Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday Sept 30

Still cloudy and damp. morning run, Mattie shows up. All dogs lively and cheerful (and damp). Fed and kenneled went to work, returned, all 5 dogs (including Mattie) meet me at gate. Go inside ... prep food, then outside for evening run ... Banshe's ears full of sandspurs, find when on top of hill by pear trees, remove and put in my pocket continue evening run, fed and kenneled

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday September 29

Tropical storm on coast, cancelled vet trip again... only light mist here in morning, chilly, brief morning run... Snoopy has runs again ... aargh. Clean pen, feed and kennel. Little Mattie shows up ... too late.Go to work. Return, damp and dreary, chilly ... dogs and husband all outside planting grass seed in bare spots. Let dogs in... aargh, Corey's ears full of sandspurs. Husband comes in, helps gets sandspurs out of Corey's ears , all matted up.ay down on couch, Snoopy and DB pile on top of me, Corey too, then Banshee ... all settle down. Still light mist, brief evening run, feed and kennel.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday September 28

Damp and cloudy ... and cool! 60 degrees ... get a jacket! Morning run, dogs are very exuberant ... sitting over by woods, all of a sudden DB and Banshee take off back to the trailer at a dead run, followed by Snoopy and Corey, OK ... I go over and see the dogs surrounding... a guy who used to work for us last year, he'd parked his car way down at the other gate ... dogs are very politely surrounding him until I arrive... good dogs! get husband, then feed and kennel and go to work ... sun finally comes out but only gets to 79 degrees! Beautiful ... return home late afternoon, DB,Snoopy and Banshee greet me at gate, Corey is inside... take for evening run, right pleasant weather! Feed and kennel. No little Mattie today ...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday September 27

Rained during night, drizzle in morning, call vet and reschedule. Light mist, have morning run (a bit damply), pick up food ... and Mattie appears in time for chow. Feed and kennel, Snoopy not eating dry food, Corey's ears better ... go to work. Rains all day, husband has dogs inside mostly, lets out during brief 'dry spells' ... when I return home, no one human or animal in sight ... not raining ... go up to trailer, hear tractor, assume dogs out with husband, then see Corey's head on porch... he hears me and head snaps around... he rushes barking to door. I let him and Snoopy in, even though they're a bit damp, fix food, then out again, and here come DB and Banshee ... evening run, Snoopy takes swim in drainage pond, Corey chases goat next door (up and down fence line)... feed and kennel, here comes the rain again...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly update Sept.20-26

A good week ... hot, muggy, buggy, but ends with rain .... dogs get over 'the runs'... Corey goes on first pet therapy visit (loud, boisterous, exuberant Corey... well, he certainly does liven the place up...) ... Snoopy gets a swim ... little Mattie comes over several times ... the Damcat continues his suicidal forays into the kitchen while Banshee goes into 'stalk mode' ... DB and Banshee tear the dog shed up looking for a mouse ... Corey gets kicked out of PetSmart for scaring the cats (they're perfectly safe, behind glass...and he wasn't barking at the cats ...) get all prepared for trip to Charleston to vet and will have to cancel due to weather ... but ... all are happy, exuberant, well and cheerful... God is good! I found myself thinking of Angel Ginger several times this week, and, looking at some pictures of her ... what a beautiful sweetheart she was on this earth ... every now and then when I'm laying on the couch and Corey is on the floor beside me he;ll look up and rest his head on my thigh, and for a moment, it's as if it's Ginger (the melting Irish setter eyes, so sweet and full of love ) ...

Sunday September 26

Cloudy and light drizzle ... took dogs for brief morning run, fed and kenneled, went to church ... returned, not raining, all dogs inside, husband lets out DB, Banshee and Snoopy as I arrive. Corey inside. let others back in, change clothes, take for run ... starts drizzling again, come back inside. Damcat in one of his suicidal moods, keeps coming into kitchen ... only dog I'm really concerned about now is Banshee, who goes into 'stalking mode' when spots the Damcat ... Drizzles off and on all day, get in several runs between drizzle .. do the wash ... take nap with the Damcat ... heavy rain due to hit this evening .. bring Corey inside, brush him, cut nails ... let Corey out, take last run ... little Mattie joins us! Hadn't seen her since Friday morning ... she and Corey chase a few trucks, she jumps over Snoopy, Snoopy and DB chase her, Banshee joins in, Corey starts a wild joyous barking ...looks like will pour any minute, back to trailer, get food ... make it to kennels and yep, here comes the downpour ... get dogs fed and kenneled, they don't get wet, but I sure do, going back to trailer ... I am so disappointed, looks like we'll have to cancel trip to Charleston tomorrow, not going on a 3 hour drive through rain with wet dogs .

Saturday Sept.25

Morning run, fed and kenneled, then took DB to have nails cut ... meet a cute little 4 year old boy who petted and loved on DB (who was very polite), then home, other dogs inside, let out for brief run, then took Corey into town to pick up crate liners and dog food ... Corey his usual mouthy exuberant boisterous self, PetSmart really busy today, was visiting with SPCA friends and talking to a lady from McCormick humane (who'd come over to admire Corey) Corey all excited, barking, (though he'll go into a down-stay and remain calm for a moment, then someone else will come up or he'll spot a new person he hasnt greeted ... he is super friendly, pleasant to dogs and people alike, but he's GOT to 'keep moving) , we were then asked by PetSmart to move away from the cats (which are behind glass) as Corey was scaring them ... whoops... then on to tractor Supply to get TOTW food, the check out guy wanted to take Corey home (hadnt seen an Irish setter in years) ... Corey was nice and quiet in Tractor Supply;-), put him in a down-stay while I studied dog food labels etc...  back home, dogs inside, fix lunch (mid afternoon) then take brief nap with the Damcat... then go for brief run and van ride to store... return at nightfall, fed and kenneled.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Sept. 24

Slept late, husband had turned off alarm and gone to sleep again. The concrete pour canceled. Little Mattie is outside, wakes me up by barking at workers. Morning run, joined by little Mattie, fed and kenneled went to work. Stop by SPCA Thrift store, 2 sweet cocker spaniels for adoption. Lunch with pet therapy folks, then work again, return home. DB, Banshee and Snoopy outside, greet me at gate, Corey inside, attempt to brush him, but he's all antsy, so fix food then take for evening run... these gnats are awful. Feed and kennel. DB and Banshee flush out a mouse in the dog shed, wild excitement, mouse runs across floor and disappears ... Lovely sunset, full moon again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Sept 23

Early morning run, fed and kenneled, went to work, meeting at hospital. Return home late, DB, Banshee and Snoopy greet me at gate, Corey inside... go for evening run, very buggy and hot. Mattie joins us, dogs all play wildly, running, jumping, barking ... fed and kenneled

Wed. Sept.22

Morning run ... discover I left water on at tree by drainage pond last evening when I got to talking to neighbor and forgot to go back and turn it off ... and pond is full. Whoops. Feed and kennel, no one has the runs! Go to dentist ... grueling 5 hour procedure (bridge) ... return home feeling like I've been whipped. Another HOT day ... this is the hottest September i can remember ... husband and dogs inside, lets them out (our rule now is no more than 2 inside when I return so no pile ups in hall...) I let them back in. Then lay down with the Damcat. Husband goes into town. I peel what is left of the pears, give cores to Corey ... brush Corey, then go for evening run, Snoopy discovers the full pond and joyously dives in, gets out, rolls, jumps back in, Banshee and Corey sniff at water, stare at Snoopy ... who is having a wonderful time. No little Mattie again today... Water a few pear and apple trees, then return to trailer, get food, feed and kennel.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday Sept.21

Another scorcher ... geez, yesterday turned out to be 100 degrees, today it was 98... morning run, no one has the runs today (thank heaven!) fed and kenneled, went to work ... return lunchtime, all dogs outside watching husband dig with tractor (from under a shade tree) ... took Corey in, brushed him, let others in, then take Corey to pet therapy (new venue, Hitchcock assisted living) ...  Corey is probably not suited to this line of work ... he is so exuberant, and so boisterous, he kisses the residents, slobbers on them, and gets so bored so quickly, he greets and wants to move ON and if we don't, he barks. Loudly. I think he's Ok for the smaller assisted living facilities IF we keep moving ... the residents DO seem to enjoy him, he does indeed bring life and joy with him ... at least he doesnt paw at folks (like my DB)... then to PetSmart for a bathroom break and check if they have anymore crate pads, then home ... join the other 3 dogs and husband and Damcat for a nap, then out to do evening run and watering

Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Sept.20

W arm and muggy, morning run, Snoopy has runs still, gave her Flagyl. Fed and kenneled went to work ... husband reports he and dogs watered trees until around noon, then it got too hot, went inside ... when I returned, met at gate by DB and Banshee, Snoopy on porch, Corey inside, brush Corey, then go out for evening run, still hot. Try to water peach trees on side but husband hasnt fixed line yet, sitting behind travel trailer, Corey gets 'lost' cant find me, runs up and down the hill, barking, I whistle, he snaps his head around, still cant spot me, DB and Snoopy run over to where he is standing and point me out, he comes galloping up ... water some in front, gnats are terrible over by the woods, get in dogs eyes, my nose ... yuk... no Mattie tonight. Fed and kenneled.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday September 19

Warm again, in 90's ... morning run, Snoopy now has the runs ... fed, gave all pumpkin... kenneled and went to church. Return, DB greets me at gate, Banshee on porch, Snoopy and Corey inside... the Damcat is coming into the room now with Corey, no problem, actually jumps OVER Corey and Corey doesnt blink an eye ... Snoopy still 'too interested', as is Banshee ... but will back off immediately if you say 'ack' or 'no'... DB steers clear. Very lazy today, dogs, husband, and cat all primarily interested in sleeping ... out in late afternoon, little Mattie joins us, dogs perk up and start chasing each other, rolling over and over in the grass, jumping over each other ... Corey spots a sail plane and thinks itrs a huge bird, chases it to back of property and returns, pleased as punch... water a few trees, but water line on the side I wanted to do is busted... fed and kenneled.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Saturday Sept.18

Warm again this morning ... unkennel dogs, now Corey has the runs... clean his pen, then do morning run, feed and kennel. Give Corey pumpkin, if hasnt cleared up tomorrow will give Flagyl. Bring Corey inside and brush out sandspurs in prep for his bath later ... then take him and go to chiropractor (my back is a bit better) where he's a big hit (but instead of laying quietly by the chair like Banshee does when i get 'adjusted', Corey comes over and sticks his nose in my face ... leave chiro, stop by vet to pickup printout of shot record, saw Connie (the wonderful lady who was St. Francis and Angel Ginger's earthy emissary and 'arranged' for Corey to come to me) then by SuperPetz for final sale (got a LOT of canned Eukanuba at 75% off, plus cat food and some leashes), then to PetSmart to try to find crate pads (none the right size), everyone of course commenting on how beautiful and BIG Corey is), then to SPCA dog wash where Corey got a bath (he was quite good during all of these excursions today, excited, but no barking, except at the very end, after his bath, I was going to walk him around to dry off some more but oh no, he was READY to leave ) then home, other dogs inside, Corey joins them, everyone sniffs his shampoo scent thoroughly ... brush Banshee (who has sandspirs0, then take nap. out again for afternoon run, then go for inaugural ride in new van, with 4 crates! went well, no whining, but Corey managed to get the pad in his crate all balled up in the rear (this is why I need sheepskin crate pads) .. Corey misses looking out (the others never have, they just go to sleep the instant you start the engine), but this will be great for long trips. Return, husband joins us for tree watering, then feed and kennel (give all pumpkin just in case) ... as we're about done, here comes little Mattie ... too late to play (her people had taken her somewhere) but she gets a chewie.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Sept.17

Up early, still dark, morning run at sunrise ... feed and kennel. Return at same time as husband, he's been getting tags for new van ... little Mattie is waiting for us, outside the kennels where my 4 dogs are waiting, runs up to greet me. Get groceries inside, then release dogs ... evening run, very buggy tonight. Husband reports that all dogs checked out new van, got inside, wouldnt get out ... this van has doors on both sides and can get 4 crates in it, Snoopy and Corey haven't ridden in crates, will see how this works out tomorrow ...  Dogs much better with the Damcat, Corey keeps wanting to sniff Damcat's butt in doggie greeting, Damcat promptly hisses and sits... cats don't say 'howdy' that way ... Snoopy and Banshee still inclined to 'stalk', DB will tentatively reach out to sniff noses, when Damcat hisses DB jumps back .... Mow a bit on side with sandspurs, water a few trees that i can get to without bending... back inside, let Corey in while fix food, then feed and kennel.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thursday Sept.16

Pleasant morning run, fed and kenneled, Banshee still has the runs... Snoopy not eating this morning. Work, DB and Banshee greet at gate, Corey and Snoopy inside ... with the Damcat. Corey gets so wildly excited when i return home, the others greet me cheerfully, Corey quivers all over, bounces up and down, does the Irish jig, whines, barks, moans ... finally get him calmed down, attempt to brush ... sandspurs in his feathers, having real problems bending ... take all out for evening run, husband again helps with tree watering ... feed and kennel

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Sept.15

Not as cool today, morning run, fed and kenneled. Corey and Banshee have the runs, (persimons I bet)  clean pens. No Mattie. Go to work, return (long day at Senior Extravaganza), DB, Snoopy and Banshee greet me at gate, Corey inside. Back killing me, laid down on ice pack, then up, husband helps water trees (cant get on and off mower). Feed and kennel, give all pumpkin.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Sept.14

Another cool morning, brisk morning run, fed and kenneled, then off to work ... my back is killing me. Chiropractor sternly instructed me to 'not bend, twist, or move suddenly until it stabilizes'. Yikes. Gets very hot today, in 90's... Return home, greeted at gate by DB and Banshee, carefully get out of car, give them treats, proceed to trailer ... greeted exuberantly by Corey and Snoopy. Carefully give them treats, the Damcat comes in, throw him a treat. Husband brushes Corey (to Corey's vociferous complaints), I lay on couch on ice pack, then get up, carefully go out and carefully get on mower, husband comes down hill with me, I point out which trees need watering tonight ... this is going to drive me insane. Return to trailer, get food, carefully go to kennels, carefully clean pens, carefully feed, put drops in Corey's ears ... no little Mattie today.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday September 13

Lovely cool morning, needed long sleeve shirt ... morning run, leaves are turning yellow (and I have ONE red tree) and falling (its so dry darn it) ... dogs very energetic, burst out of pens, take off running to front, then back to me, then round in circles, sniffing the wind, the taste of fall ... fed and kenneled, went to work ... return home a bit late, had to stop at store ... DB meets me at gate, Banshee and little Mattie halfway up drive, Corey and Snoopy inside ... fix food then out for a brief run and water a few trees, Corey and Snoopy playing wildly with little Mattie, DB and Banshee mainly interested in the wild persimmons (which are beginning to ripen) ... back to trailer, pick up food, feed and kennel.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday September 12

Warm again .... morning run, fed and kenneled, then off to church. Return, dogs kenneled, let out and water trees in front... very hot and muggy. Go inside, fix lunch, do inside chores ... dogs all fall asleep instantly. Let DB, Snoopy and Banshee out while brush Corey, let the Damcat out, he and Corey can coexist now ... Banshee and Snoopy still chase him... slightly cooler by 6, go out and water some more, little Mattie joins us ... she and Corey chase a truck driving by (dogs on our side of fence) seeing the big red dog and the tiny black and white dog chasing the truck, both barking at full volume, is really funny ... sitting on top of ridge finishing watering, little Mattie hears husband scooping gravel (sounds JUST like dog food at a distance) and runs up hill, then returns ... Snoopy and Banshee, laying by my mower, look at each other and in perfect unison, leap up and run towards Mattie, who leads them a merry chase, Db joins in, and then Corey ... finish watering, back to trailer for food, feed and kennel. A good day, even if hot and muggy and very buggy ...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday Sept.11

Sleep late, up around 8 AM. Go to kennels ... Corey is NOT in his pen, panic, back to trailer, realize husband not here, call ... he's gone to flea market and took Corey. Whew. Get a ball to play with Snoopy ... Mattie joins us ... poor Snoop, Mattie keeps taking the ball, does the same trick Snoop uses to 'beat' Corey to the ball, runs UNDER her ... have a good time watching the 2 of them ... feed and kennel, here comes husband and Corey, feed Corey, clean ears. Let all out in an hour, Mattie has gone home ... water trees. Go in at lunch, do wash, brush Corey. Corey and the Damcat are now OK, can be in same room, but Snoopy and Banshee still chase him ... so put Damcat in bedroom when all dogs inside. Out again around 530, water more ... Corey and DB helping by drinking from hose, and from around trees ... Banshee finds an old dried up pear and waves it in Corey's face ... it clouds up around 7, a wonderful wind blows up ... looks like it may rain ... have 4 trees left, but go in, get food, feed and kennel ... it never rains.

Friday Sept.10

Friday: Cool morning, wore long sleeved shirt! Morning run, fed and kenneled, took DB for ride to bank, returned, went to work. Stopped by SPCA thrift store at lunch, SPCA is having a special adoption day tomorrow, adoption fee only $19.35 in honor of their anniversary (founded in 1935). Many really nice dogs. Go by chiropractor (back really bad) return home. Brush Corey, trim nails. Mattie joins us for evening run, feed and kennel.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday Sept.9

Slightly cooler today ... morning run, watered a few trees, then fed and kenneled, went to work ... husband and workers measuring off new area to pour concrete, Corey manages to get tangled up in the string, then sits down and licks husband in face (both husband's hands occupied, Corey saw a golden opportunity and moved in ...) greeted by DB, Banshee and Snoopy on retyurn, Corey inside, this time Snoopy had barked and chased after the Damcat, so husband threw the dogs out. Brush Corey, he is covered with grass clippings (its so dry the grass clippings are just laying around, drying ...fix food, change and go out for evening watering ... bugs not quite as bad as yesterday ... little Mattie joins us for evening romp (and supper) feed and kennel. Gee, I wish it'd rain ...

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Sept.8

Wednesday: Weather heating up again... morning run, watered a few trees, then fed (Snoopy only eats half her food) and kenneled, gave Heartgard (hopefully the last dose of the season)  and went to work ... Very disappointed, can't get van today, the guy had to send off for the title ... husband reports that Damcat came in the kitchen and Banshee jumped and chased him, so husband threw all dogs out. They greet me at gate on my return ... put Damcat in bedroom and let dogs back in ... then went back out to do more watering, really unpleasant, hot, muggy and buggy. Every time I stop moving clouds of gnats and skeeters descend, apparently unfazed by Deep Woods Off and citronella... DB finds a pear (geez, I thought they were all picked) and teases Corey ,,, little Mattie shows up, my dogs perk up and play with her ... back to trailer, pick up food, feed and kennel ... hope the weather gets better! And soon ....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Sept.7

Dense fog this morning ... I always enjoy watching the dogs appear and disappear in the mist ...morning run, fed and kenneled, went to work. Return at lunchtime, picked up Banshee and went to pet therapy at nursing home ... poor Banshee had some sandspirs caught in her armpit, managed to get them out but pricked my finger... met a lovely new resident who used to have an Irish setter.. I may take Corey to see her, that should certainly liven things up! After therapy, went by chiropractor who couldnt see me, oh well, went to PetSmart and browsed and let Banshee be admired and petted ... then home. Other dogs inside,managed to get Banshee in with no big problems from DB ... then lay down and iced myback ... upagain, husband and I briefly play ball with Snoopy and Corey (DB and Banshee watch) ... Corey still goes 'over the top' very quickly. Snoopy jumps in her pond... let Corey back inside, brush him, calm him down, then take all for evening run and check all back water lines (never find leak). Dogs spot GIANT white cat across the road, line up at fence, barking. Feed and kennel, Corey's ear doing OK, still infected but not as bad.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Sept.6

Off today for Labor Day ... Mattie showed up this morning, actually, she met me when I opened the door, accompanied me to the kennels to let the dogs out, accompanied us on our run, had breakfast with us ... and then disappeared for the rest of the day. Let dogs out again, watered ... getting kind of hot today. Inside at lunchtime, dogs immediately stretch out (Corey on TOP of the AC vent) and snooze. Damcat wanderrs in, looks at the sleeping dogs, decides to 'let them lie' and tiptoes back out ... friend JoAnne and her 2 setters, Maggie and Chase, come to visit in afternoon, have a grand time running the property and sitting in various spots of shade) Unfortunately had to cut off water in back due to a leak somewherem, so no water for thirsty dogs ... I really love watching the setters run, Maggie roams off on her own, running the fence line, so like Angel Ginger ... after a few hours, time to go, Maggie has to have one last 'runabout' ... onelast run for my dogs, then feed and kennel. a good day!

Weekly update August 30-Sept.5

Ups and downs this week ... weather improving, cool in mornings, but still buggy ... Snoopy eating well, little Mattie visits often and stays ALL day, Banshee still teasing Corey, DB standing Corey down for playing too rough, Corey's ears bothering him again, didn't get to go on our long anticipated trek to the holistic vet, old van tearing up but have found a newer one, Snoopy eating well,Damcat coming into kitchen and not geting killed ... oh, BTW, when I say we go on a morning run, the DOGS run, I ride my mower ...

Monday: Foggy this morning, lifts fairly quickly, run, feed and kennel. Long day at work, tired when get home, all dogs inside ... brush Corey (gosh he really hates being brushed) then out to mow (dusty and dry)... back hurting ...feed and kennel, little Mattie shows up too late, give her a treat anyway.

Tuesday:  Morning run, almost chilly! Dogs very energetic, burst out of pens ... feed and kennel, go to hearing in columbia ... then back to work. Return home, DB and Banshee and little Mattie greet me at gate, Snoopy and Corey inside. Rest for a bit, then out for evening mowing and run ... husband joins us ... give Corey and Banshee the last of the pears ... mattie playing with the 'big dogs', no longer afraid of Corey at all, she runs under him and flips in the air, hides in tall grass then leaps out, Banshee joins in, DB and Snoopy running in circles, oh, what energy! I love to watch them when they're having such a grand time, Corey's joyous (and very loud) bark ringing out across the property ... Corey grabbing branches from the 'burn pile' and carrying them all over the property ... again, I'm reminded of my Angel Ginger ... Oh, I miss her so ... nightfall, feed and kennel.

wednesday: Today was the day we were going to the holistic vet 3 hrs away, I had reserved a rental van so could take all 4 dogs ... was supposed to pick up at 9 AM. I reserved this 2 weeks ago. At 830 Enterprise calls to see if I'm coming, i said yep, they said the pickup was at 1 PM. not 9 AM. they had screwed up BIG time. Well, had to cancel appointment. my old van wont make it. I cant fit but 2 dogs in my car. My husband cant stay awake to drive 3 hrs if he took the truck and 2 other dogs. So, I cancelled. I guess I'll have to buy another van. I am SO disappointed. I took the day off anyway. Let dogs back out, watered trees, etc. Took Corey in, brushed him, worked on 'stay'. Damcat coming all the way up to Corey now, Corey basically ignoring him. OK with one dog , not more. Later in day little Mattie came over, played enthusiastically with my dogs ... the funniest antics, jumping OVER Banshee, running UNDER Corey... then Mattie starts 'attacking' the stream of water from my hose ... she bites at it, snaps, if I put it on the ground she digs after it ... the evil water beast ... DB watching her like she's nuts ... too funny. After a last joyous romp, feed and kennel.

Thursday: Cool this morning, very nice. Morning run, Mattie joins us, feed kennel and go to work. return, DB greets me at gate, others (including Mattie appear when get to trailer ... husband reports Mattie here ALL day. Let Corey and Snoopy in, brush Corey,. then out to attempt to water... Mattie again attacking the evil stream of water from the hose. nasty and buggy (lots of gnats), dogs ready to go in, get wildly excited at the 'suppertime walk' from trailer to kennels, Mattie joining in Corey's barking, chasing each other, DB decides Corey too rough and 'stares him down', he goes to kennel quickly. (DB plants herself firmly, tail up, head up, ruffling, NO mistaking THAT body language 'enough Mister, you're too rough'...) feed and kennel, Mattie sits on porch with me awhile, finally goes home.

Friday: Another cool morning! Off work today. let dogs out, halfway down hill, here comes Mattie. I guess she's decided to move in. Nice morning run, water a few trees, feed and kennel. Let out again after rest, water some more trees. Manager of car rental calls to apologize for wednesday foulup, yeah, that and $1 will buy me a coca cola. getting hot at noontime, go inside. Do inside stuff and nap, brush Corey. Out again around 5, water some more trees, still very hot. Inside again briefly, then back out watering more trees (yes, we have a LOT of trees planted..) Had planned to go to SPCA with one of husbands workers who wants to adopt a dog, he backs out, wish I'd known this earlier as I'd have gone into town in the morning and gone by the thrift store. Oh well...  Mattie has stuck with us all day. \As evening falls, just about to head on back, Corey, Snoopy and Mattie playing pretty wildly, DB steps in and STOPS Corey ...he is all wound up, doesnt stop at first, DB grabs his ear ... dead stop. No one hurt but I decide to head on in, left water running ... go get food,  Corey clearly abashed. DB reminds me of a kindegarten teacher at times. feed and kennel.

Saturday: glorious cool morning! Mattie joins us for morning run, feed and kennel. Out again, watering trees ... husband searching IWanta for a van (the old van is, well, inoperable) apparently the Cash for Clunkers govt giveaway program last year has had the anticipated result, lack of used vehicles and higher prices. This could be a problem. Long lazy day, dogs napped a lot, I watered trees a lot, got bit by fireants, Banshee teases Corey with pears again ... and poor Corey's left ear is all gunky again. husband has been giving him PRETZELS as treats. Aargh. I have some of the antibiotic-steroid ear drops left, so use that. Darn, just when the ears were doing SO well. Mattie doesnt join us after lunch, I think they have her locked up. water some more, beautiful sunset, feed and kennel at nightfall.

Sunday: Another cool morning ... had to go back in and get a jacket! Dogs burst out of kennels, loving the cool air ... good morning run, feed and kennel, go to church .. return, let dogs out again, water trees ...after lunch and a brief rest, brush Corey, clean ears, kennel dogs and go to look at vans ... think we've found one! Return home, let dogs out, evening run, more tree watering ... feed and kennel at nightfall. No Mattie all day, I really miss her.