Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct 24-30

A good week ... beautiful weather... turns much colder end of week, first freeze ... the Damcat and DB and Banshee hot on the trail of mice ... the Damcat actually gets OUT of the trailer and goes on the porch ... Snoopy hobbling gamely along, often on all 4 legs ... dogs all get van ride and outing on Saturday ... little Mattie visits several times ...

I dont usually promote rescue dogs in my 'updates' but this one is heartbreaking, Sasha, a 10 year old dobie girl whose owner died ... and the family dumped her in the Aiken County Shelter ... Sasha is in good health and very sweet, obesience trained, and no doubt stunned to find herself on a cold cement floor ... please, is there anyone who can offer this good ol' girl a comfortable place to live out her last few years??? Adoption fee only $35...

“Preach the gospel always, If necessary use words.” ~ St. Francis of Assisi

Monday October 24: The Damcat hot on the trail of mice

The Damcat awakens us at 5 AM, the mouse he's been stalking for weeks has been caught in trap under washer ... back to sleep, briefly ...sunny morning , damp but no frost ... the Damcat gets out on porch, hunting more mice I suspect ... latch him in then let dogs loose for morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to work. Return, rather tired, was going to groom but no energy. Evening run, almost in the dark.

Tuesday October 25: Little Mattie visits

Getting warmer again. Sunny this morning, run-walk, little Mattie shows up for chow. Feed and kennel, off to work, put on a big luncheon, exhausting. Finish work return home, husband has just returned from buying still more lumber. Let dogs out, briefly, then inside to fix food, then out for evening run. Practice sit-stay-down with the 3, they are getting pretty solid (though Banshee tends to wander off if the stay lasts a long time...) husband walks Snoopy, we watch a blimp go by... then feed and kennel.

Wednesday  October 26: DB and Banshee hunt mice, catch one

Warm this morning. Morning run-walk, Mattie shows up for breakfast
Return home, all dogs inside, fix food, take the 3 for evening run... but only Corey comes with me, DB and Banshee are after a mouse (I assume) in a pile of old fence posts by travel traiiler. (Husband says they caught one earlier in garage....) Ackk, why are mice so early this year!!! Corey and I have a fine run, practice sit-stay-recall-heel, he does really really well by himself ... return to trailer, get husband, Snoopy and food, back to kennels, here come DB and Banshee, no luck catchig the mouse

Thursday October 27: Banshee banished for tearing up towel

Up earlier so can get to early meeting. Morning run-walk, feed and kennel. Return home very tired, loong day, almost dark, gfreeted at gate by Banshee, rest are inside (husband had banished Banshee to porch for tearing up a dish towel... fix food, pet Snoopy, take the 3 for evening run (in the dark, no lights on mower) ...Mattie shows up for evening run (in the dark) and supper. Feed and kennel, clean Coreys ears (which look good!)

Friday October 28: very windy

Morning walk-run, breezy this morning which always sets dogs into frenzied running in bursts of speed. Snoopy hobbling gamely along. Feed and kennel, then take Corey in shed and groom him, finally get the mats out on his stomach. The hot spots are cleared up, hair regrowing. Go to work, the Xrays, the chiropractor. Pitch black dark when return, husband has fed and kenneled. Take yogurt-essences out to kennels, fix tomorrows food

Saturday October 29: All dogs get van ride and outings

Rained last night, still drizzly early morning, delay morning run til stops. Windy, cleaning, dogs all (including Snoopy) raring to go, sniffing the wind, running full tilt (except Snoopy. husband walks her ..) feed and kennel. Then groom Corey and Banshee (muddy paws, tangled feathers), give DB and Snoopy a quick rub down with waterless shampoo, then load all up and go into town, stop by Boots & Bridles, walk a bit in in park, then across the street to my vet, who is having open house, miss the costume contest (but we werent in costume), Corey on pretty good behaviot by now has settled down .. then on to PetSmart, take DB and Banshee in to greet our friends, very very busy today! Decide to not take Corey in, instead go to Hopeland Gardens and walk him, then DB and Banshee, my feet are beginning to hurt ... Snoopy gets to take a very brief walk to pee. Back in van, Corey cant or wont get in, have to lift him (first front then back) I hope he's not developing some kind of rear end arthritis...  this is a bit much, I know I have to give Snoopy a boost into the van, but she weighs under 50 lbs ... on to grocery store, quck stop by dollar store then home, pretty tired. Disembark, get groceries in one hand, lead Snoopy with other, into trailer. Very windy. Husband puts up groceries. Make coffee, sandwiches, then lay down (my feet hurt) up again to fix food and then do evening run, at nightfall, getting cold... feed and kennel.

Sunday October 30: First freeze last nite

Beautiful cool fall morning, light freeze last night, frost rimming the trees and grasses ... morning run, dogs all energetic but without the frenetic energy of yesterday (caused by the wind, I think) ... Snoopy walks with husband while I run the rest. Feed and kennel, go to church, little Mattie shows up just as I'm leaving , too late ... covered dish lunch, return home. Change clothes, take Snoopy inside, take others for run, mow for awhile ... lovely out here today ... back inside, fix husband lunch, do wash, try to take nap but the Damcat wont let me sleep ... up again, husband out at slab with Snoopy, lets her back in.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct 17-23

Week starts out in 80's, ends with lows in 30's ... some fog and rain and high winds midweek ... Corey's hot spots healing ... Snoopy's slow steady improvement continues .. little Mattie visits .. a good week

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter ~ the cast-offs of human society. I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. I was angry. "God," I said, "this is terrible! Why don't you do something?" God was silent for a moment, & then He spoke softly, "I have done something," He replied, "I created you." ~ Author Unknown

Monday Oct 17: Warm, sunny

Warm and sunny. Morning run and walk, feed and kennel. Snoopy walking pretty well. Corey's hot spots healed and ears look good. Go to work, return, workers just leaving. Fix food, evening run, feed and kennel

Tuesday October 18: Fog and rain

Early morning hearing, dense fog, have to drive slowly so  ... left food for husband to feed dogs ... return from Columbia, continue work, very warm, in high 80's ... rain coming in ... return home, husbands workers just leaving, dogs kenneled. Fix food, go to take dogs for run, starts drizzling.Back inside. Eventually slacks up. Evening run, feed, kennel

Wednesday Oct. 19: More rain, then windy

Damp mist this morning ... dogs out for morning walk-run ... starts drizzling halfway through, quickly back to kennels, feed and kennel. Go to work, steady rain. Starts clearing up mid afternoon, cold wind. Check on Sally, her mom says the training went well Monday! Hooray! Return home, husband had kenneled dogs. Fix food then evening run, it is COLD ... high 50's and a very strong wind, brrr .. dogs are enjoying it immensely, DB running in circles, Corey running in full gallop, head in the wind, ears streaming, Banshee bounding up and down. Husband is walking Snoopy. Who wants so very badly to join in the race with the wind ....

Thursday Oct 20: Cold moves in

Clearing, substantially colder, still windy ... morning run-walk, feed and kennel, off to work ... return late almost dark, greeted at gate by DB and Banshee, Corey and Snoopy inside. Fix food, evening run, feed-kennel

Friday Oct 21: Little Mattie visits

Frost this morning, brrr ... clear and chilly, husband gone to bank, let dogs out for morning run, have to leave Snoopy in pen ... return, kennel Corey, put DB and Banshee in crates, take Snoopy out on leash and go back to trailer to get food, little Mattie shows up, workers arriving, husband arrives, takes Snoopy for brief walk, kennels. Proceed with feeding. Go to work, return, Corey inside, Snoopy and DB and Banshee kenneled. Let them out, all inside, fix food, leave Snoopy inside while do evening run ... whoops gazebo door has now fallen off ... mow a little, then back to pick up food, meet husband at kennels. Feed and kennel. Whew.

Saturday Oct 22: Snoopy's rehab going well

Clear and cold this morning, in high 30's. Morning run-walk, feed, kennel, then leash Snoopy and go to town, help set up SPCA 'dog fair', then take Snoopy to rehab, she's doing SO well, walked almost the whole time on treadmill, there was another dog there but it didnt faze her, loved on Maggie (the vet tech)  and even lay down on mattress with her, got laser treatment, just enjoying herself now ... then to Claire's to pick up herbs, Snoopy talked' briefly to Claire, then home (brief stops to pick up supplies for lumcheon I have do do next week) . Met at gate by ... Banshee. Back to kennels, put Snopy in kennel, here comes DB. Unload car, go inside, Corey and the Damcat greet me. Let DB and Banshee in, Fix lunch for husband, go get Snoopy and bring her inside then take DB,Banshee and Corey for run and mowing. Return to trailer, husband leaves to go buy lumber, dogs settle down for naps. Read and work on computer, do wash. Dogs wake up, restless. Take to kennels, kennel Snoopy, take others on run and mow, then back to kennels, take all inside shed and groom. Corey is a mess, hasnt had thorough grooming since last Sunday (I've been so slack), get most of matts out, brush Banshee (who is in good shape), then DB and finally Snoopy (who cant get on table, so I cant do a very good job bending over, plus she licks my face constantly). Kennel all, whoops, its dark, husband still in town. Got get food, bring back and feed everybody, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's knee, wash up bowls, measure out tomorrows food, refill water buckets, etc.   Without husband to help, this takes well, twice as long, about 45 minutes. Give all evening chewies (dried tripe) return to trailer. Not going to fix supper til husband returns, maybe I'll luck out and he's eaten in town.

Sunday Oct 24: Corey gets tangled in couch cover

Warmer today, morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, dogs kenneled as husband and workers working on building. Change clothes, let dogs out, walk Snoopy (she is alking pretty well) then put her inside, take others for run and some mowing (the broom straw is going wild) .. still sandspurs, too. Corey has gotten all persimmons from low branches now and stations himself at trees barking for me to pick some for him (and Banshee and DB). Finish mowing for awhile, go inside, fix lunch for husband, attempt to take nap, Corey somehow managed to get himself completely wrapped in the throw cover on the couch and couldnt get untangled. The other 3 dogs came to help me get him untangled, Banshee then dragged the throw cover off and started ripping it up. So much for THAT nice peaceful nap:-) Take Snoopy out for walk, return inside, put wash on, fix food, then outside again, workers leaving. Mow a bit, then take Corey, DB and Banshee to shed to try some more mat removal on Corey I dont think they clipped him well enough on his stomach last time. This is a mess. Using mane and tail detangler helps but not that much, working on the mats with combwhen husband brings Snoopy and food down to kennels,  this sets Corey over the edge (almost literally, as I had him high in the air to try and get his tummy) ... ok, I give up. Feed and kennel.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekly update Oct 10-16

Rain much of the week... Corey's hot spots improving ... visit Sally... take Snoopy to rehab... Mattie visits ... Blessing of the Animals ... a tiring week, but good.

Monday Oct. 10: Columbus Day

Off for Columbus Day. Morning run, cloudy, windy, feels like will rain at any moment. Spray Corey's hot spots. Feed and kennel, go to town for some errands, return mid afternoon. My back is really bothering me today/. Dogs all inside, brief run, then inside again, do wash, nap. Starts drizzling. Take all out to shed, groom, Corey's got more sandspurs. Ack. Snoopy learning to like basket muzzle.

Tuesday Oct 11: Rains all day

Fine mist this morning. Morning run, starts drizzling, quick back to kennels, feed and kennel go to work. Rains all day. Return. Has just stopped raining almost nightfall, take the 3 for a run, feed and kennel

Wednesday Oct.12: Visit Sally

Drizzling still in morning, had early hearing in Columbia so fixed food and left with husband to feed .... long day, dropped by to quickly visit Sally (and drop off dog class paperwork for her mom) ... return home, met in driveway by Corey and Banshee, Snoopy and DB inside. Go in, give all treats, husband had left food in kennels. Out to kennels, crate everyone, then groom. Corey's hot spots better. Its stopped raining, so take the 3 for evening run, whoops Corey has the runs (too many persimmons?) Return to kennels, feed and kennel.

Thursday Oct. 13: Storm hits early evening

Cloudy and damp, but not raining, morning run, now DB has the runs, break out pumpkin for everbody. Feed and kennel, go to work. Clears up during day but on way home a terrible storm hits, fortunately husband had put dogs in kennels. I wait out worst of it at the BiLo, when I get home it has stopped raining. Things blown everywhere. Fix food, take the 3 for evening run, husband walks Snoopy, feed and kennel

Friday Oct 14: Therapy for Snoopy

Clear and cool and windy, still very wet from last nights rain ... morning run, all very excited, trying to keep them away from persimmons, DB and Banshee digging after a critter in woods, Corey running up and down front fence line. Feed and kennel. Thrn get Snoopy, go by food bank to deliver food then to town for Snoopy's rehab (cant go tomorrow because church yard sale). Snoopy does very well, lets the ech and vet pet her, walk her, go through exercises, has laser therapy, and hydrotherapy, lets tech towel her dry; vet says she is coming along well. Take Snoopy back home then leave for hearing in Columbia. Return late day then go to chiropractor, then home, its dark, husband has fed and kenneled dogs. Get yogurt and give them yogurt-essenses and chewies, check Corey's hot spots, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's stifle. Tired.

Saturday Oct 15: Mattie comes to visit

Beautiful clear sunny weather .. morning run, DB and Banshee digging after a mole, Snoopy walking well with husband, Corey's hot spots have healed up nicely, but poor guy keeps picking up more sandspurs ... feed and kennel, go to help at church yard sale, return home after lunch. Dogs all kenneled, husband has workers on building today. Take dogs inside, then take the 3 for brief run, return, fix lunch for husband and workers, lay down and read, am pretty tired. Up again. as Corey and Snoopy keep licking me in face. Take the 3 for run, mow, finally huband finishes work, feed and kennel, Mattie shows up for supper, then go to town with husband to buy lumber. Return late. Tired.

Sunday Oct 16: Blessing of the Animals

Bright clear sunshine, heating up again. Morning run-walk ... ack, DB has gotten grease all over her, must have gotten under a vehicle? Feed and kennel, go to church. Return, let dogs out for run, put Snoopy inside, husband has people working on building. Fix him lunch. Then take dogs to kennels, crate, work on cleaning up DB and Corey , the waterless shampoo cleans up DB's grease! We should do a commercial. Groom Corey who has sandspurs galore, then Banshee and Snoopy, then load them into van to go to Blessing of the Animals. Arrive later than had hoped. All dogs revved up, and I forgot to give them DAP spray or essences. Manage to get seated, have brought a tennis ball for Corey (unfortunately its a squeaky type) ... all OK until ... Corey spots the donkeys and, goes nuts. Will not shut up, he is screaming 'donkeys! Donkeys! Over theeeerrre!' at the top of his lungs, so, take him back to van, get back to service. Snoopy is now getting very anxious, backs off from the man in robes and hides behind my chair.  DB is enamored of the male dalmation next to us and keps play bowing, twirling around, jumping ... Banshee gets the ball Corey left and starts guarding it from Snoopy(who just wants to 'get outa there'.)  Get the 3 blesed, then put Snoopy in van. After a bit, bring Corey out, he has settled down, get him blessed, walk him around, talk to folks, we are actually near the donkeys wth no problem, until ... the donkeys move, Corey goes off again, so, put  him back in van. Return home, take the 3 for run, Snoopy inside, lay down a few minutes then fix food, go out and mow til nightfall, feed and kennel.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekly update Oct 3-9

A tiring week, beautiful weather continues, Corey gets another hot spot and goes to vet.. Snoopy does well at rehab... the Damcat chases Snoopy  ... little Mattie shows up for supper twice... Banshee goes to pet therapy ... visit Sally ... a tiring week, but a good one...

"Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks :
They are only animals." - Theodor Adorno , 1903-1969

Monday October 3: Beautiful weather continues

Beautiful sunshine continues... morning run (and walk), Corey chases a chicken truck, gleefully, Banshee and DB digging after some critter in the woods, Snoopy (and husband) watch from up the hill (he takes Snoopy to the front porch to watch us go down the hill, then over to vantage point on side to watch us by woods ... Snoopy is remarkably calm about all this, she doesnt try to run to us, she watches, and waits ... I ride over and pet her on the way down and then coming back. The other dogs are also remarkably (to me, at least) calm, at first DB would try to 'entice' her to join in a game of chase (none of these dogs are 'wrestlers', their idea of a fine time is to chase each other and run in circles (and Snoopy and Corey, of course, want to play ball.. oddly, since Snoopy has been lame, Corey has STOPPED fnding balls and bringing them to me, after that first day when he went around picking up Snoopy's toys). Feed and kennel, spray Vetericyn on Corey's hot spot, comfrey oil on Snoopy's leg ... go to work. Return almost nightfall, DB and Banshee greet me at gate, Snoopy and Corey inside, fix food, take the 3 for evening run, meet husband and Snoopy back at kennels.

Tuesday October 4: Feast of St Francis today, pet therapy day for Banshee

Feast of St Francis today! Beautiful weather, warming up ... morning run (and walk for Snoopy), feed, kennel, go to food banks then return, pick up Banshee and go to pet therapy. Too hot still to take all dogs. Pretty depressing visit, one of our favorite residents who loved Banshee , has passed away. Also, the nurse who gives out treats was in a meeting, Banshee and Katie (another of the therapy dogs) ran up to her door and ... it was closed. The expression on their faces ... then, the door opened, another  nurse gave them treats. Whew. After therapy, went by store to pick up Probios and dog food, then home, husband had dogs kenneled as he had a coputer torn apart and in pieces all over living room. Kennel Banshee, take nap, then take the 3 for a run, Snoopy for a walk, then crate everyone and groom everyone ... Corey's hot spot getting better. But poor thing has sandspurs everywhere. Snoopy learning to eat treats out of muzzle. Clip DBs nails.

Wednesday October 5: Corey gets another hot spot, Mattie shows up for supper

Warm sunny weather is back, but highs only in high 80's ... morning run (and walk), feed and kennel, spray Vetericyn on Corey's leg, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's leg, go to work, and dentist today, return home totally exhausted from dental ordeal, husband in shed with dogs, lay down for brief nap, then fix food, go and get 3 dogs for run, pet Snoopy ... mowing sandspurs, manage to run mower into a hole way in back of property and have to walk all the way back ...  while walking notice that  Corey now has a raw spot on the outside of the same leg he had the hot spot on the inside , I didnt see it last nite when I gave him a thorough groooming so I guess he got into sandspurs today sometime and gnawed it ... yikes. Back to tractor shed, pick up other mower, mow some more, I have GOT to get rid of these sandspurs ... DB and Banshee seem to manage it fine, they just 'comb' them out with their teeth, poor Corey is like Angel Ginger was, the burrs get all tangled in that fine setter hair and he just doesnt have the oral dexterity to remove them neatly , I feel SO badly about this ... back to trailer, pick up food, feed and kennel, and ... here comes little Mattie!  Gave Mattie supper and a chewie, petted her a bit. ... proceed with nightly doctoring (spray Corey's hot spots, rub comfrey on Snoopy's leg...) dried tripe has arrived (we were out for 2 days) so all are really excited at their chewies ... back to trailer accompanied by Mattie, we sit on porch awhile, then she goes 'home'. I sure wish they'd give or sell her to me, her nails need clipping, her eye still looks bad.

Thursday October 6: The Damcat chases Snoopy

Morning run-walk, sunny weather continues, Banshee and DB chasingh a mouse by the slab, Corey chases a truck, meet husband and Snoopy back at kennels, go to work. Long day, return home, all inside, door locked, knock and all start barking, husband apparently fell asleep ... he lets ALL dogs OUT of front door and here they come racing to confront the intruder ... including poor Snoopy, hopping. Settle them down get Snoopy back inside, where the Damcat chases her, Snoopy gets behind couch and stays there. Let others back in, fix food, take the 3 for evening run. Feed and kennel. Corey's hot spot (the new one) looks awful, am taking to vet tomorrow

Friday October 7: Corey goes to vet for hot spots

Sunny again, morning run-walk, Snoopy doing well today. Feed and kennel, go to work, return after lunch, pick up items to take by church for yard sale next week, load up Corey and take to vet for a look at his hot spots. Get antibiotic spray. Also get his HW test (negative) and his other lumps and bumps checked (all OK), and vet says his ears look great! Husband supposed to pick him up so I can go to chiro, doesnt show up, call, he's fallen asleep. Take Corey over to park to walk and be admired, then to chiro, finally husband shows up and takes Corey home. Have chiro visit, return home,  greeted at gate by DB and Banshee,Corey and Snoopy inside. Go in, fix food, take the 3 for quick evening run, feed and kennel.

Saturday October 8: Rehab for Snoopy, visit Sally

Morning run, trying to get done before husband's workers arrive. Just manage to do so. Corey really doesnt like the new spray for hot spots I think it must burn. He's an awfully large dog to try and do something to if he doesnt like it,lol. Put dogs up, then take Snoopy to rehab, she did wonderfully today, let the techs pet her, even a new one she'd never seen before, even let tech towel her off after hydrotherapy. Left rehab, went by PetSmart, visited SPCA adoptions then visited Sally and her mom; pick up paperwork for training for Sally. Sally has learned to go into her crate on command (good for new mom!) and things seem to be settling down. Return  home, all dogs inside, husband out with workers. Bring Snoopy in, let others out, brief run, then back inside, fix lunch for workers. Take naps. Back out for mowing and evening run, feed and kennel.

Sunday October 9: Mattie comes to visit

Cloudy and windy morning. Morning run-walk, fed and kennel, go to church. Return, let dogs out for run-walk, mow for several hours, then inside, husband goes to town to buy lumber. I am typing away at computer, all dogs asleep, Corey right by my feet, his tail starts thumping ... ack, the Damcat has sauntered in and is nose to nose with him which is fine, but the Damcat then spots Snoopy and we almost have a melee (the Damcat has now decided that he can chase poor lame Snoopy, OK, this is fine if the other 3 arent in here ...) I put the Damcat back in bedroom. After awhile, go out to mow, first take Snoopy slowly back to kennels. Take others for run then mow right around where Snoopy can watch us. Unfortunately, then the wheel comes loose on mower, the other mower the battery is dead. My back is hurting badly. Leash Snoopy, limp back to trailer. Let all in, put Damcat in bedroom, fix food. Almost dark. Husband arrives. Mattie shows up, runs with DB and Banshee for a bit, then Feed and kennel.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly update Sept 26-Oct 2

Hot and muggy to start the week, beautiful cool fall wweather for weekend! Snoopy beginning to walk on all 4s ... Corey has hotspot from sandspurs ... groom all dogs ... Banshee loves it!... visit Sally... little Mattie shows up, briefly! ... DB in fine spirits all week ... a pretty good week, at least I now have some hope Snoopy will recover ... its just so slow and awkward for her ...

Don't forget, the feast of St Francis is October 4 ...

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.  ~St. Francis of Assisi

Monday September 26: Damp and muggy

Morning run for DB,Banshee and Corey ... very damp out, husband walks Snoopy ... lots of sandspurs popping up after rain last night ... neighbor (across road) big white cat sitting out by road, staring at my dogs, who, to do them credit, just stare back ... return to kennels, feed and kennel. Go to work. Return late, its hot and muggy DB greets me at gate, then Banshee ... then Corey ... husband had had them in kennels after a walk, thought I'd be home a half hour ago ... then heard Corey barking ... back to trailer, change, fix food, then out for late evening run (almost dark), Snoopy walks with husband, hasnt pooped today. Feed and kennel, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's leg

Tuesday September 27: Hot weather continues, groom all, Snoopy practices with muzzle

Damp muggy morning ... husband takes Snoopy on leash, I take the others on morning run, feed and kennel. Snoopy still hasnt pooped. She also doesnt want to eat (her good stuff) so spoon feed her. Seems like her leg is hurting, rub with comfrey oil. Go to work, hot today, in 90's, with showers popping up ... husband reports all dogs are snoozing most of day ... return home, not raining here, dogs in crates in shed (husband had been wiorking on computers). Fix food, then go out and groom everybody ... Corey all excited, but manage to get him halfway decent, Banshee loves being groomed, would stand there for hours ... clip DB's nails, her skin is very sensitive tonight, she shivers when I brush her ... poor Snoopy cant get on table, so brush her on floor, then practice with the basket muzzle, she will now eat treats out of it and I can even pull the strap behind her ears... husband takes her on leash for evening walk (she finally poops!), and, she WALKS on all fours, for several steps ... and then again ... I am beginning to be hopeful that her ACL will heal, without surgery ... prayers continue... I know it seems so slow, but it hasnt even been 3 weeks yet since the injury ...  I take others for evening run ... nice breeze, feels like may rain any moment ... get food, feed and kennel.

Wednesday September 28: Smoopy walking on all 4s ... a little

Still hot and muggy ... foggy morning ... husband takes Snoopy on leash, I take others for run, Snoopy hopping, feed and kennel, go to meeting and to work ... return, greeted at gate by... DB. Turns out Corey and Banshee are in trailer, Snoopy in shed, husband had been in shed with all dogs then had to go to trailer so let the 3 out, 2 went in with him, DB spotted me arriving and ran to gate. Fix food, then husband gets Snoopy on leash, I start mowing, come back up hill, Snoopy is walking on all 4 legs, sloowly ... I ride mower up ro her, she steps up for treat ... holds position well, legs extended ... pet her awhile, then go off with the others, husband and Snoopy go inside to wait for us (Snoopy did poop today. I think perhaps the arthritis herbs were constipating?) Pick up food, to kennels, watch Snoopy, again walking on all 4s... then starts limping... feed and kennel, rub comfrey oil on leg

Thursday September 29: Sandspurs ...

Still hot, in 90's, but supposedly fall will blow in this weekend ... morning run per our new 'routine', return to kennels, feed and kennel, go to work ... return, greeted at gate by DB ... Corey, Snoopy and Banshee inside shed with husband ... let Corey and Banshee out with me and DB, go to trailer, change, fix food, then mow, trying to get the darn sandspurs, am coming back up hill, there is husband at 2d bench (in front of trailer) with Snoopy, she is walking on all 4s, slowly ... comes to mower, puts her front paws up and stands on rear legs good girl! Pet her for awhile til the other dogs all come rushing back over, so mow some more ... the sandspurs are AWFUL this year ... back to kennels, husband has brought food, feed and kennel

Friday September 30: Visit SAlly

Morning run, had to wait for husband to return from town so he could walk Snoopy ... still warm and muggy, DB and Banshee digging for a mole over by the woods ... Corey sitting at the fence, staring intently across the road at neighbor's big white cat ... back to kennels, husband has walked Snoopy (she pooped) , feed, kennel, put enzymes in Corey's ear, comfrey on Snoopy. Go to work and food bank ... visit Sally, take paperwork for pet training to her mom, who has both crates set up now, though Sally is still not totally enamoured of her crate, this gives her a break from Lola (the little hyper Boston... when its just Sally and Sasha (the older bulldog) Sally is quiet, the minute Lola starts in on her she starts jumping up etc, hopefully separating them a bit more will quiet things down ... Take Sally down the street for a walk to watch cars, she walks very well on leash, is somewhat intimidated by the cars. Sit and wath cars for awhile. Then back to work, and to chiro, on way home stop by party to kick off the County Shelter and Rehab 'walk a dog' event... home pretty late, almost nightfall, greeted at gate by DB, Banshee, Corey, Snoopy kenneled already (husband says she was limping) ... go in trailer, fix food, back to kennels, feed and kennel, rub comfrey on Snoopys leg

Saturday October 1: Beautiful cool weather, Snoopy goes to rehab

Substantially cooler! In 40's last night, beautiful crisp clear morning ... 3 dogs burst out of pens, running in delight, husband walks Snoopy ... oh, I feel so sad for Snoopy, to go through that awful hot summer and not be able to run in the fall ... but I know she has to continue slow steady progress to recover ... feed and kennel, then take Snoopy to rehab , she's settling in nicely, lets the nice young assistant walk her through some exercises, lets vet and assistant pet her, perks up happily at the sight of 'her' brown swim harness and has a nice long time in hydrotherapy, and, lets assistant dry her off! Its only been 3 weeks since her accident, they say after  6 weeks you can tell if its healing on its own ... it'll be 6 months before she may be able to run again ... leave rehab, stop by and get some energy work from my chiro, then return home, met at gate by DB, Banshee and Corey inside with husband ... kennel DB, then let Snoopy disembark and kennel her, then inside, notice Corey licking his left leg, oh yuk, sandspurs, and he's licked an area raw (last year he did this on top of his foot where sandspurs lodged) spray 'hot spot' spray on it ... fix husbands lunch, then let DB out and take the 3 for run while husband puts Snoopy on leash and walks her to slab (where he and workers are working on building) mow a bit, then take all 4 dogs inside while fix food for church member whose father passed away, husband comes in, work finished, load all dogs in van, drop off food and go to store. Return, put Snoopy inside with husband, take others on evening run, back to trailer, get food, husband and Snoopy, feed and kennel

Sunday October 2: Corey has hotspot from sandspurs, Maggie returns

Beautiful fall weather continues ... very cool last night, down to low 40's... morning run (and walk for Snoopy), feed and kennel, go to church. Husband has workers out here today, working on building ... return from church, dogs are kenneled. Change clothes, let 3 out, leash Snoopy, walk her to go potty, then rekennel her, take others for run and attempt to mow sandspurs ... have GOT to get rid of them, Corey now has a hot spot inside his rear leg where  he gnawed out some sandspurs caught in his feathers (spray with hot spot spray)  .... and, back at trailer for a break, little Mattie shows up! Hooray! play with her awhile, she looks OK, eye still bad, , then go get Snoopy, bring her inside with Corey and Banshee, DB in crate. Do wash, fix lunch for husband and workers. Husband takes Snoopy back to kennel, then mow for an hour, workers leave, husband brings Snoopy inside for nap. Take others out for evening run and mowing, getting dark, back to trailer, pick up food, husband and Snoopy, feed and kennel.