Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adoptions in Aiken, beautiful weather continues

Beautiful weather continues ... 80's, low humidity, sunshine ... morning run, husband has gone to town to meet workers... Banshee still looking beautiful after her grooming yesterday ... feed and kennel, husband returns, go into Aiken for adoption event at car show, then to Relay for Life (this year they had memorials for pets with cancer (I put in a memorial luminary for Angel Ginger) ... back home, DB, Banshee and Snoopy outside to greet me, Corey inside with husband and the Damcat ... brush Corey, let others in, fix late lunch, then take naps ... up again, brief run, then load up dogs for ride to BiLo, return, start mowing while husband spreads 'beneficial nematodes' ... getting dark, play a little fetch with Snoop and Corey, then feed and kennel .

Friday, April 29, 2011

Banshee goes to groomer

Gorgeous weather! Morning run, feed and kennel, then take Banshee with me into town to groomer's, then to work ... stop by SPCA Thrift store, no dogs today but pick up a nice dog bed, cheap ... continue working til around 4 PM groomer calls, pick up Banshee, she looks great! take her to Hopelands Gardens, where a small boy falls in love with how 'soft' she is, kneels beside her and hugs her, Banshee tolerates this, just rolling her eyes at me ... then to dog treat store for a 'treat' (several), then home ... to avert the usual scenario of DB jumping all over Banshee for daring to go on a car ride without her, kennel Banshee, other dogs inside, go get them, kennel them (DB and Banshee snarling at each other from their kennels), let everyone calm down for half hour or so while I put in a wash, then out for mowing ... once we're moving, all is fine, Banshee and DB trotting along like best buds ... someday I'm going to have to really put some effort into deconditioning this behavior pattern ... evening run, mowing, then feed and kennel

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Early morning storm, but no tornado

Some vicious early morning storms, but just thunder and lightening and rain, thank God no tornadoes here ... still raining, so I go to meeting at hospital early, then do a bit of outreach, return home, where dogs are still kenneled ... has stopped raining, go for brief run, fed and kennel again, then on to work and dentist... clears up beautifully in afternoon, windy ...return home, do some fruit thinning (Cory, then Banshee, then all 4 dogs) following me hopefully from tree to tree ... its dry enough now for a little mowing and weed pulling up by the front gate ... chat to neighbor about how thankful we are to have not had terrible storms and loss of power.. return, feed and kennel, cools off dramatically tonight, temps in 50's.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Storm front coming

Warm and windy ... storm front coming tonight ... morning run, joined again by little Mattie , feed and kennel, off to work ... return, its beginning to cloud up, still very windy, do some mowing and fruit tree thinning ... then feed and kennel ... Corey's ears still doing well, brush Banshee and Snoopy and DB (who is shedding, but at least it doesnt come out in clumps) ... get ready for possible storm and power outages... watching on news as horrible tornadoes hit Alabama and Georgia ... praying .... the Damcat hiding in the closet ...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New ear remedy for Corey

Beautiful weather! Morning run, joined by little Mattie, all dogs in high spirits ... feed and kennel, off to work... then to chiropractor and to pick up herbal blend for Banshee and a new remedy for Corey's ears ...  return, brush Banshee and Snoopy, who are both blowing their coats, I've never seen so much hair coming off Banshee, it must be the really cold weather we had this year ... ugh, her tail is matted, am going to have to get her to groomer this week ... Snoopy is 'molting', hair coming out in clumps ... and she gets so dang dirty swimming in the drainage ponds ... clip DB's nails, check Corey's ears (which are doing well) ... then out to mow ... finish front section (and now the back needs mowing again, of course ... lucky I enjoy mowing, 20 acres is hard to keep under control!) feed and kennel.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Beautiful weather continues!

What a beautiful day! Clear and sunny, dogs in good spirits, morning run, then to work ... return to be greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, husband out on tractor ... fix food, change clothes, start mowing, joined by little Mattie, who is also in high spirits (quite comical watching her run under Corey ...) pretty tired and my hands are hurting bad ... feed and kennel.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekly update April 18-24

Beautiful warm weather, torrential rain one morning, all drainage ponds overflowing ... Corey goes to groomer's, animal rights rally in Columbia, a few visits from little Mattie... the Damcat rules the roost ... lots of mowing and weed eating and pruning ... Banshee blowing her coat, DB starting to shed, Snoopy starting to 'molt'... a good week

Happy Easter

Warm and sunny, beautiful morning ... morning run, feed and kennel, back inside where the Damcat has thrown up ... clean up, off to church ...lovely service. Home again, change clothes, go out to mow, very warm, about 90 degrees ... back in to fix lunch, take naps, brush Banshee (who is  blowing her coat, Snoopy just starting to 'molt')... Corey still nice and clean and spiffy ... DB startingto shed... the Damcat strolls in, feling fine now, gets treats, strolls out ... back out to mow, trim branches and prune new shoots on fruit trees (with husband's help) Corey is ecstatic cause I'm trimming branches (his favorite yard work, he gets to gnaw fresh branches) ... Snoopy following us around hopefully with the ball... getting dark, go in to fix food, get distracted, by time I get outside dogs are kenneled ... feed and give evening chewies.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Corey goes to groomer

Foggy morning, cool, cloudy ... morning run, feed and kennel, then load all dogs in van and off to town, to take Corey to groomer ... take him in, then back to van, bring Snoopy in to PetSmart, she does fine, then DB and Banshee ... McCormick Humane and Molly's there today ... greet everyone, get treats, then back to van,  stop to buy dog food, take DB in with me, then home ... let the girls out, then fix lunch, then husband and I go back to town in his truck to pick up various supplies and Corey from the groomer's ... he looks great ... stop by Dollar Tree, Corey and I wait in small park area for husband, get several comments about how lovely he is ... return home, let girls out, they sniff Corey excitedly, go for very brief run, then inside for naps ... up again, mow for awhile, then feed and kennel

Friday, April 22, 2011

Torrential rains for Good Friday

Pouring rain from early morning on .... finally stops around 11 AM. Take dogs for brief run, they are very eager to get out and run, DB especially running in her great circles ... feed, kennel, go to church for Good Friday service. Return, no longer raining but cloudy and cool, dogs and husband all outside, open gate for me and i drive through, up to parking area, dogs following ... go inside, change clothes, go to let them in... ack, Corey and Snoopy are sopping wet... let Corey, DB and Banshee in, dry Corey, husband comes in, go back out and dry Snoopy (who is now starting her spring molt, clumps of hair coming out) ... then all inside for lunch ... it is still damp and cool out ... take naps. Go out fort brief run ... checking fruit trees ... Then inside, Snoopy wet again, so just bring Corey and Banshee in ...brush Corey, take Banshee out and brush her ...and DB, both shedding big time... inside with Corey and Banshee, the Damcat saunters into the kitchen, then into living room where Banshee is stretched out and ... sniffs at Banshee (who, to do her great credit, only rolls her eyes) ... husband is out in shed with Snoopy and DB, working on some piece of malfunctiomning equipment ... little Mattie comes over... I go back in with Corey, try to work on computer ... Corey decides its time for chow and keeps sticking his head in the way and then circling around the kitchen ... the other dogs now hopefully grouped by patio door ...its not near dark yet, but ... ok, I get the food, feed and kennel.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Animal rights rally in Columbia

Part cloudy, warm, may rain later ... morning run, feed and kennel, dogs out again for bit of mowing, then go to dentist appointment and then to Columbia for animal rights rally, fairly good turnout, hot and sunny, at least no rain! Return home, arrive around 6PM, fix dogs food and take for very brief run, then to church for Maundy Thursday service. Husband feds and kennels. When i return home, little Mattie has hung around to say 'hi'.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful weather

Up early, brief morning run, feed and kennel, to work ... return after very exhausting day, DB and Banshee greet me at gate, Corey and Snoopy inside with the Damcat and husband ... fix food, change clothes, out to mow ... finishing up in back, workers have done good job weed eating the drainage ponds ... Banshee has pulled down a branch on one pear tree and is eating the new tiny pears... Snoopy and Corey excitedly chasing the red ball, bringing it to me (Corey will now drop the ball for Snoopy to scoop up and bring gently to me) ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Foggy morning

Foggy morning, then clearing ... morning run, joined by little Mattie, feed and kennel, go to food banks and Saluda, back at lunch time, met at gate by all dogs, change clothes and do a very brief stint of mowing (finishing front section I didnt finish last night), then inside with all dogs, brush Corey, change clothes again and go to Aiken for work and chiropractor appointment, pick up items for husband at Tractor Supply, return home, all dogs still out, change, get rake and mower to finish pulling the vetch from trees in back ... beautiful evening, Corey and Snoopy reclining on hill with the red ball equidistant between them, when I pause, Snoopy will bring it over and drop hopefully into my hand... little Mattie joins us, wild running by DB and Banshee and little Mattie ...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful weather continues

Beautiful weather continues, temps in 80's, beautiful sunshine ... morning run, feed and kennel, to work ... return, met at gate by husband on tractor and all dogs, go inside, change clothes, fix food, brush Corey, then out for evening mowing ... it's been dry for awhile now, some areas are actually staying mowed ... working on side section, finishing around the trees, get started on front, darkness is falling, so back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly update April 11-17

Beautiful spring weather most of week, one set of bad storms Friday night and Saturday AM but the worst missed us ... gum surgery mid week (for me, not a dog) ...  lots of mowing and playing ball, little Mattie joins us several times ... only one evening van ride, miss our weekend trip to PetSmart ... a good week, still missing Angel Ginger (the year anniversary last week was so hard) ... but grateful for every day (the lesson she taught me)

Sunday April 17

Beautiful sunshine, crisp and cool, a perfect spring day ... morning run, joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel, go to church ... lovely Palm Sunday service, followed by gathering at church member's beautiful garden ... back home, change clothes, let dogs out and continue mowing and tearing vetch from trees ... fix lunchfor husband ... more mowing, brief nap, and yet more mowing ... neighbor on other side has visitor with dog on a flexi lead, Corey and the girls are totally fascinated ... much loud barking and invites to fence run (but his side of the fence has waist high vetch, so its slow going for the other dog having to drag a human behind him ... back to back of property for some proper fence running with that neighbor's 2 dogs, and, they have a new horse! Very pleasant out here, and yes, I do enjoy mowing, its about the one outdoor task left I can physically do ... back to trailer, getting dark, fix food, brush Corey, then to kennels. A good day. Beautiful full moon tonight.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday April 16

Very very windy all night, very little rain ... one line of storms went through and then quieted down, this AM, when there was a break in the weather about 7 AM, I went to run and feed them, when we got back to the kennels the wind and thunder had started again, Snoopy hid UNDER the shed, I finally got her out and into the shed
(the others went fine into their kennels). Snoopy wouldnt eat (so she got double rations tonight)... rain and wind sporadically until around noon, around 11 I was going out to let them out, it started up again ... finally clearing up, all dogs out, very windy all day ... ,lunch, naps, mowing, trying to pull vetch out of trees it had climbed up ... evening van ride to grocery store, dark when return, feed and kennel.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday April 15

Cool morning, breezy ... bad weather coming tonight but beautiful this morning ... morning run, practice sit and stay, feed and kennel, go to work ... return, its very windy now and cloudy ... husband right behind me. Let dogs out, do some mowing, joined by Mattie, other mower is out of commission, tractor doesnt have mower attached, so husband spends time battening down for tonights stortms ... feed and kennel, sit on porch with little Mattie awhile.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday April 14

Beautiful weather continues, morning run, fed and kennel, joined by Mattie, then to work ... return, greeted at gate by DB, then Banshee and Snoopy ... Corey inside. Fix food, then out to mow, joined by husband and little Mattie, throw red ball for Corey and Snoopy, little Mattie scoots in and steals it, big doigs chase her, she runs under them, all are having a grand time ...getting dark, feed and kennel.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wed April 13

Bright sunshine, a bit cooler (in 70's)... still groggy from pain pill I took last night... manage to get up, fix food, have morning run and feed and kennel (though I dont remember much of it) ... workers here,Snoopy hanging out hopefully with ball ... went to work late, came home early (having trouble focusing), husband gone, dogs kenneled, lay down with the Damcat, at some point husband arrives home and lets dogs out, as Corey and Snoopy are in kitchen ... change clothes, fix some coffee, go out and greet DB and Banshee... evening mowing, joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday April 12

A bit cooler, rained last night, still damp ... got up, ate extra breakfast as today is gum surgery and cant eat after 8 AM ... this made me ill so lay down again .. up again, fix dog food, take for morning run, feed and kennel. Husband takes me to gum surgery, returm around 1230 (I think) he goes to get meds. Dogs still kenneled, I am passed out. Husband returns gets meds, eat some soup return to bed, when wake up dogs all inside, glad to see me, give them some treats, too groggy to take them on run. They go out with husband and I lay down ..5 minutes later dogs all back lined up at door (Corey barking) Decide to take evening run, one mower doesnt work, flag husband down and take his mower, run, feed and kennel

Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday April 11

Foggy morning, warm ... morning run, workers arrive, feed and kennel, go to work ... leave early to go do taxes, return home afterwards, let dogs out, fix food, drink some coffee, change, start mowing... beautiful day, nice breeze, very pleasant ... Corey and Snoopy follow me hopefully with the red ball, Banshee and DB patrolling the fence line (for mice in the high weeds on the other side of our fence, I think ... little Mattie joins us, husband joins us ... starts getting dark, feed and kennel, little Mattie joins me on porch (until my treats run out).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekly update April 4-10

Bad storm this week, lost power for over a day and night ... but all are safe ... weather warms up to 90's by weekend ... little Mattie visits, Banshee almost accepts the Damcat ... pet therapy, several new friends ... lots of mowing, sunburned arms ... the first anniversary of Angel Ginger's passing ... 

From a friend

Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glint on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the autumn rain.
When you awake in the morning hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of birds circling in flight.
I am the stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and weep.
I am not there.
I do not sleep...

Sunday April 10

Foggy  morning, cloudy ... morning run, joined by little Mattie, feed and kennel, go to church. Return, sun is out and, it's getting really hot. Greeted at gate by DB, others are all in back with husband, mowing. Unload groceries, all dogs appear to help me unpack groceries ... take a nap. Eat lunch, husband is doing paperwork, go out to mow, its too hot... back inside. Clip DBs nails, brush Corey. Brush Banshee. Read. Do wash. Finally decide I best get used to the heat, so out to mow ... last about an hour. Corey follows me, from shady spot to shady spot, others stay up hill, when I stop they amble down for a treat. I guess we all have to get used to the heat! Back up to trailer, Corey and Banshee inside (DB and Snoopy too muddy) ...the Damcat saunters in and out, Banshee is getting MUCH better, but finally she is tensing up so I put Damcat in bedroom. Corey then gets a ball ... husband is moving items from top of refrigerator and Corey snags one of the soft mouth sized purple balls and will not give it up, he even falls asleep with it in his mouth. Around dark, we all go out to do a memorial for Angel Ginger, down to her red plum tree, to read a wonderful poem one of my online friends sent me ... we try to get Corey to exchange the soft purple ball for a hard red one, finally succeed, he and Snoopy are of course not at all interested in hearing me read the poem, but DB and Banshee are quiet, and finally Corey and Snoop quiet enough ... we exchange a few reminiscences of Angel Ginger ... but, these are dogs, and they live in the moment ... and this moment has red balls and purple balls and evening scents to sniff ... back up the hill, do a bit of mowing on way back, then feed and kennel.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday April 9

Very warm, sunny ... morning run, feed and kennel, then out again, mow for several hours ... workers here ... inside for a rest, then out again. Husband joins me on tractor, almost get whole property mowed ... very warm, up to 90's ... Snoopy keeps going in pond for a dip and getting very muddy, then rolls in the grass clippings, getting very green  ... try to dry her off to come inside ... out again ...getting dark, feed and kennel. This is the 1 year anniversary of Angel Ginger's passing ... I have written a letter to her on her blog.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday April 8

Getting much warmer , in 80's ... morning run, feed and kennel, then to work ... drop by SPCA Thrift Store, where I meet a beautiful Brittany spaniel boy and 2 cute doxie-terrier mix puppies up for adoption ... back to work ...return late afternoon ... all dogs inside. Fix evening food, then out to mow ... husband joins in ... now these pretty yellow flowers (that turn into an impenetrable bush) are popping up everywhere ... amazing variety of weeds and wildflowers out here ... the red 'sour grass', the purple vetch, dandelion (of course) and  a blue flower on a long waving stem ... the more we keep it mowed back, the larger variety of different weeds ... watching the dogs pick and choose which weeds-grasses to nibble at is entertaining ...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thursday April 7

Nice weather, up in 70's again, morning run, all workers here today ... feed and kennel... to work. On my return, greeted by DB and Snoopy at gate, Corey and Banshee inside, little Mattie on porch ... change, then out to mow, both mowers now operable ... husband joins me, working on far side, little Mattie playing with Snoopy and Banshee, Corey stationing himself on hill and observing, DB patrolling the fence line ... getting dark, return and pick up food, to the kennels, accompanied by Mattie. Feed and kennel.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday April 6

Still no power. Get up, husband goes and buys coffee, returns, let dogs out for morning run, then see power co truck go down the road, then comes back ...get food, feed and kennel and ... the power is on. Make coffee, take a shower, Go to work, I'm pretty tired, don't bounce back like I used to. Have doctor appt in afternoon, then return home, dogs and husband all outside. Decide to take a brief nap. Up again, change and go out to mow, but still no operable mower ... weed around trees in back. Play fetch with Snoopy, practice sit-stay with Corey and DB, pet Banshee ... little Mattie shows up! All run gleefully around. Feed and kennel.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday April 5

Power had gone off around 3 AM during the terrible storm, back on 630. Went out, morning run, dogs all very eager to get out, check property, all looks OK, feed and kennel, go to work, food bank, then return lunchtime to pick up dogs for pet therapy ... all are inside. Brush Corey and Banshee, turn on coffee, get ready to leave ... the power is off. Alert husband (who is sleeping, exhausted from last night) then load dogs into van, go to therapy ... good group today, several new folks (and dogs) ...  finish therapy, let other dogs out for brief walk, then load up again, head for downtown Gardens ... husband calls, power still not on. Walk in pairs (Corey and Snoopy, Banshee and DB), little boy is entranced by Corey ... load up again, go to Pet Smart, walk in pairs, several dogs there today, DB is delighted by a little poodle ... Corey mouthy as usual, if you dont keep moving ... greet several children, one child runs up behind Snoopy and pulls her tail, Snoopy behaves very well, just runs behind me while I attempt to explain to the child this is NOT how to greet a dog ... buy some treats, return home ... power still out. Call power company again ... go for evening run, can't mow as belt has slipped... neighbor in back says her power is now on, return to trailer, its getting dark ... no power (we are on a different line) husband calls power company. Feed and kennel. Power never comes on, husband starts calling news. Finally just go to bed. No power, and it is cold, down to freezing tonight.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday April 4

Sunny, but very windy ... bad storms coming tonight ... morning run, joined by little Mattie! Fed and kenneled, off to work ... whoops, flat tire ... valve stem broke ... had to take pickup, which doesnt drive well in the wind ... by time return home, winds are steady and increasing ... evening run, try to mow and the belt breaks... feed and kennel, help batten down the hatches ... wind steadily increased all night, very unpleasant ... hard to sleep

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekly update March 30-April 3

Nasty weather most of week ... rain, storms, fog, wind ... we all slog through the week and have a beautiful weekend as a reward ... finally see little Mattie again on Saturday ... ending the week with a pleasant outing to PetSmart and the park ... this next week will mark the anniversary of Angel Ginger's passing , oh, I still miss my sweet red girl...

Help my friend raise $$ for a Psychiatric Service Dog

My friend Carol, whose 'Confessions of a First Time Foster Dog Mom' I posted last week, has decided with the help of her therapist, that she needs another Psychiatric Service Dog ... Carol is on SS disability, and doesn't have the funds to obtain a puppy and have it trained. She is trying to raise funds for this ... please see her fundraising page

Sunday April 3

Gorgeous sunshine, winds have died down, a lovely day ... morning run, feed and kennel, go to church ... return, dogs greet me at gate, go to trailer and change, go out to mow ... dogs follow me down the hill and dispose themselves in the shade to watch me mow, put in about an hour, interspersed with mini 'sit-stay' trainings, then return for lunch. Let dogs in, thought the Damcat was in back but ack, he's hiding behind the curtain ... call dogs into kitchen for treats, the Damcat scoots by ... actually scoots under Corey, but thats fine. Out again for a bit more mowing, finish up front section, then take brief nap ... up again, brush Banshee (who is starting to blow her undercoat, oh boy I look forward to THIS each year ...load dogs into van, go into town to PetSmart and park ... meet a bunch of children in PetSmart, little girl overwhelmed by 'all the dogs', DB lets her give a treat, poor Snoopy is overwhelmed by 'all the kids' and backs behind me, Corey dancing and prancing and barking, Banshee smiling ...a nice time was had by all... return, take final evening run, talk briefly to neighbor, return to trailer, get food and feed and kennel.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday April 2

Very windy today ... mostly sunny ... no workers today, husband goes to flea market, I let dogs out for morning run, feed and kennel, out again in awhile to mow ... wow, that wind is fierce! Dogs are having a wonderful time, Snoopy swimming in the drainage ponds, Corey running around with a large branch he got from the burn pile (which can't be burnt til the baby birds leave their nest) DB running in circles, Banshee digging for some critter by the fence line ... Manage to get mower stuck, fortunately husband is back, he gets it unstuck and then joins me on tractor to mow. Almost got whole side done when I run out of gas ... back to trailer. Fix lunch. Decide to take nap, the wind is really bad. Dogs sack out in living room with husband, the Damcat and I take the bedroom. Up again, do a bit more mowing, husband unloads wood he got last night, then take dogs for van ride, just to store, were going to local park but it gets too late. Return home, one last run, and, little Mattie who we havent seen all week, shows up, dogs ecstatic to see her, take turns chasing each other, Corey barking joyously ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday April 1

Much colder, but not raining!Morning run, dogs very glad to be out, windy and chilly, but not raining ... Snoopy, of course, leaps gleefully in the drainage pond to swim ... back to feed and kennel, weekly 'big cleaning' of Corey's ears (his right ear remains fine, left is, well not that bad...) to work, return late afternoon, husband gone to town ... change, let dogs out, mow for awhile, feed and kennel.