about 730, let dogs out, ran, fed and kenneled

Wednesday: Still very cloudy and humid, but cooler, let dogs out, ran, fed and kenneled. Had to stay and show new workers yard work, let dogs out again. husband had tilled going down the hill (where we're trying to clear out sandspurs and ruts, and all 4 dogs ecstatic, they love to run and roll and dig in the loose soil ... a jot to watch ... left and went to work, when returned husband had gone into town, looked like rain ... let dogs out, had about an hour of mowing then kaboom! here comes the storms ... made it to the kennels with food, Snoopy hides in her house, so feed her inside her house ... rains continue all night .....

Thursday: Beautiful morning. much cooler, the dogs are raring to go ... morning run, greet new workers enthusiastically, feed and kennel, go to work, return to a really nice evening, in 80's, nice breeze ... all 4 dogs greet me at gate, husband is tilling, Corey barks and barks and wriggles all over like a puppy instead of the 7 year old middle aged guy he is ... take him inside for brushing, then out to mow ... the grass and weeds have grown a LOT ...Snoopy, DB and Corey chase each other, DB and Snoopy in their low to the ground flat out run, Corey with long loping strides, Banshee bouncing around like a furry ball. The joy of watching the dogs having SUCH a good time, energized by the relativeloy cool weather, enjoying each and every second, living life to the fullest...

Friday: Another beautiful day ... temps in the 80's ... feels like springtime! Good AM run, feed and kennel, take DB on her Friday ride to the bank, a little later than usual cause i'm off work today! Return, kennel all briefly then let out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Take Corey and Snoopy inside, brush, try to take nap but Snoopy isn't much of an inside dog, won't settle down. Let Banshee in instead. After workers leave and have lunch, we then go into town, return, and husband seeds the tilled parts of the property while i Mow. All dogs having a wonderful time again, romping through the newly cleared woods, chasing each other through the tilled sections, full of exuberant good spirits ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

Saturday: Yet another gorgeous day, temps in the 80's, not humid. Whee! Morning run, feed and kennel, all dogs very lively (just like at the start of fall... I wonder if they think 'gee, that was a really short summer'. I wish...) Went to Aiken to go by post office to pay box rent which I'd forgotten to do, took Corey with me, then went to PetSmart, SuperPetz and Boots and brodles to pick up various dog related items ... SPCA volunteers doing adoptions at PetSmart, all suitably impressed with Sir Corey ... and one customer and her little girl were ecstatic, lady hadn't 'seen an Irish setter in years' ... several comments on how BIG Corey is, 'isn't he big for an Irish setter' and one 'is he mixed with something else like Great Dane?' (well, no, he's definitely a purebred, papers and all, LOL... it is funny, when I'd take Angel Ginger out and about, it was always 'isn't she small for an Irish setter', now it's 'Corey the giant') ... he doesn't actually seem that big to me anymore, I've gotten used to him... returned home, other dogs all out helping husband and workers, (and Snoopy had managed to roll in the horse manure neighbor gave us to work into our soil... yuk...)  let Corey out for awhile then took him and Banshee inside for a nap. Did wash, then mowed for a couple hours, then took all dogs for van ride (Snoopy had managed to clean herself up, by swimming in the wading pool and rolling in the grass, I reckon). Home around dark, fed and kenneled... a great day!

Sunday: Still pleasant weather! Morning run, feed and kennel. Snoopy not eating well again, will switch her to Wellness tonight. The cedar shavings (changed Corey's pen from pine straw in the hopes it wouldnt cling to his feathers...)... now Corey looks like he's covered in confetti ... it comes out easier though. Church, return home and mow a little, DB and Banshee spot a rat and chase it, but it escapes through the fence onto the nighbor's unmowed property ... its pretty hot now, so took Corey and Banshee inside. Then snoopy gets in. Mass chaos. two dogs at a time (and Damcat in the bedroom)  is maximum for this small trailer, Do some paperwork, read, then mow while husband digs up even more of the property ... play ball with Corey and Snoopy, water some trees, Corey and Banshee manage to get peaches and wont relinquish the pits ..finally get them ... feed and kennel at nightfall (Snoopy eats all her food!)

Another good week for Corey and the girls ...he's been with us 2 months now. Corey is playing  with DB and Snoopy, joining in their evening chasathon, he's stil very deferential to all the girls, and Banshee adores him. Now, if only I can get Corey to be nice to the Damcat (at least he no longer lunges at Damcat if he sees him) .. not a day goes by that I don't thank Angel Ginger and St Francis for sending Corey to us, he was exactly what we needed!

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy, and the new wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-04/09/10)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)