Sunday, December 25, 2011

Dec 19-25: Christmas week

Week before Christmas ... weather cool then warm again, ends up raining Christmas Day ... Skit & Skat fitting in, causing chaos and destruction, but learning to 'be good kittens' (ie, dont scratch the humans, dont jump on the table during dinner, dont climb the human's legs) ... the Damcat is a stern taskmaster ... mower broken all week, finally patched by weekend .. van drivable ...  pet therapy day for Banshee, she has a great time and looks adorable in her Christmas get up... rehab for Snoopy (who is doing quite well) ... Corey is ansty from lack of running (he wont RUN if I'm walking ...) his hiney sore healing but not as quickly as I'd like ... DB in high spirits, running in circles ... no visit from little Mattie (I think they went somewhere for holidays) ... a good week.

Monday December 19

Crisp clear frosty morning, morning walk-run (me still walking), workers arrive ...feed and kennel by myself (husband busy) ... then on to work (after getting air in all tires, and oil) ... long day, return after dark, take yogurt out to dogs, let kittens in, they are doing so well with the Damcat now, they are all giving each other baths ...

Tuesday December 20

Fairly warm again, 60's ... husband gone into town very early, let kittens in, clean their room, feed them, then get dogs for morning walk ... feed and kennel, husband shows up; back to trailer, let kittens in to play with the Damcat ... then go to food banks, unload food, return home. Let dogs out for walk-run (me walking,lol) load them into van and go to nursing home for pet therapy (Banshee), the others along for the ride. Very successful visit, Banshee and I alone for half of it, but another of our team and her dog show up halfway through; whew, this is a large facility, but very appreciative ... one resident told me 'I lost my dog, my bird, and then my husband, and ended up here ... and they wont let me have a dog' She was very happy to see Banshee ... they were having a party, and  one of the aides (not a resident) dropped a piece of chocolate cake on the floor ... I moved really fast and scooped it up from under Banshee's nose ...back to van, took Corey out briefly, the worker who had escorted us was parked next to me, she was entranced by Corey, who was on his best behavior, she wanted to know if HE could come in next time, I was going, well, he's very friendly but he is also VERY vocal ... she acted like she didnt believe me, but then my wild Irishman decided we'd talked long enough and started barking ... so she could see what I mean... was planning to take dogs into North Augusta and try the park there, but, it started raining, so return home ... kennel dogs, then run to trailer, get soaked ... kittens inside with Damcat and husband ... try to take a nap but, they're not quite ready for the concept of remaining quiet at naptime yet... stops raining, so let dogs out, then feed and kennel

Wednesday Dec, 21

Drizzle all day, morning walk, feed and kennel, return home after dark. Kittens into everything, on the table, climbing up my legs while I cook... aargh. Put them up.

Thursday Dec.22

Off work today. Morning walk, feed and kennel, feed kittens and watch them play awhile, then go into town, need to stop by my office for awhile. Return home, take dogs for long walk all around the property, which of course starts my back aching. Feed and kennel, then lay down.

Friday Dec. 23

Warm today, in 70's ... let kittens in briefly, then feed, let dogs out for morning walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out again, then go to meet with friend about county shelter proposal. Return home, fix lunch, dogs walked, then load in van go to town to chiro appointment, then to gardens for a walk ... Corey entranced by little white poodle ... stop by Home Depot meet husband to look at lawnmowers, dont buy anything, return home, van transmission starts acting up, stop and check fluid, its OK, make it home no further problems. Dark when arive home, feed and kennel. Let kittens in, they carouse through the trailer, sppreading chaos and destruction. What fun!

SAturday Dec.24

Christmas Eve, warm weather continues, husband has patched lawnmower engine, still leaks but runs, so take dogs for morening run, while husband walks Snoopy, then feed and kennel, let kittens in. Then take Snoopyto rehab, husband comes, go in his truck, pick up window at lowes, check out a few more mowers then return home, let others out, run, gosh it fels good to be mobile around the property again, dont know how long it'll last. Brush everyone, let inside, take naps, then fed and kennel, take preset to neighbor, return home,  let kittens in. They last about an hour then the Damcat starts playing too rough

Sunday Dec.25
Merry Christmas! Colder, cloudy ... morning run-walk, then feed and kennel, go to church... very small congregation (everyone goes to the 'big service' Christmas Eve, I dont, too big a crowd), return home, it's now starting to drizzle, quickly let fogs out for a run, put Snoopy in trailer ... and it starts raining harder ... put dogs in shed, heater on, brush ... then go  back and get Snoopy, kennel them for long rainy afternoon. Kittens inside, doing quite well, learning to stay OFF the table while we eat (and then get to lick the plates)... the Damcat playing rough, but also grooming them quite nicely ... kittens curl up with husband for nap ... rains ALL day ... go out to feed dogs, at least pens are staying dry ... let them inside shed for brief grooming, then feed and kennel.

And a poem for Christmas Day

Dear Lord on this Christmas day
There’s just one gift for which I pray
Please watch over all dogs everywhere
And Bless them with someone to care.

Watch over the pups with plenty to eat
and hungry strays out on the street
Those getting treats each time they yap
and those that struggle for every scrap.

Those that sleep on a nice soft bed
Those with hard ground under their head
Those who play with girls and boys
And those that never had any toys.

Those kept clipped and brushed and clean
And scruffy ones that don’t smell too keen
Those who get to ride in cars
And those that sit behind a cage bars.

Those that flunk obedience school
Dig up the yard, snore and drool
Chew up your stuff, chase the cat
And still they’re loved in spite of that.

And those that are as good as gold
But left out to shiver in the cold
Chained up and forgotten there
They long for a warm home to share.

Please God on this Christmas night
Help more people do what’s right
For each dog they meet, to do their best
And send your comfort to all the rest

By: Rocky Ridge Refuge

Thoughts Of A Stray...

Another morning...I stretch my tired body. It was cold and rainy last night. But at least that pine tree gave me a little protection. Still nothing to eat. Let me try a little grass. So many puddles after the rain. I wish the water weren't so muddy. I wish I had a bowl again, like I did back home. It seems so long ago. I wonder why they threw me out? I must find some food. ...Hope that man doesn't chase me away from the dumpster again.

Why does he care if I take what he throws out? I'll walk a little further today. Maybe I can find a quieter place to rest tonight. It's so noisy by the roadside. Oh, here comes someone walking their dog! Maybe they'll let me follow. NO!!! They're crossing the street! Wait for me! Wait for me! It's early yet, but I'm so tired. I think I'll try to sleep. So tired. So hungry. So lonely.

"Hey, mom, under that tree! Looks like a dog!," the little boy said. " Honey, it looks like this one didn't make it," the mother said. "poor guy, he couldn't have been more than six months old." --Author Unknown

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 12-17: Videos of DOCAD,Snoopy,Corey

Long week ... very warm to start, ends with normal December temps ... van out of commission all week, finally fixed on Sunday, also no mower so dogs do not get proper exercise ... Snoopy doing well at rehab, Corey to vet for hot spot on hiney ... meeting about the county impound-kill facility ... the Damcat playing too rough with kittens?... Skit gets on the roof and wont come down ... little Mattie visits several times home visit for rescue ... a long week, at least my back feeling some better, I need all my strength to cope with the kittens!

Monday Dec 12

Cold and drizzly, morning run very brief, feed and kennel, go to work, return after dark. Take out chewies and yogurt. Let kittens inside clean their room.

Some pictures of Corey

Video of Corey & ML napping
Tuesday Dec.13

Warmer today, very pleasant temps ... morning run, feed and kennel, then let kitties out, clean room. Unfortunately my lawnmower is now on the blink, they think the head is cracked as its leaking oil. Also van still not fixed. Groom dogs, then let inside, get ready to go to meeting about shelter. Meeting is fairly successful, got an increase in the budget of around $10K, but still underfunded according to HSUS stats for number of animals. Don't know if they will postpone vote to do more research or not. Still no concrete building plans available. Return home, feed and kennel dogs, let kittens inside, still worry about the Damcat being too rough with them, I really need to do a video so some of you cat xperts can chime in!

Wednesday Dec.14

Video of Damcat & kittens brings interesting responses, but bottom line is everyone thinks I should stop the play (or whatever) when gets too rough. Morning walk, foggy, feed and kennel, then on to work; return before dark, walk around (no mower a bit, let dogs inside, then feed and kennel

Damcat & Skit&Skat

Thursday Dec.15

Foggy again, still very warm ... morning walk , joined by little Mattie, feed and kennel, feed kittens, clean litter, go to loong day at work, return after dark

Friday Dec.16

Warm weather continues, high 70's ... in December. Husband lets kittens in, then goes into town to bank, I feed kittens and then start morning walk-run ... no mower, still, so we walk slowly around trailer, Snoopy now walks very well in straight line, try to practice circles, but other dogs keep coming over ... they won't run far unless I go out on mower. Corey in particular not getting enough exercise. Little Mattie shows up, feed and kennel, back to trailer, workers start arriving, little Mattie barking fiercely. Husband returns, finally Mattie leaves, let kittens back inside, then go in to work. Husband brings Corey in and meets me at vet, get Corey's hiney looked at (vet says it is healing, but forming a callus as its where he sits, so gives me some antibiotics ... then to chiropractor, am late so he's taken next patient, walk Corey around outside so he can pee, then put himn car, have chiro adjustment, then meet husband at Subway, then return home, get food, feed all dogs, then let kittens in, until play gets too rough, feed them and put up for night

Saturday December 17

Somewhat cooler and cloudy this morning, morning walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out, feed and clean room then get Snoopy and go to rehab.(Van still not fixed, cant take all dogs). Snoopy does well today, even with the distraction of other people and dogs,
lets Maggie the tech put her swim harness on for first time, and gets a Christmas present!  Leave rehab, go by library and a few errands, then to Jay's for energy work, Snoopy actualy lets him touch near the injured leg ... then on to do a home visit of a local woman wanting to adopt from a rescue in NC, then (finally) back home ... other dogs are kenneled, let them out, take for walk, then groom, then back inside for nap, fix food, another walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out. They are beginning to 'fight back' with the Damcat! He still grooming them and playing well with them (if a bit roughly).

And a video of Snoopy at Rehab
Sunday Dece,ber 17

Much cooler today, bright sunshine, beautiful! Let kittens out, feed them, put them back in, let dogs out, morning walk, feed and kennel, go to church, return, let kittens inside again, then out, then put them back in and let dogs out ... walk (quite a long walk, Snoopy doing well)  then inside to fix sandwiches for husband's crew, deliver sandwiches then take dogs into shed to groom,. Corey's hiney healing well. Van has now been fixed, load dogs in van, take for ride (just locally), return, let them inside for awhile, Banshee being very obnoxious, tearing up paper and harassing others, put her out, then DB wants out. Take brief nap, but Corey wont settle down either, so fix food, then evening walk and feed and kennel.  Let Skit&Skat inside to 'play' with the Damcat, eat supper, after supper I am watching Damcat groom Skat when I realize, havent seen Skit for a long time .. shake food (the cat 'recall' system) still no Skit. Search entire trailer, refrigerator. go outside Skit ... oh no, I'd started a wash while the kittens were inside ... stop the washer, half full of water ... husband gets plastic trash bin, we pull all the clothes out ... no Skit. But now the floor is flooded, as the trash bin husband found leaked. Get that mopped up, put clothes back in washer. Check outside again ... this time I hear a  pitiful meowww... Skit is on the roof, peering over, wont come down ... husband climbs up and finally gets Skit, who is puffed up 3x her size in fear ...let her inside again, then put both kitties up for the night in their porch room ... they are too young to be out at night,lol.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dec 5-12: Edgefield shelter meeting

Warm weather to start, cold front moves in midweek with a blast ... Skit and Skat come inside to meet the Damcat ... council meeting on proposed county impound-kill facility, vote postponed ... back hurting very badly this week ... pet therapy day for Banshee, rehab for Snoopy, Reindeer Romp (I only take Banshee as my back is acting up) ... the week ends with my dog van breaking down, and I'm catching a cold ....

"Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don't vote." ~Paul Harvey

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."  Edmund Burke

Monday December 5

Warm weather continues ... can this be December? Fine with me. Morning run, Corey's hot spot looks better, but it should be healed by now ... feed and kennel, feed kittens and clean their room, off to work, return well after dark. Take yogurt and chewies out to dogs, check Corey's hot spot, clean his ears (which are doing fine... )

Tuesday Dec 6

Still very warm, Morning run-walk, feed kittens, clean box, then off to food banks ... return lunch time, load up all dogs, go to nursing home for pet therapy with Banshee, then to Hopeland gardens to walk others ... traffic too bad to go over to PetSmart, so return home, brief run, feed and kennel, then on to council meeting about funding new county shelter. At least vote postponed. Back starts hurting in the night.

Wednesday Dec 7

Cloudy and cool, bad weather coming today ... morning run, my back is really bothering me, feed and kennel, go to work ... bad weather comes mid day, very high winds ... leave work, go to church for ordination service, then home, I am in severe pain by now...

Thursday Dec 8

Clear and much colder! Manage to do morning run-walk and go to work and return home. Let kittens in house to meet the Damcat, goes surprisingly well, he is playing with them, grooming them etc.

Friday Dec 9

Cold and heavy frost. Back still very painful. Morning run-walk, feed and kennel. Take Snoopy with me into town, take her to rehab, go and try to work, go to meeting, try to work, give up. Take Snoopy home. Other dogs in trailer with husband. Lay down, then get up feed and kennel, go back in town to chiro, husband drives, pick up building supplies, buy back brace, return home, let kittens in house after supper.

Saturday Dec 10

Back seems some better. Morning run, starts hurting again. Little Mattie joins us. Feed and kennel, then take Banshee into town for SPCA event, very cold, windy, stick it out for a few hours then return home. Kennel Banshee with others, then lay down for an hour, up again some better, clean kitten room, then let dogs out, take for run, riding the mower makes back hurt. Take dogs to grooming shed, groom everyone (except Snoopy who cant get on table and I really cant bend over) then am taking them out to go back to trailer when husband shrieks ... 'put the dogs up' ....  he had let the kittens out , Banshee and Skit in a 'standoff' ... whistle, dogs all return, rekennel, wait for husband to put kittens up, then let dogs out and proceed to trailer. By this time my back is painful again, so lay on couch (or try to, Corey keeps nudging me awake, and yes, I know they havent had enough running today ... ) Fix food, decide against atempting evening run, feed and kennel. Then let kittens in house .... wow they are really destructive, Damcat tries to keep them in line. Skat even got in the refrigerator and perched in the bottom door, didnt see her, closed refrigerator. After a few minutes noticed only 1 kitten milling around my feet, opened refrigerator and there was Skat, trying to open the butter tub. Been a long time since I've had kittens. Put them back on the porch for the night, am NOT trying to sleep with them rampaging thru the house.

Sunday December 11

Cold and windy morning ... put on back brace, morning run-walk ... riding the mower really aggravates my back. Feed and kennel. Feed kittens. Go to church, return. Kittens are inside. Back hurting, lay down, kittens all over me, fighting with each other in the bed, this isnt working. Put kittens on porch, go get dogs, take the 3 for run. Then back to trailer. Feel like I'm catchinhg a cold now (guess its the wind). Husband also not well. Highpoint of afternoon was dogs are asleep, I'm on computer, the Damcat has gone under sink and comes out, slamming the cabinet door which the dogs think is an 'intruder' knockong on door, leap up, race around knocking things over while I try to catch Snoopy's leash, to let them out to check on the non existent intruder. Husband and I then decide to take dogs for van ride, I get them all loaded up, we take off, make it a block ... and with a terrible noise, a belt breaks ... smoke pouring under the hood ... husband walks back home, gets truck and tows it home... the dogs were wonderful watchdogs, the people who stopped to help (while I was sitting waiting for husband to return) were greeted with ferocious barking and growling. After get back, its near dark, let dogs out get food feed and kennel ...then let kittens in house while clean their room ... Damcat plays with the kittens , grooms them, chases them and tries to get them to chase him. But ... he also grabs them (not hard but grabs them) by the neck behind the ears (they just stiffen), and, they were on their side and he was mouthing at their tummies. The Damcat is NOT 'puffing up' and not making that weird moaning noise upset cats make. but the kittens 'squeak' when he grabs them behind the ears. The kittens using his litterbox hasnt distressed him, they eat together in relative harmony (occasionally he swats them). I'm pretty good at identifying dog 'body language', but its been a long time since I've had kittens to interact with a grown cat, and, really havent observed any cat fights for years (the Damcat and my last cat, Callie, who passed 4 years ago, never fought ... How do I tell if cat behavior is getting 'dangerous' and needs intervention?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nov 28-Dec 4

Rain in early week, then cold and clear, cloudy and warm by week end ... Skit & Skat growing bigger!... little Mattie visits ... I visit Sally ... rehab for Snoopy, take all to open house a rehab, lots of friends and treats ... Corey has another hot spot on his hiney ... find out about horrible proposal for impound-kill facility in my tiny rural county ...

Today God Though I can not do it all Alone I will not lose faith in what you want me to do.. God I love you and the calling you have placed on my life.. Thank you though at times I am weary that you never leave me or the animals you place on my heart. I am but one but the friends I have also make me mighty in the fight.. You meant for your creation to be treated with God type love... Shine through me make your love seen through me. Amen

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.  ~St. Francis of Assisi

Monday Nov 28

Colder, foggy, feed Skit & Skat, let them out (they dont go far) morning run for dogs, feed and kennel, go to work ... return, its pouring rain, dogs have been kenneled but not fed ... fix food, take out to them, batten down hatches ... rain and wind ...

Tues Nov 29
Cool and cloudy, but not raining ... let kitties out, then dogs morning run ... poor Corey has hot spot on his hiney, spray. ... go to work, long day ... rains off and on most of day, husband reports manages to let dogs out but then it starts again ...

Wed Nov 30

Cold, clear, bright blue skies ... kitties are hungry! let them out, feed, clean litter, latch them back in, let dogs out (all excited after 2 days of rain and being cooped up) wheeeee, lets run!!! morning run, feed and kennel, go to work, return not quite dark, dogs crated (husband had them out most of day), take for evening run ... joined by little Mattie.

Thursday Dec 1

A bit warmer but still chilly, feed kitties, then morning run-walk, go to work, return in the dark, dogs are kenneled, go out with yogurt-essenses, and groom everybody.

Fri Dec 2

Chilly and clear, frosty... morning run, Corey rolls in the frosty grass with great delight, his hot spot is better .... little Mattie joins us, feed and kennel all. Wait for Mattie to leave then let kittens out, clean their porch, feed, then off to work ... brief visit to check on Sally, she is fat and happy, owner not there, dogs in yard ... Sally is fine, but jumps on me a LOT, really needs training ... finish work, go to  chiro, return well after dark, dogs kenneled ... find out about proposed 'animal shelter' (actually an impound-kill facility) for my small rural county ... when other counties in my state have recently made the news as they have given up running a county shelter and are now contracting out to a larger county,  tiny Edgefield county going in the opposite direction going 'back in time' in the animal welfare field, and, will lose $$ for their taxpayers in the process.

Saturday Dec 3

Another chilly morning ... let kitties out, feed, change litter, then morning run-walk for dogs, feed and kennel, then load into van, go into town for Snoopy's rehab, then quick trip to gardens, walk Corey. then DB and Banshee, then back to Rehab for open house; Corey  all excited  (as usual) DB and Banshee calm, Snoopy walks around quite nicely; lots of friends here, lots of treats. Back home, brief run then take nap, my 80 lb lap dog squeezing me off the couch ... fix food, evening run, feed and kennel. Let Skit & Skat out for evening romp and tree climbing, feed. Inside, the Damcat has thrown up, whoopee.

Sunday Dec 4

Warmer, cloudy, fairly pleasant, morning run-walk and kittie feed-cleanup, go to church ...return, let kitties out, watch them play, climb trees, then 'reporch' them, let dogs out, mid day run, then inside ...fix husband lunch ... do wash... back out, groom Corey and Banshee, take brief run then back in for nap, fix food, take dogs for eveninbg run, feed-kennel, then let kitties out, watch play, feed.