Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekly update July 25-31

What a week ... some nice rainfall followed by a week of increasingly awful temps in 100's ... poor injured fawn has to be dispatched by husband ... Sally doing well ... squash explosion continues unabated, to Corey's delight ... fleas appear to be under control ... Banshee goes to groomer ...

'I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter ~ the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment, & then He spoke softly, "I have done something," He replied, "I created you." ~ Author Unknown

Monday July 25: Rain!

Morning run, hot and sticky ... DB still itchy but dont see any fleas... fed and kenneled, went to work, returned, hot and muggy, change clothes and out for a run and watering when all of a sudden a storm blew up, we raced back up the hill but only made it to the tractor shed ... it slacked up a bit and I managed to get them down to the kennels, Corey was kenneled DB Snoopy and Banshee inside the dog shed, Snoopy refused to come out, I took Corey's food out to him and then I got stuck in the kennel area wow what a storm, lasted almost an hour. Managed finally to get others out and fed and kenneled.

Tuesday July 26: Sad incident today

We had a very sad incident this AM ... on our morning run (it was still very wet from early AM rain) we were in back near the pear trees when I noticed Corey instead of barking at the pear trees was standing in perfect setter stance at the fency, pointing, I rode over to see and the others come rushing up,, they all started pointing and barking there was a baby fawn caught in the brambles back there on the other side of my fence, I finally got dogs away and husband went back with me, fawn badly injured, apparently had been hit by a car (and somehow made it all the way back up the hill), but it couldnt stand as
2 legs were damaged... called wildlife rehab and they said they only
had 2 people in the state and the fawn couldnt survive with 2 legs
down, and asked my husband to dispatch it so, he had to shoot it, this
is the 2d or 3d time he's had to put an animal down like that, it is
very upsetting (I couldnt do it at all, I dont think but you never
know what you can do til you have to). Fed and kenneled, went to work ...
Visited Sally today, it started pouring rain the minute I got there so
they put us in the 'bath room' (where they bathe dogs) to visit. She
is doing great, wriggly and happy per usual, coat coming back nicely,
ears look good. What a nice little dog she is! Raining all the way home, dogs all inside, clip DBs nails, stopped raining after awhile, went for evening run, Snoopy leaping in drainage pond several times, whoopee! Fed and Kenneled

Wednesday July 27: Japanese beetles ack

Temps rising again, hot and steamy after yesterday's rain, lots of gnats ... and Japanese beetles swarming .. ack. Morning run, grass is growing (well, weeds are) ... all dogs right perky today, DB running in circles, Corey chasing trucks, Banshee bouncing around, Snoopy following everyone with a ball in her mouth ... fed and kenneled, put some more DE on DB and in pens ... went to work. Return nightfall, sticky hot, evening run , did some mowing ... skeeters bad but the B6 patches seem to be working and I'm not getting as bit up ...

Thursday July 28

Temps reaching 100 again. This is a brutal summer. Morning run,foggy, both of husbands worker sick now with flu, shake some trees to try and trap beetles, dogs more sluggish in the hot muggy morning ... feed and kennel, to work, on return greeted by DB and Banshee at gate, Snoopy and Corey inside ...evening run, pick squash (will this never end) Corey and Banshee vieing over pears, give Corey a whole squash (which he carries around like a toy, he'll only eat squash if its in slices, thank you very much.) Feed and kenel

Friday July 29 : Banshee goes to groomer

Heat continues ... morning run, fed and kennel, then take Banshee into town to groomer, drop off squash to various folks, visit SPCA Thrit Store, to work, then pick up Banshee (who looks wonderful) go by Feed Store to pick up Probios and cat food and let Banshee be admired, then home, temps in 100's ... dogs all inside, decide to put Banshee in her crate in AC shed so wont go through DB-Banshee reunion ritual inside ... this turns out to be big mistake, I go inside for awhile and Banshee has an accident in her crate, she is horrified (and has the runs) clean her up, then take all for run, still hot, muggy, buggy ... feed and kennel

Saturday July 30: Sally doing great

Blazing hot weather continues .... morning run, already hot and sticky ... water a few trees, feed and kennel. Husband and I then go into town to visit Sally, who is doing great (see separate update), go by PetSmart (SPCA not there today again)  and SPCA and get rid of some squash ... return early afternoon, temp 103, let dogs inside, lunch, naps ... I'm not feeling well, feel better when get up ... go out briefly , Corey finds an orange bone, brings it proudly inside, and Banshee steals it ...looks like it may storm, check Internet, decide to take dogs for run, temps have dropped into high 80's, nice breeze, never rains, but have a pleasant evening run and mowing session, husband joins us, play ball with Snoopy and Corey, then feed and kennel.

Sunday July 31: Hot and muggy

Hot and muggy morning, geez, this feels like the weather in the lowcountry, can hardly breathe ... and gnats... morning run, tried a bit of mowing, watered the trees in front (supposed to maybe rain this afternoon) ... feed and kennel go to church , return, husband goes out to turn on sprinklers but dogs stay on porch and clamor to get INSIDE, bring Corey in and brush him, have he is a mess ... then others. Too hot to eat lunch (I think eating yesterday when I'd gotten so hot did me in)... slice up and freeze some squash wash ... take naps ... still horribly hot (103) outside , no rain in sight ... clouds up around 6, thunder and lightening all around us ... looks like it'll be over soon, dogs still inside, Snoopy cowering behind couch ... husband decides to watch a DVD (as the Internet goes down), something about wild boars, Corey gets all upset and frantic at the wild boar noises ... thunder outside, wild barking inside, Snoopy trying to disappear, Banshee grabs a dryer ball and guards it against everyone... DB laying peacefully at my feet, snoozing...the Damcat hiding in the closet ... this place is way too small ... rain slacks up, get food, feed and kennel (Snoopy not eating, too scared of the storms..)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly update July 17-23

Very hot (over 100) weather returns, no rain, but muggy and buggy ... Sally goes to vet for HW treatment, does well and is back at Powderhouse ... little Mattie visits twice ... Corey discovers he loves squash too ... Corey and Banshee vie over pears ... squash harvest continues unabated ... and for bad news, we get fleas ...

Monday July 18: Sally goes to vet for HW treatment

Warmer today, morning run, fed and kennel, then off to pick up Sally
and take her to the vet for HW treatment ... I'm  sure she'll be fine, they are excellent vets, but I really hated leaving her there, she's such a little trooper, no sign of fear at all(unlike my Snoopy, also a rescue dog, who is so scared of the vet she has to be sedated).... took much longer to take her to vet than anticipated, so worked in town today ... return home, very tired, pretty hot out still, watered the pear trees, Corey and Banshee enjoyed eating pears ... feed and kenel, and little Mattie showed up! Fed her too, gave her treats.

Tuesday July 19: Mattie comes over to play

Weather definitely heating up again ... somehow managed to break transmission on one of mowers, needs to go to shop .. morning run, feed and kenel, go to work (taking squash to food bank on the way) ... vet calls mid afternoon, Sally'd bloodwork was 'perfect' and she handled the first HW shot well ....return home, still very hot, fix husband supper, fix dog food then out to water, everything getting very dry ... little Mattie joins us, Snoopy and Banshee thrilled to see her, water the apple trees and trees up front, feed and kennel

Wednesday July 20: Horrible hot weather from hell

OK, here we go, up in the 100 degree range again.. whew ... hot in early morning ... morning run, water some trees, feed and kennel, husband picks MORE squash, load up with 4 bags to go to another food bank ... to work, meeting at church with AC on the blink ... go by vet to visit Sally, she is doing great! then chiropractor, then home, still hot as blazes, looks like rain in a few areas but no luck here ... dogs greet me eagerly, go for evening run and watering, skeeters are fierce (I now have a mosquito netting top which helps some) ... feed and kennel

Thursday July 21: Oh no... fleas

Hot hot hot ... mid July heat wave continues ... morning run, water trees, feed and kennel, dogs are dragging ... go to work, still in high 90's when return, and oh no, husband has found fleas on poor DB, I know these must have come with Jake when he was here, he was scratching, I didnt see fleas, I sprayed him with the herbal flea spray but didnt put DE on him (should have) ... or perhaps when we transported Sally from the pound to the vet in my van... I am so stupid, I didnt think to remove all bedding from the van. Aargh.  havent had fleas out here in past 5 years ... vacuum carpets, put DE on dogs (and the Damcat) ... may have to use Frontline, husband wont let them inside inside with fleas and its too hot outside and they'll have to stay in crates in AC dog shed all day ... evening run, DB scratching fiercely, Snoopy also scratching now ... eh gads. Feed and kennel

Friday July 22: Sally goes back to kennel

Up to 104 today. This heat is awful. Morning run, water trees, everything drying up ... fairly nice very early in morning but by 8 AM its bad. Feed and kennel. DB still itching badly, dont see any fleas, but spray all with herbal spray ... cant bring them inside. Husband takes them into AC dog shed when it gets above 95. Go to work. In late afternoon pick up Sally from vet and take her to Powderhouse (see separate note), she is doing amazingly well, everyone loves her, what a great little girl. Call husband, he says DB and Snoopy scratching ... Pick up Frontline, return home, dogs are in AC dog shed, let them out for evening run, they are pretty sad at being cooped up in crates all day ... I really,really hate to do this, but, I put Frontline on them. You cannot know how I hate doing this, I feel like a failure... Evening run, water trees, very nasty,hot and sticky and buggy ... feed and kennel.

Saturday July 23: Heat continues

Morning run, hot and sticky already ... no rain in sight, so water trees, again. Turn on sprinklers in back. DB still scratching but not as bad ... double up the DE in their food as I assume they'll also have tapes ... feed and kennel, I go to town to visit Sally,try to take video, she is doing great,very happy, get to go in big play area, but dont dare let her loose for long. Practice 'sit' (she has this down pat) and 'down' ... too hot out here, go back inside kennel. Then go to pick up Corey's herbs from Claire, stop by PetSmart (no adoptions today except McCormick Humane) ... do some shopping, return home, husband and dogs are in AC dog shed (my husband has a computer 'workshop' in there too) ... fix lunch. Freeze some corn and squash. My little freezer is now full. Gosh its boring inside without my dogs! The Damcat, however, is tickled pink. Go let them out to pee, its still over 100 degrees. Put them back. Finally around 730 go out for evening run, watering, etc. Feed and kennel. Thunder in evening, no rain.

Sunday July 24: Dogs allowed back in again

Morning run, hot and sticky, husband has turned off outside water so cant water ... feed and kennel, then bathe DB with oatmeal soap, dont find any fleas but she is stil very itchy. Go to church, on return do brief noonday foray and water (husband has watered some this AM) Back inside, let dogs in ... do wash and other indoor chores, temps up above 100 now ... out again around 7, temps down to 97 ... water some trees, pick some squash ... Corey has now decided he loves squash as much as pears ... Banshee likes pears but not apples, DB likes pears too... Corey barks and barks at them when they get one first! Snoopy doesnt care for any of it, she is only interested in ... playing ball... feed and kennel at nightfall.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy and the wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-4/9/10)
The Damcat
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly update July 11-16

A wonderful week, despite record breaking temps ... the light goes on for Sally and her sweet loving self emerges ... angels from all over the world rally to send support and donations ... the squash explosion continues ... my gang is quite relieved whentemps moderate into 80'sat end of week ... what a lovely cheerful group of dogs I have ... and what a wonderful group of human friends, both on and offline ... I am truly blessed.

Monday July 11: AC off at work

Warm and muggy, morning run, to back to check corn, worker picks whole giant bushel basket full ... and more squash ... throw ball for Corey and Snoopy, feed and kennel, go to work, where the upstairs AC (where my office is) is broken. Wonderful. Work downstairs. Return home, has just finished raining, storm blw up out of nowhere husband says... he and dogs all wet. Steamy hot ... go inside, brush Corey, Fix food, go back out for evening run, take squash-corn to neighbor. Feed and kennel

Tuesday July 12: Miserable weather continues

Another hot sticky day ... morning run, dogs sluggish ... feed and kennel, go to work, AC still not fixed, another day camping out downstairs ... return home, fix husband supper, fix dogs food, then go to church, return, dogs still out, go for evening run, nasty, buggy, muggy ... fed and kennel

Wednesday July 13: Hottest day this year, 104

Really awful hot day, reched 104 degrees ... morning run, hot and muggy, dogs not very energetic today, trotted around did their business, then fed and kenneled, went to work ... went by kennel to visit Sally, who is doing wonderfully well (see my separate note) ... went to chiropractor, storms brewing ... by time I reach home, temps have dropped into the high 80's ... greeted at gate by all dogs, change clothes and get ready to go out to pick squash and mow, halfway down hill lightening starts, back up hill, get food, kennel ... Snoopy wont eat, storm too near ... make it back to trailer, storm hits, not much rain though ... stops raining around twilight, let dogs back out, go with husband, pick squash, dogs all very lively now, running around in the cool twilight ... kennel again, feed Snoopy, give treats to others

Thursday July 14: More squash

Cooler today! Morning run, dogs all burst out of kennels as if it were fall! Feed and kennel, go to hearing in Columbia, then back to work, tired, return home, fairly cool but lay down for a half hour, brush Corey  then out to mow with husband, pick some squash and corn, Corey and Banshee all exited about the pears ...feed and kennel

Friday July 15: Cloudy and cool!

Cloudy and cool all day ... mid 80's  high temp, feels like fall. Dogs very lively, DB running in circles, Snoopy picking up a ball, Corey racing along the fence line, Banshee bouncing up and down ... feed nd kennel, go to work, drop by kennels to see Sally, she's such a cutie, her coat is coming back in ... take a few more pictures ... give squash to several people in town, its never ending ... return home, cool and cloudy, dogs all inside with husband who doesnt feel well... fix food then go out to mow, really pleasant, almost need a long sleeve shirt!

Saturday July 16: Visiting Sally, Mattie comes by

Another gorgeous day! Sunny, temps in 80's, breezy, like May in July! Morning run, mow a bit, Corey chasing trucks (before anyone panics, our property is fenced, when a logging truck or truck hauling a trailer goes down the paved road in the front and we are in that area, Corey fence runs with the truck... some of them, he wins! Whether he would chase a truck down the road, I doubt it) ... onwards to Powderhouse to meet Deborah, play with Sally, take more pictures .. then stop by PetSmart for adoptions, then home ... let dogs out, go for brief run-mow, not that hot, high 80's, rather pleasant, then inside for nap time ...outside again, then load dogs in van and go to store and around neighborhood trying to unload squash on unsuspecting neighbors ... back home, inside briefly to fix food, then out to mow with husband, and oh no, pick more squash ... dogs really enjoying this beautiful day! Temps in80's, nice breeze, very pleasant ... play ball, eat peears, life is good ... back to kennels, feed and kennel, and, here comes little Mattie for evening snack ... a good day!

Sunday July 17: Nice weather holding

Nice weather holding ... temps in high 80's ... morning run, feed and kennel, go to church, return after lunch, mow a little (too hot in the sun, the dogs give up quickly and return to the porch) ... back inside, fix husband lunch, do wash, take naps ... out again, mow, water ... bring Corey in, brush him (he has sandspurs in his feathers...) husband takes squash to neighbor ... back inside, downloading pictures of Sally, husband watching TV, someone on TV screams, dogs all rush to living room, barking ... ack, all outside, last evening run, feed and kennel

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy and the wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-4/9/10)
The Damcat
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekly update June 27- July 3

Jake continues to learn the routine ... the Damcat still horrified at the puppy invading his side of trailer ... Corey goes to groomer ... little Mattie meets Jake ... an explosion of squash ... take Jake on big trip to his furever home, great folks he'll be very happy ... but the gang (except for the Damcat)  misses him ...a good week.

'I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter ~ the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment, & then He spoke softly, "I have done something," He replied, "I created you." ~ Author Unknown

The squash explosion continues

Relatively cool morning, nice breeze, morning run, the gang has now figured out Jake's not coming back ... no more looking for him ... ride back by the sqush-corn patch, my God, there are MORE ... take some to church. I have refreshments today. Return home, let dogs out, they want a run ... it's hot as blazes but they wont settle down, so go to bottom of hill and back, then inside for lunch and naps ...  get call from Jake's new Mom (they dont have Net access as they're on vacation) Jake is doing wonderfully, eating them out of house and home, wrestling with their other younger dog, and generally creating havoc ... she sounds very happy:-) ... get ready for evening run, go to back with husband in pickup to pick rest of the squash, I'm in the midst of a squash nightmare, I have never seen squash that grows this big this fst, it is actually quite tasty even when big, no woody texture, tender ... give some to neighbor in back, still have whole pickup bed full... the corn looks like its almost ready too. Interestingly, my dogs who love and devour fruits and tomatoes are totally uninterested in squash ... looks like it may rain, do some more mowing, then back to fix food and feed and kennel.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

We all miss little Jake

Morning run, Jake's last run with the pack ... he has learned the routine so well and so quickly ... feed and kennel, then collect supplies for his 'dowry', put harness on him , crate him, go with husband to meet my friend Beth for our big trip to take him to his new family ... see separate post on that. On my return, mid afternoon, greeted by DB and Banshee at gate, friend drives me in, unload Jake's crate, she leaves ... go inside, Snoopy and Corey all excited to see me ... let DB and Banshee in, fix husband late lunch, take brief nap, put in a wash, then fix food and take my gang for evening run and some mowing ... they are looking all over for Jake, I did explain to them I was taking him to his new home, but they still expected me to bring him back, I guess ... play ball with Snoopy and Corey, mow, then feed and kennel. The Damcat is relieved that Jake is no longer invading 'his space '.... This is one of those experiences that I felt like St Francis was with me the whole time, from sending Jake to Rose's at exactly the right time, to finding exactly the right furever home, to arranging it so I had to drive him myself instead of using transport, to having my friend Beth be off work today so she could accompany us ... I have a really good feeling about this ... however, I do miss little Jake, it was fun having a puppy around:-( and he is such a great little guy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Visit friend with new puppy

Morning run, warm and muggy , down the hill to pick squash... husband has put sprinklers on ... we all get wet ... down to woods, Jake now interested in tearingup a patch of moss ... DB and Banshee digging for some critter, Jake joins them ... all now muddy... Jake jumps up on mower and into my lap so I'll be muddy too ... Corey and Snoopy  playing ball ... back to trailer, get food, husband gone into town, feed and kennel. Husband returns, I go to work (though we're closed today, I can use our satellite office and have some things looming over me I need to finish ... while in town, visit my friend E who has just been adopted by a new puppy and wants me to look at her ... really cute little girl, apparently was wandering around neighborhood .. has found a great home with E, who has 2 other rescued dogs ... finish up work, return home .. husband and worker hve picked rest of squash, bushels of it, I could feed the county. Corey and Banshee inside, DB, Snoopy and Jake in crates in dog shed (A/C) as very very hot and husband had work to do and Jake was too destructive, he says... my back is hurting so I lay down and ice it awhile ... up again, still hot but in lower 90's now, let all dogs out, take some pictures, mosquitoes bad, spray self with poison, mow til dark ... have found a new area of sandspurs, aargh ...feed and kennel.

Jake meets his new family

Today was the big day ... we took Jake to meet his new family! I took all my dogs for their regular morning run, Jake was happy as a lark, then loaded him up in his crate with a whole bunch of supplies (food smples, toys, leashes, collars, chewies, treats, etc) put his new harness on him (he still pulls on a collr) and met my wonderful friend Beth who drove our little transport to Charlotte (thanks Beth) Jake slept the whole way, stopped outside Columbia for a potty break (and water), the on to Charlotte ... got the right exit but missed the McDonalds (which is hidden) so went to Bojangles (where there were some nice shade trees) and called new mom Nancy (who was at McDonalds, they came over to meet us) ... she and her boyfriend and one of her other dogs ... great people, great dog, I know Jake has found a wonderful furver home! Took a few pictures and video (which I've posted) ... Beth and I returned home, ran into a few problems on way back (traffic snarled on I-77 due to accident, took a side trip through Fairfield county to get to next exit), a few thunderstorms ... but a nice trip!

I'd like to thank ALL who participated in the effort to find Jake a furever home and get him there! Special thanks to Kevin L and Terry A for sending me $$ to help with transport, to the others who tried to help me rrange transport, to the other 2 families who offered Jake a Furever home (but lived too far ...)

This has been quite a wonderful experience! Thank you all for your help, support and love!