Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov 31-27

A wild week! Two 8 week old kittens appear in the middle of the night and 'move in' ... the Damcat is NOT pleased ... Snoopy to rehab, Corey to groomers, several van rides and trips to gardens and Pet Smart ...

Monday November 21: Skit and Skat appear in the night

In the middle of the night last night ... husband went out to the building he's working on to make some measurements ... and came back followed by 2 little kittens ... ack. Friendly little critters, gray tabby (my favorite) one short hair, one long hair, both females, my guess 8 weeks ... feed them and put them on porch for the night, the Damcat is puffed up 2x his size, hissing and making that dreadful moaning noise unhappy cats make .... frantic emails to 'cat people', googling, etc ... Dr Dodds vaccine protocol for kittens is FVRCP at 8-9 wks and 12-13 wks. No mention of FeLeuk testing or FIV. So when do I do these? Do I do test first or ??  Morning comes, they're still here ... sitting at the door, hungry. Feed them, latch porch, put litter box in with them, go get food for dogs, do morning run-walk ... here come the roofers in the middle of all this ... feed and kennel. Go to hearing in Columbia, return home at nightfall, kittens still on porch, husband has fed them during the day ... fix dog food, evening run, in the almost dark, then feed and kennel ... interestingly, dogs go right by porch, dont even seem to notice kittens (who are sitting in window ...) Let kittens out at night, they roam a bit but come right up the second you open door they're trying to get in and boy are they fast! Cant let them in til have had tested for FELV...

Tuesday November 22: Skit & Skat go to vet

Kittens now have names, Skit and Skat ... clean their litter box (poop looks fine), feed, latch porch, then get dog food, do morning run-walk, roofers are back, plus husbands workers ... feed and kennel. Call around, will have to get kittens to vet today if want them vetted before holidays ... husband them informs me the flashing he got yesterday is wrong and I have to go by Lowes and get some NOW ... do so. Arrive back at property, drop off flashing, pick up kittens and take to vet (not my regular vet, the one in Edgefield) and drop them off as I have a meeting in Aiken in .. yikes a half hour ... go to meeting, vet calls and gives me good news, Skit and Skat are FELV/FIV negative ... proceed with shots. Finish seeing clients, them return home via vet, pick up kitties (everyone amazed at how tame and friendly they are) ... return home, put them on porch, latch, get dog food, release dogs (who have been kenneled most of the day), the roofers and crew are still here ... getting dark, evening run ... Corey and Banshee very excited to see me, DB mainly interested in ratting over by the woodpile ... feed and kennel. Workers still here into the dark, but finish shingles before the rain hits ... Storms in night

Photos of Skit & Skat

Wednesday November 23: SPCA volunteer lunch

Off work today! Cool and breezy, clearing... let Skit & Skat out briefly, feed them, latch them in porch again. Get dog food, unkennel dogs, morning run-walk ... one set of roffers shows up to finish job. Corey is all excited, chasing trucks, barking at geese ... feed and kennel, comb sandspurs out of Corey's head. Clean Skit & Skats litter box, let them out, take a few pictures then go to food banks, then stop by friend dDborah's to pick up 'cat stuff' (this is the cat lady who rescued Sally last summer and then rescued some kittens, she found homes for the kittens and had leftover items)... then to Aiken for SPCA 'volunteer lunch' with friend Erika (who I hope will be able to volunteer from home) ... onwards to do errands for husband, pick up kitten food, stop by office (even though we're closed) and finish up the work I left undone yesterday (because of having to take kittens to vet and pick up stuff for roofers) ... then home. Greeted at gate by DB, Banshee is in her crate, Corey and Snoopy in pens, husband had been trying to put them up when I arrived. Fix food, let Corey out, Banshee wont come out ... evening run. Getting dark. Husband reports DB and Banshee have figured out Skit & Skat are on the porch and are, unfortunately, very interested. Corey is totally oblivious. Feed and kennel dogs. Let Skit & Skat out to play, gosh they are so full of energy, and so agile, been a long time since I've had kittens ... feed them, latch them in for night.

Video of Skit & Skat

Thursday November 24: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Cold last night, crisp and chilly morning, let kitties out, clean litter, feed, latch back in, take dogs for  morning run-walk, Banshee and DB head straight for porch and sniff around everywhere Skit & Skat have been outside ... then shrug and proceed down the hill ... Corey in fine fettle this AM, a flock of geese honks by and he follows them to fence line, barking back exuberantly ... feed and kennel, go back imside, then let Skit & Skat out again ... watch them play ... and they  climb a tree (well, a small tree) .. not to mention swinging like monkeys on the porch railing ... put them back up. The Damcat has caught a BIG mouse by the washer, and unusually, killed it and sits there with it between his paws, looking at me as much to say 'see, we dont need any MORE cats, I'm on the job' .... Let dogs out, husband walks Snoopy all the way down the hill and back up ... this is pretty far, but she's not hopping ... actually unless she turns sharply she doesnt hop, as long as she proceeds straight ahead she's fine, slow but fine ... put dogs in grooming shed, groom, then leave crated while husband and I let kittens out and clean some of junk off enclosed porch where they now reside (so I wont trip over things in the night when I go in there) ... getting dark, one of husbands workers and wife bring by some Thanksgiving goodies and play with kittens ... they leave, fix dog food, let out of crates, take for evening run-walk, feed and kennel

Friday November 25: Mattie comes to visit

Cool crisp clear and sunny, perfect weather ... let Skit & Skat out, feed, watch them play, clean litter box, latch them in again, get dog food, morning run-walk, Banshee and DB frantically interested in tracking the kitties on the porch,  ... Snoopy limping a bit ... feed and kennel. Workers arrive. Let Skit & Skat out again, this time Skit gets on the porch roof ... ack. Put them back up. Let dogs out, come inside, then load into van and go for van ride and by bank. Return, let dogs in, fix lunch, nrief computer time and do wash, then take dogs out to grooming shed and groom, leave in crates, return and let kitties out for afternoon romp. Latch them in again, get Xmas decorations for gates, let dogs back out, put Snoopy inside, little Mattie shows up to help decorate gates , lawnmower out of gas so no evening run, get food, feed and kennel. Little Mattie still hangs around, cant let kitties out. Sit on porch with Mattie for a bit, go inside

Saturday November 26: Snoopy goes to rehab

Warmer this morning. Running late. Give kittens AM food  then husband lets out dogs, walks Snoopy. Feed and kennel, then let kittens out and clean litter box, put them back in, let dogs out for very brief run then load in van to go to town for Snoopy's rehab, whoops, flat tire ... get it pumped back up, depart. Snoopy does well today, meets another 'patient' ... leave rehab and go to Hopeland Gardens to walk Corey, DB and Banshee, all on excellent behavior, Corey getting in and out of van with no problems. Go by PetSmart, almost disaster, take Corey in he is doing quite well, greeting all his fans, make a grooming appointment, then as we're returning to van a couple is walking across lot wit a great pyr and ... a husky ... Corey is going into greeting mode to the great pyr when he spots the husky and goes absolutely nuts, barking ... no, screaming, ... flailing at end of leash, shrieking, thank God for front hook harnesses or I'd be on the ground. My other dogs hear him and also start barking ... I plant myself and walk backwards (at least this time I'm not stuck between cars ... and finally get his attention, go to back of van, he is quivering and shuddering ... finally calms down enough to get in crate in van. Snoopy is particularly overwrought, she wants OUT (presumably to attack whoever was threatening her Corey) Spray DAP in van, sit for a few minutes... the only thing I can think of is the 2 huskies who attacked us last spring (in the same place) have left an indelible impression on Corey, or perhaps he had trouble with huskies in his past, this is the only type dog he reacts to with anything except cheerful friendliness... or it could be the combination of the area and the breed? I dont know, but it is really scary   Decide to NOT take DB and Banshee in to PetSmart. Leave and go by Jay's for energy work on Snoopy's leg, have to let Corey out for a drink of water and a bit of a walk, he is still shook up ... put him back in van, take Snoopy on back to see Jay ...she does OK finally lets him touch her and give energy ... leave and go by store and am heading home when husband calls, I have to go back cross town to pick up something from Lowes ... do this and finally get home, pretty late. Let dogs out, then put in crates-kennels, unload van, then let kitties out briefly, fix dogs food, then evening run-walk, feed and kennel

Sunday November 27: Corey goes to groomer

Warm and cloudy ... husband in to old property early to pick up ladder ... feed Skit & Skat and clean box, workers start arriving. Then Skit and Skat get inside and go for the Damcat's food (he is sitting peacefully at his food bowl, the kittens dive bomb him, he backs up in horror,) I grab them and put the out, latch porch ... Fix dog food, Morning run, one of workers helps walk Snoopy, feed and kennel, husband returns ... go to church, return, let Skit & Skat out for a bit, ack, they get inside again, this time the Damcat drives them back out ... feed, then latch them in, get dogs, run DB,Banshee and Corey then load all into van and go into town, drop Corey off at groomers, take others to Hopeland Gardens, Odell Weeks and do a bit of shopping for essentials, then pick Corey up ... poor guy, he comes out of groomers shrieking 'I need to pee, I need to pee' and theres a line at the cash register plus people all trying to pet him and ooh and ahh (well, he DOES look gorgeous) ... finally get outside ... ahhhh ... the relief. Load him back up, them check transmission fluid (van has been slipping gears) it looks OK, return home, almost dark. Unload dogs take all inside, fix food, then feed and kennel, husband and workers still working ... feed Skit & Skat, let them out, watch them chase leaves, then latch them in for the night.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 14-20

Heat wave (80's) continues til midweek, turns cold for 2 days, then warm again ... weird weather for November ... Banshee goes to pet therapy at new nursing home, very nice ... Snoopy doing well at rehab ... DB goes ratting ... Corey continues battling sandspurs ... little Mattie visits several times ... work progressing on building ...

"Kindness is the face of compassion; action, the hands; love, the heart; and politics, the voice. Integrate kindness to animals into your life in all these ways."  Sunbear Squad Inc

Monday November 14: Heat wave continues

Warm weather continues, reaches 80 degrees ... in mid November! Morning run-walk, husband's workers all here, too busy to help me except with walking Snoopy ... finish feeding, kennel, go to work, return after dark, dogs kenneled. Take out yogurt-essenses and chewies.

Tuesday November 15: Banshee goes to new pet therapy venue

Unseasonably warm weather continues ... morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to food banks and then return at lunch time, dogs kenneled, let out, walk Snooopy to trailer, take others for brief run, fix lunch for husband, then take Banshee to new nursing home for pet therapy ... too warm to take all dogs for the ride ... very nice (but large) nursing home, patients and staff very appreciative, think Banshee looks 'like a little bear'. Friend Claire and her sheltie Peter join us (thank heavens, I hate to do these by myself!) Return home, DB and Corey greet us at gate, Snoopy in kennel ... ride to kennel area then put DB and Corey in shed and Banshee in kennel, have to 'get over' the DB-Banshee 'we've been separated' routine ... let DB and Corey out, leaving Banshee's gate open, she and DB snark at each other for awhile then run off together, then let Snoopy out and walk her to trailer, all go inside. Take the 3 on a brief run, little Mattie joins us, then load up for van ride, its getting dark ...return, little Mattie waiting for us, feed and kennel. Husband goes into town to pick up lumber.

Wednesday November 16: Rain

Rained a bit in night, still damp, still warm .. morning run, feed and kennel. Big storms coming some time today. Husband and workers covering up lumber and trusses. Go to work, storms coming in late afternoon, leave a bit early, tornado warnings, rough trip home (but just rain) husband has fortunately fed and kenneled dogs before storms hit, as Snoopy and Corey wont eat if there's a hint of thunder ... lots of rain tonight, wind, but no really bad stuff, praise God!

Thursday November 17: Still drizzly

Still very damp, drizzly this morning ... morning walk-run in between drizzles, feed-kennel, onwards to meeting in Columbia ... return home, still daylight! Whoopee! Dogs kenneled, let out, husband takes Snoopy inside, run the others, very excited to have me home early! Cover some pipes (supposed to freeze tonight), fix food, go out to feed, DB has disappeared, keenel the rest, go searching out buildings for DB (sometimes she'll get locked in if no one notices her in there), still no DB, am about to go on search mission when ... here she comes! Running full tilt ... ah, she's been 'ratting'. Good girl! Kennel her, feed all.

Friday November 18: Very cold

COLD this morning, hard freeze last night. Frost sparkles everywhere ... out early to get dogs fed and kenneled before crew arrives to put up trusses ... morning run-walk, a bunch of very lively dogs. Poor Snoopy really wants to run today ... but after a few moments settles down and walks with husband ... feed and kennel, notice that Corey has a bunch of sandspurs in one front leg ... the workers arrive, 4 extra vehicles, 6 extra men, the dogs are going nuts. Go back out, try to calm them, they eventually settle down. Decide to groom Corey as it'll be dark when I return, get the sandspurs out, then off to work, chiropractor and store. Husband reports he let dogs out during workers lunch break, they all went to check out the unfamiliar vehicles and Corey and Banshee promptly stole various items from 'new' trucks ... including a hammar, tape measure and styro cup.  Return home after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, take out yogurt-essenses and chewies. Cold!!

Saturday November 19: Snoopy goes to rehab

Another cold morning. Morning run-walk , feed and kennel ... and Corey throws up his breakfast. Hasnt appeared sick, his poop was normal ... and he immediately wants to be fed again... give him some yogurt and a chewie but thats it... had planned to take all dogs with me when I went to take Snoopy in for rehab, but am not taking a sick dog for a van ride, lol... so, just take Snoopy. Take a bit of video so y'all can see what the rehab exercises are like (which I'll post sooon). She is doing well, according to Dr. D, using the bad leg fairly consistently, stretching out her stride etc. Fingers crossed that we keep improving with no setbacks! Go by PetSmart to talk to rescue folks there, then return home, let other dogs out and into trailer, work on phone and computer to find a foster for the blue heeler I've been trying to help rescue, yippee, find local foster! Fix lunch for husband who then goes into town to get lumber, then take dogs to grooming shed, groom all, clip DBs nails, then out again for evening run (kennel Snoopy), pick up food, then feed and kennel.

Sunday November 20: Drizzly day

Ack! Its drizzling this morning! (no hint of this in last night's weather report). Wait for break in drizzle, morning run-walk, then feed and kennel just in time, starts drizzling again. Go to church, return, still drizzling. Husband is going into town again. Take nap, put wash in, then it finally stops drizzling so unkennel dogs and bring inside... leave Snoopy inside, take others for run, they are all excited ... spot neighbor's huge white cat (who they've seen dozens of times) and run around barking, a bicyclist comes down the road (very unusual occurrence) and Corey fence runs with it (outruns it and stops at end of property turns around like 'what? where is it?' ) ... Back inside, do a bit of cleaning, its now getting dark, fix food, then take Snoopy out for evening walk, little Mattie shows up, we're all strolling around, DB and Banshee playing with little Mattie, husband returns, hand him Snoopy's leash so I can get food and other dogs to kennels, husband has to leave again immediately so crate Corey,DB, Banshee and Mattie, then come back to trailer get food and Snoopy, feed and kennel all. (well, I dont kennel Mattie for the evening, I feed her and she goes home).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Nov 7- Nov 1`3

A tiring week, have to go out of town for a work related meeting Tues-Thursday, I really hate being 'dogless' for days ... sandspurs terrible, weather nice, one hard freeze ... little Mattie visits several times, Snoopy doing well at rehab ...

"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring--it was peace." - Milan Kundera

Monday Nov. 7

Clear crisp morning run-walk, dogs in fine spirits ... flocks of black birds landing and taking off again, Corey chasing after them barking joyously ... go to work, return, its after dark (darn daylight savings time) dogs kenneled. Go outt with yogurt-essenses, then take Corey in and groom him, poor guy, sandspurs galore ...

Tues Nov. 8

Beautiful, warm (70's) sunny ... morning run-walk, then finish packing, then back out with dogs ... little Mattie shows up, goes on full tour of property, playing with Banshee and DB, running in circles, running under Corey, all having a marvelous time ... and I have to leave and go to a work related out of town three day meeting. Ugh. Kennel dogs, husband drives me to Saluda where I'm picked up by co-workers and whisked away .... the only animal related thing that happens in the next 2 days is I win an 'award' (picked by coworkers) as 'most likely to have an animal follow me home'...

Wed-Thursday Nov 9-10

Husband reports dogs are 'doing fine'. Return home after dark Thursday, dogs kenneled, but greet me with mad chorus of barking and yelping, get yogurt and essenses, go out to kennels, give essenses, rub Snoopys leg, give chewies, get a small bit of loving ...

Friday Nov.11

Cold! Am off for Veteran's Day (thank goodness cause I'm exhausted) Cold crisp morning,. morning run, dogs all excited ! Snoopy seems to be limping a bit when husband gets her out ... feed and kennel. Return in an hour, let all out, Snoopy on leash, walk a bit, then kennel her and run the others, then back to kennels, take all in for grooming ... poor  Corey has sandspurs everywhere, including (ouch) right near his penis sheath ... finally get him sandspur free and mats out. Brush DB, she has small cut on her tummy, doctor it. Banshee is fine, no mats, and she is growing in her undercoat for winter ... Snoopy I still cant get on table, so brush as best I can, then do a spot of muzzle training. Back out again, take all inside trailer. Lunch, read a bit, fall asleep. Up again, take all out for a bit. I had orginally planned to go to town and help with adoptions but my back is killing me. Husband finishes work, feed and kennel dogs,  little Mattie shows up for supper, then into town for chiro appointment, and picking up more lumber; stop by the pizza restaurant Sally's mom Nikki works at, since I havent seen Sally for 2 weeks now ... says she is doing well. Return home.

Saturday November 12

Another cold morning, hard freeze last night ... morning run, walk, feed and kennel, then take Snoopy to rehab, she is doing well, leg seems to be strengthening ... return home, change and go to church friend's funeral, then return, dogs all still kenneled as husband has had workers all day working on building ... let them out, walk Snoopy, then put her inside, take others for run ... much warmer now ... pick up some branches, get sandspurs out of DB's paws, go to shed and take Corey in, groom him, again ... these sandspurs are vicious ... return to trailer, take brief nap, Corey decides to get on top of me on couch, he is way too big for this ... then out again,   til nightfall.

Sunday November 13

Warmer today, morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to church. Return, huisbandhas workers again, unkennel dogs, take Snoopy for walk then put her in trailer, take others for mid day run, put insulation on some pipes, then inside, fix lunch, do wash and other housework, hands killing me ... lay down to read, fall asleep, wake up to Corey licking my face and the other 3 sitting staring intently at me ... get up, take all out again ... Corey is limping, bad. Has sandspurs in back paw all jammed up in between his pads , ouch ... back inside, husband comes in and helps me extricate the sandspurs... decide to go for a van ride. Unfortunately, van is low on trans fluid, by the time I figure this out, find the fluid, and cant get hood to open, its getting dark. Oh well. Sit with dogs on porch, Mattie joins us, watch sun set, then feed and kennel.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oct 31-Nov 6

Beautiful fall weather this week ... sunny, crisp and clear, one evening rain , but all in all beautiful ... dogs all in fine spirits, little Mattie visits several times ... pet therapy day for Banshee, rehab and energy work for Snoopy, 2 van rides and outings for all... a good week! 

In the good news department, Sasha, the elder dobie I posted about last week who was in the pound after her owner died has been saved by Broken Dobes rescue! Hooray!

Let me share with you a poem from my friend who does animal rescue work in Georgia ... on the ones we couldn't save ..

You're there, wandering the roadside, lost.
You're there, chained in a back yard..., forgotten.
You're there, starving under a house with your newborn litter.
You're there, cowering in a kennel at the pound, hopeless.
You're there, on a steel table, waiting for the needle.
You're there, in the landfill in a black plastic bag.
You're there, even when no one else sees you.
You're there, every time I close my eyes, look over my shoulder, look into my dogs' trusting faces.
You'll be there, when I stand before God and give account of my life.
When I kneel to ask forgiveness, will you lick my face?
~ EG 11/1/2011
By: Ellen Graben

Monday Oct 31: Beautiful weather

Beautiful weather, morning run, very windy, dogs all love the wind it sets them off running in circles, noses high, running the fence with the horses, joyous, excited, what MUST they be able to smell in the wind! feed and kennel, go to work, return, Snopy and Corey in kennels, DB and Banshee out loose, husband said Corey kept eating pieces of scrap wood and he couldnt monitor him ... let them out, go inside and fix food, then evening run, feed and kennel.

Tuesday Nov 1: Pet therapy day for Banshee, van ride for all

Beautiful fall weather, crisp clear, bright blue skies, just fantastic ... morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to food bank and then return, dogs inside, fix lunch, then load up all and go to town, stop by BBB to check stall mats (and let Corey have a 'visit', he calms down after his first 'stop') then to nursing home for pet therapy, Banshee looks so pretty today ... another of our favorite patients has passed away, this is so sad sometimes... then on to PetSmart, take Corey in, then DB and Banshee , then take Snoopy for a brief walk-pee. Home again, Corey and Snoopy inside, DB and Banshee hanging out with Mattie, who came to visit, and husband who is working on building ... let Banshee in, take quick nap, fix food, out for evening run, give Snoopy to husband (who is still at building site). Little Mattie has gone home. Feed and kennel, here comes Mattie again, so sit on porch with her and watch sunset

Wed Nov 2: Little Mattie visits again

Beautiful weather continues ... morning run-walk, all in high spirits, running with the horses in back ... eating the last persimmons ... feed and kennel, go to work, return, greeted by DB and Banshee at gate, Corey and Snoopy kenneled , let them out and walk Snoopy to trailer, fix food. Take DB,Banshee and Corey for evening run, husband walks Snoopy, return to trailer, almost dark, little Mattie shows up for supper. Feed, kennel

Thursday Nov.3: Rain this evening

Beautiful weather, morning run, feed and kennel, go to work, return, cloudy, rain imminent... almost dark, dogs inside, fix food, take the 3 for evening run, meet husband at kennels with Snoopy, feed and keenel

Friday Nov 4: Return after dark
Rained in the night, still fine cold mist in morning, husband gone to town, must do entire routine by myself, which puts me behind ... go to Columbia for meeting, return and go to chiropractor, where I see my Xrays, my back is worse than I had thought , oh well ... return home well after dark. Dogs have been kenneled , take out yogurt-essenses, chewies ...

Saturday Nov 5: Rehab and energy work for Snoopy, van ride and outing for all

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Very windy, clear and cold! Morning run-walk, feed and kennel, then load up all and go on long excursion .. first stop, Snoopy to rehab, doing very well, the Snoopy to Jay's for energy work (very receptive, let Jay pet her, very calm, almost kissed him ... wow ), then to Pet Smart for outing, no one there for adoptions today, I think this is the first time there have been NO rescue groups there on Saturday ... Corey his usual exuberant self, fell in love with a little teacup chi female, wish I had a camera ... Corey is 'courting mode' is a sight to behold, and the big red dog flirting with the teeny tiny chi was just too cute for words ...  DB and Banshee acting very sweet, met nice woman and her dog Sugar who're intereted in pet therapy, then picked up sandwich for me (and a plain to share with dogs), then to Hopelands Gardens, Corey gets his walk, is much oohed and aahed over, he is prancing about like a racehorse ... then DB and Banshee, finally Snoopy a very brief walk ... then on to BBB, pick up food and stall mat, let Corey greet everyone, he is SUCH a ham. ... back home, at last, husband and worker unload the stall mat (which has ridden home on top of Corey and Banshees crates) let all out, then inside ... fix food, feed the Damcat, try to read, husband then tells me he has to go back in town to pick up nails and I have to go with him as his feet are bothering him and he's concerned about driving ... sigh ... brief final run for DB,Bnshee, Corey, then feed and kennel, go back to town... return 'way late in the night' (for me, around 1030) ... 

Sunday November 6: Visit from Mattie, van making weird noises

Gorgeous fall day, brilliant sunshine, cool morning, just wonderful. Time change last night so its light when I get up! Morning run, feed and kennel, go to church, return, husband and workers working on building, dogs kenneled. Let dogs out, walk Snoopy, then put her inside, take others for run, then inside. Fix lunch, do wash, take naps, am just getting ready to go out to mow when husband finishes working and decides he wants to load up dogs and go to town, unfortunately, van is making a weird noise and cant get hood open .. so unload dogs, little Mattie shows up .. kennel dogs, go to store, return and its almost dark (the downside of time change) take the 3 (and Mattie) for evening run, Snoopy for walk, get food, feed and kennel.