Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Dec.31 New Year's Eve

Much warmer today! Lovely morning run, throw sticks for Corey and Snoopy, watch horses in back pasture gamboling around ... Corey gets too excited and starts barking ... no Mattie today. Feed and kennel, then go into town to try to listen to work related audio tape, failed to get program installed... return home lunchtime. Dogs all out helping husband and workers ... Banshee notices my arrival and greets me at gate ... when I get to trailer Snoopy comes up ... DB is asleep in the sun ... Corey is monitoring husband. go inside ... Corey hears the door (I guess) and comes rushing up barking loudly, all excited ... let them all in, fix lunch, then out for a mid day run. Gosh, it is beautiful, almost 70 degrees, sunshine ... back inside for dog naps ... decide I'm going to go to PetSmart as I have a coupon that expires today ... husband agrees to go with me but the day wears on ... clip DB's toenails, brush Corey and Banshee ...finally, I fix food and take dogs for evening run, am halfway around when husband is at last ready to go ... at 5:15 ... load up dogs quickly, make it to PetSmart 10 min to closing ... Corey and snoopy come inside with us, buy food, then leave, take DB and Banshee for potty break, return home ... dark ... feed and kennel. a good day, if a bit frustrating, but oh, the weather, if only it'd STAY like this.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Dec.30

Cold again, morning run, all dogs very boisterous today, DB running in circles, throw sticks for Corey and Snoopy, Banshee playing with little Mattie who appears halfway down the hill... feed and kennel, go to work, trying to straighten office out ... return after dark, husband has fed and kenneled dogs, take their yogurt with flower essences and chewies to them, clean Corey';s ears (still looking good!)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wed Dec.29

Still cold ... morning run, accompanied by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled, decided to work in Aiken as office still in chaos ... toe still hurting ... no podiatrists available til next week ... return before dark, evening run, accompanied by little Mattie , husband says she hung around all day

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday Dec.28

Very cold last night, in mid teens, husband put dogs in crates in heated shed around midnight. I am having problems with my toe (this is the same toe that acts up every now and then, middle toe, very painful), husband lets dogs out, they then come inside trailer while I fix food; limp out to shed, get mower (which cranks!) and have brief morning run ... they all roll exuberabtly in something over near the woods, I limp over but cant find anything particularly gruesome ... then feed and kennel. Corey's ears still OK! Still off work, go inside and attempt different wrappings on my 'sore paw' ... let dogs out after they digest breakfast, another brief run, Corey picks up a small rock and wont give it up for any treat... finally 'trick' him by throwing a stick. My toe is, by now, killing me. Back to trailer, work on computer while dogs sleep, fix lunch etc until time for husband's doctor appt ... decide to take dogs with us ... go out and load up, little Mattie appears, sorry sweetie, only have 4 crates in the van ... this excursion lasts ttil after dark ... most amusing part is when I am waiting with dogs in parking lot at doctor, have walked them as best I can and resettled in their crates, leave the van back door up so Corey can watch whats going on (the others could care less, they sleep...) he lays there peacefully watching traffic until 2 very innocent looking ladies walk by, he goes into his ferocious 'alert! intruders!' barking, waking up DB who joins in... stop by Bojangles on way home, get egg biscuits and share (the egg part) with dogs ... arrive home, its dark, disembark, go to trailer and get food, feed and kennel.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday Dec. 27

Sunny and cold and windy ... snow melting but real cold, couldnt get lawmowers to crank, got husbands tractor started, go to kenels, get off to release dogs, tractor wont crank again. Walk back to trailer and a bit down the hill while the dogs, who had headed off on their usual circuit, come back, puzzled ... little Mattie joins us ...I cannot take the wind ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel. Out again in awhile, little Mattie waiting on porch, still cant crank mowers or tractor, let dogs out and then inside ... around noon, manage to get mower cranked, and go for run. Dogs all excited. Corey and Snoopy chasing sticks, Banshee playing with little Mattie, DB running in circles. Temps hover in high 30's, Cant take the wind more than a half hour, back inside. Several more brief excursions, little Mattie stays with us all day, right up to evening feed and kennel. I wonder if her people are gone? Put a bed for her on porch, just in case.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Weekly update December 20-26

An excellent week, all in all ... little Mattie joins our pack again on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ... Corey's ears better, bump under Banshee's nose gone ... we get snow the day after Christmas and dogs have a wonderful time ... get a new Ez to use video camera and take lots of pictures (now to turn it into a coherent video...) missing Angel Ginger a lot, especially thinking of her last year in the snow, so valiant in her blue sweatshirt ...

Sunday Dec.26 SNOW

Well, it did indeed start snowing in the night, still snowing this morning ... husband took dogs on morning run on his tractor as neither mower would start, I fixed food, he came back with snow covered dogs and we took to kennels and fed ... decided not to attempt drive to church, no one had been down our road yet and it's all back roads ... snow continued throughout morning, slacked up and I went out to let dogs out, driving husband's tractor as now one mower will start but the seat was down and is covered with frozen snow ... dogs having a grand time, Corey and Snoopy chasing the ball, DB running in circles, Banshee and Corey eating snow ... tractor suddenly stops, husband had walked out and gotten on back and tilted the seat ... he has video camera and takes pictures ... starts snowing again ... back to tractor shed, disembark, go to trailer, dry dogs off as well as possible and let them inside ... they are still all excited but finally settle down for naps ... sun comes out briefly ... snow melting ... but now its windy ... I take them for final brief run, then we feed and kennel. Spend several hours trying to figure out how to save the 'raw footage' and edit into coherent videos... will try again tomorrow! A good day, despite missing church ... the snow was beautiful.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sat Dec.25 Merry Christmas!

Cool and cloudy ... snow is supposedly on the way ... brisk morning run, Corey very revved up, chases flock of wild geese, chases hawk, barking joyously ... he (thank heaven!) chases right up to fence, then veers sharply, stops, gives a few final barks, then runs back to me, very pleased with himself ... Banshee in a snippy mood today, give her green cloth to play with (she has hidden ALL the toys, probably in her cave under the porch) ... feed and kennel. Go inside, little Mattie shows up! Give her several treats, hope she hangs around today ... get Christmas gifts, including video camera! and new gloves! ... back outside, little Mattie still here, let dogs loose, ride around property and watch them play ... a rousing game of fetch stick with Corey, Snoopy and little Mattie ...

We had a very good Christmas Day here, cloudy but not terribly cold (in 40's), had lots of runs with the dogs, played fetch, (Snoopy and Corey in ecstasy) little Mattie (the neighbor dog) came over for breakfast, again mid afternoon, and in the evening, we've really been missing her ... got a new Flip video camera and its so EZ even I can use it (well, we;ll see how the video actually comes out ... got pictures of DB trying to be a lap dog on my husband''s lap, Banshee stealing all the couch cushions and rolling around in them, Corey and Snoopy chasing the ball, the horses in the back pasture kicking up their heels and all my dogs running gleefully along with them, all my dogs hunting for acorns and staring mournfully at the bare persimmon tree, all the normal everyday things with which my life is so richly blessed) ... husband's worker and his wife brought us a LOT of food (most of which I can't eat cause of my 'sensitive stomach' but hey, my husband can eat it!) its raining now, supposed to snow tonight ... the last time it snowed here, last February, Angel Ginger was still with us, valiantly beautiful in her blue sweatshirt (they shaved her for ultrasound and she was so cold ...) cavorting around in the snow, I was looking at the pictures from then (didnt have a video) and oh, dear, I miss her sweet soul ... but God is good, He (and Ginger and St Francis) sent Corey to us , who has fit in so well with our little pack ... I do hope though we dont get snowed in tonight...

May the peace and joy of Christmas fill your hearts this night, and always!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Dec.24 Christmas Eve

Cold, but sunny and right pleasant ... morning run, feed and kennel, and, little Mattie shows up for breakfast ... again disappears ... let dogs digest, come out again ... mid morning run ... was going into town with dogs but have to wait to give Christmas gifts to workers and it's after 2 PM by the time get finished ... inside for lunch and naps, outside for evening run, then load into van for trip to BiLo, return, feed and kennel. Last day of Corey's course of ear med from vet. The bump under Banshee's nose has disappeared!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Dec.23

Crisp and cold ... morning run, feed and kennel ... little Mattie shows up in time for breakfast ... disappears again when I go inside. Go into town to one of our satellite offices (our office is officially closed) to do some work, return, dogs all outside helping husband and workers ... take Corey inside, brush him (he's a mess) then out for evening run, feed and kennel

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday Dec.22

Cloudy and damp, a slight mist , but warmer ... morning run, dogs very excited to get out (didnt get enough exercise yesterday)... make a double loop around property, feed and kennel, off to work (have to finish packing up office for carpet to be installed...) weather turns really nice, 70 degrees! and here I am, stuck inside ... oh well. Return home after dark, dogs have been fed and kenneled, get yogurt and flower essence mixes , go to kennels and greet everyone, do Corey's ears, give tripe. husband assures me they got plenty of exercise today!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday December 21

Damp mist this morning, but at least not terribly cold ... morning run, feed and kennel, off to work, raining in Saluda ... return home around nightfall, husband out shopping, says he's been gone since lunch time ... prepare food, too dark for a run and its drizzling ... dogs are kenneled ... husband returns, feed dogs and do Corey's ears, which are getting better ...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday December 20

Pleasant morning run, all are lively and cheerful ... the horses in back racing about, kicking up their heels, Banshee following along fence line, barking ... then joins the rest of us at persimmon tree, hopefully staring at the almost nude branches, Corey now barking ... sorry, gang, too high for me ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel ... to work and then dentist appointment, pick up Christmas gift cards and mail, return around nightfall ... brief evening run, feed and kennel

Weekly update December 14-19

Gets terribly cold, nights in the low teens ... dogs crated in heated shed on these nights ... Corey gives us a big scare, won't eat one cold morning, rush him to vet, remembering Angel Ginger ...who one day was fine next day wouldnt eat.. he's lively and voracious by time I get him to vet new crate pads for van so dont have to switch pads back and forth ... Banshee begins to tolerate the Damcat ... temps moderate by end of week (lows only in mid 20's, days make it to 50's ...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday December 19

Sunshine! Cold, but good morning run, dogs all very excited ... feed and kennel, go to church, return another run, then inside for lunch ... give Corey a good brushing, trim his nails, brush Banshee. The Damcat and Banshee stay in same room for a few moments ... the Damcat now has Snoopy, DB and Corey under control, but Banshee ... not yet ... Naps, then another run, pretty chilly, but nothing like it has been ... feed and kennel. a good day!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Dec. 18

Cloudy and cool (in 40's) ... go for morning run, dogs all excited to have routine back in place ... have completed about half of run when ... starts raining... catches poor Corey in the middle of his morning poop, poor DB is still loitering hopefully in back by persimmon tree (all are gone now except very top) .... full speed ahead back to trailer,  attempt to dry off dogs, husband helping, all crammed into little covered porch area, Banshee grabs the towel, mass chaos... get my raincoat, get food, head for kennels, feed and kennel. Oh my, this is unpleasant... but at least it's not snow.... drizzle lasts all day, temps never make it to 40. Dogs too wet and muddy to come inside, I have nowhere to clean them off ... finally drizzle lightens to a mist around 430, take them for brief run, while husband puts new crate pads in crates in van, then pile into van and go for a ride .... feed and kennel.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Dec. 17

temperatures in 50's, nice... morning run, feed and kennel. Corey's ears better, no black gunk... he does need a good brushing (instead of the hit and miss grooming he's been getting this week...) Go to work, Christmas lunch for pet therapy group, very nice. stop by Tractor supply and get TOTW on sale and 4 new crate pads (on sale!) so dont have to move crate pads back and forth between shed and van... Return home almost dark, husband is leaving to go to bank right as i arriv e, he has put DB and Banshee in shed and Corey and Snoop in kennels... let Corey and Snoop in with me while i fix food, do Corey's ears, attempt to brush him (but he's too wound up...) back to kennels, let DB and Banshee out and feed and kennel all. Husband arrives back as I'm finishing up (good timing!)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Dec. 16

A lot warmer! Raining early, then stops, take dogs for actual morning run ... they are in high spirits! Feed and kennel, off to work, return after dark, husband has again fed and kenneled, take yogurt etc out, do Corey's ears, give tripe ... starts raining again but much warmer (in high 50's...)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wed December 15

Another cold night ... husband put dogs in heated shed around midnight, this time, had a collar and leash for Banshee who trotted calmly to the shed ... husband lets dogs out in early AM, everything frozen solid, I fix food while they run around outside, then briefly let them in, fix food, back to kennels, Corey eats with great gusto. Off to work, return after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, I go out to kennels with yogurt-flower essences and do Corey's ears (use the vet medicine) then give tripe ... not as cold tonight, thank heaven, cause it rains, ice just a bit north of us ...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday December 14

13 degrees last night ... husband put dogs in heated shed again  (except Banshee decides SHE wants to stay on porch, husband carries her to shed) , let them out early AM, still under 20 deegrees, let them in house, did ear drops, fix food, take them back out to kennels ... and Corey wouldnt enter his kennel OR eat, this is VERY unusual, and exactly what happened with Angel Ginger (one day fine next day wouldnt eat and lethargic) ... I tried taking him inside trailer, he still wouldnt eat, even turned down tripe... and was acting very weird, I took him in to vet at 9 AM. By time we get to vet, Corey is bouncing around, acting just fine. She checked him, no fever, gums look good, no swollen nodes. Brought him home just now, ate fine. I am glad I took him in... I waited 2 days to take Ginger in, kept hoping she'd snap out of it (and it was a weekend.) And Corey NEVER doesnt want to eat. So, I return home, stop by to pick up dog food, take Corey in, he's his old boisterous self ... return home, greeted at gate by DB and Banshee, Snoopy inside, let all in. Feed Corey his breakfast which he eats voraciously. Whew. We have frozen pipes, husband is going to cancel his skin doctor yearly checkup appointment to deal with plumbing, I take his appointment (I missed mine last month)... good news, no skin cancer ... return home, dogs inside, fix food and take for very brisk evening run (it only got to 35 today, and temps dropping) feed and kennel. Another terrible cold night in the works, husband puts dogs in shed again (Banshee pulls her trick of coming to porch, this time have leash ready.)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday December 13

Horrible cold last night, mid teens ... husband put dogs in their crates in heated shed around midnight ... let out in early AM, still only 16 degrees ... dogs came inside, Snoopy threw up, cleaned it up, fixed their food, took back out to kennels... no morning run. went to work. Return after dark, dogs inside, did ear drops for Corey, fix food, kenneled.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weekly update December 6-12

Very very cold almost all week ... highs barely making it to 40, nights in teens ... temps get a bit better Friday and Saturday but terrible winds Sunday ... little Mattie makes brief appearance (at least she's OK) ... get herbs and massage oil for Corey's ear ... Banshee goes to pet therapy, DB comes for the ride and we have a nice outing, also take all 4 on outing Saturday ... husband's worker gets a new (real young puppy!) ... the Damcat catches a mouse .... not a bad week, just a bit cold for us Southerners ...

Sunday December 12

Weather takes a nasty turn ... rain in morning, then stops, not that cold, in 40's but feels much colder... morning run, feed, kennel, go to church ... rains while in church, stops again, get home, take mid day run ... getting very windy... back inside, rains again ... stops but getting horribly windy (50 mph gusts) ... stay inside most of day, take evening run, find 2 spots on property where the wind not quite as bad ... the dogs are running wildly, the horses next door are galloping around, their dogs chasing them ... it would be exhilerating if I could stop shaking from cold ... feed and kennel. Temps are dropping now ... and the winds continue ...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday December 11

In 50's today! Supposed to get cold again Monday... cloudy and a bit windy, but bearable ... husband has gone to town to flea market, morning run, feed and kennel... husband calls, asks ';do you want a puppy' ... I say NOOOOO ... he says he called our worker Jesse and 'he got one' (someone had a litter of free puppies ... 6 weeks (way too young) ... but nobody asked me first, ah, men. Well, Jesse brings the little critter over and yeah, she's pretty irresistible ... supposedly an Aussie-blue tick mama and 'small shaggy dog' daddy ... husband has bought a crate for Jesse, give him some puppy food (I had a few cans for church food bank donation which I'll replenish), wee pads (left over from Angel Ginger's incontinent episodes during chemo) some treats and toys... DB,Banshee,Snoopy and Corey are fascinated with puppy, its too small to walk well yet so let them into shed and meet puppy on couch ... after they leave, go for a mid day(by now) run, eat lunch, then go to Aiken to meet Claire and pick up Corey's ear oil massage and herbs ... husband and i walk dogs in the gardens for awhile, then are going home as its almost dark, stop by staples and he buys a Flip video camera (well, thats what I wanted for Christmas!) Hopefully this will work easier than the last one I had, I'd really like to get some videos of my dogs! Return home, dark, let Corey and Snoopy in while fix food, then feed and kennel. A good day!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Dec.10

Not as cold this morning! In high 20's... brisk morning run, at least I made it through the whole property ... dogs all very playful, Corey finds a stick and is throwing it for himself... feed and kennel, off to work (car tire fixed but pulls to right)... return before dark, evening run, fix food, brush Corey, feed and kennel.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday Dec.9

Still pretty cold ... had to take little truck to work as my car tire is messed up (belts coming out or something) ... quick AM run, (on one of husband's tractors, as neither mower will start) feed and kennel .. return home after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, so I go to kennels to clean Corey's ears and give everyone yogurt ... husband reports that little Mattie came over briefly at lunchtime ... at least she's OK.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wednesday December 8

Frigid weather continues. Have early hearing in Columbia ... fix food and leave for husband to feed dogs, I simply can't get out there and do morning run etc when its 15 degrees ... return late... husband had exchanged vehicles with me mid afternoon to take my car to shop, I had dentist appt which didnt end til 5 ... arrive home almost dark, husband not back, let dogs out, go inside and fix food, then out again for evening run in the dark ... I of course take wrong mower again (the one with no lights) which adds an element of excitement ... return to trailer, get food, feed and kennel.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday December 7

Cold weather continues... brrr... morning run, dogs' water all frozen solid ... feed and kennel, get water in plastic coffee cans to them... (need to get 4 more stainless buckets to keep filled inside the shed and exchange in AM) go to work. return lunchtime. Take Banshee to pet therapy, DB goes for the ride, Snoopy and Corey stay with husband. Banshee wearing her Christmas jingle bell collar, pretty good visit, several new patients who like dogs ... then go to Boots and Bridles to check for stainless steel buckets , take DB in, she is very cheerful and prances around, makes friends with a little boy ... but no buckets. Go to PetSmart, take DB and banshee in to be admired ... buy a few treats, then to Tractor Supply, where they do indeed have buckets! Take DB in, she is much admired here (well, she's a bird dog and they love hunting dogs here ... got asked if i were going to breed her..heh.. nope, she's been spayed years ago) ... then home, greeted at gate by Corey and Snoopy who are out playing fetch with husband ... unload DB, Banshee and buckets, then go for evening run ... very cold, windy... but dogs are having a grand time. Feed and kennel.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday December 6

Oh boy is it cold! The Damcat catches a mouse at 4AM and is bringing it into the bedroom to 'play' with it... aargh ... husband gets up and finally catches-disposes of it ... In the 20's for morning run ... one mower wont start at all, other is sluggish ... dog's water frozen ... dogs, of course, in fine fettle, running and leaping  ... Snoopy is limping on L hind leg for a few minutes, I have to start keeping track of this ...feed and kennel, break up ice in water, go to work ... return right at dark (had to leave early one headlight out) ... husband and dogs greet me at gate, wildly enthusiastic, Corey's bark ringing out ... husband has been throwing the red bone for Corey and Snoopy ... back to trailer, fix food (let Corey in briefly) very cold, out to kennels, feed and kennel, Corey's ear still bad. Corey's former Mom sends me a nice surprise, 2 Irish setter Tshirts she found when putting up summer clothes ... which I'll wear with great pleasure as soon as it warms up (which will be soon? please God? It doesnt usually get this cold this early and stay this cold this long here...)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weekly update November 29-Dec.5

An interesting week, weatherwise, days of 70's and 40's ... threatening weather and crisp clear days ... missed morning runs 2 days as had to be to early meetings out of town and it was just too darn cold to run before daybreak ... missed an evening run as returned after dark ... I think this is what I dislike the most about winter ... Good outing on Saturday, park, PetSmart and more reiki! ... all dogs in high spirits all week... Corey, of course, is always in 'high gear' unless he's sleeping, he doesn't have an 'idle' ... no little Mattie this week, I'm beginning to worry ... the Damcat continues on his mission to annoy the dogs, Banshee is restraining herself admirably .... all in all, a good week, and I give thanks for each day I am granted with all in good health and spirits ... I've been thinking about Angel Ginger a lot this week ... and missing her ... I love each of my animals in different ways, they each have their own specialness... God has indeed been good to me, to fill my life with these beautiful creatures and their love.

Sunday December 5

Much colder today, high in the 40's ... morning run, not very pleasant (for me... the dogs, of course, LOVE the cold weather and are running in circles and leaping over each other in enthusiasm...) the persimmon tree is mostly bare now, the dogs line up under it staring hopefully at the fruit on the highest branches that I can no longer reach ... throw a stick and knock down a few, but, well, the persimmon season has ended, gang ... feed and kennel, Snoopy wolfs down her new herbs ... go to church (late! I hate being late!) return, take dogs for mid day run, still very 'brisk' out ... come inside, lunch and naps ... the Damcat taunts the dogs, sashaying past them (I really dont worry except for Banshee, who is barely containing herself...) ... take the Damcat into bedroom and have a nap while dogs stay in living room with husband ... out again for mid afternoon run, geez, it is really cold, windy too ... brrr ... . at least I locate the red bonelike toy, over in the faar corner ...take Corey in and brush him, he's a mess ... husband then plays 'fetch' with Corey and Snoopy while I fix supper ... feed and kennel. a good day, a pretty good week ... but no little Mattie all week..I hope she's OK, I think they finally figured out she's in heat and are keeping her in...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday December 4

Cooler today, alternating clouds and sun ... morning run, fed and kenneled, then load up dogs and husband and go into town ... walk at Hopeland Gardens, met with Claire to pick up herbs and flower essences, Snoopy got a bit more reiki (sheas in her crate in the van and accepted it calmly ... with Corey sticking his head over to get some too...) then to PetSmart ... showed off my beautiful gang to several folks who hadn't met all 4 at a time before ... Corey actually doing quite well, only started barking once ... then a late lunch, then home ... evening run, fed and kenneled. Corey's ear bad again,  this is baffling to me ...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday Dec 2- Friday Dec.3

Computer down yesterday so missed my daily entry! Two days in a row, no morning run, had to be at work very early and it is VERY cold (for SC that is) in 20's ... so fixed food and husband fed and gave morning run. Amazing how much I miss that part of the day. Both days return home a bit early so I could at least do evening run ... greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, very excited ... no little Mattie all week though. Corey's ears doing quite well! Banshee still has bump under nose. Friday I get to groom Corey, his coat is really looking good now! I guess he's like Angel Ginger, loses hair on flanks in the summer ... husband and workers have been throwing sticks for Snoopy and Corey, as they seem to have lost their red bone toy (or Banshee stole it and hid under porch, somebody skinny who is not scared of spiders is going to have to go under there and retrieve her stash ...) DB is slimming down again (when we went to Dr Ruth in October she said DB was getting a bit chunky and to cut her rations, so I've reduced her to 1 1/2 cups day instead of 2 ... she looks great. Good evening run, fed and kenneled.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday December 1

Cold and clear and very windy this morning ... bundle up, let dogs out (they  burst out of pens, all revved up) go down the hill in biting wind ... brief foray to persimmon tree (almost the end, the wind has knocked down the last of them), then back up hill, feed and kennel... hands almost frozen, very difficult to clean Corey's ears ... then off to work, return, all dogs out, husband and worker putting plastic over  newly poured slab ... still very windy ... go in, let corey and DB inside, brush Corey (coat full of static electricity!) curry comb DB, let Banshee and Snoopy in while fix food, then out (near nightfall) for last run ... pretty darn cold and still windy, not pleasant ... feed and kennel.