Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mattie comes to visit

Morning run, Jake bouncing up and down, all very lively this morning ... get basket and pick squash (very difficult with puppy in your face) ... to take to work, overwhelmed with squash this year ... feed and kennel, to work ... really tiring day, very busy ... return, Banshee and Jake on porch, Snoopy and Corey inside, hmm, wheres DB? Husband finally remembers she's in the dog shed (she wanted some peace and quiet) ... fix food, Jake is very good in kitchen, just sits quietly watching ... manage to get all outside, go let DB out, forgot my water back to trailer, Jake slides in past my feet and ... theres the Damcat... jumps up on the washer, he and Jake stare at each other, the Damcat starts washing his paws ... take Jake out, go mowing, joined by husband... and, little Mattie! Poor sweetie, her eye sill blueish ... all dogs surrounding mne except Jake who spots that I've stopped comes running over, and, Mattie sees him, starts barking, Jake promptly comes to other side of mower gets his treat, steps backl deferentially Great little dog. Mow a little more then feed and kennel all, including Mattie

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rain in the night

Rained in night, wet and steamy morning. Let dogs out, Jake has popped 2x in Corey's pen ... but no one has the runs. Morning run, feed and kennel, to work.  Husband also goes in to town, leaves Jake in Corey's pen. Poor Corey. (Actually, Jake does just fine in the pen or crate, plays quietly with his Kong, sleeps.) I go to chiro, then home, greeted at gate by DB, Jake and Banshee, Jake has the gate protocol down pat now. All follow me back to trailer. Corey and Snoopy inside. Go in, ice my back for awhile, then fix food and go out to mow. Still too hot, sit on porch awhile, dogs OK at first, Jake then starts scrambling all overm me. Give him a stick to chew (Banshee steals everything else we give him). Mow, joined by husband on tractor. Dogs in good spirits, Jake picks one, then another to follow. They 'trade off' babysitting duty. Finish mowing (well its never finished), pick some squash, back to trailer get food, Jake circling around us in a 'happy dnce' ... feed and kennel. Leave them all with chewies, then back to put Jake in with Corey/

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corey goes to groomer

Warm and muggy. Morning run, Jake spent night in Corey's pen again, doing fine. Feed and kennel then take Corey to groomer while I go on to meeting. Pick him up, its raining, Corey looks great but is very very glad to leave ... stop at Boots & Bridles (not raining) to let him pee and pick up dog food, then home ... met at gate by DB. Let Corey out at parking area, other dogs all appear, sniffing him (he smells too good,lol) change clothese, fix food ... looks like rain ... take brief run then kennel ... rain blows over, let all out, husband takes a few pictures then starts raining, Hard ..grab food, rekennel dogs, feed ... Snoopy hides under shed, harness her and get her to pen ... husband makes a break and runs to house ... I stay with dogs til rain slacks up then walk quickly to trailer ... soaking wet ... put Jake in with Corey tonight

Monday, June 27, 2011

Jake continues to fit into pack

Morning run, Jake prancing around like he owns the place, jumping up and grabbing Banshee's ear, whoops no, bad idea ... try Corey , who shakes his head and runs off at top speed. Oh well, lets bother Mary Lou, nip at pants legs, whoops, she's on mower, well guess I better follow dont want to get left out. Good little dog, he's learning... but oh, those needle sharp puppy teeth... feed and kennel, go to acupuncture ... very painful, not doing this again. Feel pretty bad most of day. Finish as much work as I can, go home early. Lay down with the Damcat (who is still horrified at the turn of events which has brought a puppy into his 'side of the trailer') ...  up again, still in pain, but better. Corey and Snoopy inside, brush Corey, then let rest of dogs in, Jake is ecstatic, he's inside! Inside! whirls around and around finally settles in corner by refrigerator at my feet while I fix food. Give all treats. Go out and try to mow, have to dump grass clippings, finally manage. Husband then joins us on tractor. He mows in back while I mow in front (trying to keep Jake away from tractor). Mosquitoes bad over near woods ... decide to feed and kennel.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekly update June 20-36

2eek starts off hot as blazes, then nightly rain moves in mid week, actually get a few days in the 80's ... St Francis sends Jake, a little lab mix puppy to my husband to rescue ... find him several home offers thru the magic of the Internet, working on transport ... Jake fits in well with my pack, learns lots from the big dogs, and the Damcat ... don't see little Mattie this week ... a good week, certainly is interesting having a puppy around again!

"If all the beasts were gone, men would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts also happens to the man. All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the Earth." ~Chief Seattle of the Suquamish Tribe, from a letter to President Franklin Pierce.

Warming up again

Hot and muggy this morning, puppy barking his fool head off, fix food, go let them out, morning run, Jake underfoot, circuit of the property but really pretty hot already, feed and kennel, go to church. Put Jake in Corey's kennel with him as husband feeling poorly and may not let them out.  Return from church. husband has not let them out, change quickly, let dogs out... decide to dop a brief run, mow on the 'shady side' even that too much. Back to trailer, its about 98 now, too hot to leave Jake out. Bring all dogs in; fix lunch. Have to keep constant watch on Jake (not housetrained, and house not 'puppy proofed') too difficult with all dogs inside, too small an area. Get the crate and put in kitchen area, crate Jake, take brief nap, he settles down pretty quickly.Mid afternoon, let him out, he promptly pees on the kitchen floor (well at least its linoleum) husband then takes him and goes to dog shed where he has computers set up and A/C. Now husband has graduated from 'why cant we keep him' to 'why cant YOU train him to not whatever (jump up, nip, pee)'.Ah, how quickly we forget puppyhood when we have adult dogs .. Jake is so small and so fast (and completely untrained to not enter unless invited) that he gets in everytime I go in or out ... the Damncat is not amused, he is outraged that this newcomer can get UNDER the baby gate and into HIS safe area ... Jake tries to 'make friends' and gets a swipe of the Damcat's paw ... fortunately didnt connect, as I sure dont want to deal with an infected cat scratch! Bring Corey in, brush him, do wash, husband reappears with Jake ... Jake has managed to destroy 2 tennis balls ... take all for run (cooler now) and mowing. Corey eats a bunch of apples, and promptly gets the runs again. AARGH. Jake doing very well now, has caught on to the 'mowing routine' (sit under a tree or otherwise mind your own business til the mower stops, make sure you change positions as the mowing proceeds around the property, when mower stops drop whatever you're doing and RUN to get treats! Clouding up, husband runs over string on his mower and quits, I decide to do one final circuit and manage to clip my ear on a low branch ... back to trailer, doctor ear, get food,feed and kennel. Jake is eating like a dog twice his size ... no picky eater here!Put Jake in Corey's kennel as more rain expected tonight.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jake having a ball

Very damp this morning ... cool... let dogs out, all very cheerful (even Corey, who had to put up with Jake last night) ... morning run, feed and kennel. Go into town to  SPCA volunteer meeting and then shopping at WalMart which takes forever, return home , greeted at gate by Banshee and Jake ... he has quickly learrned the 'gate routine', smart little guy. Back to trailer to unload groceries, DB, Snoopy and Corey inside. Husband says Banshee has been on babysitting duty with Jake outside, she is very patient... put groceries up, fix lunch, take all outside, not real hot today, low 90's ... Jake comes in for a few minutes but then starts getting into trouble ... and he can get under the baby gate, poor Damcat ... though he doesnt bother the Damcat , I dont want him scratched ... put him out again with Banshee, take brief nap, then out to mow and play ball ... husband joins us ... scared to use big tractor cause you really cant keep an eye on Jake, who still tends to follow us back and forth ... he's getting tired, husband takes him inside to cool off ... I go inside, brush Corey, fix food, then out again for final stint of mowing ... boy the weeds have grown with all this rain! Watching Jake interact with the 'big dogs' is fascinating ... Corey will be rolling on the ground scratching his back, Jake will run and jump on Corey's tummy, Corey will scramble up, and shake himself and walk off, very dignified, while Jake stands and watches ... all dogs will run up to me for treats, the 4 big dogs sit, Jake tries to climb up my leg ... and Banshee will 'clear her throat' (not really a growl), Jake will get off and sit ad wait his turn. I just did a few videos (very inept, just Flip videos) and then went frame by frame to pick 'snapshots', and the subtle body language is fascinating in slow-mo ... the older dogs can 'quell' and redirect the puppy with one look, or head tilt. And the puppy watches them, to pick up the 'routine'.

Heres a video (turn your sound OFF , Corey barks and barks and barks ...)!/video/?id=100000448447582
Here are snapshots from video

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cloudy and cool, Jake transport falls thru

Cool and cloudy again, yippee! Dogs out for AM run, Jake's crate clean as a whistle,he runs out and does his business, then follows us on morning run, all bouncy and happy. Greet workers as they arrive, very cheerful little puppy, very deferential to the rest of the pack, clearly studying them to see 'how to act'. Feed and kennel, then inside to check email to see if any luck with transport for this weekend, think I have one! Yeah! Put in a call, contact my adopters ... then back outside to let dogs out while husband goes to bank. He returns, I leave and head for work ... on pins and needles all AM, but then find out transport fell through for tomorrow ... very disappointing (for me and for the nice lady in VA who wants to adopt Jake ... this transport stuff is much more difficult than I thought, if you're not a rescue, and if you're trying to transport a puppy (they want puppies to be neutered at 3 months, not something I'm going do...) Return home, Banshee and Jake outside, DB,Snoopy and Corey inside ... fix food ... getting ready to go out and a huge storm blows up ... quickly get all fed and kenneled ... rain, hail, thunder, lightening ... all night. Put Jake in with Corey, as rain blowing in to his crate ...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get several adoption offers for Jake ... way up North

Cool and cloudy ... let dogs out, Jake had peed in his crate, but in the corner ... ran right out and pooped... morning run, all dogs cheerful, Banshee playful with Jake .. back to get food, fed and kenneled, went to work. Husband reports rained off and on during the day, he kenneled Jake in Corey's pen and took Corey inside ... then let Banshee and Jake out and the rest in, took several walks, played ball etc. When I arrive home, greeted at gate by Banshee .. Jake right behind her, DB, Corey and Snoopy inside. Change clothes, fix food, evening run, too wet to mow ...then ran out of gas at bottom of hill, walked back up. Fed and kenneled, Jake now knows the 'routine' .. very quick learner. A wonderful cool day, in the 80's ...Have now had 2 great offers for Jake, one in VA, one in NJ ..trying all evening on FB and Net to get transport ...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

St. Francis sends Jake to be rescued

Very damp out, cooler, nice breeze, cloudy, dogs burst out of pens, all revved up (you'd think it was fall)... brisk morning run, pick some squash in back , pick up branches taken down by last nights storms, feed and kennel, use enzyme wash on Corey's ears.
What a day ... My husband was in the checkout line at Rose's store, everyone was yelling 'dog in the store' ... they were trying to kick the puppy out, he looked up, saw my husband and staggered over to him, husband picked him up and . was Jake ... apparently Jake had followed his 'owner' about a mile to the store ... husband put dog in buggy and called me, before I get there, his 'owner' came out of the store and
told husband it was his dog but he didnt want him,  he couldnt take care of Jake, his father had given him to him and he didnt need a dog.He had NO car, 4 kids (none of whom wanted Jake.) I got there from work and got a notarized statement from the owner. Unfortunately Aiken SPCA cant take owner surrenders. They did say they would board Jake 5 days for me to try and find him a home, after which he'd be PTS. Cant
take him to county, he's a male black lab puppy, no way would he survive. I brought him home tonight but cannot keep him, I have 4 dogs, I am full up, literally.

Jake is a great little guy! Got along well with my dogs, knew all the right 'doggy language' to intro himself, is very friendly and cheerful (even after his ordeal of walking a mile through city streets trying to keep up with his former owner) ... not a snap or a snarl or a grumble out of him ... appears healthy, no fleas, poop looks good,runs and plays well. I just cannot BELIEVE that no one in his 'family'... kids included, wanted him. All they'd say is 'he chews up everything' (well, duh, he's a 3 month lab puppy).

Evening run, Jake keeping up with the big dogs, fed and kenneled, put Jake in a crate in the kennel area, between the other kennels ... he settled down very quickly... rain during night ... posted info on Jake to my lists and FB


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Storms move in

Warm muggy morning... dogs somewhat sluggish, but perk up about halfway down hill... play ball with Snoopy, practice sit-stay with Corey and DB ... feed and kennel, clean Corey's ears, go to work ... very hot again, husband reports 102 in shade on porch ... return home, greeted at gate by DB and Banshee, Corey,Snoopy and husband inside with the Damcat ... fix food, let others in, then change and go out to mow ... and storms start moving in ... backl to trailer, get food, rush rush, out to kennels, whoops, Snoopy under the shed ... feed others, get harness, lure Snoopy out, harness her (she'll come immediately when harnessed) ... get all fed, back to trailer, big storm hits, lose power for about an hour ... rains off and on most of the night

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hot and steamy

Very warm already this morning ... had a bit of thunder and lightening in the night but no rain ... but very humid. Morning run, dodging the piles of sandspurs (which were dug UP Friday, but never taken to the burn pile ... and no workers today ...) Corey and Snoopy's pens are clean, both take 'normal' morning poops ... fed and kennel, to work ... very hot by noon, husband reports up to 100, he and dogs stay inside most of day, says they kept wanting to go out, then would get to edge of yard (right around trailer)  and go no further ... smart dogs. Husband feeling ill from heat, when I return all dogs and the Damcat and husband still inside ... fix food, give all treats, finally go out, whew, still hot, upper 90's ... turn on sprinklers in back, mow a bit ... mosquitoes bad near woods, sticky, unpleasant ... gradually a bit cooler, Snoopy brings me a ball, throw a few, then return to trailer, Snoopy promptly jumps in frog pond and rolls in the muck, yuk ... feed and kennel.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Weekly update June 13-19

My back bothering me really badly first of week ...several evening rainstorms, praise God! ... little Mattie comes over once, eye looks better ... dogs get a van ride ... Corey and Banshee go to Woofstock! with me ... mowing resumes ...

"Some people still think it will be impossible ever to bring an end to the killing of homeless animals in this country.Among them are some of the nation's largest, oldest, and most well-known - and well-funded - animal rights organizations and humane societies.They may be right. ...It may indeed be impossible. Then again, lots of perfectly honorable and decent people, 150 years ago, believed it would be impossible ever to bring an end to slavery, however much they disapproved of it." - Michael Mountain

Sunday June 19: Corey and Snoopy have the runs

Cool and damp morning, we got a good rain last night ... let dogs out, Corey AND Snoopy both have the runs, clean pens, rake out straw, then morning run, feed and kennel, give Corey and Snoop pumpkin, give Corey some FishZole , getting late, go to church ... return, decide to mow some (the weeds are taking over) even though hot, change clothese, let dogs out, mow for about an hour ... go in, fix lunch, dogs all sack out for naps ... do wash, lay down with the Damcat, do some more housework, still hot outside .. finally out again, mow until dark (joined by husband on tractor), throw ball for Snoopy and corey, try to keep away from apple trees ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel, do Corey's ears (looking good) give him and Snoopy more pumpkin ..

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Woofstock! , more rain in night

Still damp out from the rain last night ... let dogs out, poor Corey has the runs ...morning run, feed and kennel, give him pumpkin ... I bet it was the apples he ate yesterday ... go inside and start getting stuff ready to take to the 'Woofstock' dog festival, husband can't come (has to work on computer for an old customer from years back) so can only take 2 dogs ( it's too much excitement for DB and Snoopy anyway if they can't 'esca[e' to the van and it'll be too hot) husband says may join me later ... brush Banshee, brush Corey, load up then leave ... very nice event, though I cant enter any classes as husband can't make it, Corey starts out over excited, barking, wont even talk to his friend the animal communicator ... but calms down after we've made a few circuits, greeted several people, AND gotten into the shade ... Banshee is very sweet and pretty today, happy as a lark, (she'd sit in the blazing sun forever, just looking at me piteously, Corey, however, 2 minutes in the sun and he's barking clearly saying 'come ON you idiot, let's go over THERE in the shade') so I guess it's for the best we dont enter any classes, all the 'rings' are in the sun ... they do have 'cooling tents' for the dogs with wading ponds and ice, several dogs do appear overcome by the heat ... watch my friends in their classes (from the shade of the pavilion), get lots of treats, buy a Tshirt, then leave before the Best in Show (and mad rush to the exit ... poor Corey has another bout of runs just as we're leaving, clean him up, then home ... husband not back yet, decide to kennel dogs while i lay down as my back is killing me and I dont dare leave Corey unattended inside ... husband gets home, let dogs out, go for very brief run, mowing ... then inside and a storm blows up, hurridly kennel dogs, Snoopy wont leave trailer, get harness and she comes right on with me, rain has started but get her kenneled and back to trailer, very nasty little storm ... slacks up, thinking maybe can go out again, fix food... another wave of rain comes in ... finally a break, I go out and feed and give essences ... make it back inside, storms continue, getting worse ...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Mattie shows up, dogs get van ride, drizzle in evening

Fairly pleasant this morning, morning run, husband gone to town, all workers here, went and marked sandspurs for them to dig up ... little Mattie showed up! Her eye looks better (some brown color returning) but she looks very skinny ... gave her extra food! Feed and kenneled, then off to doctor appt and work ... back bothering me by late afternoon ... return home, husband has gone to Tractor Supply to return weed eater (that was recalled) ... let dogs out, afternoon run, we've had an 'apple drop' and Corey is gorging on apples ... then it looks like rain, kennel them, husband gets home ... decide to go for a van ride; load up dogs, drizzling a bit, go for ride, return home, has stopped raining, go for evening run, feed and kennel

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mowing resumes

Still wet this morning, doesnt look like we had any wind damage ... breezy and cool  dogs all excited, nice morning run, feed and kennel (Corey's ears looking good) then to work ... my back feeling better in afternoon! Return home late, dogs greet me at gate , go in, fix food, change, and then mow a bit, naturally the weeds are popping up all over, feed and kennel ... Corey's ears still looking good

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back better, cooler, and rain in evening

Somewhat cooler! My back still very painful, morning run, dogs very excited, water 2 trees but my back hurts worse getting on and off mower ... feed and kennel, clean Corey's ears, still looking good ... back bothering me, lay down and ice it, then go to work for meeting ... later in day go to new chiro who also does energy work, very comprehensive, feeling better, return home, greeted at gate by husband and all dogs, go inside let Corey and DB in, Snoopy has jumped in the mudhole so no inside for her ... fix food, brush Corey and DB's teeth then out ... try to mow but the blower is stuck and blows grass clipping all over me ... water a few trees, play ball with Snoopy and Corey, back feeling better but hands hurting, back to trailer, get food ... looks like a storm blowing in, feed and kennel ... nice rain in the night ... big storms in next county but all we get is thunder, lightening and lots of rain

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Real problems with back

Back extremely painful ... morning run, feed and kennel, to work ... decide to go to Aiken so can go to chiro ... having real problems ... he says its out big time ... back to work, then on to reiki circle ... then home, dogs already kenneled, get yogurt and essences and give to them with chewies.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My back bothering me

My back is bothering me a lot today ...morning run, feed and kennel, go to work ... very difficult day ... return home, dogs inside, pretty hot .. lay down and ice back, then fix food, go out to mow, can barely sit on mower, so walk (walking is better than sitting), water a few trees, throw ball for Snoopy and Corey, then feed and kennel, this is very hard, to not be able to bend over to even brush the dogs

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly update June 6-12

Another scorcher of a week ... rain all around us, finally get some late Sunday night ... everything crunchy dry ... watering trees is this week's big job ... dogs all hanging in there, kind of enervated by the heat ... Banshee goes to pet therapy, no other outings (its just too durn hot...) little Mattie makes one appearance this week ...

Sun June 12: Evening breezes

Feeling a bit better ... morning run, still pleasant in early morning ... water some trees, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, pretty hot but let dogs out and water some trees, then inside for most of the day ... finally cools off around 7, go out with dogs, watering trees ... around 8 PM a nice fresh breeze springs up, all dogs 'point' with their heads up, noses toward the wind, quite a lovely sight ... Snoopy then runs and finds a ball and she and Corey begin an energetic game, Banshee runs up to DB and starts prancing around, DB runs in circles ... amazing how the wind has invigorated us! Water til nightfall, then feed and kennel, do Corey's ears ... later in evening, finally, at long last, get some rain ... praise God!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am feeling poorly

Woke up sick ... burning up, dizzy, nauseated... managed to prepare food, let dogs out and take for morning run ... and feed and kennel ... husband has gone into town ... went back in and lay down. Had planned to go to volunteer meeting at SPCA but too sick to drive. Managed to get back up around 1130, feeling somewhat better, eat some yogurt, back outside, let dogs out, its pretty hot but water a few trees, husband returns ... feeling bad again, back inside, let dogs in, tell husband am sick, go back to bed with the Damcat ... an hour or so later eat some soup, put wash in washer, back to bed ... finally around 630 feeling better, eat some yogurt, fix dogs food, brush Corey and DB's teeth, then go out and water some more ... dogs are pretty excited to see me up and about, run in circles ... Snoopy jumps in mudhole, Corey follows me closely ... laying in water while I attempt to water trees ... back to trailer at nightfall, get food, feed and kennel ...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Mattie reappears

No rain last night ... thunder and lightening all around but dry as a bone ... morning run, water trees, dogs all in high spirits, joined by little Mattie! Feed and kennel, go to work ...long hot day ... go to chiropractor, back still hurts, hands still hurt ... return home, husband is working on computers, has Corey inside, others in shed ... fix food, change, go out and let others out, then more watering ... not much to mow, its too dry ... Banshee lays in the water as I water each tree, Corey lays beside hose and drinks out of it, DB waits til I hold hose up and drinks, Snoopy keeps coming up hopefully with ball ... hot and sticky, pretty unpleasant ... water til nightfall, then feed and kennel, give Heartgard (its not quite a month since our last 'cold snap' May 19, but decide to start now anyway ...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The hope of rain ... is dashed

Heat continues ... cooler this morning, a bit, rather pleasant, water the crepe myrtles and new crab apple, Corey having a fine time chasing log trucks ... Snoopy jumps in the frog pond... yuk ... feed and kennel, go to work ... very hot by mid afternoon ... return home, stop by store to buy yogurt, greeted at gate by DB and Banshee, Snoopy and Corey inside ... let DB and Banshee in, change, brush Corey, wash DB and Corey's faces, then out to water and mow ... looks like it MAY rain ... storm clouds to the west , rumbles of thunder ... please, Lord, send it this way ... Snoopy freaked by the thunder, have to leash her to get her in kennel (she tries to hide UNDER the shed ...feed and kennel, use enzyme cleaner on Corey's ears (which are looking good)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sticky oppressive heat returns

Sticky oppressive heat returns ... morning run, trying to water treees each morning now, everything is 'crunchy' dry ... feed and kennel. No little Mattie again today ... Go to work, return and its still blistering hot, go inside with dogs, husband and the Damcat, fix food, read a bit, finally go out around 7 PM, sticky hot, mosquitoes ... out on citronella ... water the apple trees (which have apples, but the fruit isnt developing because no rain...) feed and kennel

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7: Pet therapy day for Banshee

Morning run, Corey and DB come with me, Snoopy has managed to get new worker (who is working near trailer) to throw ball for her, and Banshee stays to watch ... DB, Corey and I tour the property, turn on sprinklers in back, then pick up food (and Snoopy and Banshee) at trailer, feed and kennel, to work ... return lunchtime, all dogs inside, take Banshee to pet therapy ... then to PetSmart, tractor Supply and Boots & Bridles, picking up various items ... Banshee is on her best behavior today, very polite and pleasant ... return home, kennel Banshee, others all inside with husband ... kennel the rest, take brief nap, change and out to mow and water (mainly watering now ...) Snoopy jumps in mudhole, DB gets sopping wet under sprinklers, no little Mattie again (I think the mom has returned home and is keeping her in) ... feed and kennel.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 6:

Another warm morning ... morning run, husband gone to pick up worker, others arrive, let dogs out, husband arrives with new worker, all greet him ... then proceed around property. Feed and kennel, go to work ... return, not as hot today as yesterday, greeted at gate by DB, go inside and greeted by Snoopy, Banshee and Corey, change, fix food, let DB in, then all out for evening run ... mow, water trees, play ball with Snoopy and Corey ... actually rather pleasant out, low 90's ... feed and kennel. no little Mattie.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekly update May 30-June 5

Heat wave continues all week, Friday the only halfway pleasant day ... Banshee goes to a new pet therapy event... little Mattie rejoins us! but her right eye has been injured, think she's now blind in that eye ... DB and Snoopy insist on swimming in the mudhole my husband is 'raising frogs' in ... sandspurs are returning ... looks like this will be a long hot summer ...

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive." - Gilda Radner

Blistering heat

Hot already this morning ... morning run, joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel, go to church ... return, greeted at gate by DB ... very hot out by now ... go to trailer, Snoopy, Banshee and Corey all inside with husband and the Damcat... let DB in, fix lunch, let all out briefly, then inside, it's 100 degrees on our porch (in the shade) ... do wash, housework, read, let dogs out every few hours, little Mattie has now taken up residence under the porch ... finally cools off around 7 PM (to mid 90's), go out and water new trees, mow a little, til nightfall ... Snoopy finds a ball and brings it to me but I'm not exercising them too much in the heat ... little Mattie gamely follows us around, DB and Corey drink from the hose as I water ... the gnats are now out too ... Banshee plays with little Mattie a bit ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel. Clouding up, rumbles of thunder... Lord, let it rain ....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Banshee goes to pet therapy

Slept a bit late this morning, rather warm for morning run ... husband has gone to the '40 mile yard sale', Corey's leg is fine, no hint of a limp ...feed and kennel, husband returns right as I finish, good timing! Rest awhile, water plants on porch, then get Banshee and go to pet therapy and adoptions,  Banshee loved the ice cream and orange sherbert at the assisted living facility ... stop by new SPCA thrift store (in North Augusta) ... return home, kennel Banshee, then go inside to be greeted by Snoopy, DB and Corey, then take Snoopy and DB out and kennel them ... DB and Banshee  go through their snarking routine they do when reunited after a separation, (this is the reason I kennel Banshee when I return then bring out DB ... if I just let Banshee join the others she and DB do their snarking routine and then Snoopy gets upset and snarks at Banshee who will turn on her and before you know it they're all upset with each other... )leave them with chewies to calm down, back inside to brush Corey , take a nap, husband out in shed working on computer, lets all dogs out, go for very brief run (still hot), fix food, then go to a church party to welcome new pastor; return after dark. husband has just fed dogs, little Mattie is here! Give  yogurt-essences and chewies.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Corey twists his leg

Not quite as horribly hot, morning run fairly cool, joined by little Mattie (who is not letting her eye slow her down a bit) ... Banshee in particular seems very happy to see her! ... go to dentist for appointment that was rescheduled from wednesday, over 3 hours ... then to work. Return home, greeted by all dogs at gate, husband out working on my car ... go inside and fix food, brush Corey (who now has sandspurs, this is going to be a long summer) ... evening run, mowing in back, husband joins us on tractor, throw ball for Snoopy and Corey, until Corey twists his leg (he is so heavy, when he leaps into the air and twists to catch balls, he sometimes lands 'wrong') ... no little Mattie this evening ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel. Give Corey some arnica, hopefully he'll be better in morning.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Mattie joins us again...

Yet another scorcher ... temp hit 100 today ... humid, miserable. Morning run ... feed and kennel, Corey's rat looking good! to work, return... still very hot, muggy, nasty ... husband and dogs greet me at gate, go to trailer, let dogs in while fix food, try to sit awhile til it gets cooler but no, they want to run ... so change and goout, its like walking thru molasses ... mow some, try to find a 'cool spot', its clouding up and rumbles of thunder ...finish mowing, back to trailer, feed and kennel ... and, little Mattie shows up! I am so happy, but ... she has injured her eye, at least she looks blind in her right eye (it has a blue cast to it and doesnt move) ... feed her, then husband and I go to neighbor's ... yeah, the son said they took her to vet and 'got some pills', have no idea what is wrong with her eye ... said they'll have the mom call me... little Mattie follows me back to porch, I sit with her awhile, she doesnt appear to be in pain, but very skittish .. oh this is heartbreaking. so sad ...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Heat wave continues

Heat wave continues... morning run, husband has gone into town to meet worker, dogs are pretty sluggish, its hot already ... feed and kennel, get ready to go to dentist, my car wont start, move everything into pickup, go inside, dentist calls and cancels, decide to wait for husband to return to see if he can fix car, he can't, so on to work in pickup... was going to buy battery but husband calls and says thats not it, return home, very hot still, greeted by dogs inside, all excited, piling over each other, let them out, go inside and change, then let them back in... fix food, still too hot to go out, lay down, up again, go out and mow til nightfall and play ball with Snoopy and Corey, while DB jumps into the mudhole (that husband is 'raising frogs' in, he keeps filling it from hose) and Banshee rolls in the grass ... husband joins us on tractor, nightfall, feed and kennel