Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday November 30

Warmer, in 70's, big storms on the way ... morning run, fed and kenneled, off to work ... return right at nightfall, husband has gone into town ... unkennel dogs, have evening run in near dark, (whoops, took mower that headlights dont work) very windy, threatening skies ... fed and kenneled ... husband arrives in time to help with Corey's ears (he feeds peanut butter as I clean ears and put in drops) ...storms finally get here around 1030 PM, fortunately we dont lose power, just a lot of wind and rain ....

Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Nov.29

Dreary and cold, not a nice start to the week ... short morning run as concrete truck here for final pour ... fed and kenneled ... went to work. Return home after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, I go back out to clean Corey's ears, put salve on Banshee's bump, [et everyone and give tripe chewies and peanut butter (I give PetZLife tooth cleaner in peanut butter in evening.) Supposed to start raining tonight.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Weekly update Nov. 22-28

Beautiful warm weather continues until weekend, turns much colder ... take all 4 dogs for outing to gardens, Pet Smart and around town ... several other van rides ... a tree full of buzzards... Banshee has a weird bump under her nose ... off several days for Thanksgiving .... second anniversary of Snoopy 'coming home' with us .... Corey and Snoopy get reiki and communication ... an interesting week!

Sunday Nov.28

Getting pretty durn cold in the morning, my hands don't work well:-) ... very windy also, but nice morning run, the dogs LOVE the colder weather ... fed and kenneled, went to church, return, go for mid day run... still cold but not as windy, pretty nice sitting in the sun on the porch ... inside for lunch and a nap, DB and Snoopy jockey for position in the sun ... brush Corey, his leg is better, put the drawing salve on Banshee's bee sting (or whatever it is) ... out again several times, hubby plays fetch with Snoopy and Corey (using a red bonelike toy of hard rubber, Corey less likely to take off and chew it to bits) ... nice relaxing day ... but no little Mattie, 3rd day now, guess they finally figured out she's in heat and are keeping her in ... fed and kenneled, Corey's ear a bit better.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday November 27

Beautiful, much colder, clear and crisp ... dogs burst out of pens, running and leaping for sheer delight in life ... morning run, did have to clean pens (whoops, I forgot last night when we took our late evening ride that lasted 2 hours ... they usually take  'before bedtime' poops on evening run ...) nice morning, husband and 2 workers fixing slab for pour Monday ... I put up Christmas decorations on gates ... all dogs (except Little Mattie, havent seen her for 2 days) accompanying me , very interested ... then Claire arrives for a reiki session for Snoopy ... mad excitement, DB tries to get in car with her .... excellent session, she does reiki and communication, with Corey about his ears, and tried with Snoopy about her fears of confinement ,,, Corey receives the energy well but, being Corey, then decides he's had enuf and starts barking ... Snoopy very leery of the whole thing,  circles around Claire on the edge of the energy field ... when the energy stops she will come over ... interesting  ... Claire feels Snoopy was tied up and beaten in her past, which would certainly explain her fears ... hopefully we can help her work thru this and release the trauma, I'd really like to be able to take her to the vet or to be washed without sedation... Banshee attends Corey's session, and gets in her 2 cents worth about her feelings for the Damcat (wishes he'd GO AWAY) ... the bump under her nose may be an insect bite (this is kinda what I was thinking...) as I've mentioned before, on Angel Ginger's blog, I believe in the 'woo woo stuff' like animal communication and reiki (and T Touch and herbal escenses) and am very excited to have a local practitioner .... I have previously had my friend Cricket Mara in NM do Healing Touch and True Awakenings ...  these energy healings  can be done 'long distance' so to speak, but it is especially wonderful in person ... if you'd like more info about Claire, here's her website Insight Animal Wellbeing. Claire is also a herbalist, and will create a blend for Corey's ears .... After Claire leaves, let all back inside for a bit, fix food, go for evening run, all in high spirits ... feed and kennel.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Nov.26

Raining on and off today ... got in morning run, slightly damp, started raining in earnest halfway back, fed and kenneled. Stopped raining, let dogs out, another brief run, then inside ... this continued most of the day ... dogs are pretty antsy, not having gotten enough exercise ... the Damcat is in suicide mode, sauntering into kitchen, running under dogs' noses ...  late afternoon husband suddenly realizes has to go to town for concrete, loaded up dogs in van ... 2 hours later, return, pitch dark but at least not currently raining, unload concrete and dogs, feed and kennel. Just in time, starts raining again

Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Thanksgiving Day Thursday Nov.25

Happy Thanksgiving! Another beautiful warm day ... morning run, mowed and watered, dogs all very very happy today ... dancing around in the sunshine, rolling in the fallen leaves ... bring inside, brush, nap ... out again, in and out, love this weather ... play fetch ... go for van ride and return at nightfall, to be greeted by little Mattie in time for supper...

Happy 2d anniversary of Snoopy coming home!

the day before Thanksgiving, 2008 ... I stopped by the SPCA on my way home from work and brought Snoopy home ... i had been working with Snoopy at the SPCA since April, she had been apparently abused and was terrified and would snap at everyone ... after months of working with her, she bonded to me, but it was apparent she would never be 'adoptable' so, I brought her home ... Snoopy has come a long long way, she is very loving, very playful, still shy of newcomers but warms up quickly... i am so very glad to have her with us!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Nov.24

Off work today! Beautiful warm weather continues ... husband and workers readying for concrete pour this afternoon ... morning run, water trees, mow a bit, then gather up dogs in van and head for town (to the out of way while pour going on) ... went by store to get TOTW dog food , took Corey in, comments 'thats the happiest dog i've ever seen' ... met a woman who worked for an Irish setter breeder 20 years ago ... said Corey was a 'fine specimen' ... then on to Hopeland gardens, first shift Corey and Snoopy, met a couple and their JRT (she used to have an Irish as a young woman ... gee, every time i go out I meet people who had Irishes 20-30 years ago...) I have to walk Corey and Snoopy one on each side as their strides are so dissimilar, and Corey wants to meet everybody and Snoopy is hesitant but we do pretty well ... back to van, water, crate Snoopy and Corey, take DB and Banshee out for walk thru park, this also goes well, I am especially proud when we get to bridge with folks feeding ducks on both sides ... I say 'forward', DB and Banshee walk staring dead ahead, not stopping, despite people reaching out and throwing bread for ducks, ducks flapping around in pond, children squealing, people commenting on 'what well behaved dogs' ... reach the other side, am VERY proud ... then Banshee sees a squirrel and LEAPS after it, almost pulling me on to my behind... recover, and proceed back to van. Give water. Treat everybody. Next stop, PetSmart ... Corey first, greet his fan club (2 of the clerks and the groomer), he falls in love with a little white poodle with a pink bow in her hair .. play bows, whimpers, rolls his eyes, raises his ears, wags tail, prances around...  buy some salmon jerky, back to van, take Snoopy in, then back for DB and Banshee, buy some more dog food ... DB and Banshee acting very calm until a small dog rushes growling at DB, she pulls back politely but is rattled, looking at me like 'what did I do??' I reassure her, return to van, manager brings food out...  Home stretch, stop at grocery for people food. Arrive home, concrete truck STILL there ... kennel dogs, unpack van, by this time almost dark, fix food, unkennel for brief run (staying away from concrete slab) joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel. a good day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Nov.23

Morning run, feed and kennel ... an odd sight, the big dead tree next door where a hawk usually sits in the AM is filled with buzzards, looks like Halloween .... dogs are also very interested in something on other side of fence... I dont hear or see (or smell) anything though ... go to work .... return , water trees, do some mowing ... nightfall, feed and kennel

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mon Nov.22

Warm beautiful weather continues ... morning run, fed and kenneled, off to work, then to a hearing in Columbia ... return right at nightfall, greeted at gate by 5 dogs (including little Mattie) ... evening run, fed and kenneled.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday November 21

Beautiful warm fall continues ... 70's again, clear and bright ... morning run, calmer this morning (guess they figure the normal routine has resumed) ... fed and kenneled, went to church ... return, go for mid day run and water trees, joined by little Mattie... who i think is in heat ... grrr ... her owners don't have the $$ to spay her, they are good to their animals but they keep taking in more that they can't afford .. our small rural county doesn't have funds for low income people to get vouchers ... they do try to keep her in when she's in heat. must not have noticed... anyway, Corey's chewed leg is healing nicely, but Banshee has a small weird bump under her nose ... keeps licking at it ... afternoon nap, brush Corey, then another long run, water some more then feed and kennel. Nice to be back to normal!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday November 20

Another beautiful day! Dogs very excited on morning run, circling me all the way...  little Mattie joins us halfway down hill, back to trailer to get food, feed and kennel. Out again after digestive rest , take a brief run, then take Corey and Snoopy inside, Corey's back leg isnt too bad, put some hot spot spray on it ... he doesnt seem to be gnawing now ... brush him, clean ears (which  arent that bad), he actually hold still to be brushed. Snoopy's 'blackface' has worn off. Bring Banshee and DB in, brush Banshee, who is ecstatic at being brushed and wriggled all over... go out again, water trees. back in at lunch, the Damcat saunters in and out, all is fine unless he moves too fast ... take brief nap, then out again, water some more, and mow a bit (yes, there are still weeds growing, wild onions, and some sort of purple stuff (not the vetch that plagues us in the spring) ... little Mattie joins us late afternoon. Bring dogs in while I fix their supper, then feed and kennel. I am so VERY glad to be home, at least I dont have to go anywhere (overnight) for another year.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Wednesday Nov. 17- Friday November 19

Wednesday: Beautiful morning, good morning run accompanied by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled... then packed up, fixed advance dog food and supplements,  and left for work related 2 day out of town meeting ..husband reports that all went well ... dogs drive him crazy following him around all day, wanting to play fetch stick, wanting to be petted, walking through the concrete he was trying to get done ... this is rather unusual behavior, they usually leave him and his workers alone, sit and watch yes, but dont constantly interfere ... I'm guessing they dont want to let him out of their sight for fear he may also disappear for days ...husband also reports Corey has chewed one of his back legs (looking for sandspurs no doubt),  return Friday evening after dark, husband picks me up in Saluda, has fed and kenneled dogs ... when we get to the gate I can hear them barking frantically ... too dark to let all out, but stop at kennels, go and greet each dog, Corey leaps up and whaps my chin with his head, Snoopy rolls around at my feet, I let DB and Banshee into dog shed, they immediately sit and wait for treats ... get tripe, take back to kennels, give everyone tripe. What a homecoming!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Nov.16

Weather changes ... rain. Well, we need rain. Let dogs out, faint drizzle ... halfway down hill starts raining in earnest, return, fix food, feed and kennel some rather damp doggies ... go to work. Still having vertigo but better... Rains off and on all day... return before nightfall, has stopped raining, Corey inside, brush him, then go for evening run ... dogs very excited cause persimmons have been knocked off by wind ... little Mattie joins us ... feed and  kennel. More storms in the night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Nov.15

Another lovely day ... morning run, joined by little Mattie, fed and kenneled, went to work ... return in the dark... to be greeted by husband and my 4 dogs at gate ... husband on lawnmower. Mad excitement, could barely drive thru gate, Corey paces beside car, his head even with the window ... get to trailer without running anyone over ... inside, Corey and  Snoopy come in with me. husband reports that Corey and Snoop drove him and workers nuts all day, wanting to play 'ball' with sticks ... no way to pick up all the sticks on the property ... little Mattie waiting with DB and Banshee when come out with food, fed and kenneled.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekly update Nov. 8-14

Truly beautiful weather all week ... sunny and mild, crisp clear mornings and evenings ... time change somewhat disconcerting ... dogs eating lots of persimmons... Damcat bolder and bolder, dogs backing off deferentially now ... we all go to Bark in the Park and Pet Smart ... friend and Irish setters come to visit, run and ... play ball... little Mattie hanging out with us most days ... all in high spirits and good health, a good week

Sunday Nov.14

beautiful weather continues ... morning run, fed and kenneled, went to church ... returned, took mid day run (accompanied by little Mattie) and watered trees, found busted water line (so that's where DB got wet this morning) ... inside for lunch and brief rest ... I am having my dizziness (benign positional vertigo) ... fix lunch, go out to water again, and, JoAnn and her Irishes Chase and Maggie arrive ... mad excitement as the 6 dogs run and jump about in greeeting, little Mattie runs off and barks at us, Maggie takes off running in glee, Corey heads for the persimmon tree, ah, the beautiful dogs, the 3 red setters and their great loping strides ... have a good run,  including ball playing ... DB and Banshee join in briefly, stealing the balls ... but its between Snoopy, Chase and Corey ... Chase can hold TWO balls in his mouth, Snoopy is smaller but fastest, Corey can outbark anyone ...finally manage to retrieve all balls ... but Corey steals one out of J's truck and refuses to return it... here we go again... human and doggie friends leave, its almost nightfall, little Mattie reappears and starts playing with Corey and Snoopy, DB and Banshee join in, mad circling, jumping, rolling ... get food, feed and kennel. a good day!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday November 13

A truly gorgeous day ... and full of events! Started with brisk morning run (accompanied by little Mattie) ... fed and kenneled. I always kennel the dogs at least a half hour after meals to ward off bloat... let them out, took another brief run, then brought Corey and Banshee inside to brush, as we're going on a 'field trip' ... tried again to clean Snoopy's tar or whatever it is on her face, this is a mystery ... getting fainter though. DB is spiffy, as always, my dear low maintenance dog. Load them in van, hurry up husband (we already missed the FOTAS breakfast) finally get to town about 1030, go to Bark in the Park at Hopelands Gardens ... met a wonderful lady and her husband and 4 shelties, she does reiki! and herbals! And is also very nice! Took Corey and Snoopy out first, went around to the booths, greeting everyone, Corey his usual loud self, then put them back in van and I took DB and Banshee around (husband tired). DB attempts to go in pond after turtles, but other than that, they behave impeccably. After this, went to PetSmart where SPCA and others having adoptions ... took Banshee and Corey inside (DB and Snoopy have had quite enough excitement for one day and are napping peacefully) ... husband falls in love with little Angelica (the poor little puppy who saw her sibling killed by another dog in front of her and is traumatized ... very scared, very shy..) and BEGS me to let him have her, but no... we have all the dogs we can reasonably handle... I'm sure she'll find a home , she is gorgeous and so very sweet ... adoptions are down right now though ... return home, let dogs out, here is little Mattie, waiting to greet us ... rest for a few moments, then kennel dogs and go across street to neighbor's house blessing ... and little Mattie follows us. And stands on edge of crowd, barking. I am SO embarrassed, and she isnt even my dog. Finally husband goes back home to lure her back ... when I get home, she is playing with my gang... fix food, take evening run ... and whoops, she goes across road again ... but returns. Feed and kennel. A good day!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Nov.12

Another beautiful day! Bright and sunny, crisp and clear ... excellent morning run, joined by little Mattie, all in high fettle ...  husband has gone into town, feed and kennel while workers arriving ... do Corey's ears by myself (they arent hurting him as badly and seem improved) ... go to work. Stop by SPCA thrift store to see who's there for adoptions (Presley, sweet hound dawg, Angel, little fluffy possible Aussie mix, and a cute little Mama doxie-corgi-?? mix (who had 7 pups at the shelter, 5 adopted now) ... back to work, stop by county shelter, quickly walk Rufus (border collie, a delightful little pup) and Benny and Denny (matched set of some kind of terrier)  ... back to work, then home ... greeted by all 5 dogs at gate, they've been out keeping the men company ALL day (husband says Corey and Snoopy stole a bunch of stakes and insisted on playing fetch) and Snoopy has managed to get ... some black substance all over one side of her neck ... wont come off, but isnt sticky or oily ... take Corey inside for quick brush out, fix food, take all for evening run, then feed and kennel, make a last attempt at cleaning up Snoopy ... aargh.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Nov.11

Off work for Veterans Day ... morning run, joined by little Mattie (who spends the whole day with us...) a good day, hanging out with my dogs all day ... watering trees ... mowing a bit ... going for several runs ... brushing Corey ... clipping Banshee's face (her hair grows OVER her eyes) ... even brushing DB and Snoopy ... working with Corey on 'stay' and 'down' (he seems to get the signals for 'down' and 'come' confused at a distance)  a beautiful warm day (low 80's) this has been a great fall, so far ... feed and kennel, little Mattie finally leaves, after nightfall.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wed November 10

Warmer, beautiful day .... morning run, all lively and cheerful, gobbling up persimmons (these are the little wild persimmons, berry sized ... the dogs like them even before they turn sweet, except Snoopy ... she spits them out if they're not ripe) ... went by food bank to deliver food from church, then to work ... pretty long day ... and then had to go pick up dog food, so almost dark when get home, but still have evening run, joined by little Mattie... husband giving some extra dog food to neighbor (another dog has showed up on his property) ... feed and kennel my gang.  I just realized ... it's been 7 months since Angel Ginger crossed the bridge ... it seems like yesterday, and it seems like a hundred years ago .... dance on, my sweet red girl, until we meet again... it has helped. immensely, to have had Corey 'sent' to me the month after she passed (and I have no doubt Angel Ginger and St Francis sent Corey to me, they knew I needed him, not as a replacement, oh no, there can never be a replacement ... but as a reminder that life does, indeed, go on ... I have always felt strongly that St. Francis 'sends' animals to me, for me to care for, adopt, or sometimes nurture and send on to another home .... this has happened innumerable times... after Angel Ginger passed, I was actually scared to go to my volunteer work at the shelter or to adoption events with my friends for fear I would convince myself that St. Francis had picked a dog for me ... and it wasn't 'time' yet ... anyway, after a month of this, I guess Angel Ginger and St. Francis decided it was time to act, and, sent Corey to me... ah, Corey, the wild Irishman, as different from sweet, dignified Angel Ginger as a dog of the same naturally sweet breed can be .. I think of Angel Ginger as 'my wild Irish rose, the sweetest flower that grows', lace-curtain Irish, sweet and dignified ... and Corey, the boisterous wild Irishman with a heart of gold and rough manners, slobbering freely, leaping around with gusto, rowdy, rude and so engaging he brings a grin to everyone's face ... just what we needed in our little pack.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Nov. 9

Warmer today, still clear and sunny ... nice morning run, stop and eat persimmons, back up hill, feed and kennel, go to work ... almost dark when i return ... greeted by all 4 at gate, Corey beside himself with excitement ... I guess they didnt think I'd get back before nightfall ... husband says he took them for evening run so go inside to fix food, take Corey and Snoopy in, try to brush Corey but he's too excited still ... Damcat saunters into kitchen, Corey backs ip deferentially ... I hate this getting home at dark, and missing our evening run, it's the high point pf my day ... feed and kennel. No little Mattie for 3 days now ...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Mon. Nov.8

Crisp, clear and cool start to the week ... one nice thing about the time change, it's light in the AM... morning run, feed and kennel... to work. Return an hour early, just getting dark ...no one, animal or human, in sight ... note one lawnmower missing... fix food, change, go out ... get on mower, finally find husband and dogs ..., Banshee spots me first, then DB, then Corey ... then Snoopy and husband ...Corey outruns them and gets to me first ... and, here comes Snoopy... mad excitement, sit for awhile, then back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekly update Nov 1-7

Turns cold ... several days of cloudy drizzle ...first freeze ... dogs all enjoying the cold weather, me, not so much ... Corey briefly joins Banshee for pet therapy at nursing home .... take dogs for several van rides ... little Mattie continues visiting ... and even comes inside briefly ... the Damcat getting incredibly bold, stalking the dogs, swatting at Corey ... have a wild 'bird chase' ... a good week ... missing Angel Ginger, she so loved the cool weather and the persimmons ...

For those friends not on FaceBook, I've posted some pictures of the Blessing of the Animals at http://tinyurl.com/2cxbn7u

Sunday Nov 7

Freeze again last night ... crisp and clear morning ... and the sun's up (time change) ... morning run, clean pens (the extra hour apparently is too long for DB,Banshee and Corey ...) dogs very lively, Corey galloping around property, DB running in circles, Banshee and Snoopy chasing each other ... woowee! Feed and kennel (Corey's left ear still bad) go to church ... return, Corey inside, others out, take for mid day run ... still pretty cold (around 50) ... in for lunch ... let others out to  brush Corey ... finish, Corey is lying peacefully beside me at computer when the Damcat saunters up and SWATS at Corey ... Corey jumps up and backs away ... put Damcat in bedroom, let other dogs in for nap. Go out again for an hpur or so of mowing, manage to get lawnmower stuck... husband is installing heater in pumphouse ... go back inside, almost dark , getting cold,  so fix food, feed and kennel ... then go unstick mower. No little Mattie all day ... I really miss her when she doesnt visit.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sat Nov.6

First freeze last night ... cold and clear in morning, brrr... go out an hour later than usual, still cold ... but dogs' water didnt freeze ... clean DB and Corey's pens (yeah yeah, i was an hour late) go for morning run, little Mattie joins us, return to get frood, husband is sick, feed and kennel by myself, Corey's ear bothering him... out again in an hour, go for a brief run, then inside, do the wash ... the Damcat now has Corey totally subdued, but Snoopy and Banshee still not cowed ... in and out, little Mattie sneaks inside, yikes, this is really too many dogs ... and she can get UNDER the cat gate ... mainly housework today, chilly out ... several runs, but short ones(10-15 min)... husband feeling better, go for van ride to BiLo ... return after dark, little Mattie waiting patiently for us ... feed and kennel.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Nov.5

Colder, sun and clouds mixed all day with a smattering of rain ... good morning run, joined by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled ... Corey's ears (left) acting up again ... go by thrift store, shy cute little cocker-collie puppy, totally obnoxious but cute pittie puppy... poor sweet Angel (hound mix) is back ... lunch with pet therapy folks, go by county shelter (nice little beagle guy, pittie girl) finish work, return home ... all 5 dogs greet me at gate and escort me in, change, brush Corey, go for evening run ... pretty chilly ... husband reports the  Damcat is now on the attack ... stalking the dogs ...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Nov.4

Damp, cold, mist, rain on the way ... take brief morning run, dogs in high spirits (they like cold damp mist?) feed and kennel just in time, starts raining. Go to work. Husband reports dogs in and out in breaks in the rain ... return home, drizzling, but bearable ... DB, Snoopy and Banshee greet me at gate and escort back to trailer , husband then lets Corey out, and here comes little Mattie .... mad excitement ... go inside, let Corey and DB and Snoopy in while fix food, Banshee stays out with Mattie ... change clothes, put on raincoat, go for evening run, starts drizzling a bit, return, feed and kennel.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wed Nov.3

Chilly and cloudy ... morning run, feed and kennel, then to dentist ... for many hours ... then to work ... feeling kinda poorly. Return home, husband has gone to town, unkennel dogs, let Corey and Snoopy inside, brush Corey, fix food, go back out, evening run joined by little Mattie ... husband not back yet, feed and kennel.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Nov.2

Cold and cloudy with a high wind ... yuk. Morning run unpleasant for me, dogs enjoy it however, the wind rippling through their fur, their noses lifted to catch every scent .. horses in back are bucking and kicking and generally having a grand time too ... stay briefly in back 9the wind cuts through my jeans like a knife, need to start wearing my winter longjohns) ... feed and kennel, go to work, drop pet food off at food bank. Return lunchtime, decide to take ALL dogs with me for Banshee's pet therapy visit to nursing home ... load up in the van, take off. arrive, decide to take Corey in also... big mistake, he is entirely too boisterous and loud for this facility ... give Banshee to friend while I take Corey back out to van, where he, DB and Snoopy nap while Banshee and I do pet therapy ... return home, stopping at store ... dogs are having wonderful naps ... when we get home, they reluctantly leave the van, and then come inside, where they continue to nap.... up again! Husband spots flocks of birds outside, eating our grass seed, rushes out with dogs, chases birds ... I join in, it is amazing, huge flocks of hundreds of birds, we chase them from one side of property to the other ... whew. Snoopy runs and jumps in wading pond, panting, Corey still running wildly back and forth ...  Banshee and DB circle from each side of flock, finally chase them across road ... getting chilly as evening approaches, mow a bit (still after those sandspurs!), water new plantings, then feed and kennel. No little Mattie this evening, she was here briefly this morning and again when we arrived back from nursing home, but left before the big bird chase ....

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Nov.1

Crisp and clear morning , dogs filed with energy ... Corey runs to the far side in front, then all the way down the hill by the fence, greeting the horses, then joins the rest of us by the pond ... gets a drink, a treat and then runs up the back, greeting those horses, then joins us at persimmon tree ... dogs all wait for me to pick a few for them as there are few on the ground now ... then up towards the front, then feed and kennel, go to work. return almost nightfall now, brief evening run, husband reports dogs stay out all day with him and help him work on the block wall ... brush corey, get sandspurs out of his armpit and Banshee's feathers, feed and kennel