Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Feb.28

Beautiful weather, still ... supposed to rain tonight ... very windy! Morning run, feed  and kennel, go to work ... return at dusk, greeted at gate by ... little Mattie. My dogs have been fed and kenneled ... drive back to parking area, little Mattie then runs off home... get yogurt-essences, give to my dogs with chewies. Husband says little Mattie was there earlier in day but missed supper...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekly Update Feb. 21-27

A beautiful week... springlike weather holds ... peaches and pears blooming... several van rides, trip to PetSmart... lots of pruning (and now mowing) ... little Mattie visits several times ... Snoopy turns green from rolling in the mowed vetch ... DB and Banshee make friends with the horses behind us ... Corey in fine fettle this week (as usual) ... a good week!

Sunday Feb. 27

And yet another gorgeous day ... I don't think I've ever seen the springlike weather 'hold' for so long in February, we'd sometimes get a week, but this is going on 3 weeks ... and after the bitterly cold (for SC) December and January ... well, the weather is obviously changing ... morning run, dogs all very frisky this morning, rolling in the vetch (which must feel really good and soft ... I hate to mow it, it's very pretty too, but if left unchecked it gets knee high and shades the grass so the grass doesnt come out properly ... feed and kennel, go to church ... return, change clothes and start mowing... break for lunch around 230, brief nap, out again (with husband) to finish pruning and (ugh) picking up branches ... Corey today is fixated on the orange throw toy, carries it everywhere then drops it and barks at it until Snoopy steals it... little Mattie joins us, and even goes thru fence to play with Molly (the catahoula behind us) ... the horses come over to touch noses with DB and Banshee ... Snoopy wants NO part of this, she hangs well back. Corey is still trotting around with the orange toy. Beginning to get dark, little Mattie has gone on home ... back to trailer to fix food (supervised by Corey and the Damcat) feed and kennel. A beautiful day, the kind that makes you wonder how much better heaven can be ...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday Feb. 26

Beautiful spring weather continues ... peach trees blooming, Bradford pears blooming ... high 70's ... this is like April. Morning run, feed and kennel, out again briefly, then load dogs in van and go to nearby town for a ride ...  stop by flea market, waiting in van for husband, I'm falling asleep to be wakened by all the dogs barking ferociously ... one of husband's workers has come up and is pressing his face against the window ... I open door so dogs can see it's a friend ... they settle back down ...return, start pruning trees (now I'm at the point of marking branches too big for my clippers with orange tape) ... and mow. The vetch is popping up everywhere, my beautiful purple spring nightmare ... inside for lunch, brush Corey, brief naps then out again ...husband joins in mid afternoon to help with pruning of apple and pear trees (which are out of control ...) Corey is in heaven lots of branches to chew ... Snoopy gets to play fetch a lot, as Corey is interested in the branches ... Banshee and DB interested in the neighbor's horses, who are remarkably friendly, touching noses through the fence, this is too much for Banshee who starts barking and running in circles ... dark is coming, 2 more weeks til daylight savings time starts (and we'll get another hour to work outside... dont know if this is good or not, I'm pretty tired!) Back to trailer, fix food under Corey's supervision, feed and kennel.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Feb. 25

Rain moving in ... husband gets up early, lets dogs out to beat rain, then into trailer ... the Damcat and I get up, to be confronted with 4 wet dogs... aargh, the Damcat runs back to the bedroom. I fix my yogurt and dogs food ... by this time it has stopped raining, so I take them for quick morning run... starts raining agaion after I feed and kennel. I go inside, dry off, change clothes and head to work (meeting out of town). It clears up pretty quickly... sunny and in the 70's when I finally return ... Banshee and DB greet me at gate, Snoopy and Corey inside .. brush Corey (who I havent given a good brushing for 3 days)... let others in, fix food, then take evening run, joined by little Mattie (who still hasnt gotten toenails cut) prune some trees and tie orange marker ribbon on branches too big for me to cut ... the early peaches are in bloom, despite the dormant oil we sprayed ... if we get a freeze now ... oh well, you do what you can do, the rest is up to the Lord.

Wanted to share this wonderful essay with y'all..
A call for improving our etiquette with older dogs.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Feb.24

Had to go to early AM meeting, woke up late, so no time for morning run ... fixed food and left it with husband... he reports that dogs had a wonderful time today as he was mowing (the vetch has started coming up) and they were rolling in the clippings (this turns Snoopy, who is yellow, green...) return right at dark, dogs kenneled but not fed yet, go out to shed, get food, take back to trailer to add yogurt and supplements, back out to kennels, feed. Also clean Corey's ears, left one is still bad.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Feb. 23

Somewhat cooler, in 40's ... brisk morning run, accompanied at end by little Mattie ... feed and kennel, go to work ... return after dark, dogs kenneled, take out yogurt and give chewies ...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Feb.22

Still very warm ... temps in 80's... morning run, state Hwy dept is fixing driveway across the road, Corey gets all wrought up chasing the trucks along the fence line...feed and kennel, do Corey's weekly 'big ear wash'... the left ear still goopy... go to work. Return, husband is just getting back with load of lumber. Let dogs out, take Corey inside while fix food, others playing with husband and workers ... go for evening run, neighbor stops me to return saw he borrowed, I tell him about Mattie's toenail (he says he cant get her to hold still either, have to wait til his mom gets back)... too late to do any pruning, practice sit and down and stay ... Corey and DB are excellent, Banshee and Snoopy are catching on, but Snoopy still tends to break stay and follow me when I turn my back... Banshee just gets too excited after the first success and starts bouncing around ...

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Feb.21

Off work for President Day. Slept late, got up to beautiful warm springlike weather again ... morning run, joined by little Mattie, fed and kenneled. Out again to prune more trees ... dogs in fine spirits, rolling in grass, Snoopy jumping in drainage pond, Corey following me around with the branches I've cut ... looking back at Angel Ginger's blog from last year this time, we were also having beautiful springlike weather, and Angel ginger was helping me by carrying the branches from the piles and strewing them around ... very windy today, wind increasing through the day ... after lunch, take naps, then load up dogs and go into town with husband ... brief visit at PetSmart (quiet on Mondays) ... too late to go by park. Return home, dogs jump out of van, Banshee goes straight to shed and into her crate ... take others, including little Mattie who was waiting for us on evening run, then get food ... when DB, Mattie and I enter shed Banshee barks and grumps at DB (apparently Banshee was ready for supper when we got home and is ticked that we went for a run instead of eating immediately) ... settles down, feed and kennel. Little Mattie follows me back to porch, she has a busted toenail but wont let me clip it. I then go inside and the Damcat swipes at my leg (apparently he was hungry too, gosh, I just cant satisfy ALL at once!)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Feb.20

Overcast, breezy, cooler this morning, 50 degrees, but feels much colder (after our 80 degree Saturday!) ... morning run, joined by little Mattie , Banshee especially playful this morning, running up to Snoopy and Corey and play bowing ... dont know what's got into her, she's usually right grumpy in the morning ... feed and kennel, go to church. Return, greeted at the gate by ... Banshee, still gamboling about friskily. Drive into parking area, Snoopy spots me and comes running off porch, followed by DB and Corey ... very strange, usually DB is the first at the gate... go inside, fix lunch, still chilly out, take brief mid day run, then nap and do wash, waiting for husband to finish paperwork that has to get in mail. Go to Augusta Post Office, then to Riverwalk, first time Corey and Snoopy have been there ... walking all 4 is an adventure, but they are doing really well, standing politely aside for bicylists, babies in strollers, screaming children ... back to van, return home, its right at dark ... go inside to fix food, then feed and kennel.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday February 19

Spring in February continues, temps reaching 80 ... of course the downside is, if the peach trees bud and bloom and then there's a big freeze, no peaches this summer ... morning run, joined briefly by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled, out again after digestive break (I always kennel dogs for at least a half hour after meals)... clipping branches, pruning ... husband goes into town to post office, DB jumps in truck with him (Snoopy tried to go too, but was soaking wet, having had a refreshing dip in the very muddy drainage pond...) inside for lunch, brush Corey (who seems to have managed to collect all the remaining sandspurs in his feathers) ... another brief pruning expedition, then load all into van and go to pharmacy for my meds... take dogs for walk by the waterworks pond, meet a guy with an electric controlled sailboat, which is terrifying the geese ... meet some cyclists, who are impressed by my dogs politely standing aside for them ... back to pharmacy and grocery store, then home ... not quite dark, so decide to tackle the dead branches in the fir trees, forgetting I'm in a Tshirt, scratch the heck out of my arms ... feed and kennel, then take a brief nap.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Feb.18

And yet another glorious springlike day ... morning run, fed and kenneled, husband gone into town ... left for work ... returned way after dark, had to go by Doc in a Box (my arm has started bothering me) 3 hrs later emerge with antibiotics ... get home, dogs of course already fed and kenneled, take out essences and yogurt ...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Feb.17

Beautiful springtime continues ... cant believe its February ... morning run, all are exuberant and cheerful... hate to leave and go to work on a pretty day like this ... return after work, running late, dark when get home, dogs already fed and kenneled ... rake out essences and yogurt

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wed Feb. 16

It is still springtime, temps getting into high 60's ... morning run, feed and kennel, to work ... husband reports dogs all in high spirits all day, wearing him out... return after work, evening run, joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tues Feb.15

Beautiful weather continues ... Corey back to normal, no longer subdued ... morning run, then to a long days work... return very tired, but still daylight, grab pruning shears and set out with dogs (joined by little Mattie!) for evening run and pruning ... clean Corey's ears (yuk, the left ear bad again) then feed and kennel

Monday, February 14, 2011

Corey wins Valentine Contest

My 75 lb lap dog won the first PAW - Providing Animals Warmth Valentine photo contest ... he was the overwhelming favorite!

Monday February 14

Beautiful weather! Clear and crisp in the morning, warmed up to high 60's... Corey fairly subdued  this morning on our morning run, and my husband says he was very subdued all day ( you have to realize that subdued for Corey is normal behavior for most dogs, he usually bounds and leaps about with mad abandon, vibrating with energy ) ... he was friendly today but it was like he was holding himself in check ... Banshee was very bouncy today, when she's in 'bouncy mode' she hope about like a rabbit, very amusing to watch ... did a bit of sit-stay practice, Corey letter perfect, DB getting there ... Banshee and Snoopy, well, they're getting better ... off to work, return after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, i take out their essences and yogurt ... Corey very excited to see me, but again, holds himself in check ...look at his ears .... sigh ... I've ordered some Vetzyme as suggested by  one of my UK friends...  it's only available in the UK, it'll take 10 days to arrive ... the yeast problem cleared up when I switched him to no grain food when I first got him, now its recurrent bacterial infection ... I've put him on extra astragulus and garlic to build up his immune system (though he doesnt exhibit any signs of a compromised immune system, when he gets a cut or scrape it heals VERY quickly) ...  I've been using ACV and distilled water on the bad ear, maybe that'll help ... they all get Vit C ... this has puzzled my regular vet, my holistic vet, and my herbalist ... (have him on yet another herbal blend now)...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly update Feb.7-13

Week starts off very cold, have a threat of snow mid week, ends with beautiful sunshine and 60's .... adoptions for SPCA at PetSmart ... I help rescue a puppy in the road on my way home one evening ... Corey's ear acting up again ... Corey and DB doing very well with 'stay' practice, Snoopy and Banshee catching on ... week ends with adventure in PetSmart parking lot ..

Sunday Feb.13

Oh boy, what a day ... begins with waking up to the poor Damcat throwing up (husband had fed him a few bites of cat food... Damcat doesnt do well with eating in the morning...) Fix dog food, out to kennels, morning run ... go to church, return, dogs all outside with husband, greet me at gate ... go inside, fix lunch. Was going back to PetSmart )with my dogs, I figured they could wait in the van) but friend of husband's shows up, so postpone til around 230 ... go into town, meet herbalist friend at gardens (have walked dogs through gardens first, they are in great spirits very friendly and happy) ... get herbs and a spot of reiki (which Corey drinks in) ... then leave and go to PetSmart to pick up some stuff, all dogs were acting well, Snoopy was letting folks pet her, Banshee and DB having a grand time, Corey only had one barking episode (when husband was talking to some people) ... we left, all dogs except Corey were back in their crates, I had backed Corey up because he needs a 'running start' to get in his crate without assistance, when all of a sudden these two totally out of control huskies came around
the van, between the van and a car parked next to us, pulling their owners, snarling... heading straight at Corey, he whipped around and started barking and snarling back, I couldnt go backwards because the van was there, I couldnt stand still because the huskies were literally pulling their owners (2 pretty hefty young guys) towards us, so I was trying to get around the side of the van, Corey's head
whipped around and he grazed my arm ... my husband reached out (to do what I'm not sure, but Corey grazed his hand too) finally (I'm sure it was only seconds) the guys dragged their dogs off and husband got Corey crated, he settled down pretty quickly,
but I'm sure it was very traumatic to him ... I was bleeding pretty freely, went to Dollar Store and got peroxide (I had bandages in the van). This is, BTW, the ONLY time I have ever seen Corey exhibit aggressive behavior (though it was defensive rather than aggressive I suppose) ...  he seemed perfectly calm on the way home, but
when we got home and he got out, he ran around and around for several minutes, clearly still wrought up ...I gave him an extra valerian tonight and some Rescue Remedy. This is the thing that always surprises me, no matter how many times i witness it, how FAST these things happen ... and this is one reason I dont go to dog
parks with strange dogs and strange owners ... I still dont believe these guys were walking these 2 huskies out in public when they clearly had NO control over them (they had prong collars on, but when an animal is wrought up to that extent, it feels nothing...) I dont really know how to work on this with Corey, he is always very
polite and friendly towards other dogs, except apparently when they are attacking him ... but I try to teach my dogs that I will keep them safe and avert any problems, and I guess Corey doesnt believe me (and I didnt do a very good job, eh... but I didnt even see these dogs until they were practically on top of us)...  oh well. Any suggestions appreciated.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Feb.12

Weather is turning really nice! Morning run, fed and kenneled, then went to PetSmart to help with adoptions (had to leave my dogs at home) ... busy day ... this was a special event due to the fire at the SPCA, trying to get the displaced doggies (currently in boarding and fosters) adopted at a bargain price ... very successful! Return home, my dogs are frantic, smell ALL these new dog smells on me (the chow that marked my foot in particular...) tired and back hurts but do evening run, some pruning, then feed and kennel. Corey's left ear is gunky again ... use some ACV mixed with water to clean it...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Feb.11

Had early hearing in Columbia, left food for husband to feed dogs ... find out later he FORGOT until lunchtime:-) After hearing finally ended, back to Aiken, went by PetSmart to see how adoptions going, returned home... took dogs for evening run, clipped a few branches, fed and kenneled.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Feb.10

Brief snow flurries in early morning, then stops ... let dogs out, morning run ... work on stay, but DB mainly interested in digging along fence line after some critter .... feed and kennel, go to work. On way home, on a back road, see a SUV stopped on roadside, man and woman around my age, man disabled, emergency flashers on, pull over to see what the problem is... they are trying to entice a puppy which has apparently been dumped , the puppy is scared to death. Get out with treats, finally get puppy to come to me, touch it, pick it up... couple agrees to take her home and see if they can find her a home (they have 2 inside dogs) nice folks ... get home right at dark, all 4  dogs greet me enthusiastically at gate, husband and workers still out working on shed ... let dogs inside, fix food, take them back out and feed and kennel.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesday Feb.9

Cold, windy again ... morning run, not very pleasant ... fed and kenneled, went to work ... clears up nicely but then clouds over again, return, 3 dogs outside, Corey inside ...  brush him, clean his ears ... then take all for evening run ... work on stay, now Snoopy is beginning to catch on ... doing really well when it starts drizzling ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel. Supposed to snow tonight...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tues Feb.8

Really windy this morning ... brisk run, did a quick spot of 'stay' training with Corey and DB ... fed and kenneled, to work... another tiring day ... return after dark, took out yogurt and essences

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Feb.7

Cold, at least not raining ... morning run, feed and kennel, do Corey's weekly ear wash... wow he can sling that stuff around ... to work ... very exhausting day ... return after dark, dogs fed and kenneled, take out their yogurt and essences ... husband reports Banshee and DB were in hole digging mode all day ...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekly update Jan.31-Feb.6

Pretty bad weather most of week...  pet therapy day for Banshee, others come for the ride, Corey goes to vet for ear recheck, the infection has cleared up, hooray!... husband gets sick and then I get sick ... fire at Aiken SPCA ... DB jumps in friend's truck for a ride...  visit to PetSmart ... a good week, all in all.

Sunday February 6

I'm feeling MUCH better today, thank the Lord, as the weather is beautiful! Sunny, in 50's... good morning run, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, taking dogs for run  ... Snoopy jumping into drainage pond, Corey finds a block of wood and is tossing it to himself ... a friend of husbands who has never met the dogs comes by ... his back window is open as he stops at gate and DB jumps in and makes herself at home on back seat (fortunately he doesnt mind, but I have GOT to cure her of this ...) we all troop back to trailer, Snoopy too wet to come in, I dry her off ... dogs are remarkably polite and friendly ... husband takes friend on tour of property, dogs follow them, joined by little Mattie, I return to pruning branches, Corey joins me... never do eat lunch... then load up dogs and into town to buy dog food, quick visit to Tractor Supply (where Corey finds a bag of dog food busted all over the floor, oh JOY!) and then PetSmart, then home, dark when get back, take dogs inside, the Damcat is totally surprised by the nightime invasion, he thinks the house is his at night ... fix food, back out, feed and kennel.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Feb.5

Raining early. Stay in bed, am feeling very ill (sore throat, fever). Rain stops, husband goes and lets dogs out while I fix food. I look outside and see DB on porch so assume they're back, go outside, no one but DB. I sit in enclosed porch with her, then one of husbands workers appears for his pay... after he leaves, I go out to tractor shed to get mower and go find husband and other dogs, then here they come ... husband says DB must have seen worker at gate cause he was halfway to back when suddenly DB disappeared.. anyway, get food, feed and kennel. Friend calls says they have plenty of fosters for animals that were displaced last night in SPCA fire, laundry room is gutted, lobby is drenched as a pipe burst. Thank God, I dont thinkl I could make it to town to get any animals. Go back to bed, feeling poorly, up again in an hour, its foggy but not raining, let dogs out, take for run ... return to trailer. Let dogs in, fix lunch, then go back to bed. Another friend calls asking about the fire and how to adopt. Refer her. I can apparently only stay up an hour at a time. Take dogs for another run around 330, then back to bed. Up again, only Corey inside, husband says Snoopy threw up while I was asleep. Go on porch, Snoopy is fine now. Give her slippery elm. Go back in, brush Corey. Its now almost dark. Fix food, then take them for final run, feed and kennel, go back to bed. Get up again to fix supper and read emails. Hope I'm feeling better tomorrow.

Help Freddie (rescued basset) fight cancer

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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Feb.4

Rains during night, everything wet ... cloudy and foggy ... take dogs for morning run, they are in good spirits... husband very sick, feed and kennel myself, clean pens... starts raining harder ... back to trailer, change clothes, go to work ... rains most of day, husband lets dogs in house, all inside when I return ... very antsy from being cooped up most of day ... it is drizzling, check radar, looks like heavier rain coming ... get food ready, rainy steadily, feed and kennel.. later in evening get report that SPCA had a fire, all animals safe, but a few tense moments ... I now have sore throat and am feeling ill...

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Feb.3

Cold, cloudy, let dogs out for AM run, starts drizzling halfway ... return to trailer get food, feed and kennel, go to work ... husband is sick, reports drizzles off and on all day, he takes dogs for several runs ... has fed and kenneled when I get home ... take yogurt and essences to kennels, chewies...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday February 2

Rained last night, but clear this morning, and rather pleasant, in 50's ... morning run, dogs all excited today, running the fence with the horses, industriously sniffing for good grass to chomp ... feed and kennel, go to work, husband goes to dentist. When I return late afternoon, after appt with foot dr, husband not back, its gotten cooler ... it was 64 when I left town, 55 when I get home ... let dogs out, go for evening run, they are wild at having been penned all day, DB runs into the middle of the field and stands in perfect pointer stance, nose in the wind ... wish I had camera! Banshee and Snoopy running around each other, play bowing, Corey running the full length of the property than circling back, oh that dog can run... return to tractor shed, husband has arrived home, help him unload truck, then get clippers and Corey and I prune a few trees, getting dark, go to trailer and let all in while fix food, then feed and kennel. Weather supposed to get really bad the next few days ....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday February 1

Cloudy, dreary, cool, in 40's all day ... morning run, Corey not limping, thank heaven! feed and kennel, to work... return at lunch, load up all dogs, into town for pet therapy with Banshee at nursing home ... take Corey and Snoopy for a brief walk and to meet the other dogs, back to van, get Banshee and do our therapy ... back to van, take DB out briefly, unfortunately she doesnt like one of the 'team' dogs, oh well. Load everyone up, go to chirop[ractor (my lower back again), then for brief outing at Odell Weeks, 2 at a time, then to the vet to check Corey's ears, the infection is gone, hooray, but his ears are 'dirty' (remember the vet told me I was cleaning too much? Well, now its not enough... so we'll do the cleaning once a week). Was going to then go to PetSmart but my back iskilling me, so return home ... evening run, then feed and kennel.