Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekly update August 23-29

A good week. weather better, not as hot ... but lots of gnats and mosquitoes. No rain all week, so manage to get whole property mowed at the same time ... Banshee gets a bath at the SPCA dog wash, Corey and Banshee eat LOTS of pears, DB and Banshee tease Corey with pears, Snoopy eating better, little Mattie comes over several times, the Damcat getting very bold (I'm still concerned if he comes in with the whole pack of dogs they'll attack him and he wont be able to escape), DB and Banshee catch another couple of mice ... memories of Angel Ginger 'helping' me clip branches ... God is indeed good.

Monday: Didnt sleep well last night, up late, not very chipper this morning ... dogs, however, were bright eyed and bushy tailed ... good run, fed (Snoopy even ate her dry food) kenneled, went to work. After a long day, returned home, husband out mowing, dogs greet me at gate. I manage to bang the knee that I banged on my desk drawer earlier on the gate. Got to trailer, changed clothes, let Corey and Snoopy in, brushed Corey... then out to mow. Mattie comes over and has a great time teasing Corey .. she runs under him, then hides under a mower, then jumps out and runs under his nose ... then they all chase each other. Mow in back, by pear trees, Corey stations himself hopefully at a tree, give him a pear ... he crunches joyously ... then DB grabs his pear and runs off with it ... Corey, the most gentlemanly of dogs, never food guards or tries to take it back, just follows, barking piteously, until she drops it. this time he eats FAST. Husband reports that earlier in the day, all 4 dogs inside, the Damcat saunters in, right up to Banshee, who is chewing a Kong ... Banshee just stands there but then drops the Kong and glares at the Damcat ... who scoots back under the gate ... Getting dark, back to trailer, pick up food, Mattie joining us for supper, weaving around my feet (this is what is unnerving to me about little dogs) ... feed all, kennel.

Tuesday: Somewhat cooler today! Good morning run, all dogs very lively. Fed and kenneled, then put Frontline on them (I hate to do this, but am still nervous about ticks...) went to work, a meeting, then dentist, then back to work, then home ... husband has been sick with tummy problems ... had Corey and DB inside, Banshee and Snoopy out, said he'd had them all much of the day. Make husband some soup (well, open a can), let Banshee in, brush Corey, then take all out to mow ... actually quite pleasant out now, humidity is lower, and only in high 80's ... Mattie joins us, we go back by the pear trees, Corey standing guard at a tree, I give him a pear, then Banshee takes one off a tree, and Corey follows her around the whole property, \barking. This is as bad as the ball obsession ... And worse, DB and Banshee tease him, they'll swipe his pear and then tantalize him with it, always out of reach ... finally will give it to him. Finish up around nightfall, feed and kennel.

wednesday: Cool and cloudy ... morning run, fed and kenneled. Husband still sick. Went to work, sun out by time I get home. Corey and Db inside. husband reports dogs been in most of day, he'd let them in and out. Banshee and Snoopy outside with little Mattie. Let Corey and DB out, mow... husband joins me after awhile... DB and Banshee teasing Corey unmercifully with pears , DB has now decided they're good to eat. DB,Banshee,Snoopy and Mattie hunt for rats along the fence line ... and find a small one, DB kills it and ... eats it. Nightfall, fed and kenneled.

Thursday: Warm again, but not super hot ... maybe the worst of summer is over? Husband better, he and 2 workers go to other property, leaving me alone, morning run, fed and kenneled. Snoopy not eating dry food again.. go to work, return, Db greets me at gate, husband out on tractor ... get to trailer, Corey figures out I'm home and rushes to greet me with Banshee and Snoopy. Put up groceries, change, then husband comes in. Let Corey in alone, have to groom him (missed yesterday, he's a mess, sandspurs in feathers etc ... the other dogs line up by sliding glass door and watch me torture him... finally get him halfway decent, then go out and mow... it's almost all mowed at the same time! (no rain for a week...) DB and Banshee again teasing Corey with pears (they'll grab a pear then saunter in front of him, drop it, then when he reaches for it grab it back, until he starts barking mournfully) ... no little Mattie tonight. DB appears with another mouse ... which she brings to me, then eats. (When Banshee catches one, she just brinbgs it to me to dispose of... ) The dried green tripe I ordered arrives... mass excitiment! Feed and kennel at nightfall.

Friday: Pleasant, cool and cloudy ... morning run, feed and kennel, take DB to get nails clipped, return and go to work. Return, husband just leaving to go get lumber. Bring Corey in, brush him, then go outside, looks like it could rain! Get clippers and clip branches ... the dogs grabbing the branches from the pile, carrying them around, rolling on them... oh, this reminds me of one of Angel Ginger's last good days, when she so diligently 'helped' me by carrying off the branches I put in a neat pile and arranging them more artistically around ... I stop, and watch my 4 beautiful dogs ... and feel Angel Ginger's spirit nearby .... continue working til nightfall, Mattie comes over in time for supper ...feed and kennel.

Saturday: Weather is lovely, in 80's ... morning run, feed and kennel (Snoopy eating well), then take Banshee to ice cream shop in nearby town  for the SPCA dog wash (we got rained out 2 wks ago). not a huge turnout.Got through quickly, Banshee got her free ice cream treat (yum!) then went to Pet Smart to say hi to rescue folks there ... then back home. husband and workers still workinhg, DB greets me atr gate, Corey is laying in the shade watching husband, Snoopy is ...around. Kennel DB and Corey (have to kennel DB when Banshee has been on an outing and returns), then Banshee. Snoopy shows up, follows me to trailer. Grab a quick bite then go release dogs. Snoopy very interested in Banshee's 'fresh clean smell'... take all inside. Husband finishes work, we all take naps ... let dogs out, then back in, whoops, the gate was left open, Snoopy has trotted through the hall and is sitting at the washer watching the Damcat ... call Snoopy, latch gate ... the Damcat then saunteres into the kitchen, all 'puffed up' ... I can no longer keep him away from the dogs, so put him in bathroom. Brush Corey. Then let all out and mow. Mattie shows up, plays with Snoopy and Banshee, comes over for a treat, hangs out with all of us for awhile then takes off ... Nightfall, feed and kennel.

Sunday: Cool this AM, dogs burst out of pens and run like the wind (cooler weather is a blessing! if it weren't for the gnats and mosquitoes, it'd be heavenly... ) Brisk run, feed and kennel, go to church... return, dogs still kenneled, release, change clothes, put in a load of wash, then start to mow ... get mower stuck in this huge hidden hole, get husband to unstick me, he puts his back out; get him back into trailer, laying down. Continue mowing, it's heating up a bit and the breeze has dropped so gnats are bad, come back inside. All dogs in, Damcat keeps coming into kitchen, put him in bathroom, lunch, put in another load of wash, fold first load, nap. After finishing nap and second load of wash, go out to mow. Husband says his back is better and joins us. the whole property is basically mowed now (its always exciting when its all mowed at the same time) and I'm working on trimming around trees. decide to pick what good pears remain (I wanted to let them stay on the tree til end of September, but Banshee has now figured out how to get them (Corey is polite, he'll wait for me to give him one)... finish up fence line. Husband has to come in, he's managed to mess his back up really bad now... go in, brush Corey. Then back out again, it'd be really nice except for the gnats ... feed and kennel at nightfall.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekly update August 16-22

A good week ... hot, muggy, buggy, but dogs are all well, happy, and cheerful ... little Mattie gets over her fear of Corey and starts visiting again, the Damcat getting bolder and bolder, one altercation (my fault) quickly resolved, my great hunters catch two BIG rats, Corey sees wild geese (as well as cows) ...

Monday: Cloudy, cool, morning run then fed and kenneled, Snoopy doesnt want to eat dry food. Sigh. went to work. Husband reports started raining and rained all day, he let the dogs out for a run at noon and then kept them inside trailer ... when I returned, still raining, dogs inside, they clump up at dog gate and ...disaster... dont know who started what but Banshee ended up on floor with Snoopy grabbing her neck, I reached over and got DBs collar, husband managed to pour water on Snoopy and get her off Banshee, I put DB in computer room, Snoop ran to front of living room and hid behind couch, husband got her outside ... I let Banshee thru dog door and left her in bathroom ... she was shaking, didnt even notice the Damcat who was sitting in the hall, I locked Damcat in bedroom. Corey was  just staying in the kitchen until all others separated, he then started pacing back and forth while I attempt to clean up the water and blood (blood on floor, walls, etc) ... checked all dogs, only visible injury tiny cut on Snoopy's face , Banshee licking at her leg but didnt appear injured... go outside and clean Snoopys wound. Then its stopped raining, took Corey and Snoopy for a run, told husband I'd be back and then take DB and Banshee, but, somehow he let them out ... DB came racing down hill towards Snoopy, but, didnt do anything but sniff her, Banshee stayed on porch, clearly unhappy ... I get treats and head for kennels, all follow, DB goes to shed, others in their pens. Leave them to calm down with chewies for a half hour, go get food, feed, check again for any injuries. All this totally my fault, the hallway with the dog door is WAY too small for all 4 dogs and when I get home they rush to greet me, too much excitement, too small a space, asking for trouble... just glad it wasnt worse.

Tuesday: Warm and muggy ... let all out for morning run, everyone is best of friends again. Nice run, if a bit buggy and muggy ... fed and kenneled. Snoopy again wont eat dry food. Go to work, return through blinding downpour, husband says it's just started raining and he's kenneled dogs. Arrive home, still drizzling, lay down for half hour (really tense from the drive) then its stopped so let dogs out. Still very humid, sticky, buggy ... cant mow, so ride to back, Corey stops at pear trees and barks longingly, give him one, then Banshee; they settle down and crunch away. a very slight breeze now, but still awful ... return to trailer, sit on porch but still buggy (boy I need a screen porch this year!) Take Corey inside to brush, he's complaining bitterly but manage to get sandspurs out of his feathers ... then let others in while I fix food. Feed and kennel, Snoopy eating fine tonight.

wednesday: Foggy, warm ... good morning run, DB and Banshee digging furiously under oak trees ... Banshee then rolls in the leaves, what a dirty dog. Feed and kennel. Snoopy again wont eat dry food. go to work, return through storms, husband reports dogs in with him after lunch, he ran them once, and was playing ball with Snoop and corey when lightening started so put Snoop and Db in crates brought Banshee and Corey inside. Arrive home, drizzling. Brush Banshee (who loves being brushed) attempt to groom Corey, stops raining, go with Corey and let DB and Snoopy out, Banshee still inside with husband... get her out, then start mowing in back ... give pears to corey and banshee. Go back and get husband to help mow ... til nightfall, then feed and kennel. Snoopy again eats fine in the evening.

Thursday: nice morning run, sunny but not terribly hot. DB and Banshee digging for ?? under the oak trees again, then, a flock of wild geese flies overhead and Corey goes nuts, barking, chases them to the back of the property (wow, he runs like the wind) ... the other dogs watching him and looking at each other ... maybe he's never seen-heard wild geese before? corey trots back, mightily pleased with himself for 'chasing away the evil geese'... feed and kennel, go to work. return, not raining ... DB and Banshee greet me outside, Corey and snoopy inside ... brush Corey (he's gotten burrs and wheat pieces matted in his armpits ... ) then mow til nightfall. Little Mattie from next door comes over and plays with Snoopy at the fence line, them ventures nearer and nearer, finally approaches where I'm mowing... Corey is laying down, so doesnt look as intimidating, Mattie gets nearer and nearer, Corey stands up, yikes! Mattie runs ... but returns, sits on porch with Snoopy watching me and the other dogs in front, gradually comes down again and this time makes it to the mower, the other side from corey ... this 'dance' continues til suppertime, I get the food and all dogs including Mattie follow me to the kennels, Corey barking his joyous 'it's suppertime!!' bark, and Mattie chimes in 'yap,yap' ... we go to kennels, Corey and Snoop to their pens, DB, Banshee and Mattie inside the shed and to the crates (Mattie apparently remembers the 'routine') feed all, give all chewies. a good day!

Friday: Morning run, brief, feed and kennel, go to hearing in Columbia; husband calls and has locked himself out of trailer ... nothing I can do. return after hearing in blinding downpour, not raining at home, husband and dogs in a/c dog shed ... exhausted, lay down, then later get up and mow ... Mattie comes over and joins us, not scared of Corey anymore, lets him chase her... sticks around again through suppertime.

saturday: Slept late, morning run, fed and kenneled, looks like it might rain at any moment. Mowed until early afternoon, Mattie came over and accompanied Corey and I, other dogs lay on porch, then inside with all for a nap. Had to let all out but Corey to brush him, clip nails ... mid afternoon starts raining, dogs in, and out, DB and Banshee get wet, try to dry them off and let them in too, DB causes problems (snaps at Corey) and put her out. Let DB back in again, she goes to her bed and lays down. All quiet. Start wash, all antsy again, need a run but its still thundering outside and people are getting struck by lightening a lot round here, don't want to add to the number! Take dogs for van ride, Corey gets to see 'his' cows ... return, almost nightfall, take for run around perimeter, stop near woods... and the mower dies. like the starter wont work. Give up, walk back to trailer, inform husband, feed and kennel dogs ... then go with husband to tow mower back to garage.

Sunday: Foggy this morning, its always interesting to run the dogs in fog. they appear and disappear... fed and kenneled, went to church... returned, husband and all dogs out mowing, greet me at gate. I put groceries i bought on way home in fridge, change, and join them mowing until about 1, too hot to continue, go inside for lunch. Banshee doesnt come in. Go out after lunch and Banshee comes in. The Damcat is coming into the kitchen, inches away from DB ...who doesnt react, none of the dogs do, but I'm still concernedabout all 4 being in room with the Damcat ... husband takes shower, I'm on computer, dogs all asleep, all of a sudden DB has a nightmare, wakes up barking (she does this) and runs to door, others all following her,  let them all out , DB runs all the way to the gate, nothing... they all come back. All getting very restless around 6PM, stil too hot to mow, take them for van ride, little Mattie comes over and wants to join us but no, don't have extra crate or harness small enough. return around 7, start to mow ... DB and Banshee and Mattie catch a BIG rat by the fence (the neighbors just had their property bush hogged, first time this summer, I KNEW we were hoing to have a rat influx ... get husband to continue mowing pour side so theres NO high grass for the rats to hide in ... the dogs get another rat (even Snoopy joins in the hunt, but not Corey ...) I find and dispose of one, the other (I think they ate it as I cant find it). Mow til dark, then feed and kennel.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly update August 9-15

A good week! Highpoints include Snoopy getting chewing gum in her fur, Corey getting 'quicked' by clumsy Mary Lou, Banshee going in to town for a bath and getting rained out, van ride to Bilo, and attending a memorial service in spirit for a departed dog friend in the UK ...

Monday: Morning run, no work here today. My back spasmed during night again, am moving very very slowly. Fed and kenneled, Snoopy eating well. go to work, return, husband in town. Let dogs out, very brief run, then inside. Can't bend over to brush Corey. Back outside, another brief run and mowing, then sit on porch til time to feed and kennel.

Tuesday: Hot and muggy, morning run, then feed and kennel. Corey doesnt want to go in pen, goes in shed with DB, Banshee and I, I leash him take him to pen. he won't eat, only a bite, barking. wont take chewie. I am beginning to wonder if this is a strange reaction to the rabies shot 2 weeks ago, last Monday he did the same thing. Go to Saluda to meet clients, then return around lunch time; all dogs inside. I have a work related evebing event, so take a few hours off, Decide to groom Corey, try to take him in computer room but he gets all upset, so, put DB and Snoop in crates in shed and let Banshee out. Groom Corey, Let Banshee in, brush her,then decide to clip Corey's nails. All fine.  then get DB and Snoop and bring them back in. and ... blood everywhere, apparently I quicked Corey ... and cant find styptic powder, finally get it stopped, husband says he'll clean up (I have to go to dentist and then a 6-9 work event at library... so, I leave. I truly hate it when I inadvertently injure one of my babies... I feel like the klutz of the world ... return home, husband has fed and kenneled all.

Wednesday: Morning run, Corey's paw is fine.Feed and kennel, all eating well. Go to work, return, Corey, DB and Snoopy inside with husband, Banshee in her cave under the porch. Go in, dogs wildly excited, Corey crowds DB, she snaps at his face, husband puts her out. no injuries. After awhile, go outside on porch. Still hot, decide to mow anyway, and water (no rain for almost a week.) Nightfall, feed and kennel.

Thursday: Hot and muggy... August in SC. Morning run, back to kennels, Corey doesnt want to go in his pen, no, he wants to go in the shed with DB and Banshee, let him in briefly, then leash him, he trots happily to his pen. Go figure. Feed, Snoopy not eating her dry food. Corey doesnt want his chewie. Go to work, return, husband in town at Lowe's. Let dogs out, all excited, run around then realize how hot and nasty it is, humid, buggy (gnats), and settle down under tree to watch crazy Mary lou mow. I give up and join them. Mattie from next door comes over, actually comes up to us, takes a treat, plays with Banshee and Snoopy (Banshee play bowing, Snoopy rolling on her back, then Snoopy chasing Mattie ... and then Corey, who has been standing back politely, joins in, Mattie takes one look at the big red tank barreling towards her and yips and runs ... Corey circles back and sits by me.. but Mattie has fled ... she comes back later when i make it back up to the trailer, comes over for a treat ... Corey is at the front door but then comes down the porch, Mattie runs again. but this is the closest she's gotten. I remember Banshee at first was hesitant at Corey's size ... it took her a week or two to stop eyeing him nervously when he was running behind her ... fed and kenneled, all eating well.

Friday: Hot and mugggy still, morning run and omigosh, Snoopy gets chewing gum in her fur!! One of husbands workers must have spit it on ground somewhere ... got ice, got most of it out but had to cut some fur off. Fed and kenneled went to work ... went by SPCA Thrift Store, then to lunch with my 'dog people' friends, back to work. Returned home ... and its pouring rain.Dogs kenneled. Finally slacked up around 730, let dogs out and had a rather damp evening run, fed and kenneled again.

Saturday: Cool (high 70's0 and cloudy in AM, but still very damp after yesterday's rain. morning run, then fed and kenneled, release again after a rest and rode around property, trying to decide if pears should be picked ... I've not had pears before ... check on Net, says this variety nheeds to ripen OFF tree in September. Pick a few that are damaged, give to orey and Banshee (Corey LOVES them, eats them completely, Banshee eats a bit and carries them around, Snoop and DB still think they're a play toy not a food item... around noon, load up Banshee to take to town for SPCA dog wash ... but halfway to Aiken, it starts raining, pouring ... dog wash cancelled. Go to walMart to pick up some vitamins 9at least its cool enough to leave Banshee in the car) then take Banshee to PetSmart (I promised her an outing) ... and its not raining on that side of town. Visit the rescues doing adoptions today, one really beautiful boxer girl, and some very sweet white puppies ... Banshee is petted and cooed over and given treats ... decide to go back by dog wash to see if they cranked up again but no, still raining on that side of town. Return home. Husband says it drizzled a bit, but the 3 dogs stayed dry on the enclosed porch so he let them in. Let Banshee out of car, she doesnt want to come in, go inside greet others and then bring them out, Banshee and DB do their 'reuniting dance' (Banshee picks up a piece of wood, growls at DB, DB dances around her cautiously, they sniff each other, then sit for treats ... ) take all inside for nap time. Up again around 5, still relatively cool out, mow for an hour, rest, mow some more, looks like its going to rain, come inside with all dogs but they're too restless, so let 3 out and keep Corey in to brush (he's a mess, and he grumbles SO at being brushed ...), got the ShooTags in mail, got husband to pout on Corey's collar (I need to change DB's collar and find the breakaways for Banshee and Snoop... then back out for an evening run, feed and kennel.

Sunday: Warm and muggy, morning run, fed and kenneled then to church ... returned and tried to mow as it is threatening rain again and I wanted to finish the section I was doing yesterday ... hot and sticky, I only lasted an hour ... Corey stuck with me, the others went to the trailer and sat on the porch til Corey and I dragged in (well, I was dragging) went inside, oh blessed cool! fixed lunch, did wash ... started raining, then stopped, went back out but came in quickly ... Banshee and DB wouldnt settle down so put them out ... brushed Corey, had a brief nap with the Damcat ... out again late afternoon.... My friend Kathy in the UK (whom I have never met except online) had a memorial service today for her Angel Bridie, who crossed the bridge 2 days before Angel Ginger ...DB,Banshee,Snoopy, Corey and I went to Angel Ginger's tree this afternoon (after it stopped raining) and I talked about Angel Bridie and how I always pictured her with Angel Ginger .. then, the oddest thing, the dogs were all grouped around me, and DB's head suddenly whipped around and she cantered to the edge of the 'grove' (there's a slight depression, then the hill starts on the side) and stood there on alert, then turned around and rejoined us... I believe animals are more sensitive than we humans to spirit presences, and, DB is the most sensitive of my animals ... and, I think Angel Ginger and Angel Bridie joined us for a moment ... after this, mowed a bit, went over to pear trees so Corey and Bsanshee could eat a pear and DB and Snoop play with them,  then back up the hill, took dogs for van ride to BiLo, return after dark, feed and kennel. ...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Natural flea-tick repellents

Haven't tried ShooTag, but think I will give it a try
If anyone HAS used this, please let me know!!
shoo!TAG™ combines cutting-edge science and technology to produce a “green” product that emits electromagnetic frequencies to keep pests away, eliminating the need to use toxic chemicals on your animals.

This business, Fleabusters, sprays nematodes in your yard and uses DE (and boric acid?) in your house! Locations nationwide!! (And yes, you can do this yourself. I have not checked cost (I may call next week, there are locations in SC and GA) but it might be worth it for those of us with bad backs)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Corey at school Dog Assembly 8-3-10

Corey and Chase represent Ireland ... not real clear pictures, but, you get the general idea ...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly update August 2-8

A good week! Two days with rain (one for 7 hours), Corey goes to a Dog Assembly at an elememtary school, Snoopy eating well most days, Banshee and DB settling down inside, no one chasing the Damcat ... I still miss my Angel Ginger, especially at night when I watch the stars (Mars is getting brighter and brighter as August progresses) ... and when I took Corey to the Dog Assembly and thought of how very much Angel Ginger would have loved to be there, she loved children so much; one of my last memories of her was when we were returning from a chemo trip to Greenville and stopped at the little park in Saluda for her to potty, there were CHILDREN there! and sick as she was, her ears perked up, and she smiled and wanted nothing more in this life than to go play with the children... I picture her sometimes, on the other side, playing with all the child angels who were taken too soon from this earth ....

Monday: Still cloudy and somewhat cool! Morning run, fed and kenneled, Snoopy not eating again... and Corey doesnt eat all his food... but both are eagerly taking treats, running and seem to feel fine ... return from work, only 90 degrees! greeted inside by all 4 dogs ... all tumbling over each other in the narrow hall ... only one growl from Banshee who ends up underneath Snoopy ... they are improving, but this is just TOO small a space for all 4 of them... Damcat sitting on washer watching disdainfully 9which is fine, as long as he doesnt decide to saunter into the midst of them...) Husband goes into town to buy lumber, I start mowing, manage to slice my forefinger on the clipping catcher, way out back, have no bandaids, one kleenex, drip blood all the way back to the trailer, Dogs following, whining ... bandage finger, return to mowing til nightfall, feed and kennel 9with great difficulty, never knew how much I use my forefinger) ...

Tuesday: Well, we certainly did get rain... started at 630 AM, poured off and on til afternoon... managed to get the dogs out for a 10 minute 'run' in the drizzle around 10 AM and get them fed and re-kenneled before the deluge started again. I was going to do outreach in Edgefield today, didnt. At 1 PM, got Corey and took him to a Dog Assembly for school children in Aiken, he and his buddy Chase were representing Irish setters ... Corey rather damply and muddily ... friend Joann gave him a cool bIrish bandanna (matching Chase's) and we got a little Irish flag (which I have placed on Angel Ginger's ashes container)it was a nice event, though Corey was very revved up (no exercise) and apparently stressed, as he kept barking and wanting to leave ... he's the kinda guy who loves to come in and greet everybody ... and then wants to leave, doesn't see the point in hanging around and chitchatting. This wasn't really a good 'trial' for him, as he'd had NO exercise, but I doubt if he'll enjoy pet therapy work. Once we left, he lay down in the back seat and snoozed peacefully until we got hime, then jumped out of the car (stopped raining) cheerfully greeted the girls, then came inside and settled down to snooze some more. After a bit, husband and I went out to mow and re-till some of the areas we're trying to grow grass insead of weeds, Corey was in fine fettle, running and eating pears and playing with the girls. Nightfall, fed and kenneled, Snoopy eating fine today.

wednesday: Morning run, no workers today. Fed and kenneled, went to work, returned around 6, hot as blazes and humid. All dogs inside ... when I arrive home and all inside it is mass chaos at the dog gate across the hall ... finally got all calmed down, changed clothes, brushed Corey, then outside on porch until it cools down... a bit ... then mowed til dark. Feed and kennel, all is well.

Thursday: Morning run, down hill to back to check on progress of weed eating by cypress trees, husband and worker spreading manure on top of hill which of course distracts the dogs, ask them to please till it QUICK. Back to kennels, feed, Snoopy eating well, Corey's ears looking good... go to work, return around 630, DB and Banshee under porch, corey and Snoopy inside ... prepare food, sit on porch a few minutes, then kennel with tripe chewies as husband and I going to a newly forming Neighborhod watch meeting (someone down the road got robbed). Returned around 830, dark ... fed dogs. I  hate missing our evening run, it's the high point of my day...

Friday: Let all out for AM run, very lively (they didnt get a run last evening)... upon return to feed and kennel, Corey wont go in his pen. DB, Banshee and Snoopy acting normal. Feed them, Corey finally enters pen and eats but only half. Snoopy wont eat her dry food. Corey then pushes out of his pen when I go in to clean ears and just stands out in the yard, barking. Ignore him. Go in trailer, he follows, barking. Husband then going to bank, takes Corey with him. I leave and go to work. Husband calls and reports Corey is now fine. I guess it was the lack of exercise last night. Husband calls around 4, he was going to town for lumber and had kenneled the dogs and then locked himself (and keys) in the trailer. I leave work, arrive back around 430. Husband has decided to seed the tilled areas, all dogs out. Unlock door for him, then change and go outside ... a storm is brewing. Bring all dogs inside, it rains til about 730, then theres a break, was going to run dogs but still a drizzle so, feed and kennel. Snoopy wont eat (shes scared of storms.) Bad storm til after dark. Two days without an evening run...

Saturday: Cloudy and cool. When I wake up, husband has already let dogs out and is seeding. Join them, take dogs around property, back to pens. All act normal, but Snoopy again wont eat. Stays fairly cool (low 90s) all day, mow after it dries off. Take dogs inside, brush Corey and Banshee, wash DBs tail (covered in red mud), start doing wash ... husband gone into town to get lumber, decide to take a nap, put 2 dogs DB asnd Banshee outside to act as an 'alert' system (we've had robberies in our area, even in broad daylight, so I dont want us to look like no one is home including dogs... during my nap DB starts barking, the inside dogs Corey and Snoop join in and rush to the door so I open it and let them out, all 4 dogs race towards the front gate ... dont know if it was a potential intruder or not, there is a truck going down the road ... dogs return, vastly pleased with themselves. Decide to forego nap and mow some more. Husband returns, joins me, mow til nightfall, feed and kennel.

Sunday: A bit foggy but clears quickly, morning run, feed and kennel (Snoopy eating fine) then church.Nice service, blessing the new doors and other items. Return, dogs still kenneled! Husband had been working on sill plates and dogs harassing them. Let all out, nice breeze, mowed a bit up front then got too hot, all inside. Husband still out working on building. lay down and read, fall asleep on couch, wake up all cramped up, so move to bedroom with the Damcat. Husband comes in, now the dogs are all restless so let them out, DB and Banshee go scouting along the fence, Corey and Snoop come back inside. about 600 go out to mow again ... fairly pleasant, husband joins us. One of my favorite sights (which I can never capture on camera) is all 4 dogs, laying under a shade tree, beautifully disposed in the grass, watching me mow... they really are a lovely pack of dogs, white, yellow, black and red. Continue working til nightfall, then feed and kennel ... Snoopy gobbles up wet and dry food!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekly update July 26- August 1

Monday: Back bothering me, took day off. Morning run, back bothering me too much to water, dogs OK but moving slow (for them) in the heat ... fed and kenneled, then brushed Corey and took in town with me to vet for rabies (3 yr) shot... I always dread this, and I HATE giving rabies (its the only vax I give) as I believe the first vax gives lifetime immunity, but, the law says 3 years. Grrr. I am a big supporter of the Rabies Challenge Fund study, hopefully some day SOON we'll only have to give every 5 years... anyway, also had vet look at Corey's foot as it looked more swollen today, she said it was infected, gave me Clavamox and told me to clean with Betadine. Other than that, she said Corey looked great! his ears are fine, he has lost 1 lb but as she said, he's 'tightening up'. return home, hot as Hades ... whatever circle it is that is the Midlands of South Carolina circle, I sure hope I don't end up there! returned home, DB greets me at gate ...Husband had Snoopy inside, Damcat in the bedroom, said Snoopy had been OK with Damcat but then lunged at him when Damcat sauntered by... took corey in, Banshee emerged from the cave under the porch, so brought her and DB in also... Banshee was so hot I guess she promptly fell asleep on the kitchen floor, DB curled up in the dog bed, Corey stationed himself beside my couch, Snoopy at husband's feet at computer. After awhile, I decided to go lay in the bedroom with the Damcat, as my back was hurting. Got up later, sounded like a storm coming, thunder and lightening ... decided to take dogs for ride to Bilo. When returned still no rain, so mowed and watered apple trees til nightfall. Fed and kenneled, washed Corey's foot and gave him antibiotics and pumpkin, as his stools are loose (dunno, possibly the rabies vax).

Tuesday: Hot, still... morning run, down to water Angel Ginger's tree, back started bothering me again so no more bending! Back up hill, fed and kenneled. Snoopy eating OK, Corey's stools better. To work, met coworker for trip to client's home (very interesting old lady, living by herself in the country, reminded me of myself in perhaps 15 years, but no dogs ...) returned home through blinding rainstorm, which stopped before I got home, of course ... husband had 3 dogs inside, Banshee emerged from cave and came in with me. poor Damcat in the bathroom (husband said Damcat was out earlier, he was taking a nap with Corey and Snoopy and Damcat sauntered in and both dogs chased him ...) hung around inside awhile,  as it looked like it may rain, then outside, remarkably cooler, nice breeze ... husband threw ball for Snoopy and Corey for awhile, then watered and mowed a bit but lightening too near ... dogs very frisky, DB leading a chase around in circles, leaping over the piles of grass clippings, Corey and Snoopy hot on her track ...finally they got too revved up, I calmed them down (sit for treats) then Took Corey in briefly, gave him antibiotics and washed his foot, decided to feed and kennel even though only 8 PM as it still looks like it may rain at any moment. Alas, no rain, but nice and cool and breezy ...

Wednesday: Foggy but cool in morning, nice run, feed and kennel. Snoopy not eating again... went to work, returned to be greeted by DB and Banshee emerging from the cave, Snoopy and Corey inside... lay down for 15 minutes as for some reason  am exhausted ... got up, DB now inside, let Banshee in also, still hot and muggy out... brush Corey and wash his foot, give antibiotics, give husband supper, then outside to mow ... get about 10 minutes done and a storm blows up, decide to feed and kennel, Snoopy terrified of storm, quivering all over, wont eat again... though she does eat her tripe chewie... lots of thunder and lightening all night (and a little rain...)

Thursday: Hot and muggy ... pretty sluggish AM run, feed and kennel. Give Snoopy plain dry food, duck and potato, she eats fine. Hmmm. Go to work, return to all 4 dogs greeting me at gate, husband is out working on building... pretty hot out, still , so bring all dogs inside for a bit, then out to water and mow, working on the peach trees by the travel trailer, someone has MOVED the hose, cannot find a hose anywhere, grrr. Go further down the line of trees and work there. Dogs in good spirits now, still hot but a faint breeze ... but OH the mosquitoes!! I have to drench myself in poison and it wears off after about an hour. Finish around nightfall, feed and kennel.

Friday: Early morning run, then watered and mowed awhile as I'm taking morning off so that I can take Corey to groomer before my afternoon appointments ...Snoopy ate her dry food (duck-potato) but wouldnt touch her wet (which had her DE mixed in it.) Mowed til about 11, let dogs inside (hot out already) and tried to neaten Corey up a bit so groomer won't think I'm a total slob... Left around noon, dropped Corey off, then afternoon appointments... picked him up a bit after 5, then went by SuperPetz which is going out of business, got the last bag of Wellness blue food. Return home, husband has gone to town to Lowe's, dogs kenneled, let all out, hung around inside until it cooled off enough to stand mowing ... other dogs sniff Corey very carefully (I get them to use no scent shampoo after one time Banshee came back smelling like a $10 streetwalker and was attacked by DB) then we have a grand time mowing and running ... nice breeze in back. Corey picks a pear and eats it, DB picks one and plays with it until Banshee grabs it and eats it. Snoopy figures out it isnt a ball and loses interest...feed and kenel at nightfall. Brief altercation, Corey keeps bugging DB to play MORE, run MORE and DB is ready for chow ... first guves him a dirty look, that has no effect, snarls at him, no effect, jumps and snaps at his ear... AHA! Corey backs off, deferentially, DB circles once, I call them all over and calm everyone down. Then feed and kennel ... Snoopy eats her leftover wet food from AM. And her dry food.

Saturday: Cloudy and relatively cool, morning run, husband and all workers working on building. Fed and kenneled, Snoopy doesnt want to eat again, takes a few bites of wet food (with DE) and a few pieces of kibble, thats it. If she was losing weight, i'd be concerned, but, she's a good weight, and, she always takes treats (even if the treat is a piece of kibble she's just turned down.) Let dogs out after half hour rest, mowed and watered apple trees til noon, when it started getting hot... accompanied by Corey, who stations himself under a shade tree near where I'm working. Other dogs appear when I stop mowing, then wander off again. back inside at noon, change clothes (I'm sopping wet) let Corey and Snoopy inside (Banshee and DB are in cave under porch.), then let DB and Banshee in... husband then wanted me to go pick up sandwiches for his crew, getting the dogs OUT proved problematical, Corey and Snoopy go right out, Banshee has to be leashed, DB absolutely refuses (curls up in the dog bed and will NOT move. Finally husband picks her up and puts her out...) Then getting through the gates, Corey and DB decide they want to go too, have to trick them and RUN for the car... return with sandwiches, DB and Snoopy come to greet me, decide to kennel them so workers can eat in peace... Banshee emerges from under porch, where's Corey??? Not over with husband. Not on porch... getting really upset, calling, whistle .. and here he comes, he's been asleep under the travel trailer over on the other side. Take him and Banshee inside... do wash etc. Starts raining , rains about an hour, uncrate DB and Snoopy and am going to bring them in but it starts pouring again, so, kennel them, run back to trailer (get soaked). When rain finally stops for good, around 6 PM, take all for run, then for a van ride, then home, feed and kennel. Snoopy eats fine tonight. More rain in the night.

Sunday: A right pleasant day weather wise! Good morning run, fed and kenelled, went to church ... returned, dogs all meet me at gate and escort me in, husband and worker at slab... change clothes, mow for an hour, getting hot around 1, so go in with Corey and Snoopy, then later let DB and Banshee in. DB still having issues with leaving the house ... to get her out take bag of pretzels out on porch, other dogs follow me, DB and Banshee stay inside, finally come out. husband out working so DB and Banshee go over there, take Corey back in to brush, then back out for more mowing. The mosquitoes and gnats are pretty bad, have to replenish my poison several times. Little Mattie from next door comes over, sees me on porch abd is running happily up when Corey (who has been standing behind me) takes off after her, she bolts for the fence ... I do manage to get her to come up to the fence and take a treat while my dogs (including Corey) are sitting by me, maybe she'll come over again... corey is so non aggressive, but I guess he's just SO much bigger she's scared of him... finish mowing around nightfall, feed and kennel , Snoopy eating fine, Corey's foot healed.  good day!

Another July, gone ... July is a special month to me, it was in July that DB and Banshee 'appeared' under my tool shed as puppies, and, it was in July that Angel Ginger 'appeared' at my gate and rode in with my husband to her 'forever home', sadly, her forever was only a year and a half (on this earth, but forever in my heart) ... I miss my Ginger of the Flying Ears every day ... I'll be watching the other dogs and their antics and feel her sitting by me, watching (she never was much for playing with the others, she'd sit and watch and then take off like a red bolt of lightening and RUN around the property, ears flying, then come back and watch some more .... ) She was such a sweet dog, with a lovely spirit ... I also miss her particularly at night, when we'd sit on the porch and watch the stars... and then she'd go turn on the motion lights .. none of the others do this... but yes, Corey is a darling, he has fit in beautifully, the 3 girls love having a 'man' around, and, I do too.. thank you again, Angel Ginger and St. Francis, for knowing what we needed around here, and sending Corey to us. God is good.