Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Help Seniors Adopt and Keep Their Pets with These Grants and Ideas

It’s heartbreaking to visit a shelter or rescue group and see all the homeless pets given up by seniors who can no longer afford them. Or sometimes they’re given up because the owners are moving to assisted living or a nursing home and no one in the family will take their pets. 

Taking a stand against dogs in chains (USA Today story)
The custom of getting a dog and then chaining it up outside, where it spends most of its life, appears to be inching toward unacceptability.

Glad this is hitting the mainstream!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

PAWSitive Effects

PAWSitive Effects is a non profit organization in upstate SC dedicated to ending life at the end of a chain.
Our mission is three tiered : 1)  BUILD FENCES for chained dogs in our area. 2)  Educate the public on the reason why tethering /chaining is dangerous, cruel and abusive. 3) advocate legislation that disallows or severely restricts tethering/chaining as a means of securing a dog.

The cost per build is approximately $500. $400 to build a 600 Sq ft fence, & $100 to provide the dog with it’s yearly shots, micro chipping, heart worm testing and spay/neuter. When the dog is heart worm negative we will provide 12 months of monthly preventatives. We also provide dog houses when needed.Every dollar helps a great dog get one step closer to life OFF the chain ... see current dogs in need here .... To notify them of a dog in need email: 

What a GREAT idea, not just lobbying for change, but actually changing life  for one dog at a time!! Kudos!!

A sunny February day 2-21-10



Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ginger of the Flying Ears has a blog!

Since my Ginger was diagnosed with lymphoma Jan.9, I have been posting daily updates on her 'journey through the valley of the shadow of death' to Facebook, emailing to several lists, and, to numerous friends .... some folks have missed some of the 'entries' and so I've created a blog for Ginger, where I'll post the updates ... the name 'Ginger of the Flying Ears' was given to her by a dear cyber friend, who when all this first happened got a clear picture of Ginger in her mind, ...'the picture so clear in my head that has Ginger running like a crazy thing, ears streaming behind her.' and started calling her Ginger of the Flying Ears .... and yes, Ginger has come back to the point she does run , not as fast or as far, but yes, the ears are flying.....

Keep up with Ginger's journey at