Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday January 31

Last day of January ... cooler, a bit windy, damp ... morning run, dogs trotting briskly, not much playing ... feed and kennel, go to work ... return after dark, husband reports Corey twisted his foot playing chase, ... husband has already fed and kenneled. Take yogurt and essences and chewies out, check Corey's leg, no swelling

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly update Jan. 23-30

Week starts out cold and rainy, ends up beautiful springlike 70 degrees .... ah, January in SC ... Corey finishes course of ear meds ... little Mattie visits several times ... Corey and Snoopy meet a loose cat in Hopeland Gardens and a leashed cat at PetSmart ... go for several outings ... start pruning branches and Corey is my helper (just like Angel Ginger was ...) Banshee tolerant of the Damcat IF no other dogs around ... DB and Corey coming along nicely with stay ... a good week! Thank you Lord for the taste of springtime...

Sunday January 30

The beautiful springlike weather continues .... nice morning run, then church ... return after church, greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, all excited, husband has been out working outside all morning ... go inside, change clothes, go for very brief run, then inside for a nap (we had covered dish at church and I'm not used to eating that early) ... up again,  then out to do some more tree pruning ... work for an hour, arms getting tired, go back inside, fix food , brush Corey and Banshee, trim DB's nails, brush Snoopy... the Damcat saunters in, sees all 4 dogs... and runs the wrong way...  I'm really only worried about Banshee now, the others just scramble out of the way ... whew, safe under the couch ... then out again for more pruning, Corey again being my helper ... I wonder if it's an Irish setter 'thing'? Just like Angel Ginger, never leaves my side, examines each branch, picks branches for me ... every so often one of the other dogs trots up to be petted or get a treat, and when i move from area to area they follow to that quadrant ... little Mattie joins us for supper (I'm beginning to call her 'Mattie the Mooch') ... feed and kennel

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday January 29

Beautiful weather! High 60's, clear and sunny ... great morning run, joined at the end by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled, then loaded up my 4 and went to town, Hopelands Gardens (I walk them 2 at a time, Corey and Snoopy, then DB and Banshee) ... there was a loose cat! some children were petting it, Corey and Snoopy stopped dead in their tracks, looked up at me ... discretion being the better part of valor, we doubled back ... cat was gone during DB and Banshee's walk. Then to PetSmart, disappointed that SPCA not there, but Corey's 'fan club' from McCormick was there ... as I'm leaving with Corey and Snoopy ... theres a CAT on a LEASH ... Corey And Snoopy stop dead, look at me, the cat stops dead, looks at his owner (who picks him up), we proceed without incident. Put Corey and Snoopy back in van, take DB and Banshee for their PetSmart jaunt (Banshee always heads straight for aisle 6, where often dog food has 'escaped' from the bags and is under the shelf ... an elderly couple get a good laugh out of seeing Banshee trying to squeeeeze under the shelf ... DB meets a nice little boy and is in heaven ... leave PetSmart, stop by shoe store to try to find shoes per the podiatrist orders ... then return home. Disembark, go inside for lunch and brief naps, brush Corey, then out again to prune trees .... this is a huge undertaking, we have a LOT of trees ... little Mattie shows up agaiun, plays with Snoopy and Banshee and DB ... Corey is entranced by the tree pruning, is right at my side, picking up branches, chewing them, pointing out to me which branch to trim ... this reminds me so very much of Angel Ginger, she was my great helper at tree pruning ... the others could care less (unless I happento throw a branch for Snoopy ... work for a couple hours, then whoops, its getting dark ... go inside, get food, feed and kennel.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday January 28

Weather really nice! Morning run, very pleasant, did Corey's ear wash with the new solution, cleaned, looks pretty good.... now to get him back in for a recheck. Fed and kenneled, went to work ... return to be greeted by all 4 dogs, all very excited ... change clothes, prepare food, then go for evening run... gosh its nice to be able to just sit quietly in back and watch neighbor training her horse instead of having to huddle up in the freezing wind ... work with all 4 dogs on 'stay' ... Corey and DB are very good, they can hold a stay for a long time ... Snoopy hasnt got the concept at all, Banshee then follows Snoopy ... need some individual work with them, which is very difficult with my set up (small interior space, no fenced off outside space, only option is to crate 3 dogs in shed and work with 1 at a time outside) ... almost dark ...back to trailer, husband has already gotten food and is heading to kennels, so, feed and kennel

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday Jan.27

Had to leave early for an early meeting, prepared food and meds, left to husband to feed ... returned after dark, dogs already fed and kenneled, got yogurt and essences, went to kennels to pet and give essences and chewies ... husband reports all was fine today, he DID remember to feed both meals, all were outside with he and workers most of day, all went well.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Jan. 26

Cloudy and damp, but rain has stopped ... go for AM run, dogs all bounding around , didnt get enough exercise yesterday ... play fetch with Snoopy and Corey, its starting to get really windy ... return to trailer, get food, feed and kennel ... this is Corey's last day for ear med ... go to work ... return, it is still very windy but at least has cleared up, dogs inside, husband lets out to greet me at gate ... take for evening run, feed and kennel

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday January 25

Misty and cold ... morning run, but cut short as its damp ... more rain expected ... feed and kennel, go to work ... rain starts on way in to town, husband calls awhile later, says he's seen snowflakes! fortunately doesnt stick ... he and dogs and workers putting up small overhang at back of dog shed at leaking door ... it starts raining pretty hard in afternoon ... return home, husband had crated Corey,DB and Snoopy, Banshee is in trailer, he said he;'d let the dogs out about an hour earlier then it started raining, 3 headed for kennels but Banshee wouldnt leave porch, so he kept her inside. Brush her... interesting, the Damcat walks right up to her and Banshee is calm... maybe its only when other dogs around she has to show off? Hmmm. Fix food, take Banshee and RUN to kennels, uncrate others, feed and kennel..

Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday January 24

Cold and rainy ... try to beat rain for AM run, but too late ... let dogs out briefly starts raining, get food, feed and kennel, go to work ... husband reports he let them out again after rain slacked up, they hung out with he and workers all day, they were all back inside when I got home, brush, then as its dark, feed and kennel

Weekly update January 17-23

A day late with my weekly update but here it is ... An interesting week , weather continues cold but not unbearable, Corey gets his ears and toe seen to, his ears infected again, vet puts us on different regime... fopt is OK, just he's been gnawing between his toes again ... get him groomed, hair clipped between toes, ears shaved ... Banshee and Snoopy get into minor snit over a dropped treat ... go for several outings ... have an early AM hearing and husband forgets to feed dogs breakfast ... ack ... little Mattie only visits twice ... do get a new battery for mower which makes life easier .... missing Angel Ginger badly this week, I guess it's because it was this time last year when she took sick ... well, here we are, approaching February again, God is good to have given us this year, with all its ups and downs ....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Jan.23

Not as cold, wind has diminished today ... nice morning run, feed and kennel, do Corey's ears (his foot has healed nicely) ... go to church. Return, take dogs for mid day run, then inside for naps. Several more trips outside around property, Corey getting somewhat better at sitting and waiting when play fetch ... sit at back of property awhile watching horses, first time I've been able to sit up here in awhile (this is windiest end of property, on the ridge) ... around 4 PM load up dogs and husband, go into town to PetSmart for dogs' 'weekly outing' Snoopy is doing quite well with strangers now, as long as they reach out a hand for her to sniff and dont overwhelm her ... Corey is his usual show off self, prancing around like he owns the place ... DB and Banshee very polite until its time to leave, DB doesnt want to go... but finally capitulates ... no time to walk in the gardens as its near dark, return home, feed and kennel.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday Jan.22

Still sunny, but very windy so feels colder ... morning run, all dogs very frisky, Corey and Snoopy playing fetch (still working on Corey not reaching to grab ...) Banshee finds an old glove and tears it to bits, DB digging for something in the woods... return to trailer, get food, feed and kennel. Out again, make several brief circuits of property but its really windy and cold ... husband and workers working on dog shed ... load up dogs in van, go for ride,  return at dark, feed and kennel.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Jan.21

Rather nice weather continues, cold but bot horribly so ... morning run, feed and kennel, the take Corey into town with me to go to groomer. Stop by Thrift Store to introduce him to a therapy friend who hadn't met him yet ... then to Hopelands Gardens for a quick walk ... then to PetSmart groomer. Left him there while i completed work appointments, pick him up end of day and return home. hisband has been in town also at lowe's. Home, brief evening run, feed and kennel

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday Jan.20

Have to leave before sunrise to go to an out of town hearing ... fix food and leave for husband to feed ... return home after hearing as my car windshield is cracked and the man is supposed to fix it 'sometime between 12 and 6'... husband and dogs inside, take them for run, put med in Corey's ears, get ready to fix lunch and ... the dogs' food is still in fridge. husband says he ';forgot' when workers came he just let dogs out and never fed them. Ack. Feed dogs, leave them kenneled to digest, then let out, have another run, then inside for their nap ... go out on porch awhile later, sitting there peacefully with dogs when ... the man had arrived to fix windshield.while we were inside,  the dogs realize this, leap off the porch, and head for the poor guy in ;full voice' (which is pretty darn intimidating)... he jumps IN my car ... (he had already removed the old windshield, fortunately the dogs dont realize this...) I whistle them back, no, they won't hurt him, but he is obviously scared ... take dogs back inside where we wait, and wait, until he finally finishes ... almost dark. Evening run, feed and kennel.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday Jan. 19

Foggy first thing in morning, sun soon disperses the mist ... the new battery in my mower seems to have done the trick!... nice morning run, play fetch with Corey and Snoopy, the dogs spot the giant white cat across the street and are pretty excited (they keep running to the fence, then running back to me is a VERY large cat ... compared to my Damcat its as big as a lion:-)... off to work, return and have good evening run, really nice weather today ... we do usually have a very pleasant week in January ...  Corey's foot looking MUCH better, his ears look yucky, but vet said lets try NOT cleaning every day ...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday Jan.18

Cool, drizzly, cloudy... brief morning run, little Mattie again joins for breakfast ... out med in Corey's ears and spray his foot (which is looking better) then off to work ... return after dark, dogs already kenneled, fix yogurt and essences, go to kennels, greet everyone, check Corey's foot , give chewies ...

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday January 17

Cloudy and cool... but still mowers wont start. let dogs out, go back and get tractor, go for morning run ... little Mattie joins us for breakfast. Let dogs out again , another brief run... i turn the tractor off at bottom of hill and play fetch with Snoopy and Corey (I'm putting Corey in a sit-stay when I go to pick up the toy, this is working pretty well) get back on tractor and it wont recrank ... walk back up hill, inform husband, take dogs inside. Brush Corey, look at his toe again, call vet, appointment this afternoon. Eat lunch, load up all dogs (so they can get a ride), start for town, it starts raining. Corey is remarkably good at vet, and we're there a long time. His toe is OK, not dislocated or broken, just another 'chewing injury' (like last fall, he apparently got something stuck in there and chewed it loose, plus chewing his toe)... his ears are bad again, still bacterial infection. Gaave me more antibiotic and an ear wash (which is not oily); now she thinks we may be cleaning his ears TOO much, so only deep clean every 2 weeks. OK, we'll try this method now. Return home, cant stop anywhere, it is pouring now; get home, it has slacked up, let dogs out of van and inside. Am in kitchen fixing their food, husband sitting at table, Damcat comes up the hall, husband tells me to give treats to distract dogs, I do ... throw one to Snoopy who is way in back, she misses it, Banshee dives for it, Snoopy grabs Banshee at back of neck, Banshee scuttles free, growling, separate them, put Snoop and DB outside, finish fixing food, the go out, kennel DB and Snoop, come back and get food and Corey and Banshee. Feed and kennel. Whew.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Weekly update January 10-16

The big snow-ice storm, iced in for 3 days .... the snow was fun, the ice was NOT ... dogs sliding around like ice skaters ... little Mattie visits several times ... warms up to normal by week's end, go for van ride and visit at PetSmart ... Corey spots a cow ... a good week1

Sunday January 16

Beautiful day! Sunny, cool this morning (about 28, but no wind, feels much warmer) temps up in 50's by noon! Morning run, (dogs in kennels as it didnt get that cold last night), husband lets them out while I get tractor (mower battery still dead), he goes halfway down hill on foot, throwing blue toy for Corey and Snoopy ... I take over, finish run with a short game of fetch by woods, back to trailer to get food, joined by little Mattie for breakfast ... feed and kennel, off to church (earlier as i have refreshments) ... return, DB and Banshee greet me at gate, Corey and Snoopy inside, husband has just given them a run ... unpack car, then lay down a bit, then up for lunch, mid day run, gosh its beautiful out! but am really tired (hope I'm not coming down with something, people are dropping like flies from various viruses and flu) ... Corey inside, brush him, while clipping nails notice one nail bed is inflamed and swollen ... uh oh. Clean with antibiotic lotion, but I dont like the way it looks. Back out for afternoon run, out for an hour or more, Corey spots a truck going down the road hauling ... a cow! He takes off like a shot, outrunning the truck, gets to fence and stands, his front legs propped on top of fence, barking wildly, the other dogs rush after him, cant figure out what's wrong ... Corey rushes back to me, barking, all a quiver (his hair is actually standing on end, he practically vibrates with energy, you can practically hear him yelling 'looK! look! a cow! Did you SEE that?? A COW!!!) ... for some reason, he is totally entranced with cows... horses, goats, even deer dont rev him up, but cows .... after this excitement, back inside to fix their food and relax a minute ... lay down on couch to read, fall asleep ... ack! its almost nightfall. Take them out for one last run, feed and kennel.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday Jan. 15

Cold morning, release dogs from crates... morning run, feed and kennel. Starts warming up nicely, in 40's. Let dogs out, take another run, then inside, brush Corey (who really really needs grooming)... naps, lunch, then load up van and go to PetSmart with husband ... much easier taking in all 4 at one time! Snoopy does pretty well today, Corey is well, Corey ... he just still gets SO excited and starts barking... visited with the rescue groups there today, DB and Banshee are their usual polite selves until Banshee discovers loose kibble under one of the shelves, Corey then joins in, both trying to get under the shelf ... found a bunch of dog food on sale, also bought yet another crate (that opens on the side) ... then off to tractor Supply, took Corey in, he was in his element, pacing proudly around, sitting for treats, one guy said he was a 'great puppy', I said 'yeah, a really old puppy'... no one believes he's almost 8 years old... return home, in time for an evening run, then feed and kennel.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Jan.14

Wow, its cold! Husband has gone into town early , I release dogs from crates, walk back to tractor shed and get tractor, take for morning run, again accompanied by little Mattie ... everyone very frisky today, including the horses in back ... running around, kicking up their heels ... feed and kennel, husband not back yet, have to replace water (we keep 4 bunckets in the shed, 4 in the kennels, when the ones in the kennel are frozen replace with the ones from the shed ... I wonder WHY ice weighs more than water ...)go to work ... return well after dark, husband has gone to town mid afternoon and not back yet ... fix food, am taking out to kennels when husband arrives just in time to help, thank heavens, cause i am tired ....

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thursday Jan.13

Still cold, still some ice, but better ... made it to tractor, took dogs including little Mattie on morning run, fed and kenneled, went to work ... but decided to work local  as parking lot at office bad... return home before dark, evening run, fed and kenneled ... husband put dogs in heated shed as its going down to 14 tonight!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wed Jan.12

Still iced in ... husband went out to shed and released dogs while I fix food, I tried to get to tractor but couldn't husband took on brief run ... came back and got food from me, fed and kenneled ... I simply can't walk on the ice. my work had 2 hr delay but if it was unsafe we could take leave, which I did... Little Mattie then appears, I treat her, she hangs around on porch... around noon, I manage to get to tractor, go to kennels and take dogs for a run, it is really cold , but sunny, ice is slowly diminishing ... back inside for lunch, dogs nap... Banshee and Damcat almost run into each other ACK! Banshee barks, Damcat hisses ... and runs. Out again around 330, better now, sidewalks clear, can get back and forth to tractor shed... but its still awful cold ... back inside, brush Corey, clip DB's nails ...husband decides we'll take dogs and go to Dollar General  to see how the road is, my road still has patches of ice and the bridge is iced, 121 has been cleared so its OK ... return home right at dark, I've already got food ready ... and, can walk to the kennels now .. so feed and kennel.. it'll ice up again tonight, supposed to go into teens.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday January 11

Morning: its still a skating rink here. One truck has gone by. Husband slid out to kennels, got dogs out of shed, fed, and the dogs were sliding all over the place,Banshee slipped and was smart, she turned on her side and slid ... DB and Corey, who like privacy to potty, finally managed to get a few feet, DB's legs went out from under her ... Corey figured out to pick up one paw at a time and smash through the ice ... Snoopy got a running start and then slid ... i was watching through window. He put them in pens and fed and watered them. This was around 8 AM. Its now 11:00 and is NOT melting. My back is still painful from my yesterday slip and slide expedition. (My legs cramped up and then my back spasmed.) At least we didnt lose power. Noon, tried to go out, couldnt. Husband went and let dogs out, played fetch with Snoopy and Corey sliding and slipping, DB and Banshee sat on porch steps with me. went inside, dogs all very revved up from NO exercise to speak of for 2 days, but finally settle down; jump up barking every time a chunk of snow falls ... it is melting a bit on the roof, but still very foggy. no sun. Settled down a bit after lunch, dogs took naps, but still very revved ... husband went out on tractor in late afternoon, I still cant walk in the yard, cant even get over to tractor shed ... I do have good heavy boots with good tread soles, but its just too slick, I feel like an old woman, but I really dont want to break a leg and last night's trek across to the kennels quite frankly scared me. So, husband takes off on tractor... Snoopy and Corey follow him a ways, DB and Banshee go out about 3 feet and return and sit on porch (I'm watching through window.) Corey then comes back and starts barking. Snoopy then comes back. Sorry, I'm NOT coming out... anyway, get food together, husband returns (he got the mail!) give him the food and he feeds and kennels. He has put new straw in pens, they should be OK tonight, temps only going to mid 20's and pens are snow free and have the new straw. I sure do hope I can walk across the yard tomorrow....

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday January 10

The big snow storm ... husband went out and let dogs out of heated shed in early AM ... snowing steadily ... he took them on morning run on his tractor ... back to trailer, I got food and took them back to kennels, fed, them put them back in shed as their pens were full of snow ... (have to do something about this) ... back out again in a few hours, release them, let them run around, recrate ... snowing now starting to sleet ... back to trailer, shovel off porch so can open sliding door so dogs can get in. Back out, let dogs inside ... they're pretty wet, especially Corey and Banshees feet and feathers, frozen clumps of ice ... rest awhile, a few potty breaks, at dark get food and take back to kennels, it has now iced up so we can hardly make it across yard to kennels... slipping and sliding, awful ... feed them, then recrate in shed. Husband goes out around 10 PM to let them out for final potty break and water

Sunday, January 9, 2011

.Weekly update Jan.3-9

Cold weather continues, mowers won't crank several days. little Mattie visits several times, pet therapy day for Banshee, several van rides, excursion to PetSmart and other stores ... week ends with threat of terrible winter storm coming in Sunday night ... prayers appreciated ...

Sunday January 9

Very cold morning ... neither mower will crank... let dogs out, then crank husband's tractor ... brief run , then feed and kennel and go to church ... terrible winter storm (for this area) is on the way... return from church, still cold, low 30's , take dogs for another brief run, then start making preps for a possible power outage, clean travel trailer, get dogs accustomed to it (it is really small) get water (we have a well-pump so if power goes, no water) travel trailer does have propane heat... husband working on getting greenhouse ready ... and planting some trees that wont make it if grenhouse loses power ...can't FIND a kerosene heater we thought we had (to put in dog shed in case travel trailer is too cramped ...) bring dogs in for brushing and nap, out again for brief run, feed ad kennel ... and watch the weather reports... if this hits like they say it will, we'll be frozen in til Wednesday ... I know this is hard for folks in the North to believe, but a 'little bit of winter' in the South just paralyzes us ... power outages are common, as pine trees ice up and take down power lines ... roads are impassable,  we have no snow plows ... prayers will be appreciated

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Jan.8

Very windy , all day ... morning run, joined by little Mattie ... the wind gets my sinuses cranked up , headache ... feed and kennel. Out again, still very windy, brief run, little Mattie still here ... can't go inside as husband has decided to rearrange cabinets and has everything all over floor, even the Damcat is locked in bedroom ... load up dogs and head for Aiken ... go by Boots and Bridles, take Corey in, some pretty great dane puppies for sale, Corey is entranced (and he doesnt usually like puppies) ... then to Pet Smart, take Snoopy in first, she is fine until too many people and dogs at once make her skittish, poor thing ... back to van, take Corey in next ... a little French poodle is snappish to him, I wish you could see Corey in his abashed backing off mode whenever a dog doesnt like him (very small dogs are often scared of him) ... clerk gives him extra biscuits for being such a sweet guy ... back to van, take in DB and Banshee, who are both in impeccable manners today, sitting patiently and letting children pet them, (even Banshee), sniffing politely at other dogs, DB ecstatically licking little boys' faces ... back to van (everyone gets a potty break when its their turn out) ... then to Tractor Supply for  Probios ... Corey gets the 'comment of the day', a guy asks if he is an Afghan-Irish setter mix (cause he's so big) ... was going to Hopelands Gardens but the wind is still bad, even here in town ... return home, still cant go in trailer, go for brief run, then return and finally! get to go inside for dogs' naps ... very brief as its almost dark ... final very brief run, feed and kennel.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Jan.7

Brisk morning run ... Corey chasing a hawk (wow, i love to watch an Irish setter running full out...), Banshee and Snoopy join in the chase, running neck and neck, while DB runs in circles ... joined by little Mattie at end of run, in time for breakfast! Go to work ... weather pretty nice today ... drop by thrift store, meet Claire who has herbal blends for me ... trying to get home before dark ...clouding up... arrive just as husband is finishing up evening run... let dogs in, fix food, feed and kennel.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Jan.6

Still cloudy, misty ... morning run, dogs all very energetic (after being cooped up yesterday) ... little Mattie joins us right at end of run, in time for breakfast! Feed and kennel, off to work ... husband reports little Mattie hangs around all day, he even lets her inside ... uh oh. return after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, fix yogurt and flower essenses, give to dogs with evening chewies (tripe).

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wed Jan.5

Not really cold, but threatening rain, damp drizzle ... at least mower cranks ... morning run, feed and kennel, off to work ... rains most of the day, in high 40's... husband has dogs in most of day. Arrive home, trailer full of wet dogs... fix food, feed and kennel ... starts raining harder ... yuk.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tuesday Jan.4

Cold morning, neither mower will crank, crank husbands tractor and drive it to kennels, turn it off, release the dogs, and it wont crank. Wonderful. Walk around as best I can (which isnt very good), then feed and kennel, to work; return at lunchtime, get DB and Banshee and go to pet therapy (DB along for the ride...) at nursing home , then to foot doctor ... (for me) ... apparently old age is causing my toes on that foot to spread out sideways or something when I walk bruising the third toe ... so, I have to get bigger shoes and then some kind of arch support. Well, whatever works. Return home, greeted by Corey and Snoopy, disembark from van, take all for run (mowers all crank now of course); then feed and kennel.

Reading on Facebook tonight, the sheer volume of dogs (and cats) killed in the shelters I 'follow' (and try to help) is almost overwhelming. I really don't think people understand how MANY animals are killed each day throughout the country ... the ONLY answer, spay-neuter, ADOPT, don't BUY dogs from pet stores and continue spreading the word.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday January 3

Crisp, clear and cold ... not horribly cold, just in high 20's last night ... morning run, neither mower will crank, husband's tractor has concrete blocks in the bucket in front, can't figure out how to dump them, get husband, he does it. Release dogs, go for run, Snoopy brings blue toy to me, throw it several times, Corey then steals it (but drops it fairly quickly as he cant munch it like a ball)... return, feed and kennel, off to work ... return after dark, husband has fed and kenneled dogs, reports he and dogs spent a large part of the day napping (his elbow bothering him still) ... fix yogurt and essences, out to kennels, pet everyone, give chewies (dried tripe).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Weekly update December 27- January 2

Cold weather continues until Friday, dramatic warm up... almost reaches 80 degrees! Ah, SC in the winter, snow one weekend, 80 degrees the next ... little Mattie visits several days, disappears others ... Corey's ears staying OK ... Corey and Snoopy have fine time chasing sticks but Corey manages to injure husband playing ball... Banshee disembowels sofa cushion ... several van rides ... an interesting week.

Sunday Jan.2

Cloudy, but warm... 60 degrees this morning, light mist ... morning run, dogs slightly damp but cheerful, fed and kenneled, went to church... return, let dogs out, windy now, still cloudy, interesting cloud formations ... nice mid day run, watch horses in back ... no little Mattie again today. Lunch and naps, now its cleared up, nice and sunny though still windy ... pick up some branches and trash, check the fence line, play fetch with Snoopy and Corey ... take Corey inside to brush (he's a mess) ... let him out, fixing food, husband decides to play BALL with Corey and gets injured (Corey gets way too revved up playing ball, for some reason he can contain himself to only mild chaos when fetching sticks or bone toys, but BALLS send him into a frenzy... husband is getting ready to throw ball and apparently Corey hurtles through the air, mouth wide and hits husband's elbow)...bandage husband's elbow, let dogs in, ohuh, DB and Banshee spot the Damcat and rush at him ... that does it, all outside. Finish fixing food, feed and kennel.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saturday Jan. 1

The first day of the new year ... sunny and warm, gets up to a high of 75 degrees! Morning run, feed and kennel, back out again, now its very very windy ... but warm. Take down Christmas decorations from gates, dogs helping ... back in for lunch and naps ... the Damcat saunters in to the kitchen, at least now I can get all dogs, even Banshee, to sit for treats while i throw the Damcat a treat down the hall... starts clouding up after lunch, rain is on the way ... load dogs into van and go to BiLo, return ... husband goes to kennels to fill in huge hole Corey has dug almost collapsing is doghouse, starts raining ... I fall asleep on couch while reading, awakened by Corey's nose in my face, he needs to go out and of course its raining... get up to let him out, notice that dear sweet Banshee has gotten a cushion, tore off the corner, removed the stuffing and is rolling in it ... get that cleaned up, let Corey back in, dripping wet, husband then comes in ... dripping wet ... get everyone dried off, settling back down again when Banshee jumps Snoopy over a toy ... (apparently she has gotten too revved up over her cushion disemboweling episode) ... DB jumps up and rushes over, I put all three of them out,... its almost dark anyway, get food, go to kennels, feed and kennel.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all of you, Wishing you peace, joy, love , good health and prosperity in 2011! And give your furkids, canine, feline, and equine, a big hug and kiss from me! This past year has been a tough one for many of us, but the joys outweigh the sorrows ... every day we can share love with our friends and family is a blessing. For those who have lost a loved one this year, may the memories of their time on earth and the sure knowledge you WILL see them again bring you comfort and joy, as we await that grand reunion day!