Sunday, May 30, 2010

Corey week 3

Monday: All fine, AM run, feed kennel go  to work. Lunchtime husband calls me and says Corey was fine all AM, followed him around property, cheerful, energetic, took him inside and he was lethargic, wouldnt sit, just stood there, didnt even bark at cat or want a treat. Husband was going to take to vet (who is closed 12-2). Advised husband of this and to monitor Corey. Husband gave him a gas pill, then he was fine. Husband took him for ride into town to bank, all fine. Husband played ball with Corey about 5 minutes then took him inside and he slept. Storm blew up, husband had kenneled all but Corey (he let him inside) when I returned, it had stopped raining. Corey fine, trying to chase cat. I let other dogs out, go for run, all fine, return and sit on porch, then took Corey inside for ear meds while husband played ball with Snoopy. I then let Corey out, worked in yard awhile (too wet to mow), then gave husband supper (he had a 8 PM TV show he wanted to watch) fed and kenneled dogs
Tuesday:Husband woke me up at 6 AM, said to hurry and run the dogs as it was going to rain, so, I did ... no coffee, no breakfast... and it didnt rain. Fed and kenneled, then went to Columbia for hearing. Returned 5 PM, Corey inside, husband reports Corey is getting better at not trying to get Damcat (if you're there and say 'leave it'). Greeted and treated all dogs, sat on porch, brushed the girls, then came in as it briefly rained. Gave Corey ear meds and brushed him. About 630 went out again, did some yard work then mowed in front ... all dogs peacefully watching me mow, they suddenly take off towards fence ... the neighbor's goats and dogs have got out. Call my dogs back, Corey is just all excited, go back to trailer to call neighbor, then sit on porch for awhile to calm everyone down, watch the beautiful sunset, streaks of pink and blue, evening birds starting to chorus, dogs dispersed around me, laying down and peacefully panting ... then fed and kenneled. Wed:Let all dogs out, nice AM run, beautiful weather, down thehill to Ginger's tree,  Corey now follows us down hill with no hesitation. Around to the front, DB and Banshee eating acorns, Snoopy and Corey sticking close to me, fed, kenneled, went to work. Dogs kenneled when returned home, husband in town at store. All dogs bark as I come in driveway, Corey continues barking as I go in trailer to change but stops after a minute. Fix food, change, come out and let dogs out and mow ...Corey follows me closely then sits under a tree and watches. The others go about their business, as usual, when I stop, they all appear. All dogs settling down nicely, Corey still very deferential to the girls. Mow til twilight, back to trailer, put Damcat in bathroom, let Corey in for ear meds, then sit on porch with all dogs, then get food and head to kennels ... have just finished feeding when husband arrives home, all dogs bark to greet him, then settle down with their evening chewies. A good day!
Thursday: Husband left early to meet worker in town. Let dogs out for AM run, fed and kenneled, went to work, husband not back yet ... he got back late, reports that he mowed a lot, in the heat (it got to mid 90's today...) was mowing outside fence with all dogs sitting under shade trees watching him, census worker (who happens to be one of our friends and neighbors) came up to ask about other folks living on our road, Corey goes over to gate and puts both paws on top to greet her ... he could So easily jump the fence. But as long as one of us is in sight, he shows no inclination to do so (unlike my Angel Ginger, who would get a scent of a bird or deer and go under the fence after it ... then not be able to figure out how to get BACK ... I arrive home after work, still hot, but took dogs mowing on the shady side. Corey finds one of Banshee's old rubber bones and is totally entranced by it, carries it everywhere, which is all well and good until he starts the 'drop it on lawnmower-tractor and bark for human to throw- and when human reaches for it, grab it' routine. Banshee then takes rubber bone away from Corey (he drops it momentarily and she scoops it up) trots around with it, rolls on it, DB then tries to get it, Corey keeps his eye firmly on the prize but hangs back, Snoopy ignores the whole thing (it's not ROUND, therefore it's worthless) ... finally Banshee returns the bone to Corey, but, he then starts into the bark and grab routine (I am trying NOT to encourage this) so husband takes it back and hides it on tractor. After a bit, Corey forgets about it and resumes following us and watching mowing. Twilight, I go back to trailer, get food, followed by dogs (husband still mowing) feed and kennel (and manage to rake some of Snoopy's molting hindquarters ... another 2 weeks and we dhould be through molting season... she's a real low maintenance dog except for this month when she blows her undercoat).
Friday: Husband went into town to lead new worker in, I took all for AM run ... he arrives back when we're down the hill, Snoopy and Corey spot him and run back up the hill, followed by me and Banshee... DB is back gorging at the wild plums ... Banshee and I arrive, Corey and Snoopy are being introduced to new worker, here comes DB ... all wrought up (it's HER job, she feels, to spot anyone entering the property ... she runs over and jumps (not ON him, but near him), Corey starts barking (knowing we DON'T jump on people), DB snaps at Corey, Corey then starts CHASING DB... mass chaos, I get food, whistle, head to kennels, thank heavens dogs follow me and go to their kennels ... feed and kennel, let them calm down for an hour before releasing. All fine, calmed down, we mow for awhile til it gets too hot. Sit on porch, husband inside, I stick my head in and ask if Damcat is safe, he says yes, so let Corey in, I then go in and am making frozen dog treats in kitchen when Damcat (who had been hiding behind the couch) streaks thru the kitchen, right under Corey's nose ... I block hall with chairs and think all is well, Damcat then decides to press his luck further and sits in hall cleaning his paws, Corey spots him and charges the chairs, and almost gets to Damcat, I am hollering 'leave it', Corey is oblivious, I grab his collar and hold on long enough for Damcat to get to the bedroom. Close door. I am very very careful the rest of the day, only letting Damcat out when Corey is out. Enough excitement for one day. Very hot afternoon, decide around 6 to take dogs for van ride, this is always calming (and I manage to get some of Snoopy's undercoar brushed out). Return, disembark from van, go for very brief evening run, it's sprinkling rain now, feed and kennel.
Saturday: Husband took 2 workers into town early, let dogs out for Am run, fed and kenneled. Out at 9 AM, mowed til 1130 AM, followed by Corey and DB, who sat under shade trees and watched, joined on occasion by Banshee, while Snoopy supervised the workers. Back to trailer as I ran out of gas, put Damcat in bedroom, let Corey in and brushed him. Out again around 1240, as it was clouding up, filled Snoopy's wading pool, watered plants, trimmed a few bushes. Then it starts sprinkling rain ... Snoopy, who is soaking wet, heads for the kennels, casting anxious glances at the rest of us, so we all go to kennels and I kennel all. Just in time, it starts pouring. Rain stops around 330, let dogs out, it then starts again so I rekennel. Let out again 530, go all around property, dogs exhilarated by the coolness, DB,Banshee and even Snoopy smell some critter over by side fence and run in circles and up and down fence line, while Corey watches, bemused. (Well, it took Ginger a long time to realize critters live underground too, but she ended up being the best 'mouse spotter' I had ... though she'd leave the kill to Banshee and DB)... Back to trailer, take dogs for evening van ride, brush Snoopy in the van (I need to bag up her hair and send to the oil spill) ... return at dusk, let all out, get groceries inside, get food and feed and kennel. Another good day!
Sunday: Corey's 3 week anniversary with us! Early AM run, fed and kenneled went to church ... on the down side, Banshee has diarrhea and Snoopy picked at her food and didnt finish. On the up side, all seem lively and cheerful. Return after church, let all out, it is clouding up again so take a brief run around the property, let Corey inside briefly, try to take a nap as the barometiric pressure is givung me a killer headache, then kennel all as a big storm blows up. husband and I go to town to get baby gate (to hopefully keep Corey away from the Damcat better than the chairs in the hall which he just pushes aside).Return, stopped raining, let all out go for run around property, all very energetic, Corey, DB and Snoopy get into a race back to the kennels (Snoopy is a sprinter and wins at short distance, then the long legged bird dogs outdistance her, Corey in the lead ... Banshee watches carefully to gauge their path then takes a shortcut and circles in front of them... let Corey inside to brush and ear meds (not easy task as he is still all revved up) while husband throws ball for Snoopy, then fed and kennel all.. Snoopy eating better now.

Corey is fitting in well (except for the relationship with the Damcat)... getting used to country life... and oh, it is beautiful to watch him run .... I dearly love my other dogs, my fluffy bear Banshee, my great swimmer and ballplayer Snoopy, my beautiful bird dog DB ... but there is nothing quite as lovely as watching an Irish setter run takes me back to my childhood, watching my grandad's setters and pointers run across the field. And I know that Angel Ginger is running around in God's fields now, head tilted to the wind, nose in the air,ears flying ... take good care of her, St. Francis, until we meet again ... and thank you for sending the wild Irishman Corey to us.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Corey's second week with us

Corey's second week with us ... midweek, he started limping Wed afternoon, got up from nap and, limped on left front leg. Could find no injury, but took him to vet Thursday AM, vet said he was a 'city dog not used to country life' and had probably just pulled a muscle ... of course, at the vet's, Corey didnt limp... in fact the vet commented on how he 'pranced around' ... but limped again as soon as husband got him home (I went on to work)... rested him Thursday, no ball playing ... by Friday afternoon, when i returned from work, no limping at all, so, I let him run as he was getting very antsy ... Saturday, he hung out with us outside off and on all day, blended in with the pack, followed me on mower, sat and watched us clip branches and water trees and plant bamboo, very peaceful. Still no ball playing though (he leaps into the air when playing ball and he is a heavy dog ... and I dont want him twisting anything again) will wait a few days.

My girls continue to amaze me at how accepting they are of the 'new addition' ... only problems arise when Corey stretches across an opening (door, gate, etc) and DB wants to get by, I dont think he realizes how loong he is, and that he's in the way ... a snarl from DB, he quickly moves. Banshee has had no problems whatsoever. Snoopy is feeling the lack of playing ball whenever she wants, and the last few days when Corey cant play at all have had to leave Corey inside with me or husband while the other gives Snoop some 'ball time'. Poor Snoop is also blowing her coat, and HATES having her rear end raked (combed) so she looks like she's molting ...and, when I brush-rake Banshee or comb DB, Snoopy stands nearby and barks and barks... Banshee also has a double coat, but loves to be raked. DB is a pointer and sheds twice a year, but loves to be curry combed. Corey also loves to be groomed (thankfully, there's a lot of him) and with his new haircut, he is staying much neater ...

Corey has quieted down inside, the first few days when he wouldnt rest, would bark at us, and chew incessantly have faded away. he now naps peacefully during naptime. His greatest problem still is that he follows me or my husband everywhere, and, he can not be allowed near the Dancat (or ANY cat ... husband took Corey with him to ride our worker home, worker had kitten in his yard, Corey almost tore husbands truck up trying to get to kitten. he Damcat has figured out very quickly that when Corey is inside, the Damcat gets the bedroom, closet and bathrom... I've got the  hall blocked with chairs (need a baby gate). Big problem with this, though, Corey can't be left inside without one of us there...
Sunday: Let out for AM run, Corey then takes off after a truck going by in the road and the others follow him ... Db figures out halfway across yard its just a truck, turns back, Corey then turns and comes back almost running over Banshee, who panics and starts running really fast sideways ... she then recovers and comes towards me, glancing over her shoulder to see if the bif red giant is still there. Calm her down, we have a nice run, feed, kennel go to church... hot day today, Corey inside, does OK unless he sees the Damcat, getting really antsy (needs a run) too hot ... take all dogs for a van ride around 5-6PM, this calms them down (they all love riding) and when return its finally cool enough, mow and run for several hours, then feed and kennel.

Corey's first two weeks ... seems like he's always been here. Angel Ginger is surely smiling at how quickly he has settled in ...  thanks be to her and St. Francis for sending him to us.

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy, and (we hope)the new wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-04/09/10)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Monday and Tuesday

Monday: Good news, Corey's bloodwork was A-OK (in the vet's word 'glorious') the vet called my husband  and said she'd mail the printout to us. So now I can add him to my
insurance, and start the 30 day watting period ,,,, if we get thru
that OK, and he's still fitting in well, we'll be good to go! (I
realize the waiting to make sure I can get insurance on him may be
peculiar, but I really cant afford any more potential debt at my age
... (if i were younger I'd chance it, but not now)...
Sir Corey continues to learn the new routine .... did a great AM run, stuck with the pack the whole way ... husband reports no problems today except Corey doesnt want to nap from 1-2 like everyone else, he 'fiddles around the house' and then wants to nap at 2... and then decided at 5 it was time to 'play ball' so sat in front of refrigerator staring intently at the ball basket on top ... I don't get home til 630. Well, at least no barking. Return home, got ball basket, outside with husband for 15 minutes of wild and crazy chasing balls ... he is improving, will now drop the ball and wait (sometimes) for the next one to be thrown (next step will be to stop grabbing at the ball on the ground when you pick it up... he just gets so revved up... he and Snoopy compete madly in chasing the ball, but neither gets upset if the other gets it, they just run back for the next throw. Banshee has figured out I'll give her her orange ball with feet and she can sit peacefully under the tree and chew it ... DB supervises and occasionally runs off with a ball, but has NO concept of retrieving it (she never has)... after Snoopy gets wore out she trots to her wading pool and splashes around, give Corey a few more tosses but he's tuckered out too...) get all balls, return to porch, put basket away and sit for 'quiet time' to let dogs cool down. Brush Banshee and DB, atempt to brush Snoopy (who is molting on her hindquarters and looks awful...) Little Mattie from next door comes over, Corey bounds over and she runs like heck ... Corey comes back to porch, DB and Banshee go play with Mattie. Then take Corey inside for ear meds and brushing. then out again for mowing ... Corey doing MUCH better, no more barking every time you stop. Also no longer chases the cars that pass by. (after DB and Banshee looked at him with contempt 'thats NOT a deer, you doofus, its a truck') Fed and kenneled at nightfall.

At times, as I'm riding around the property, I'll see the flash of a red tail flag in the corner of my eye, and think for a heartstopping minute ... it's my Ginger ... of course, it isn't, it's 'my Corey' ... but watching him run, with great bounding lopes, or the high stepping Irish setter trot, ears flying, nose in the air ...  for an instant, I can  see my Ginger, running beside him ... glorious red creatures, in love with life and running .... thank you, St Francis, and Angel Ginger, for sending Corey to us...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday May 16:

Sunday: Husband let dogs out early as worker was here early, and i usually don't get up on Sunday til 730. Small morning pronlem, husband was petting Banshee and Snoopy jumped her ... I came out, took all for AM run, all OK. Fed and kenneled, then let out again before I went to church, thinking they need outside time before it gets too hot. When return from church, all are kenneled, husband said about an hour afterI left, all dogs were watching him and worker (doing something to the slab for a building in preparation for building walls), and he was petting Snoopy, Corey came over and Snoopy jumped him (nipped at his head, no blood), Corey backed off but Husband kenneled them. I let all out, everybody fine, went for brief run, stayed on porch a bit, DB,Banshee and Snoopy settled into their nap spots so I let Corey inside with me to do the wash. (This is still a problem, if he knows one of us is inside he insists on coming in.) Got pretty hot today, went in and out a few times then napped. Brushed Corey. Then around 5, Corey (who has figured out theballs are in the yellow basket which I put on top of the refrigerator, is sitting at the refrigerator, looking hopefully at the basket, then whining, then barking ... well, at least the 'play ball once a day and the balls are in the basket' got learned quickly ... went outside with the ball basket, played ball, Corey and Snoopy getting very revved up and excited, Banshee has her orange ball with feet so is happy, DB supervises and occasionally fields a ball, finally Snoopy is wore out and goes and takes a dip in her wading pond, Corey ends up with a ball he wants to chew. All collapse. I go to retrieve the ball from Corey, he drops it but wont let me get it and DB snarls at him and he backs off. I retrieve the balls, put basket inside. All OK til Banshee comes to get a drink of water, and drops her ball, Corey snags it (no altercation) but Banshee looks very disgusted (And I cant just let him continue to chew it, for one thing he reduces it to rubble, for another once he has a ball he continually bugs you to throw it (but wont drop it to let you do so.) So, I put Corey inside, exchange ball for his Kong. Rest for awhile, then go for a van ride to the store. Corey in Ginger's old seat up front, DB and Banshee in their crates, (Banshee with her ball) Snoopy (wet, smelly Snoopy, who is blowing her coat on the hindquarters and looks like a ragamuffin) in back seat with me. Nice peaceful ride. Return home, take all for brief run (Corey spots a truck going by and chases it along fence line barking madly, DB and Banshee come running out of the woods, see its a truck not a deer and give Corey a look of pure contempt... storm is blowing up, get food, feed and kennel. Almost get knocked over by wind gusts ... get some of the outbuilding closed up then husband takes over. Corey barking wildly (I dont know if he's ever been out in a storm) but all have settled down now. Whew.
I expect a few minor altercations as Corey finds his place in the pack. So far, Banshee is remarkably pleasant, but anxious, my guess is that Snoopy  is feeling ball deprived (as she doesnt get to play off and on all day), usually the girls are fine waiting 'their turn' for loving or brushing, Snoopy must be feeling left out (although she isnt). DB only 'corrects' Corey if he oversteps with me (pushes at me, tries to grab a ball from me etc.) Corey is still very deferential to the ladies, he does immediately back off if one of them so signals him.  This is pretty tiring though, I hope things settle down soon. But hey, it's only been a week ... I am still very grateful to Angel Ginger and St. Francis for sending him to me... it certainly has occupied my mind and though I still mourn Ginger, I can see her clearly in my mind without weeping ... God is good.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Corey joins our family: Thurs May 13-Sat May 15

Thursday: Took Corey to the vet today .... managed to get one of my medium-large harnesses large enough to barely fit ... gave all dogs a good AM run, breakfast, then got Corey, he clambered eagerly into the backseat of my Corolla (and took up the whole backseat ...) He rides very well in the car! Got to vet, he was very  cheerful, pleasant and charming ... the vet staffer who had heard about Corey's plight and called me was so excited to meet him ... she had been so very sweet to Ginger, and said she had called that Friday to see how Ginger was (the day she passed) even though off work ... everyone thought Corey was gorgeous and the vet said he appeared in good health (except for the yeasty ears) , but we'll see what the bloodwork says ... met husband at the vet, then we went to PetSmart and tractor Supply, Corey again being charming ... he walks just fine on the front hook harness, no need for the prong collar his former owner used ... we then got sandwiches and had a 'picnic' in the park, then Corey got in husband's truck and went home with him while I went to the dentist. After I got home, had a good run with the girls and Corey, brushed everybody (Banshee and Snoopy are blowing their coars, DB is having her semi-annual pointer 'shedding', and Corey is, well, a mess .. I got some horse detangler which helped a little, but this big boy's getting a haircuit Saturday ... ( Played ball for about 10 minutes (I am doling ball playing out in a measured fashion) Corey just gets too wound up and grabs at the ball, barks, and generally gets out of control ... stopped, took Corey inside, settled him with a Kong to calm down before supper.

Friday: Let all out for AM run, husband came with us down the hill. Then back for breakfast, off to work. Husband reports Corey now taking naps inside quietly , but Damcat still heads for the closet as soon as Corey enters trailer (and I dont blame him) ... Got home, greeted all dogs, sat on porch awhile, Corey fitting in nicely, still very deferential to the girls. Brush everybody. Decide to play ball, got 2 balls in yellowbasket. Banshee manages to steal one and trots off to her kennel, I follow and exchange for one of her balls with feet. Enter ball playing arena, throw balls for Snoopy andCorey, again, 10 minutes is about the max before Corey gets too wound up ... DB decides she'll join in, her idea of playing ball is to grab a stray ball, then put it down and run around it in circles, then roll on it. Banshee rolls on her orange ball, Snoopy and Corey compete madly, Snoopy is faster at short distances and much more agile, can scoot right under Corey's neck and scoop up the ball. To give him credit, this never seems to bother Corey, he just happily chases the next ball ... but then gets one and decides he's just going to chew for awhile. Finally collect all balls, take Corey inside again for a Kong to calm down (if I don't, he continues to run around looking for balls, barking). After this, give him his ear drops, then take all for a brief run and some mowing, then feed and kennel.

Saturday: Had a good AM run, Corey tends to come to the top of the hill, then wait (maybe I'm inadvertently giving some 'signal' to wait that I've never heard of?) Anyway, if I then stop halfway diwn and call him, he come barreling down the hill... going around the side of the property, he sees my husband come out on the porch and takes off in that direction, gets to the porch, greets husband, I whistle (he's now responding to the whistle, he didnt at first), he turns and comes racing back. Then I notice one of the workers has arrived, all dogs rush to greet him, then we all sit on the porch for a bit, then feed breakfast and kennel (I always kennel for a half hour after meals.) Take Corey to groomer today to get his show coat cut back to a more manageable length for a summer on a SC farm ... pick him up hours later (I visited the adoption event at the pet store, talked to all my buddies, but it was reallly hot as the a/cwasnt working) came home. Corey's summer haircut looks great, she could have taken a bit more off, but hey. While at pet store, Corey was dancing the Itish setter jog while waiting in line, several folks asked if he 'was a puppy' ... LOL, he's 7, I tell them, Irish setters are like this til the end (as was my Angel Ginger, though the illness slowed her down, she still danced ... and ran, ears flying, til the end...) Came home, husband and worker had gone to pick up supplies, let other dogs out, still pretty hot (90's, which wont feel that hot a few months from now...) gave Corey a Kong as he was still all worked up from his trip to town. Husband gothome, played ball for a 'measured interval'), rode around the property a bit (husband got some pictures) then fed and kenneled all ...a good day, Corey is settling in nicely, the girls are being very nice to him ... though there is one really cute picture of Banshee, who FINALLY got her orange ball with feet away from him, looking up at him sternly and Corey shying off ... and a good shot of Corey running with the ball, ears flying ... I hope I can calm down his ball obsession so it's more manageable, he does love to play ball and watching him and Snoopy both chasing the ball is really beautiful (and funny) ...

I guess I best post this, I'll try to get pictures up tomorrow...

Thank you, St Francis and Angel Ginger ... for sending Corey to us. I think the wild Irishman was what we needed to begin to live each day to the fullest again, instead of brooding on the past ... and will help us remember Angel Ginger with the joy and brightness she deserves...

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy, and (we hope)the new wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-04/09/10)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Corey update: Wednesday May 12

Corey is beginning to settle in, I think ... Monday was pretty traumatic (for my husband, as I was at work all day) ... Corey apparently very stressed all day, constantly chewing up balls, panting, following my husband everywhere, barking frantically for balls. (We underestimated his ball obsession ... I was used to Snoopy, who loves to play ball, and will follow you around hopefully, but is very quiet and polite ... not Corey, he gets totally revved up, barking, frantic... made the mistake of throwing the ball for him from the tractor (like we do with Snoopy) so everytime the tractor is cranked up he goes crazy...) Inside or outside, he decided every time he saw a human to bark for a ball, and, if he saw NO human, to bark for a human to appear.  The girls were very nice to him, Banshee brought him balls several times ... this was Monday. Tuesday was better, he would at least settle down on the porch with the others, but still was frantic if he glimpsed a ball ... doesnt seek affection, tolerates brushing but isnt relaxed ...  Balls were removed (but there are still balls all over the property, and dang it, Snoopy would find them and bring them.) I started him on Valerian yesterday ... Today was much better ... Corey was calm this morning, after AM run, feeding, kenneling, I released all dogs again and sat on the porch with them, brushing and loving on the 3 girls ... Corey sat quietly with us, and finally let me pet him without squirming ... then my husband joined us and Corey lay quietly while he rubbed him ... I think watching us love up the other dogs was helpful to him ... this afternoon, husband reported Corey actually took an hour nap inside (my husband and the girls were very relieved as they could also nap!) when I got home (after picking up his food, a pillow and brushes from his prior owner, and a large extra strength Kong) he let me brush him (my God he's matted already) and quietly chewed on his Kong ... we then mowed and he started chasing the tractor and barking to play ball ... I decided not to cut out ball playing completely but give a measured amount in a specific place, not connected with the tractor (thats dangerous, he was getting near the blades) so went to this terraced area which will be our new ball field, threw balls for Corey and Snoopy for 20 minutes, then put the balls up (despite loud protests from Corey) and sat with all dogs on the porch for a half hour to settle everyone down... husband and I then mowed a bit more (Corey barked at first but then gave up), I then fed and kenneled at dusk. Corey is quiet at night in his kennel, thank heaven! Problems remain ... I'm going to have have his hair cut, he's in full 'show coat' and this isnt suitable for a South Carolina farm dog:-) ... I hate to do this, but he attracts pine straw, hay  and long grass like a magnet,and mats up. (Ginger wasnt as much of a problem, she was a field Irish with a shorter denser coat and less feathers, a 10 min comb thru every evening was fine for her)... Corey would take an hour at least, plus, when the sandspurs come in it'd be a disaster)... one problem is the poor Damcat, who even came over to sniff at Corey while Corey was napping ... Corey awakened and lunged at the Damcat (who escaped and hid ... but has had tummy upset ever since.  The Damcat can stay in the bedroom when Corey is inside, this isnt the best solution but all I can think of. The problem is, Corey wont stay outside with the girls if no human is outside, he lays at the door and barks and whimpers ...

Tomorrow I'm taking him in to the vet for bloodwork etc. The former owner was supposed to give me records but all she gave me was his shot history, said she didnt think she'd ever had bloodwork done except for titering for vaccines. Turns out she showed him and he won a bunch of blue ribbons and was only 6 points from championship, whatever that means, but never bred him. This is not the kind of thing that particularly interests me, but I think I'm supposed to do something about getting his AKC registration changed (though I dont see why it would mattrer.) She was also supposed to give me his microchip info but forgot.

At any rate ... he's settling down, the girls like him (in fact they are being very nice to him, and keep looking at me hopefully as if to say 'see, he's doing OK, isnt he?' And yes, he is doing OK ... no, he's not Angel Ginger .... but I didn't expect him to be ... Ginger was my 'wild Irish rose, the sweetest flower that grows' ... Corey is a big boisterous Irishman with a loud bark and a wild gleam in his eye ... but I think he'll do fine here. Thank you, Ginger and St. Francis, and thank all of you for your prayers and support ...

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

My girls meet Corey

Corey and his owner arrived about 130. She had said they were leaving town (45 min away) at 130, so we were still straightening up when heard all this barking outside, yep, strange lady at the door. (Corey still in the car.) I went out, kenneled my girls, then she brought Corey out .. omigosh, what a big boisterous Irishman he is... twice the size of my Angel Ginger, and rowdy ... she had him on a prong collar. I asked her to let him loose, she did, and I went and let DB and Banshee out ... initial mad barking and some snarling from DB, I held DB by the collar while Corey and Banshee sniffed, then let DB loose, she sniffed where he'd marked, they then greeted each other, I put Banshee up and let Snoopy out, then let Banshee out. Corey is running around, ears flying, feathers rippling, the girls are basically watching him... we then go on the porch, I give everybody treats, then put Damcat up and let Corey inside, where we sat and talked for a bit. I let the Damcat out and he promptly went and hid in the closet. My girls settled down on the porch and I gave them treats, then we all went down the hill (husband and Corey's mom too) I riding my mower (she didnt want a mower to ride). We then hung out at the pond for awhile, threw balls for Snoopy and Corey (big competition here, Corey is faster but Snoopy is smaller and can slide under Corey's chin and scoop up the ball... no fussing though) After awhile we went back up  to the trailer, I let Corey inside with the lady while I typed up a little agreement for us to sign (I agree to foster with intent to adopt, can return Corey for any reason within 60 days, I need to get him vetted and get health insurance) ...lady is going back up North in 2 weeks and wont be back til July but if Corey doesnt fit in between now and July I'll return him).

She then left (all the above took maybe 2 hours.) She had forgotten to bring any of his food or his vet papers, which I'll pick up wednesday. After she left, we kept Corey inside (I had thought we'd all take a nap... Corey however keeps barking and wanting to play ball, this will be a challenge ... after an hour I took them all out again (my girls are like but Mom, its naptime... but followed down hill,) I did a complete circuit, Corey sticks close to me, no altercations ... when DB was digging in the woods with Banshee and Corey came over she snarled at him and he backed off and lay down. He is very deferential to the girls. Later my husband joined us on the tractor, we mowed some in back, Corey met the neighbor dogs (sniffed through fence), no problems... except he, like Snoopy, carried a ball hopefully and the minute you stop barks at you to play ball ... he also had a habit of trying to snatch the ball out of your hand, but quickly learned no one is going to play ball unless he drops it (on the lawnmower footrest), then sits and waits for you to pick it up. Still barks though, working on teaching no one throws ball until he's quiet ...) Corey, like Angel Ginger, sticks close to the humans, by your side ... at dusk, went back to trailer, got food, and fed and kenneled all dogs. Corey went straight into his kennel, didnt eat all his food at first (well, thats why I wanted some of the food he's accustomed to, Eagle Pack, so I can transition him...) Thank heavens, no barking when we left them, and quiet now.

Corey drinks a LOT of water ... and he's one of those dogs that after he drinks shakes his head so water goes everywhere (kinda a mess inside the house, but my kitchen floor needed washing anyway ... if he and the Damcat get along and he gets to be inside I'll put his bucket in the tub)...His owner said he countersurfs and will go after garbage, and chases cats, so obviously I cant let him inside by himself ...  he also pants MUCH more than any dog I've had ... and he is BIG, and boisterous. None of my front hook harnesses are big enough, of course, and I'm not using a prong collar ...he is supposedly obedience trained (he does know sit and down) but he could pull me flat on my face in a second. He doesn't seem to have any aggressiveness at all, he is being very deferential to the girls (one funny part, when we were sitting on the porch Banshee was under the bench snoozing, he was barking and barking to 'play ball' and Banshee came out from under her bench, walked over, took his ball, and glared at him, then went back under the bench. He quieted down. He's rather more pushy than I'm accustomed to (he nudges at my treat pocket, he nudged at me when I was carrying the food to the kennels, which is annoying, and will need reteaching.) But he is watching ALL of us very closely, and seems to be trying to figure out the 'new rules'.

I kept telling my girls 'OK, girls, he's a big rowdy guy, but Ginger sent him to us, so let's try to settle him down and teach him some manners' ...DB looks like she understands. Banshee is suffering a bit of anxiety, as she kept trying to hump my leg (which she only does if she's very anxious) He certainly he is not Ginger, quite different personalities, Ginger was the sweetest dog I've ever had, she could give you a look that would melt your heart ... but oh, I love to see an Irish setter running  (though Ginger was actually faster, as she was smaller and more streamlined ...) that great loping stride, and the beautiful  high stepping trot ... the pure joy on their face to feel the breeze on their face ... the thought of an Irish setter living somewhere he can't run is, well, a heartbreaker to me.

Thank you, St. Francis and Angel Ginger ... I am praying Corey works his way into my pack and my heart ...

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee,Ginger and Snoopy(dogs)
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

Very strange

The strangest thing has happened. I got a call from one of the staff
at my vet's office (the local vet who cared for Ginger), a very sweet
lady who was very very loving to Ginger (as was everyone at my vet) ..
she said there was a new client who has just moved to town and brought her Irish setter Corey, but wants to rehome him as she is in an apartment and he has no room to run and she is 'getting into horses' now ... Connie (the vet staffer) said she'd had him since he was a puppy, he's now 7 ... neither Connie or I, of course, could understand HOW anyone could give up an animal who'd lived with you 7 years, but, whatever. Connie said she'd thought of me, because she knew how I had
rescued and cared for Ginger and how well loved and cared for my
animals are, and how they have plenty of running room ... anyway. I was not, as many of you know, looking for another dog, I was waiting  for St. Francis to send me one if he chose to... or not. I was even leery of going to the shelter to volunteer as I was scared another dog  would 'speak to me' and I'm not ready yet  ... Connie said she didnt want me to feel pressured, she'd understand if I wasnt ready yet, but when she saw Corey and heard the lady was going to rehome him she just immediately thought of me ... But the thought of an Irish setter, needing room to run, (and running is what these dogs are BORN to do) with an owner who is going to rehome him ... I called the lady. She  said Corey was 7, loved people (what Irish setter doesnt), he'd had obedience and agility training and been in dog shows ... he is now neutered (I didnt ask how long) and is good with other dogs (she didnt
have any but takes him to dog parks etc) but doesnt do well with 'big black dogs' as one attacked him as a puppy ... and if another dog acts aggressive to him he'll act aggressive back (I actually dont believe I've ever seen an aggressive Irish setter, but ... Banshee isnt
actually 'aggressive' but she has space issues and can be very grumbly at times) I asked her to bring him out to my place to see how he got  on with my 3 girls ... this will be Sunday after church.

My husband really loves Irish setters ... he'd been looking on
petfinder and finding these Irish setters in places like New Jersey
... I told him if he wanted another dog it HAD to be a local one I
could see if the dog got along with my girls FIRST.  I am open to the idea of another dog in my pack ... and I'd hoped for St Francis to send me a male, I feel like I've just been lucky not to have too many problems with my bitches and adding another might be asking for trouble ...

I have no idea if this is a good idea, or not. I still miss Ginger SO
much (and, I assume I always will) ... and feel she had a 'paw' in
this somehow... but I  don't know if it's fair to my 3
girls to add another dog yet, or, fair to the new dog. I don't know if
he'll fit in, I dont even know if this lady will think our place is
'good enough', and I still cant understand WHY she'd be giving him up (Connie said he had no health problems)... but I know from my rescue work that people DO this kind of thing all the time, move and rehome, at least she cares enough to try and find a place for him...

It all just seems SO strange, right after I get the wonderful memorial stone for Ginger and write my post about it, I get this phone call-.