Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekly update October 25-31

Another good week...a few rainy days (this is GOOD!), a threatening storm misses us ... Snoopy gets to swim in the 'rainy weather pond' ... little Mattie continues to visit ... go for a nice van ride ... and Snoopy and DB decide to nap in the van ... all dogs in high spirits in the beautiful SC fall weather ...

How the Damcat got his name...

For those who've asked ... How the Damcat got his name ... well, when I got him as a kitten (10 plus yrs ago) I named him Slick (he has very lovely slick shiny fur) ... but he quickly developed a habit of stealing ... anything he could pick up, jewelry, pencils, small tools etc he'd pick up and take to his den in the closet. It got so whenever anything was missing, and i'd say 'where's the whatchacallit' my husband would say 'The dam cat got it' ... hence, Slick became the Damcat. Which incidentally, is how my pointer DB got HER name... when we discovered the 2 little puppies (DB and Banshee) under our toolshed, and, lured them out, DB (who is white and black like the Damcat) promptly stole my husband's screwdriver off his toolbelt and took off with it .. husband said 'oh no, it's the Damcat in dog form come to torment me' .. since DB was a girl, we named her Dam Bitch, but, since you cant really stand in your yard yelling 'here, DamBitch', I shortened it to DB.

Sunday October 31

Glorious weather continues! Brisk morning run, fed and kenneled, went to church ... returned, DB, Banshee and Snoopy greet me outside, Corey inside ... change clothes (before Corey's enthusiastic kisses ruin my Sunday clothes...) take all for run, joined by little Mattie ... mow some, water the new plantings, back inside for lunch ... brush Corey, take naps ... husband goes to town to get building supplies ... go out again, enjoying the beautiful day ... do a bit more mowing ... go inside, fix food, check my email ...dogs asleep ... Corey jumps up, barking, followed by others, husband has returned (he just pulled into gate and they sensed him) ... mad greetings, evening run, little Mattie has disappeared ... feed and kennel my gang. A good day, a good week...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Oct.30

Another perfect autumn day, crisp clear morning, temps in the 70's by noon, beautiful bright blue sky ... good morning run, feed and kennel, let out again for mid morning mowing, inside for lunch ... then take all dogs on a ride (husband is working today), go by the BiLo, All gods creatures is having a car show-adoption event, check out the dogs (a really pretty little pointer-setter mix caught my eye),  introduce Corey to those who havent met him... buy groceries, return home ... let dogs out, get husband's help with groceries ... Snoopy gets BACK in the van, in the drivers seat, and isnt budging. then DB disappears ... take Corey and Banshee inside, brush them... go back out, now DB is in the passenger seat and Snoopy still in drivers seat. OK, roll windows down, leave door open, if thats where they want  to nap, fine with me. DB notices we arent going anywhere and comes to trailer, but Snoopy stays in van... do wash, husband finishes work, takes nap... go back out for late afternoon run and mowing (yep, it needs mowing...) then feed and kennel... no little Mattie today...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Oct.29

Beautiful crisp clear fall day! Dogs burst out of kennels, we are joined by little Mattie halfway down the hill, have a wonderful morning romp ... feed and kennel, go to work ... stop by SPCA Thrift store at lunchtime, very sweet black lab... oh, I wish I could take them all ... return home, greeted by all FIVE dogs, including little Mattie, and husband, who reports little Mattie spent almost all day here ... let Corey and DB inside, brush Corey, who is all aquiver with energy ... brush DB, the Damcat sits under table and watches ... fix food, go for evening run, feed and kennel. Ah, beautiful....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday Oct. 28

Still damp and misty ... let dogs out for morning run, Snoopy promptly goes for a swim in the 'pond' ... Banshee and Corey look at her like she's lost her mind ... beginning to drizzle again, feed and kennel, go to work ... very long day ... husband reports stopped raining round noon, he and dogs mowed and planted trees ... return home almost nightfall, evening run, quickly ... feed and kennel.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wed Oct 27

Cloudy, rain threatening ... quick morning run, feed and kennel ... go to work...didnt rain, but warm and muggy... go by county shelter, get 'oriented', walk one dog (very sweet little spitz) ... back to work, then home ... now they say bad storms coming ... evening run, joined by little Mattie, DB and Banshee catch a mouse in a pile of wood under old carport (hooray, my great hunters!)... getting dark, threatening rain ... feed and kennel... starts drizzling as leave kennels ... later in evening bad storms, lots of rain ... I really hate it when the storms come in the night, at least in the daytime I can see it coming and get in the tornado shelter... haven't done a 'drill' yet with the dogs and Corey's never gone down into the shelter before ... its difficult to get them in cause the steps are steep and 'hidden' ... one of my last memories with Angel Ginger was when we had a middle of the night tornado warning, got all the dogs and Angel Ginger followed me right down without a pause, I always said, she'd have followed me thru the gates of hell..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Oct. 26

Dense fog ... morning run, dogs cheerful, despite mist ... feed and kennel (no one has the runs, hooray for pumpkin!) go to work .. long day ... stopped by county shelter to meet volunteers there (I may add the county to my volunteer activities, although they do euthanize (injection) the 'adoptable' dogs (that vols work with) are out front and are 'safe' ... (I'm a coward, I can't work with death row dogs, too heartbreaking, i want to save them all ... I CAN share posts on FB, but I cant handle it in person) .. clears up, turns HOT (mid 80's)  return home, husband lets dogs out, take Corey back in briefly to groom him, fix food, go for evening run ... warm and very breezy ... I love to watch the dogs on a windy day, the 2 hunting dogs (DB and Corey) with their noses to the wind, poised in 'pointer and setter' stances ... Corey's red hair rippling in the wind ... mow a little (yikes, new sandspurs) return to trailer, little Mattie joins us for supper ... feed and kennel.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Oct.25

Drizzling ... short morning run ... feed and kennel, go to work ... husband keeps dogs in much of day, good rain off and on ... I return (...almost nightfall gosh, days are getting shorter and shorter, and next week ends DST, so it'll be dark when i get home ... ) at least its not raining ... go for evening run, no need to water ... feed and kennel.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Weekly update Oct.18-24

A good week ... weather beautiful, dogs all in high spirits... Banshee gets a thorn (or something) in paw and limps a bit but recovers quickly ... Corey goes to groomers and livens up a pet therapy session ... all go to PetSmart on an outing, and, to the Blessing of the Animals at my church ... little Mattie visits almost every day... the Damcat continues to press his luck ... I am so blessed to have these wonderful animals for companions, they make each day a joy.

Sunday Oct.24

Morning run, all in good spirits, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, all outside, DB greets me at gate. Take for run, water some trees, joined by little Mattie, then inside to get cleaned up for ... the Blessing of the Animals! Went well, all reasonably quiet and deferential during service ... while I was reading Genesis 1:20-25, Corey spots cat in carrier and starts inching towards it ... and when priest is going around to bless each animal (which included goats and donkeys) Corey decides the service is over and starts barking ... leave other 3 with husband and walk him a bit, look back and other 3 dogs are fixedly watching us ... Snoopy is shy about being blessed, DB and Banshee are polite, Corey is, well, Corey. Not a shy bone in his body (he even decides to make friends with a donkey by, um, sniffing butt ... fortunately I pull him back before he gets kicked) Banshee perks up at refreshment table and reaches up to grab a doggie biscuit...  at one point during the service we mention those who have crossed the bridge, and, pray for those who are ill... last year this time, of course, Angel Ginger was in apparent good health,  my sweet red girl, dancing with the angels now ... good turnout, collection was for our local food banks to buy pet food. Return home, rest briefly, go for evening run, joined by little Mattie, feed and kennel.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sat Oct.23

Crisp and cool again, good morning run, fed and kenneled ... out again in an hour, another run, watered peach trees, joined by little Mattie ... back to trailer, load dogs into van (sorry little Mattie... only 4 crates) go to town with husband (who has to go to chiropractor) ... then to PetSmart with the whole family ... Corey is actually quite good (once I take his leash instead of DH), I walk Corey and Banshee, DH has DB and Snoopy .... then go to store and back home ... lunch, naps, the Damcat trotting into kitchen amidst all 4 dogs, totally unconcerned ... until Banshee goes into 'stalk mode' ... yikes, run, Damcat! afternoon-evening run (joined by little Mattie)... poor Corey has ear full of sandspurs... aargh.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Oct.22

Crisp cool fall morning ... dogs burst out of kennels, in high gear ... but poor Snoopy had a bout of the runs in the night ... seems fine now ... fed and kenneled, went to work (another drive to Columbia) ... returned, husband and workers still working on wall ... greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, took Corey inside, brushed him, let Snoopy in, tried to lay on couch for a few minutes as my back hurt, fell asleep, Corey woke me up with a big sloppy kiss ... urk. Got up, fixed food, went out for evening run, little Mattie joins us, ride over to look at new horses next door, had just gotten one of them to come towards me when Corey comes barreling along, barking ... the horses in back dont worry him, this is a NEW horse and, it was coming towards me... continue on around property, water some fir trees in back that look kinda sad ... little Mattie goes thru fence to play with neighbor dog (if neighbor catches her, she's toast, but Molly the catahoula-pit, who never gets to play, likes her... continue, water new trees, back to trailer to get food ... Corey, Snoopy and little Mattie erupt into a wildly exuberant game of chase , DB and Banshee watch indulgently ,, finally go to their respective kennels. feed and kennel, give everybody chewies. a good day.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Oct.21

Cool, sunny morning ... beautiful sunrise, good morning run... fed and kenneled, went to work ... return, greeted at gate by DB,Banshee, Snoopy and little Mattie ... escorted me back to trailer. Corey inside, vibrating with eagerness and joy... fix food, then go for evening run, water new plantings, watch Corey, little Mattie and Snoopy running in circles, barking in glee, Corey jumps OVER Snoopy, Mattie runs under Corey , what exuberance! ... DB monitors from one side, Banshee sits by me and cleans her paws (she's not limping at all now) feed and kennel, tripe for all.

New cancer treatments

New lymphoma treatment shows promise in dogs

"Researchers have identified a new target for the treatment of lymphoma and are testing a potential new drug in pet dogs afflicted with the disease. At low doses, the compound, called S-PAC-1, arrested the growth of tumors in three of six dogs tested and induced partial remission in a fourth.The results of the study, conducted by researchers at the University of Illinois, appear this month in the journal Cancer Research." (09/07/10)

Anti-tumor effect of nitrosylcobalamin (NO-Cbl),

Dr. Dongho Seo who practices at Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic, South Salem, New York using the new treatments  

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wed Oct.20

Cloudy, cool... and started drizzling during morning run. The dogs and i were unfazed, but husband met us at kennels with food ... he thinks he melts in rain, LOL. By the time I'd changed clothes, the drizzle had stopped. Got Corey and dropped him off at groomer, then on to work and to hearing in Columbia ... return, pick Corey up (he was a real sweetie, they said ... but boy did he hafta get outside to go potty ...) he looks beautiful1 Called husband, he was in town still, met at Subway to eat supper ... waited and waited, took Corey on walk around the building, waited outside in grassy area, Corey sitting with head going back and forth watching traffic ... omigosh, an evil truck hauling a tractor on a flatbed! Corey leaps up, alert barking, almost pulls me over .... OK, back to the car. husband arrives, we quickly eat sandwiches and return home ... unkennel other dogs, go for evening run and water the new plantings ... Banshee not limping at all. Husband throws blue spiky toy for Corey and Snoopy, DB then appropriates it and trots off towards trailer, it's time for supper, guys! No little Mattie, shucks, can hear her barking next door but they won't let her loose. Feed and kennel.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Oct.19

Cloudy this morning, still cool, good morning run... fed and kenneled, went to work ... while I'm at store getting pet food for food bank, a guy who used to work for us several years ago stopped me and said he'd come by our place several times to talk to my husband about work, but our 'new big red dog' scared him ... barking ferociously, with 'the hair standing up on his head' ... I told him Corey was a good watch dog, and he said he had pit bulls and he was more leery of Corey than his pits, LOL ... ah, the ferociousness of an Irish setter is so well known .... husband calls a few hours later, Banshee limping again. Return home lunchtime, Banshee outside, others inside. Feel her leg and foot ... ouch! Between two toes on left hind foot .... feels like a mat, she wont let me touch ... get husband, tie cloth strip around her muzzle (impromptu muzzle), hold her and feed treats while husband (who has better eyes and steadier hands than I do) feels between toes, clips hair (probably a thorn from a sandspur), then wipe with antibiotic cleanser .... Banshee, sweet girl, remains relatively calm, moans and grumbles a bit, but appreciates the treats .... let her inside, then quickly brush Corey, and take him to pet therapy ... stop by store to get probiotics and give him a chance to unwind (he gets calmer with each 'visit' when we're out), then to nursing home ... only 3 of us today, Corey is, well, pretty mouthy and energetic, but the folks enjoy him, he vibrates with life and joy, and is SO friendly ... after nursing home, go by PetSmart, buy another DAP collar (for Snoopy) enthusiastically greet everyone, then go by SPCA Thrift Store to drop off flyer for animal blessing at my church next Sunday ... Corey enthusiastically sniffs all the items in the sore, greets customers, gets treats, has a grand time ... stopped in parking lot by a woman who used to own Irishes ... amazing, whenever I take Corey out, I run into several people who either had an Irish as a child, or years ago ... and spot Corey and start grinning, he is the 'epitome' of Irish setters ... return home, let Corey out at gate 'enclosure' so he can greet others, all back to trailer, all go inside. Banshee not limping as badly ... fix supper food, check computer messages, then out for evening run, joined by little Mattie ....feed and kennel, wipe Banshee's sore foot with antibiotic cleanser again and put colloidal silver on it... everyone gets egg, and dried tripe. a good day!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Oct.18

Cool morning, good morning run ..... fed and kenneled, went to work, returned late, had to stop by store ... met at gate by DB, Banshee and Mattie... Corey and Snoopy inside ... fix food, take for evening run, water new trees and new boxwoods by gate that husband just planted ... Mattie and Snoopy and Corey running and jumping, DB carefully monitoring, Banshee sitting by ne ... fed and kenneled.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekly update Oct. 11-16

A beautiful week, weather wise ... nothing exciting (which can be good) ... Banshee sprains her leg but is OK the next day, Corey gets lots of sandspurs, even DB gets sandspurs ... little Mattie visits almost every day (Snoopy really misses her when she doesn't visit), the Damcat pushes his luck, we plant new trees and bushes and water, water, water ... no rain in sight ...

Sunday Oct.17

Another beautiful day ... SC in the fall can be so lovely ... cool in morning (40's), brisk morning run, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, take dogs and water pear trees in back .. little Mattie joins us, slips through fence again to torment neighbor's dog, then back, return to trailer for lunch, afternoon nap. (Yes, I am a firm believer in afternoon naps, when I can take one, my dear departed daddy always took a nap and lived to his mid 90's...) Let dogs in and out, brush Banshee and Corey. Poor Corey has his ears full of sandspurs ... no idea where he gets them, he's a magnet! just like Angel Ginger ... she managed to keep her feathers and feet cleaned of sandspurs ... poor Corey tries, but hasn't the 'knack' yet...  the Damcat keeps coming into the kitchen, Banshee and Snoopy are the problem, they want to charge ... Corey now pretty much ignores the Damcat as does DB... put Damcat in bathroom, put wash in washer. Go back out ... water the peach trees back behind the gazebo, the two pears in the very back (that I keep forgetting), find out the hosepipe to one set of fir trees has somehow come loose underground, yikes... go back down to report this to husband, who has planted a butterfly bush near the apple trees (to draw bees to pollinate) and has left the water ON to an apple tree (which probably wont need watering again any time soon) ... back inside briefly to fix dog supper, out again for one last run, little Mattie has joined us, carrying a HUGE soup bone, which Corey then appropriates ... I take it from him, it's been COOKED ....throw in trash to loud complaints from Mattie and Corey. Give them extra yummy treats to compensate... husband finishing up boxwood planting ... feed and kennel, husband joins in time to help with Corey's ears (he gives Corey the peanut butter-tooth stuff I give for their teeth while I clean ears and put in drops). Corey and Snoopy need more water, fill their buckets, give everyone dried tripe as evening chewie. A great day! God is good.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sat Oct.16

Beautiful fall day ... temps in 70's, bright blue sky ... morning run, feed and kennel, then out again, water peach trees til lunchtime. Dogs in fine high spirits. Lunch, afternoon nap, then out again, finish apple trees, husband plants boxwoods , water new crepe myrtles and butterfly bushes ... little Mattie joins us ... neighbor (little Mattie's family) has 2 horses in their pasture, didnt see them arrive ... little Mattie decides to go visit back neighbors, plays with their dog Molly, tortures their other dog (who is penned)... back down to front, turn off drip hoses in front, then back to trailer to get food, feed and kennel. a good day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fri Oct.15

Cool morning, wear jacket ... dogs burst out of pens, Banshee not limping at all ... morning run, feed and kennel, give Banshee arnica again ... go inside to change clothes, the Damcat is throwing up... clean it up, go to work ... very loong day ... bring computer back for office, husband meets me in town to carry it in, then goes on to WalMart, I return home, let dogs out. Banshee still running fine, not favoring her leg at all. Let Corey in, brush, clean ears... my back is acting up again. Go for evening run, water new trees. No Mattie today ...Feed and kennel.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thurs Oct.14

A bit cooler ... dogs cheerful and lively... saw 2 beautiful deer in the woods (ha! I spotted them before the dogs, unlikely as that seems ... the dogs were still up at the persimmon trees and i was coming down the hill, the 2 deer came out of the pine woods, spotted me, and hightailed it towards the hardwoods, white flags flying) ... fed and kenneled, went to work ... returned, 3 dogs meet me at gate... husband reports Banshee is limping, she is, she struggles to meet me in driveway... check her left hind leg, no flinching, pads OK, no injuries ... hmmm... go on brief run , poor Banshee limping gamely along ... little Mattie shows up for supper ...feed and kennel, give Banshee some arnica ... maybe she just twisted her leg somehow ...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wed Oct 13

Morning run, all dogs VERY anxious to RUN ... Snoopy (she is released last) actually digging at gate to be released ... nice run, but Corey AND DB get sandspurs (have got to get that whole area plowed up, cant seem to keep them down) ... feed and kennel, go to work ... traffic jam caused by wreck on way in, computer problems, leave early, go buy dog food, return home ... dogs all greet me at gate, let Corey inside to clean him up (missed brushing yesterday) his left ear still bad ... and he's got more sandspurs ... let others in, try to relax for a minute but NO, they want to run ... go out and water apple trees, little Mattie shows up, Snoopy is happy run then feed and kennel, put dog food in containers, yippee, the dried tripe and trachea has arrived! Everyone gets a piece of tripe ... including little Mattie.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Oct 12

Beautiful sunrise this morning1 Good morning run, fed and kenneled ... went to work. return, stop by store, by time get home its almost nightfall ... change quickly, fix food and off we go, water the new trees, little Mattie joins us ... hurry hurry.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Oct.11

Off work today for Columbus Day! Morning run, feed and kennel. Out with husband and worker deciding where to put all the plants we got at the nursery Friday ... little Mattie joins us. Let other dogs out. Hot outside today! go in to cool off, dogs insist on coming in too ... catch up on email (didnt get weekly update out last night) ... back out again. Husband and worker finish planting crape myrtles, water them, also finish peach trees and mow some sandspurs. Dogs follow faithfully from side to side of property, laying in shade (it's almost 90 again.) Finish around 2, go in, have lunch, take nap. Up again, brush Corey (who has sandspurs in feathers and ears, poor guy) Back out again, little Mattie joins us for evening watering the new trees ... Snoopy just loves playing with Mattie, is so sad when she doesnt come over ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

Weekly update Oct 4-10

A week full of adventures! Trip to vet on the coast, 3 hours there, dogs are great travelers .... pet therapy day for Banshee ... little Mattie visits almost every day ... crisp fall weather turns to summertime again ... the Damcat almost gets in BIG trouble ... Corey goes to an animal blessing  then to PetSmart and Hopeland Gardens and behaves quite well... Chase and Maggie come to visit ... a good week!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Oct. 10

Another warm day ... morning run, fed and kenneled, went to church.. return and husband had gone to store. little Mattie greets me, let others out, go for run, it's HOT! Water a few trees, then inside for lunch, clean Corey's ears ... then out again ... we're in back of property when husband returns, back down to trailer to help him unload, put away groceries, then lay down to read, fall asleep. Awakened by Corey barking his head off, JoAnn and Chase and Maggie have arrived! Go out, have a wonderful few hours of running, stop to talk to neighbor in back, the 3 Irish setters looking very beautiful, Corey spots a hawk and takes off chasing it ... eat persimmons (Maggie and Chase not interested), chew sticks and blocks of wood ... husband joins us briefly on tractor (wish he'd brought a camera, all 6 dogs laying around picturesquely) ... little Mattie didnt show up again, intimidated by 2 MORE Irishes, i guess ... JoAnn leaves (Maggie jumps right IN her truck this time) ... water some more trees, then feed and kennel. a great day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday Oct.9

Beautiful day, in the 80's ... morning run, fed and kenneled, cleaned Corey up for today's adventure, a trip to All Saints for animal blessing... Corey all  revved up, in high gear ... put the DAP collar (which I bought for Snoopy) on him... stopped briefly at Bonafide, then to blessing. JoAnn and Chase and lucy and one of her dogs there. Corey was fairly well behaved, only one or two 'I'm bored' barks ... stole Chase's ball and then lay with it between his paws .. after blessing, went to PetSmart, I actually managed to stand and talk to people for a few minutes without Corey barking ... then went by library to drop off boks, and then to Hopeland Gardens... big wedding going on, Corey was fine, primarily interested in sniffing the ivy ... sat and watched the ducks and turtles, a little Chinese girl came over and petted Corey, an elderly lady remarked how 'sweet' he was ... leaving, got behind a lady and her elderly mom, they moved aside so we could get by, lady commented on how 'nicely' Corey walked on leash, she has a Gordon setter than 'pulls her down'... I told her about the magic of front hook harnesses... back home, greeted at gate by DB, Snoopy and Banshee, let Corey out at gate, return to trailer for afternoon nap. ,,, later was working at computer, Snopy asleep on one side, Corey asleep on other, Banshee right by Corey, DB behind me ... and the Damcat saunters into the room, jumps over Corey and onto my computer, Banshee spots him, jumps up, knocking into Corey who springs up ... the Damcat leaps onto the couch, Snoopy and DB wake up... Banshee is frantic... holler for husband, get dogs into kitchen and get them to sit whi;le the Damcat streaks back thru hall, whew, close one ... the dogs one at a time, or even two, the Damcat can hold them at bay, but with 4 dogs and no escape route... anyway. Settled down again. Later go out to water trees and concrete, little Mattie joins us... wild exuberant play commences ... they run around like lunatics, Corey and little Mattie barking at the top of their lung ... WOOF WOOF... yip yip ... then all collapse around wherever I am, drink water, lay around a bit to catch their breath and they're off again ... evening falling, heading back to trailer, husband emerges with food (I'd fixed earlier) ... fed and kenneled.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Oct.8

Warmer, but still nice ... morning run fed and kenneled. Snoopy eating well now. Have cut DB's food back a tad as she was getting a bit chunky... went to work. Stopped by SPCA thrift store, beautiful St Bernard up for adoption, what a sweet girl ... took condolence gift (pet memorial frame) to friend who lost her cocker spaniel Charlie Wednesday ... terrible traffic jam caused by wreck ... back to work ... by nursery to pick up plants at end of season sale ... home, Mattie waiting for us, let dogs out for evening run ... wildly excited, Snoopy lies on the hillside crouched down like a lion then leaps up and chases Mattie who runs under Corey, followed by Banshee with DB running around them in circles, joyous barks ringing out... feed and kennel. The new ear flush seems to be irritating Corey's ears, email vet, decide to stop the new flush and go back to Earoxide .A good day.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Oct 7

A bit warmer, but still really nice weather ... fixed food and left on washer as usual, the Damcat jumped up and knocked it off and began eating Snoopy's wet food (I put Snoopy's supplements in wet food in AM, as she sometimes wont eat her dry) ... giant mess, dog food all over husband's boots and even on wall ... clean it up, refix food, put in refrigerator ... go out and little Mattie waiting for me to let dogs out for AM run ... let dogs out, have glorious AM run but have to hurry because the concrete pour is today ... fed and kenneled, just in time, then to work. Returned, met by DB, Banshee and Snoopy, Corey inside ... brush him, let him out and do evening run ... no little Mattie. Fed and kenneled.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wed Oct 6

Another crisp clear morning, good morning run ... fed and kenneled, went to work... returned pretty late (had to go by grocery store), met at gate by DB and Banshee, Corey and Snoopy inside... brush Corey, then very brief evening run ... fed and kenneled, here comes little Mattie ... too late for food but got a chewie

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Oct.5

Beautiful bright sunny crisp fall morning! Dogs burst out of pens, all excited, eager for a good run... Corey does a complete circuit (just like Angel Ginger used to...) then flings himself to the ground and rolls, grunting in pleasure... Snoopy also rolling and cavorting, Banshee and DB galloping in circles ... I guess the inactivity yesterday was a bit much for them... feed and kennel, do Corey's ears, go to work. Return lunchtime, fix lunch, pick up Banshee and go to nursing home for pet therapy ... Banshee seems a bit tired today, but rallies for treats ... then go to library, chiropractor (take Banshee in, she falls asleep, chiro remembers her as 'your quiet dog') then to PetSmart, pick up a DAP collar for Snoopy, Banshee gets several compliments on her pretty pink necklace (made by pet therapy leader, these are great, stretchy and very attractive...) and starts prancing around PetSmart batting her eyes ... stop briefly at grocery (sure is nice to be able to run into a store with a dog in the car again!) return home ... Snoopy outside, let Banshee out, Corey and DB inside (I have to re-intro Db and Banshee carefully after separation)... go inside, brush Corey, then take all for evening run with husband on other mower ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday October 4

What a day! Morning run, fed and kenneled. Neighbor calls, another beighbor's animals have gotten loose, send husband to help while I finish packing van for big trip to the coast ... leave around quarter to 11. All dogs settle in to their crates, sleep peacefully til we stop for potty break around 1230, take them out 2 at a time, walk, potty, water, give treats, back in van. Settle down again. (they're great travelers!) Arrive at vets right at 2 PM, not bad traffic coming in. Wonderful vet, I love her, wish she were closer ... got new herbal meds for Corey's ears, got blood drawn for various testing (except poor Snoopy, who does better than at any other vet, and manages to maintain up to the point of having blood drawn, then freaks ... vet says she's too hyped to even sedate (
we've run into this before, had to give her enough to knock her out) so didnt get her one tooth checked either (she has a beautiful set of teeth, except for ONE)... vet commented on all their beautiful teeth, and no, I don't give lot of bones, but i do use PetZLife (great stuff). All the dogs have put on weight this summer (the lazy things), Db needs to slim down a bit. Others fine according to vet, very muscular and in good shape. Corey's hair loss and dry skin, did thyroid test (will get results later) but she suggested adding even MORE fish oil. Will do so. also will try a DAP collar on Snoopy (I have a DAP diffuser, but, the dogs are all pretty calm at home ... and only Snoopy totally flips when being restrained and something being done to her (bath, nails, vet check, whatever). I wish this vet were closer as she is very willing to 'work' with you, does all exams in front of you, which i appreciate not having to BEG to stay with my animals ... poor Banshee got her anals expressed (I CAN do this, but, am always worried I'll injure her) I think the last bout of the runs from the persimmons did her in. After nice vet visit, returned home. Had hoped to check out a dog park with beaches there, but, husband anxious to get home by dark... and Lordy the traffic come home was appalling. I'd shoot myself if I had to drive in that every day. Uneventful trip home, potty-water break (this time at a really bad location, next to a truck stop, never again... the dogsidnt seem to mind, but i sure did.) Home right after dark, disembark, and... little Mattie is waiting for us... get food, feed and kennel, use Corey's new ear wash and ear drops (a 2 prong process, twice a day...)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday October 3

Another beautiful day! Morning run, Corey running back and forth along the fence line at the woods, joined by others, clearly something on the other side (probably not deer, deer will race the dogs down the hill on the other side of the fence) ... fed and kenneled, went to church, returned and had mid day run (finally cool enough to go out midday!) then lunch (little Mattie shows up briefly) and nap, followed by another run, then a van ride, then another run ... fed and kenneled. a good day!!

Saturday Oct 2

Beautiful fall weather continues! Dogs lively, cheerful, running like the wind ... fed and kenneled, Snoopy eating well! Went to town to help SPCA with adoption event at St. Mary's Chocolate festival ... a good day, found homes for several dogs ... return home, husband has gone into town, let dogs out, then take nap, then out again for evening mowing... little Mattie joins us, all having a marvelous time! Fed and kenneled. Mad barking in night, husband goes out with flashlight ... turns out a be a black cat that's apparently living in the woods and had visited the kennels to torment the dogs ...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday October 1

Beautiful, crisp clear morning. Dogs burst our of pens, good morning run ...go to work ... return, husband has gone to town but, DB and Banshee greet me at gate? Snoopy and Corey in pens ... let them out, go inside. husband had put all in pens but apparently forgot to latch DB and Banshee (who are very pleased with themselves). Take Corey and snoopy inside, brush Corey. Damcat comes in and watches ... no problems. Go out and mow (mainly hunting for sandspurs) til dusk, feed and kennel ... husband returns ... here comes little Mattie. Feed her too. And finally, we've had night temps under 55 degrees ... so no more Heartgard needed this year!