Sunday, October 18, 2009

Finally, a sunny day!

This past week has been , well, pretty miserable for October, usually a gorgeous month. ... but not this year. Only one day (Tuesday) with sunshine, the rest cold,dreary,rain, sometimes hard rain, sometimes a drizzle .... the dogs put up with it better than I did. They enjoyed their runs, even in the rain and stayed remarkably cheerful (even Banshee). Little Mattie from next door came thru the fence to play Saturday, Had a nice ride in the van on Saturday. But today, ah, beautiful sunshine! After church, I mowed and ran the dogs, Snoopy jumped in the mudhole several times, handed out a new pink ball and DB and Banshee gleefully stole it and hid it from Snoopy (who ended up finding it in triumph, while Ginger stood to one side, clearly puzzled about what was going on) .... generally a great day. The other high point last week, Damcat caught a mouse in the bathroom! Hooray for the Damcat!

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