Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Corey goes to work 6-25-10

Corey and Mary lou at Greenwood SCLS Office for Take your Dog to Work Day

Monday, June 28, 2010

Chase visits Corey 06-27-10

Chase (JoAnn's big red guy) visits Corey (my big red guy). Photos by Tom Minnick...

A really good week!

A really good week, I think ... adventures for Banshee and Corey, Snoopy is eating well again, DB is, well, DB is DB...and the Damcat is taking the routine of staying in the bedroom and bathroom when Corey is inside in stride ...

Monday: Fairly nice in early AM, run and watering (this is endless, wish itd rain) fed and kenneled, went to work. very long day. Returned home, very hot and airless now ... watered more trees, husband played brief ball game with dogs while i fix their food, then fed and kenneled. Keeps acting like its gonna eain, but doesnt, everything is drying up.

Tuesday: Hot already this AM, up early, AM run and watering, then fed and kenneled, took Banshee with me and dropped her at groomer (getting her belly and tasil feathers trimmed for summer and the rest of her undercoat combed out, I swear she had a ticker winterc coat this year than ever, I could stuff 2 mattresses or take care of the whole oil spill)  then to a meeting, picked up Banshee and went to pet therapy (Banshee got to show off her summer do) , then to the chiropraqctor (who lets me bring dogs with me). Hot as heck at home, husband gone to dentist, kennel Banshee (whenever i take banshee on an outing, DB and she get into a 'shouting match' when she returns, barking ferociously etc, so i kennel them to let them calm down). went back out to let dogs out, was halfway down the hill when it starts thundering ... we head back, Snoopy leading the charge to the dog shed (Snoopy hates stirms), Snoop clawing at the door, let her, DB and Banshee in, they head for their crates, Corey wont come in, so take him back to trailer ... a little rain for about an hour, looks like its cleared up, let the others out, this time we make it around the back when here comes the storm again, circling ... back up to trailer, grab food, kennel and feed all. Husband arrives home (has a truck full of lumber), storm passes over but dark now.

Wednesday: Another hot day ... morning run, didnt water any cause it did rain last night ... tied up some tomatoes (not doing well, too hot I reckon, but this time last summer I had tomatoes galore, scanty this year)... watered porch flowers, then fed and kenneled (and changed water etc).Snoopy didnt eat.  Went to work. Very hot and they seem to be paving half of every street I rode down today, the smell of asphalt in 100 degrees ... yuk. Very glad to leave town and get back home, even though still very hot (still 98 degrees at 6 PM.) Dogs in a/c, let hem out around 630, dogs and I sat around on porch, then around 7 set out to water and mow (trying to get under the trees cleared.) Husband tilling and smoothing the rough areas (where nasty weeds grow and we're trying to encourage grass spread...) checked a few water lines. As usual, DB, Banshee and Snoopy follow for awhile then go about their business Corey follows me closely (but is beginning to have sense enough to stay in shade). worked til dark (around 9 PM) then fed and kenneled... Corey's ears getting better. Snoopy ate supper. (I gave her some of the Wellness fish I had left ... maye she just likes fish and not duck or chicken? Great, I just boght a BIG bag of duck and potato. Sigh.)

Thursday: Very very hot again .. in the hundreds. Early M run, hot and sweltering at 730 AM. Fed and kenneled, went to work ... return evening, still hot and nasty. Husband goes to town (something about wood that's cut wrong), I attempt to water trees but somethings wrong with water lines, finally give up after finding some spigots left on around dark. Feed and kennel dogs ... Corey had followed me over whole property cecking the water lines, the rest had followed about halfway then went back and sat on porch. Snoopy eats well tonight (the duck and potato mixed with canned Wellness chicken.)

Friday: Up late, Tom goes into town to get new worker and go to bank, morning run, fed (Snoopy ate well), kenneled. Husband returns, get Corey and take him to work with me for Bring Your Dog to Work day!  Of course he loves riding in the car and snoozes the whole way (about an hour). Arrive at work, he's all excited, greets Karen, we go upstairs and greet Jay, settle down to work. He did pretty good ... was very quiet while I'm on phone with clients, slept on my foot while I drafted letters. Only problem is going up and down stairs (I'm on 2nd floor) it's a big old house, Corey goes up and down stairs MUCH faster than I do, unleashed is no problem, but leashed is a bit, well, traumatic (for me). But we perservere. Lunchtime was an adventure, he smelled Karen's lunch and barreled in to beg from her, we then fix my lunch, he disappears, then reappears with his Kong (I'd left it in my office), unfortunately the peanut butter is upstairs. Up we go, he now scents Jay's SubWay sandwich... and goes in to beg some more. After lunch, we're sitting in my office, Corey asleep, I'm on phone with client ... Kathy the Office Manager (who was off today) has come by to meet Corey and knocks on my door (which I've left closed so i can let Corey off leash) ... Corey snaps to attention and goes to the door, barking ferociously ... my client says 'where ARE you' I explain Bring Your Dog to Work Day, she says 'well, my, Miss Mary you have a wonderful watchdog there, he sounds really mean'. Yeah, he'd jump all over the burglar and lick him to death.. fairly quiet after this, wind up the day, ( Karen takes pictures of Corey at work on her cell phone, but we cant figure out how to get them onto the Net or sent to me, if we ever do will post them) go home an hour early, fortunately, as a big storm hits about 630 ... had time for husband to play ball with Snoopy and Corey while I took a brief nap, work up to terrible rain, hail, the works, husband had put Snoopy and DB in the shed, Banshee refused to go and was on porch ... went and let her in with Corey (Damcat hiding in closet). Rain continues, slacks up around 830, get food, kennel Banshee and Corey, get DB and Snoopy out of shed and into kennels, feed everyone, then RUN back to trailer as its raining again! (We sure did need rain, thats for sure, and it did cool it off).

Saturday: Right pleasant today! Morning run, fed and kenneled, let out and did some weeding (not much my back cant handle it anymore). Loooked all over, couldnt find snoopy ... husband had inadvertently locked her in RV. Let her out, Husband took Snoopy for a ride into town. Returned, i then took Corey (tried to take Banshee but she wasnt coming out from under the porch) over to the new SPCA thrift store, met the lady there (I may start volunteering on saturdays, Corey'd be a big help), then returned and took DB for a ride. Hot now, mid 90's. Took naps. Up again, now there's a storm brewing, put dogs in van and went for van ride to store, skirting the storm. Returned home, rain over but still thundering, took brief evening run ... oh no, dogs get an injured baby bird! Rescue it, cant find its nest, its now on the porch , doesnt look good.Fed and kenneled dogs, Corey's ears much better.

Sunday: Hot again, morning run, then church. home around noon, quite hot by now, took dogs for very brief run. after lunch, got really hot, though it said 95, the humidity ... well, put girls in AC shed. Had a great adventure late afternoon, my friend JoAnn brought her Irish setter Chase (and her husband) over to meet Corey ... Chase is even taller than Corey but not as bulked out (I assume because Corey wasn't neutered til he was over 5, as his prior owner showed him)... we rode around the property on mowers (well, JoAnn and I rode, husbands walked, as my 3rd mower seems to have died) watching the 2 handsome red guys run was beautiful ... I'm sure Angel Ginger was watching us and enjoying the sight ... ah, this takes me back to my childhood, watching my grandad's Irish setters ...they are beautiful animals indeed ... I left the girls kenneled, as I wasnt really sure how Corey'd react to another male, but there were no problems ... let the girls out and all was fine... hope Joann comes back soon (maybe after it cools down a trifle...) JoAnn's husband got some pictures (my camera as usual on the blink) hopefully can share them soon!

Thank you, St Francis and Angel Ginger, watching over us, sending Corey to us, giving us this beautiful Sunday to top off the week. God is good.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The saga continues ... June 14-20

Monday: Horribly hot again today, high  reached 103 degrees and no rain in sight ... took dogs for early run and watered some trees, went to work. Husband continued watering (workers off today) and finished around noon ... DB, Banshee and Snoopy had sense enough to stay in shade, poor Corey trudged around with him finding what shade he could (this so reminds me of Angel Ginger, even in her final days she would follow me everywhere, I'd have to stop on the mower every few minutes to let her rest ...) Husband put dogs into a/c in afternoon ... let them out right before I got home (and it was still hot, upper 90's) they all greeted me enthusiastically at the gate and followed me to the trailer ... changed clothes, fixed their food, gave them treats, around 730 set out to water trees on other side. Banshee would wait til I finished a tree then plop down on the wet ground, Corey and DB vied over drinking from the hose, Snoopy trotted about then went back to porch. About 830 gave up, still top hot and stifling ... fed and kenneled dogs, replenished water, brushed and gave ear meds etc.  hope this heat wave ends SOON, this is a bit much so early in summer.

Tuesday: Hot again ... up early, let dogs out, watered trees ... fed and kenneled and went to work. another scorcher. Left work, 100 degrees plus, halfway home ... it starts to cool off ... by time got home it was 89 degrees! Whoopee! Threatening rain, but decided to finish watering... dogs enjoying the 'cool snap' .... nightfall fed and kenneled ... at midnight we got a big rainfall! (well, if I hadn't watered it would have missed us...)

Wednesday: Almost cool this AM (in 70's)... nice AM run ... fed and kenneled, Snoopy off her food again ... (she's never been a really enthusiastic eater) ... after work, got ready to mow, mowed a little and then it looked like a big storm blowing up ... hurried and Helped husband unload truck, fed and kenneled. Finally rained a little bit.

Thursday: Still not terribly hot ... but getting there. Up early, watered trees, had a good AM run ...Snoopy eating OK as long as I leave her kibble dry ... good AM run, went to work, in the evening mowed in back (the little bit of rain we've had made the reedy stuff back there grow fast ...

Friday: Morning run, watered trees (yes, I have a lot of young fruit trees, at least there are hoses to them now, last year and before I had to tote buckets of water) ... kids working here this summer have done a good job weed eating our side of fence line, need to get husband to bush hog on other side of fence ...blackberry brambles coming through fence... took DB for her Friday ride to the bank, then returned, kenneled her and went to work ... had a nice lunch today with pet therapy friends ... went by SPCA thrift store ... home around 530, mowed , and, you guessed it, watered trees. (Corey and DB just LOVE this part, they get to follow me around and drink from the hose, their favorite thing ... Banshee likes to find a damp spot and lay there, Snoopy likes to splash in the mud ....) fed and kenneled at nightfall.

Saturday: Foggy this AM. morning run, fed and kenneled, went to Peach Festival to help with All Gods Creatures table. We'd been moved from the street spot we'd had in the past, but got a good stream of customers anyway. Returned at noon to help husaband with tractor work, he was bush hogging the other side of our fence (on the 2 sides where the neighbors dont keep their property mowed) ....  All dogs out, enjoying following him on our side of the fence.  Hot now, so did inside work... Damcat helps me with folding the wash now, Angel Ginger used to LOVE helping with the wash (she'd rest her head on the edge of the bed and watch intently) ... Corey can't come in the bedroom with the Damcat, so he stations himself  outside the closed door... at least he has stopped clawing at the door and barking at the Damcat (which the other dogs have NEVER managed) ...  Brushed Corey and cut his nails (Finally! I have a dog I can sit beside on the floor and cut its nails! I have a really bad back for bending over ...the only way DB will let her nails be clipped is standing up, and I simply cant do it ..) Brushed Banshee, who has taken to sleeping in the 'cave' under the porch ... Looked like rain but never did, so went out to water trees; husband played ball with Corey and Snoopy while I cleaned Snoopy's wading pool and refilled, Snoopy promptly took a dip (and so did DB, in her fashion, she stands upright and sticks her head under the water)... did a bit of weeding and mowing ... then fed and kenneled at nightfall. Found out from husband (who had talked to kid next door when he bush hogged their property along the fence, that little Mattie (who comes and plays with my dogs) is in heat and has been locked up, thats why we haven't seen her; well, at least they do try to keep her safe, I do wish they'd spay her ... I especially worry about small dogs, she gets out so easily, there are a LOT of loose dogs out here, mostly large sized, and if a small dog gets pregnant from a big one, that's usually the end of the small dog ... God, I wish folks would spay-neuter if they don't plan on breeding, there are programs nowadays to help low income folks who can;t afford it ... whenever I go to one of the shelters and see the vast number of puppies ... or post 'death row dogs' on my FaceBook page... I really can't understand WHY people can't take the responsibility for neutering their animals. End of rant.)

Sunday: Warm and muggy this AM. Good AM run, fed, Snoopy wont eat again. Left her food down for 10 minutes. Then (and I know I'm not supposed to do this), gave her canned food to see if she'd eat, yep, scoffed it down. Then gave other dogs a scoop too so she wouldnt think her holding out got her extra. I just dread having to take Snoopy to the vet,  goes totally berserk, has to be sedated .... went to church, got back later than usual as we had a going away dinner for 2 beloved members who are retiring (and moving up north) ... pretty hot, DB and Snoopy in the a/c shed, Banshee under the porch, Corey inside ... later, went out, looked like a storm brewing, so decided to take dogs for a van ride, came back, it never rained, so watered more trees, husband doing tractor work and burning brush , mowed til dark. Substantially cooler ... very pleasant actually, dogs having a wonderful time... fed and kenneled, Snoopy ate her chow ... a really good day.

Thank you all who have been following my updates for your encouragement in welcoming Corey to the family, he has fit right in, as if he's always been here ... Angel Ginger and St. Francis knew what they were doing, eh ...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Corey becomes part of the family (week 5)

Monday: Good morning run ... cooler (well, relatively cooler, not as humid), all dogs very perky. Kenneled, gave Corey ear drops (oh, he doesnt like it at all..., moans and groans, you'd think i was torturing him) fed and went to work. When arrived home, all 4 dogs met me at gate, Corey resting his paws on top of the fence ... and escorted me back to trailer. Husband outside working on slab. Went in, changed clothes, sat on porch with dogs and husband, all very peaceful ... all of a sudden DB leaps off porch and heads toward fence, others following ... Corey then returns. Trying to figure out WHAT the other 3 are after, see a  black and white streak gio by followed by 3 dogs at full speed, first think its Mattie but no! It's a cat! Corey, bless him, doesnt even notice ... put Corey inside, husband goes to rescue the cat, a BIG black and white cat, now up in a tree ... husband gets DB,Banshee and Snoop kenneled (with dog biscuits, they're suckers for dog biscuits) Meanwhile, I brush corey and fix food. After awhile, Corey and I go out, i get on mower and release the 3 cat chasers, who go straight to the tree the cat WAS in ... apparently gone now, as they follow me happily down hill. Whew. I have NO clue where the cat came from, there are some feral cats in the woods ... decide to water trees on other side of property, mow a bit, then feed and kennel. What excitement.

Tuesday: Early AM run, workers arrive, all dogs cheerful and energetc. DB and Banshee check the fence line for the cat From Yesterday ... no luck... join me, corey and Snoopy at the bottom of the hill. Feed, clean Corey's ears, brush Snoop, go to work. Return to all 4 greeting me at gate again, Corey adding immense excitement as he thinks loud welcoming barks are in order. Give treats, am escorted back to trailer, change clothes and stay on porch awhile, watering flowers (Corey and DB taking turns drinkibng out of faucet, I dont see how they do this without choking...) Husband joins us, then I go mowing and watering fruit trees (need some RAIN here, weather angels!) Corey decides this is an absolutely wonderful opportunity to drink out of the hose, gets drenched, DB joins in, Banshee and Snoopy watch. Return and get food, then give Corey ear drops, brush Banshee, give all peanut butter mix with tooth cleaner, then chewies. Several rounds of barking in the night from Banshee and Corey, I think that cat's out there somewhere ....

Wednesday: Morning run, workers already here, fed and kenneled, cleaned Corey's ears. I think they're getting better! Return 530, threatening rain, dogs decide they want a van ride (actually, they go to every vehicle and circle it, barking.) Van ride through Johnston and some back roads, return, not raining so do a bit of mowing, then feed and kennel.

Thursday: Workers here already again (they start earlier in summer), I'm very proud of how well the dogs go over and greet everyone, then down the hill with me. Clean Corey's ears, brush Snoopy, get mat from behind Banshee's ear, go to work. Husband reports high point of the day, they were digging a hole to plant a ginko tree, filled it with water (its been very dry here) to soak in, Snoopy then jumps into the mud hole and tries to enlarge it, then jumps out and onto husband ... he takes her to her wading pool and refills it so she can clean off. Return home, threatening rain, was going to water trees but decide to mow instead ... it never rains. Husband and Jesse in town getting lumber, they return and we all sit on porch (with jesse's wife) with dogs for awhile, dogs are pretty obnoxious, actually, clamoring for attention, wanting to lick faces, my excuse ... they hadnt had enough of a run, the wind blowing revved them up, they arent used to company in the evening ... finally I took them for run, then fed and kenneled.

Friday: Fed and kenneled went to work, return around 530. Pretty hot today, stifling in town, better out here. Evening run, watered trees, mowed a bit. Corey very eager to run tonight, he and DB set off in a wild chase across the back line ... stop and talk to neighbors who hadn't met Corey yet , he is very polite and dignified when meeting new people (and dogs) ...

Saturday: First really hot day of the summer, got up to 100 degrees! AM run,fed and kenneled, Corey's ears looking better ... did a bit of mowing, Corey sat under tree and watched, then was sitting on porch and found a tick in Snoopy's ear ... yuk. Guess I'm gonna have to use Frontline, I was hoping the herbals would work. We don't get fleas, but I can't have them getting ticks. Took DB in to vet to pick up Frontline, then to SPCA dog wash for her 'annual bath' ... had to wait in line an hour. Saw many folks we know. then to PetSmart (i cant find my little tick puller), they didnt have one, but visited with SPCA folks there for adoptions, then to Tractor Supply, Super Petz, no one has a tick puller. DB looks beautiful, clean as a whistle. Driving around noticed temp had got up to 100 degrees, called husband (he and workers still out in heat) told him they could stay out if they want but put the dogs inside. Got home, stifling hot, put DB in shed with Banshee, Snoopy decides she wants to be in her outside kennel not in the a/c shed. well, whatever. Got the tick out of her ear (Used some of the herbal (a rose geranium spray on a cotton ball, which made the tick 'let go and removed it.) Took a nap, back up around 5, still hot but about 95 so let dogs out. Mowed and watered trees from 630-830, not too bad, a breeze at least. the dogs were pretty lively for as hot as it is. fed and kenneled,replenished water.

Sunday: Another very hot day. AM run early, already in mid 80's. Fed and kenneled went to church. Returned, husband and worker outside with all dogs (DB,Banshee and Snoopy in their cool places on and under the porch, but Corey staying out by the slab, near the humans ... he hasnt quite caught on to being a 'farm dog' yet (you let the idiot humans go out in the sun and do whatever silly things they feel they have to do while you head for the cool spots under the porch) ...at least he finds shade, if it exists, but he HAS to keep the humans in view) one small shady spot by the slab ... took Corey inside. Then put others in the a/c shed when temp hit 100. Let out about 630, still very hot. About 730 finally cool enough (down to 92) to venture forth and do some watering, a little mowing. dogs followed me around and even played together briefly but mainly lay around and watched me and drank water out of the hose pipe ... Corey drinkig water is a hoot, he catches the water sideways in his jowls, sucks it down and sprays it everywhere ...stayed out til 830, then fed, brushed, did ear meds  and kenneled.

I am thrilled at how well Corey is fitting in, he is a delight, beautiful, amusing, very loving, deferential to the girls ,,, if only he could stop the Damcat chasing .... I think of Angel Ginger a lot, gamboling around across the bridge (where's it's always in the mid 70's .... ) watching over us, and smiling... God is indeed good. When Angel Ginger passed, I was so worried about getting another dog, not to replace her, but to help fill the empty spot she left .... but I was determined to wait for St. Francis to send me one, to not 'go looking' ... St Francis and Angel Ginger decided I was taking too long, i guess, and sent Sir Corey to us ... thanks be to God1

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Corey settles in (Week 4)

Monday Memorial Day: Raining on and off all day ... raining in early AM, so didnt run dogs til around 830 AM... and by then DB has had diarrhea (from gorging on wild plums so husband has to rake out her pen) managed a pretty good run, started raining again, fed and kenneled) Out again around 11, managed to get some branches trimmed, Corey enjoying playing tug with branches, then, starts raining again. Corey inside, others on porch, took brief nap, stomach bothering me, then go out again. Goes on like this all day. I'm getting wore slap out, Corey will NOT stay outside quietly with the other dogs if humans are inside unless all dogs are kenneled, the enclosed area of the porch is too small for me and all 4 dogs, husband geting on my nerves as he can't work on the building today because of the on again off again rain, every time I set off with the dogs to do yard work it starts raining after a half hour, let Corey in while the others are out and I have to lock up the Damcat (the expandable baby gate doesnt work, the one that screws into the wall my husband hasnt put up yet and the drill is in the garage ... Corey hasnt had enough exercise and wont settle down inside, Snoopy stands at glass door and stars at us and tries to get in when it rains ... arrgh.) On the bright side ... Corey,DB and Snoopy actually play together briefly while Banshee supervises ... am out cutting branches, Corey has one and DB gets the other end and Snoopy goes into her 'crouch and jump' routine, and then all 3 take off running in circles ... another bright point, we're sitting on the porch, Corey gets up and finds an old sock and brings it and drops it at Banshee's feet, she is flustered abd pleased, and trots off with it happily... Finally, the day ends, rather well, I manage to get Corey brushed (inside) then get the rest to the kennels, brush and feed them. And only get drenched one more time, coming back. I dont think I could take another day off ...

Tuesday:  Let all out, had a good brisk run, fed and kenneled. went to work ... dropped off food from church at food bank on the way, while i was unloading trunk i left it open and returned to find a little tabby cat curled up in the trunk ... nope, i resisted bringing her home, Corey doesnt need another cat to terrify ... return at lunchtime, picked up Banshee for pet therapy day ... had a nice time (the nurse who gives out pork rinds is a goddess in Banshee's eyes) ... then went to Pet Smart to get some freebie dog food, then met husband at chiropractor (my back is killing me from yesterday), chiro let Banshee come in to watch husband and i be adjusted, she watched intently, then when husband got off the tab;e turned and looked at me, saying as plain as day 'oh no, i dont have to get on THAT weird vet table do I???' Left chiro, husband went on to lowe's I went home; kenneled Banshee (there's wlways this intense barking from DB whenever I take one of the others anywhere, banshee then barks back, I've found it better to kennel everybody for a half hour with chewies to calm down. Went in and iced my back then out to let all out for a run. threatening to rain again, and, does start sprinkling in the back, up by the side fence DB, Banshee and snoopy go to the same spot on the fence line and excitedly circle and sniff, this time Corey joins in, and all stick their heads thru the fence. Uhoh. Don't want Corey stepping over the fence ... return to trailer, sit awhile. Then a bit more mowing, feed, brush and kennel at dark.

Wednesday: Nice morning run. Kennel all, brush Snoopy, put ear cleaner in Corey's ears with husbands help... I have to figure out what's causing this, his previous owner said wheat allergy but he's not on any wheat food now ... go to work. Return in evening, husband and all dogs are on slab, DB, Banshee and Snoopy meet me at gate and escort me in, Corey and husband totally oblivious. Change, come out and get on mower, meet husband and Corey, take all dogs for run while husband burns branch pile (which has expanded to huge proportion)... all dogs manage to get soaked with the hose,,, threatening to rain, but doesnt, get some mowing done in back, husband joins me on tractor; then go in, brush Corey, then feed and kennel all.

Thursday: another good day, Corey fitting in really well now, running with the rest, trotting along the fence line, running with abandon, watching me mow (going from shady place to shady place, sitting under trees, looking very regal. I looked up once and Corey and DB were standing perfectly still at the crest of the ridge, gazing into the air ... beautiful. (Never have a camera when you need one!)

Friday: Morning run, fed and kenneled, brush Snoopy and Banshee (still blowing undercoats). Then took DB for ride into town to bank, returned and went to work. Corey and DB followed me back down to gate, no, you cant go with me. Returned late (had to go to chiropractor and buy dog food ... am going to try Corey on grain free to see if this helps his ears). Lay down with ice pack for awhile, then got dressed to mow ... but a storm was brewing.Stayed on porch for awhile, storm blew over ... husband and I threw balls for Snoopy and corey (this is first intense ball playing since foot injury)... for about 10 minutes ... Snoopy then 'swam' in her wading pool, let them both calm down, then went for evening run (and a spot of mowing) til nightfall. Kenneled, cleaned Corey's ears, brushed Snoopy, fed, and, tonight they got dried tripe as the evening chewie (oh joy!)

Saturday: Husband gone to flea market... workers arrive, I've not even drank coffee yet ... finally get moving, let dogs out, have a good AM run, feed, brush Snoopy and banshee. Let out again in half hour then mow while it's still fairly cool ... take corey inside at lunchtime, give him new recipe ear drops (colloidal silver, tea tree oil, olive oil, boric acid) and brush him.Do wash and housework. Other dogs laying on shady side of porch. Husband inadvertently lets damcat out of bedroom, Corey spots him and hurtles down the hall, knocking chairs aside (husband has still not installed gate!) Da mcat hides under bed. put corey out. then decide to take dogs for van ride, Corey tries to jump in DB's crate .. snarl ... Corey backs off quickly and gets in front. return ariund 630, finally cool enough to mow again, so start on back ... tractor mower has slipped a bearing or something so husband joins me on small mower... Corey is so funny, he plants himself where he can observe us, head going back and forth, lord of the Manor watching the peasants .... then poor little Mattie next door comes over to play, corey spots her (I swear he thinks she's a cat not a dog0 and barrels down the hill after her, she runs and goes back through the fence ... at nightfall I quit moiwing, go back up hill to feed and kennel, husband continues to mow awhile.

sunday: Today marks the one month anniversary that Corey has been with us ... nice AM run (worker already here, I slept in and didn't get up til 8 AM) fed and kenneled, went to church ... returned at noon, met at the gate by DB, Snoopy and Banshee dozing on porch, Corey supervising husband and worker. Changed clothes, mowed for awhile, Corey decides I need more supervision than husband and settled down under carport to watch me. I get a kick out of him, Angel Ginger used to follow me right by my left side as I mowed .... Sir Corey just moves around the property, finds a shady spot, and watches me, his head going back and forth. Got pretty hot after awhile, so took Corey inside, gave her meds, and read for awhile (Damcat in bedroom) ... husband came inside mid afternoon, then we went out and husband played ball with corey and Snoopy while I brushed Banshee and DB ... followed by more mowing (after Corey and Snoopy had cooled down, Snoopy by bathing in her wading pool, took Corey inside for a Kong. Mowed til nightfall, fed and kenneled, with a dried tripe chewie again. (Corey really really is enraptured by dried tripe, don't think he'd ever had it before ... )

A great first month for Corey, he has settled in nicely, is still very deferential to the ladies, has stopped the incessant barking and chewing behaviors, loves to ride in the van, is very friendly (but not obnoxious) to visitors, follows the 'pack' around the property now, if only he could get along (or at least not chase0 the Damcat .....