Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekly update Sept 19-25

A long week ... finally get rain ... and then more rain, and more rain ... Snoopy breaks away and chases a rabbit ... using her bad leg, a little ... more rehab, warming up to Dr D ... storms end the week, the Damcat freaks out ... get donated crate to Sally ...

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” ~Mother Theresa

Monday September 19: Snoopy chases a rabbit, uh oh

Cool and cloudy mornings continue. Husband slow this AM, let 3 dogs out, leaving Snoopy in pen (gave her a treat) then husband comes out to put her on leash. Proceed down the hill, get to bottom, no DB yet (which is not that unusual as she often goes to oe side for her morning poop). Coming back up side, see DB running like the wind ... followed by... Snoopy, hopping ... and husband and worker, waving the leash ... apparently DB had startled a rabbit, given chase, Snoopy had leaped after them, breaking her 'breakaway collar', which husband had not fastened to the leash with both hooks. Sigh. Snoopy hops to me, lays down, other dogs all rush over. Husband hands me collar, I fix it and give Snoopy back to him to hop the long way back. Get food, feed and kennel. Thank God she didnt tear up her other leg. Go to work, return home, husband at gate with Snoopy on leash, and Corey. DB and Banshee in crates. It is late, put Snoopy in pen, take others for evening run, get food, feed and kennel. Note, Snoopy has NOT pooped since Saturday

Tuesday September 20: Corey runs into my car (no one injured)

Warming up again. Morning run, husband takes Snoopy on leash, I take other down the hill. Back to kennels, feed and kennel, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's leg. Off to work, very long day, return home, greeted at gate by DB, Corey and Banshee, husband up by slab with Snoopy, walking her through the sand; As I'm driving in, Corey running beside me, a big truck goes by, Corey spins to follow it and runs into my car, fortunately he isnt injured. Husband reports Snoopy finally pooped. Cloudy, looks like may rain! Evening run for DB, Corey and Banshee, feed and kennel all.

Wednesday September 21: Rain

Only a sprinkle of rain last night. Husband goes to kenels with me, takes Snoopy out on leash, I release the others and go downhill while husband walks Snoopy, he then rekennels her and goes into town, I kennel the rest, feed all, put comfrey oil on Snoopy. She is scared of the bottle, but if I put it on my hands outside the kennel she'll let me rub her leg. She is ocasionally using the bad leg, a little bit. Go to work, long day, tiring, Senior extravaganza display, go by vet to get insurance form signed, return, greeted at gate by DB,Banshee and Corey, Snoopy with husband inside, go inside, greet Snoopy, let others in, treat everyone, fix food. Lay down for 10 minutes. Looks like rain, husband says has rained several times. Evening run, husband walks Snoopy on sandpile, then takes her in shed with him (he's still working on computers in there, so no grooming table). Pick up food, go to kennels, feed and kennel all.

Thursday September 22: Rain continues, miss morning run

Raining, miss morning run, go to meeting and then to work. Husband reports fed dogs later in morning, had a pretty good day with them, raining off and on all day. Return from work, am trying to get to meeting at church but dont make it. Dogs kenneled, go in and rub comfrey on Snoopy's knee, do a few exercises, then let others out, do evening run, feed and kennel.

Friday September 23: Morning rain, again

Pouring rain again, have to drive to a meeting in Columbia ... husband reports finally stopped around 11 AM, feed dogs, then let them run, walked Snoopy, says she's doing better. He then went into town around 4 to get supplies, I have very late chiro appt when I return from Columbia... we both arrive home after dark. Go out to kennels, fix food, rub Snoopy's knee, feed. I really really hate missing both runs with my dogs.

Saturday September 24: Snoopy's rehab, take crate to SAlly

At least not raining this morning, rained in night, very damp, foggy... morning run while husband walks Snoopy, feed and kennel. Get Snoopy and take her to rehab, too warm today to take all dogs (like I did last week), cant let them sit in van. Snoopy does well, she is getting less nervous, rehab vet says she's slowly improving, and of course she LOVES the hydrotherapy ... husband meets me at rehab so exercises can be explained to him also, we have to be cautious to not push Snoopy, but to continue the slow steady progress. She is putting her foot down occasionally and is not holding the leg completely bent up, which is good. She even took some treats from Dr. D at end of hydro session and let Dr D pet her briefly, maybe by next time she will let her do the laser treatment (well, I can hope!) Leave rehab vet, go by friend (who donated the dog house for Sally) to pick up a donated crate for Sally, then drop it off at Sally's new home; Sally is looking good, her coat is nice and shiny; she is still very hyper and jumps up on you, gradually settle her down, maybe now that new mom has 2 crates she can separate Sally and the little hyper Boston terrier and work with Sally. Keeping fingers crossed that this works out for Sally, I am monitoring the sutuation as best I can. Return home, kennel Snoopy, let others out (it is pretty hot, in 90's) for awhile then inside, go get Snoopy, all inside for nap time. Do wash, try to work on rescue on FaceBook but the new 'feed'' is awful ... load dogs in van, go to store, we sit in a/c van while husband gets groceries, then return home, evening run for the 3, evening walk for Snoopy, then feed and kennel, rub comfrey oil on Snoopy's knee.

Sunday September 25: Storms mid afternoon

Rained again last night. Now we're just about flooded, drainage ponds full (poor Snoopy, would have such a wonderful time swimming, but they're way in back) ... morning run, our new routine, let 3 out, husband waits in pen with Snoopy til we're moving  (if take Snoopy out while other dogs still milling around, she tries to jump up and play ... ) then walks her, slooowly, she now doesnt poop in AM, but does at mid day walk ... I return with other dogs, feed and kennel all, rub comfrey oil in Snoopy's knee. Off to church, return, take 3 dogs for run while husband walks Snoopy, then inside for lunch. Hot and humid. Do a little mowing of sandspurs (which are awful, and getting in Corey's feathers) ... big storms blow in mid afternoon, crate dogs in shed with husband (no, he's not crated, he's building a computer) I stay in trailer with the Damcat, who is totally freaked because I am doing a wash, hecant get by the evil washing machine to get to bedroom and hide under bed, so he stalks around and around, meowing mournfully and piteously ... storm ends. Bring Corey inside, as husband reports he was totally freaked by the storm (others are in their crates snoozing, even Snoopy, who does fine in a storm if crated) ... but Corey wants to climb on your lap. Let other dogs out, husband takes Snoopy for evening stroll, while I take others for run,  feed and kennel all.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Weekly update Sept 12-18

What a week ... starts out hot as blazes, in mid 90's, ends up cool and cloudy, fall is here ... full moon ... Snoopy goes to vet, torn ACL, goes to first rehab treatment,gets herbs, crystals and energy ... have to 'restrict activity' for who knows how long ... Corey goes to groomers, Banshee and DB enjoying cool weather ... visit Sally ... dont see little Mattie this week ... mower back from shop, now have both operating again ...

 "He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown

Monday Sept 12: Persimmons ripening

In 90's again ... hot morning run, Snoopy still limping, trying gamely to keep up, bringing balls to be thrown (I throw a few feet) ... DB runs in her circles around Snoopy, trying to 'egg her on' ... the persimmons are ripening, Corey and Banshee feasting, Corey finds a NEW persimmon tree (well, new to him, I knew it was there) and barks excitedly at it ... feed and kennel, go to work ... return, greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, Snoopy, still limping. Go inside, fix food, brush DB and Corey's teeth, try again to feel between Snoopy's toes, oh no, she's having none of it ... evening run, feed and kennel

Tuesday Sept 14: Snoopy still limping

Warm and muggy. Morning run, Snoopy limping (well, hopping on 3 legs) ... feed and kennel. Giving her Arnica. Will call vet today. Flat tire. Get fixed, go to work. Another loong day. Return, Corey and Banshee inside, DB and Snoopy in crates (husband had been working in shed). Fix food, leave with husband to feed, I have meeting at church. Return, give dogs their yogurt, then into shed to groom them. Corey definitely is overdue at groomer. Poor Snoopy, cant get on table. Put them all up again. Full moon again.

Wednesday September 15: Snoopy goes to vet, has torn ACL

Foggy morning, can barely see. Morning run, Snoopy still hopping. Trying to restrict her activity level. Feed and kennel, then take Snoopy to vet. They come out to car but want me to bring her inside to sedate, which I do, she doesnt get too freaked out, only snaps at tech and vet when they approach to try to get her on scale ... I manage to get her on scales, still at 45 lbs, then they give her shot (cant do IV obviously ) it takes about an hour for her to nod off enough for me to get muzzle on her and vet to manipulate her leg. No thorns in pads (which was my guess) instead its a torn ACL. Oh no, poor Snoopy, my great ballplayer, who loves to leap in the air and catch balls midair ...  Do Xray and blood work in case I decide on surgery wont have to bring her in here again ... wait for husband to come pick her up (he's in town buying supplies) so I dont have to drive all the way home and back ... he arrives in truck, tech carries her out, she is coming around, but no snapping. Poor Snoopy. I'm going to have to restrict her activity level for months, whether or not do surgery. Call pet rehab place and Am going to try conservative treatment for 8 weeks, if she shows any sign of improvement, will continue conservative treatment (restrictted activity level, anti inflammatories, glucosamine basically) ... get appt for Saturday (they have an underwater treadmill, also can hopefully teach me some gentle massage) I think it important to get her using the leg again asap, to avoid atrophy and to lessen danger of other knee blowing... On to work, yoga class, then return home, all dogs inside. It is really not possible to leash Snoopy to walk her while the others are loose. Fix food, then take Corey,DB and Banshee on run whle Snoopy stays in with husband. Very hot and buggy tonight. I sure miss Snoopy on our run, she livened things up with her constant wanting to play ball ... sigh. This reminds me of when Angel Ginger was sick, and tried so hard to 'run' with us, and I had to leave her inside because she just wouldnt not try to 'keep up' ... back to trailer, husband comes out with food and Snoopy, kennels Snoopy and Corey, proceed with evening feeding. Please pray for Snoopy, that she can recover from this and someday, play ball again...

Thursday September 15: Restricting Snoopy's activity level

Another warm day (supposed to get cool tomorrow)  restricting activity for Snoopy is tough with my 'set up'. Letting dogs out of kennels in AM, husband has to help now, and put Snoopy on leash, and she doesnt get to go for our run ... what we did today was I let the other 3 out and took off down hill while husband stayed in kennel with Snoopy til we were gone, then leashed her and took her out to potty. Rekenneled her. Then I return with the others and proceed with feeding. The 'normal' day has been, after I go to work, husband unkennels dogs again depending on weather they hang out with him and workers outside, or go inside with him. Now Snoopy cant hang out with the others outside (there is no way he can monitor her while working). So, he left one dog kenneled with her, then tried to alternate, but this got too difficult so he kenneled them all til noon, then took them all in the trailer with him. It's about 150 ft from the kennels to the trailer. Hope that isnt too much, but I dont know what else to do.  Snoopy is still hopping on 3 legs. She does not appear to be in pain, she sleeps fine, she appears perfectly comfortable. When I got home, I was greeted outside by DB and Banshee, Corey and Snoopy inside. Let DB and Banshee in, fix food, then put DB,Banshee an Corey out, petted and brushed Snoopy for a few minutes then (since it looked like rain) took the 3 for a quick run, thunder and lightening, so returned and kenneled everybody. Husband says he took Snoopy out, on leash twice during afternoon (let all dogs out, Snoopy on leash, there is a ramp up to my porch so she can go up and down that, then potty. Other than leaving Snoopy kenneled all day, which I think would be very hard on her mentally, this is about the best we can do in restricting activity. In the good news area, the broken mower has now been fixed, so I'm back to two ...

Friday September 16: Turns into fall, visit Sally

MUCH cooler. Feels cold. Had to wear jacket, wind blowing, in 60's. Brrr.Morning run with DB,Corey,Banshee, husband on duty with Snoopy on leash .. the other 3 run wildly down the hill, Corey barking, DB at full speed ... the cool weather ... dammit I hate this for Snoopy, waited all through this awful hot summer ... and now cant run. Back to kennels, feed, pet Snoopy awhile. Then go to work, stop by food bank. At lunchtime go visit Sally, who wont go IN her doghouse yet. Sigh. Work with her and her mom a bit, then inside (where Sally has torn up new mom's couch cushion and chewed an end table) Explain the value of CRATES. Sally is also jumping on people still, show her mom a few techniques to work on. Back to work, then to chiroprator, then home. Greeted at gate by 3 dogs, Snoopy of course inside with husband and the Damcat. Give Snoopy some attention, brush her a little, then let others in, fix food, give all treats. Take the 3 for a run, Snoopy stays with husband inside, poor dear can not understand why she doesnt get to go ... meet husband back at kennels, he has Snoopy on leash. Feed and kennel.

Saturday September 17: Snoopy goes to rehab

Very eventful day! Another cool day. Morning run (morning hop on leash for Snoopy), feed and kennel. Then load up all dogs (Snoopy did jump into her crate in the van), go into town, drop Corey off at groomer, then take Snoopy to rehab. (DB and Banshee snoozed in van). Snoopy was very skittish at rehab, but after a long while settled down some,  wouldnt let vet or assistant touch her but did take treats; I learned a bunch of exercises to do with her, then she tried the hydrotherapy treadmill, surprisingly (given her fear issues) she did well, and of course Snoopy loves water! The rehab vet and staff are very kind and patient, those of you on FaceBook can see pictures of Snoopy at rehab. Dried her off, back in van, Corey not ready yet so went by my herbalist-communicator friend for some herbs, a spot of reiki and communicating for Snoopy, the loan of some crystals to put around Snoopy's sleeping quarters, and a bowl of homemade soup for me! (Hooray, I thought I was just going to get power bar for lunch today!) Corey ready, pick him up, (he looks gorgeous ) then take DB and Banshee into PetSmart to visit, then drop by feed store to pick up dog and and cat food (Corey went in with me), then stop by my chiropractor friend for some energy work for Snoopy ... then finally home. All are worn out, (me in particular) we all take brief nap, then evening run for DB,Corey and Banshee, and feed and kennel.

Sunday September 18: Flexi lead chases Snoopy

Weather still cool and cloudy. Morning run, husband keeps Snoopy on leash while I take off with others, am at bottom of hill and I hear hollering ... look up, Snoopy is hopping down hill, being chased by  her 'flexi lead' with husband running after her yelling and waving arms, Banshee runs over and attaks the evil flexi lead box, I get there and manage to unclip lead, untangle everybody (DB and Corey have joined in) . This is only ONE thing I hate about flexi leads (which I never use, I had this one left over from years ago and husband said Snoopy wouldnt potty near him and the 20 ft training lead he got tangled up, so he wanted to try the flexi.) Husband took Snoopy back up hill (on lead), I finish morning run with others, back to kennels with food, feed and kennel, go to church. In afternoon, take several runs and mowing with 3 dogs while Snoopy stays insidewith husband. Husband then takes Snoopy into shed while he works on computers, I then bring all dogs in, crate them, take Snoopy out and try a few of the exercises I learned at rehab, she still hasnt pooped today ... then get Snoopy onto grooming table and massage some comfrey oil in her knee joint, she is letting me touch her knee and foot briefly now, I am also trying to masage foot as rehab vet told me to , to keep it from curling up. Also do a bit of practice with her  taking treats out of a basket muzzle (I've been lax about this, but when I started back she was at the same point, she will eat treats from the muzzle but freaks when try to fasten it. I will perservere.) Then groom all dogs, Corey (although groomed yeterday) has sandspurs in his feathers. Banshee is in pretty good shape. Clip DB's nails (she requires minimal brushing, I rubber curry her weekly.) Go get food, take 3 for an evening run ... Corey brings several of Snoopy's toys to me, found out on the property, usually Snoopy brings them to me and Corey and Snoopy chase them, but when I throw for Corey alone tonight he has no interest, its like he's collecting up Snoopy's toys ... back to kennels, husband has Snoopy in shed, kennel her then  feed and kennel all.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weekly update Sept 5-11

Storm misses us, get a bit of rain at start of week, weather nice but heats up by weekend ... dove hunters slaughtering birds in fields behind us ... pet therapy day for Banshee, good turnout ... DB still very itchy ... the Damcat chases a mouse , husband kills it ... deliver donated dog igloo to Sally ...wheel falls of mower on other side ....  Snoopy injures her foot ... a somewhat exhausting week.

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown

Monday Sept 5 Labor Day
Very very windy, storm clouds whizzing by, not a drop of rain. And the damn bird hunters popping away in the field behind us, sounds like a war zone. I HATE hunting season, half these guys are drunk and shooting randomly.  Even my gang, who arent usually perturbed by gunfire, don't like this one little bit. Go in and out, take brief runs then back inside. Groom everyone. DB still itching. Just leaving dog shed when it starts raining, go back and kennel ... pours for about an hour. Its now almost dark, so get food and put everyone to bed

Tuesday Sept 6 Windy clear and cool

Very windy morning, still clouds but clears up ... feels like fall! Dogs all excited! Morning run, feed and kennel, go to Saluda to food bank, return and pick up Banshee for pet therapy day... good turnout! Afterwards go by PetSmart for Banshee's pink ribbons to be admired (and check out any spilled food under the counters). Only reaches 85 today! Return home, others all inside, crate Banshee, then let all out, evening run, feed and kennel

Wednesday Sept 7: Sally needs a doghouse

Nice weather continues! Morning run, feed and kennel, go to work. Return home early to go check out Sally's situation, needs a doghouse. Will try to get one there this weekend. Return home, let dogs out, evening run. Play ball with Snoopy and Corey, DB is less itchy. Banshee has located a rat near the slab, is hot on the trail, but never catches it

Thursday Sept 8: Beautiful weather continues but need rain

Another beautiful day, temps only in 80's... morning run, feed and kennel, go to work. Return, evening run, mow, water (still very dry) trees... Corey gets sandspurs all in his feathers, time for a trip to groomers to clip his paws ... Banshee still hanging out by slab after the elusive rat ... play ball with Snoopy and Corey, have to 'handicap' for Corey, as Snoopy is much faster ...

Friday Sept 9: Wheel falls off mower (with husband), adoptions at PetSmart

Wow, another lovely day! Morning run, Banshee heads straight to the slab, now joined by DB ... Snoopy playing ball with workers (who are trying to put in another patio area and make mistake of throwing a ball for her) Corey goes on run with me, pick up food, back to kennels, then have to round up the 'missing three'. Feed and kennel. Go to work, stop by at lunch to help with adoptions at PetSmart ... back bothering me a lot today, I'll never be able to volunteer to walk dogs again unless I carry my own front hook harnesses ... late chiro appointment, then return home, almost dark ... husband had been riding MY mower and the other wheel fell off (almost putting him in ditch) so have nothing to ride, my back is hurting dont want to try tractor. Walk around a bit, dogs go halfway down hill, wont go any further, stand there staring at me. Back to trailer, get food,  Feed and kennel

Saturday Sept 10: Deliver doghouse to Sally, Snoopy hurts her foot, the Damcat chases a mouse

Awakened by constant gunfire, the dove hunters are back, 7 AM ... also my mower not fixed, worker comes over and fixes it. Get late start, morning run, feed and kennel. Out again, mow and water (dry again) then kennel dogs, go into town with husband and truck to pick up igloo dog house from friend Erika (thanks!) and deliver to Sally's new home ...  this will provide sufficient shelter until Sally  is taught house manners when unsupervised. Sally is doing fine, but is now jumping up at you (like the little dog), and will require some firm consistent training. Return home, exhausted, back hurting, unkennel dogs, go for brief run, as its pretty hot out (nothing like it has been, of course) we're in the shade over by the pine trees, Snoopy jumps for the ball and ...somehow injures her left rear foot. Check it out, no sandspurs, no visible wound but she's limping badly, and, not like her usual 30 second limp ... back to trailer, let dogs in, try to doctor Snoopy's foot, others wont let me of course, Snoopy gets freaked and hides behind couch. Let others out, finally manage to dunk foot in peroxide. Snoopy is the only dog I have that totally freaks if you attempt to restrain her to doctor her. (It's taken me yeas to get her to the point I can at least brush her, and clip nails, one at a time ... Leave her with husband while do evening run, turn off water, check area we were in when Snoopy injured foot, see nothing, return, feed and kennel. Manage to get some spray on antibiotic on Snoopy's foot. The pad seems slightly swollen. Give her some Arnica. Prayers that it will be better tomorrow, taking her to vet is impossible unless she is sedated. Later in evening ... the Damcat corners a mouse in the kitchen, chases it down hall into bedroom ... husband ends up dispatching it, as the Damcat just wants to PLAY with it... eek!

Sunday September 11: Snoopy still limping

Much warmer again, sigh ... warm muggy morning run, Snoopy still limping badly, poor thing, hops gamely after us.  Feed and kennel, give Snoopy Arnica, go to church, on return let dogs out, except leave Snoopy in pen, then return, let her out and go inside. Check her foot again, her leg is fine, top and bottom of foot are fine, touch between her toes and she freaks (and with Snoopy, this is really scary, head whipping back and forth, eyes glazed). Settle all down, take naps, do wash.  Take DB,Banshee and Corey for brief run, still very hot outside. Put Snoopy in crate in shed with husband, DB decides she wants to be in there also. Can't groom anyone because husband has co-opted my table for computer parts. Take Corey and Banshee on run, then inside, fix food, the Damcat saunters out and attacks Banshee (swipes at her), Banshee chases him, the Damcat then swipes at me and gets me on ankle. Enough. Go get DB for evening run. Snoopy joins us when get to front, apparently husband let her out. If this hasnt cleared up by Wednesday, I'll take her to vet, she'll have to be sedated in the car and carried in... I think she either got stung by an ant in between her toes or got a sandspuir spike in there, but where we were playing ball there are no sandspurs. I cant tell if its swollen in there she wont let me touch it. I really hate it when one of my animals in sick or injured and I can do nothing ... Feed and kennel.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekly update Aug 29-Sept4

A long hot dry week ... lots of gnats... hottest summer (June-August) on record for this area ... plow up the squash patch ... little Mattie joins us for evening run ... Banshee and DB catch mice ... persimmons coming in ...  possibility of storms ...

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” ~Mother Theresa

Monday August 29: Hoped for rain but not a drop

Hot and sticky morning, workers here, dogs pretty sluggish, morning run, water trees, feed and kennel. Corey's ear doing well, maybe we've hit upon the proper regimen. Go to work, heats up to 100 during day. Return, dogs all inside, fix food, go out for evening run and a breeze has spring up, and its clouding up ... possibility of rain??? Husband has bushogged and plowed up the squash patch, but Corey finds a few ends of squash ... the last this year ... but, rejoice, the persimmons are coming in! Corey brings an entire branch filled with green persimmons to the rest of us, he's eating them cant understand why the others arent interested ... feed and kennel, looks like it'll rain, put up all windows, theres thunder and lightening, but in the distance ... we end up not getting a drop, while the next county floods

Tuesday August 30: Little Mattie joins us for evening run

Cool and breezy morning! Had to put on long sleeve shirt. Dogs burst out of kennels, running about in mad excitement, fall is here! Morning run, feed and kennel. Go to work, return to be greeted by all dogs at gate, go inside,  give the Damcat treats, let dogs in fix food, look at sliding door and... there's little Mattie waiting for us! Let dogs out, moremad excitement, DB and Mattie running in circles, Corey barking, Banshee hopping up and down, Snoopy finding a ball ... go for evening run with all dogs, gosh its nice to have Mattie back!

Wednesday August 31: A bit cooler

Last day of August ... only in low 90's. Nice morning run, dogs all very happy ... DB and Banshee each catch a mouse back in the former squash garden, DB eats hers, Banshee brings hers to me... fed and kenneled, went to work. On return greeted at gate by all 4, went inside briefly, fix food, then out for evening run and watering. Groom all 4 dogs, Corey again has sandspurs in feathers... clip DBs nails, even manage to get some waterless shampoo on Snoopy!

Thursday September 1: Hottest summer on record

Heard on news, this has been the hottest summer (June-August) on record for this area... average high temp of 97. Today is warm and muggy, lots of gnats ... heats up to 96. Morning run, feed and kennel, go to work. On return, all 4 dogs greet me at gate ... go inside, fix food, out again for evening watering (there is nothing LEFT to mow, no rain for so long, nothing growing )... DB is very very itchy, I can find no fleas. I think I will try the 'borax dip' tomorrow ... feed and kennel

Friday September 2

Off today (my agency gives extra admin leave days since we havent had raises in over 5 years) ... morning run, husband has gone into town ... do some watering, cant get faucet up by gate to turn (darn wrists are so weak now) ... pretty warm already, so dry the dogs are kicking up clouds of dust ... feed and kennel. Husband returns, helps me bathe DB and put the 'borax dip' on her. Sure hope this helps, she is scratching herself raw especially around her tail area. Let her 'dry' in her crate, then out for brief run, turn on the water on several lines of trees, back inside for lunch. Read, nap, then go into town for chiro appointment, was going to visit Sally, but her mom is giving a birthday party for son, though she saysI can come by and go in yard with dogs, its still 98 degrees at 6:P.M. Go by store, then home, dogs inside except DB is in her crate, husband had put them in crates while he  was working in shed and DB didnt want to leave her crate, so, he left her there. Fix food, go out for evening run, let DB join us ... my mower blade has slipped off the belt again (lucky not much to mow,eh)... feed and kennel

Saturday September 3

Warm and muggy, lots of gnats, generally unpleasant. Morning run, then give DB another borax dip. She is stil very itchy. Gave her benedryl. Let her dry in crate, let others out, then DB, go for run, then inside, lunch, cleaning house today. Have to crate dogs again to vacuum living room. Let them out, then go for van ride to store. Corey's left ear is now bothering him. heck it, it looks OK. Evening run, do some watering, even though a hurricane is supposedly on the way it may miss us like the last one did

Sunday September 4

Still warm and muggy and buggy. Morning run, feed and kennel, go to church. On return dogs are all inside with husband, am greeted enthusiastically, change clothes, take out for a run, its pretty warm, dry , dusty ... back inside. Lunch etc. Clouding up now, think maybe storm on the way, take out for a run ... never rains. Play ball with Snoopy and Corey. DB seems a little less itchy... try to batten down everything in case storm hits tonight, but now the forecasters say it'll be tomorrow ...