Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekly update Aug 1-8

A few nice days with temps in low 90's, some rain (and storms), but several awful days (102, 104) ... pet therapy day for Banshee, several visits with Sally (she's doing great!) ... still harvesting squash ... Corey has short bout of vestibular syndrome (head tilt)... weeds growing like, well, weeds ... a good week, but no sign of little Mattie this week  ...

"In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semihuman. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog." - Edward Hoagland

Please help find a home for Sally! And, don't forget the kittewns who need a home!

Monday August 1: Cooler and cloudy (in 90's)

Cooler and cloudy this morning . morning run, dogs very peppy, cavorting about .. flock of geese! Corey takes off running and barking after them, isnt it somewhat early for geese? Feed and kennel, go to work, gets hot during day but only high 90's, when I return it is, hold on to your hats, only 92! Dogs and husband inside with the Damcat, change clothese, fix food, out to ow (weeds have grown dramatically) ... husband picks squash (corn is over and done, still getting squash) ... continue mowing, right pleasant, cool breeze ... ah, this is better! Banshee and DB stick near husband in squash patch, I think there must be a critter of some kind up there ... finish mowing, feed and kennel

Tuesday August 2: Pet therapy day for Banshee, visit Sally

Sigh ... temps rise into hundreds again ... morning run, hot and sticky ... feed and kennel, go to food banks, return lunchtime, fix lunch, pick up Banshee and go to pet therapy ... Banshee's new haircut very popular ... take her to PetSmart for an outing ... husband then comes to town with mower in tow, meet him at repair shop, put Banshee in his truck and fasten her seat belt harness, turn to go and poor Banshee decides to come with me, ack ... she is hanging mid air by the harness (well, at least we now know it works) .. poor sweetie, she doesnt struggle or get upsety, just hangs with a look of total shock on her face ... I prop her up, unfasten her and she gamely climbs back in the truck seat, unharmed ... buckle her in again and give her a treat. I then go by library and to Powderhouse to visit Sally, who is doing really great, too hot to go outside so worked with her on basic obedience (sit,down, stay) and she is beginning to 'get it' (even stay...) back home, still ungodly hot ... changed clothes, fix dog food and husband supper, then go to church, return at twilight, dogs and husbandoutside, go for evening run, feed and kennel.

Wednesday August 3: Corey has head tilt again

Heat continues, up to 104 today ... morning run ... let dogs out, you may recall, in May, Corey had this vestibular syndrome where his head was tilted to one side and he kept going in circles back in May, took him to vet, gave him pred, 2 days later he was fine (but had to finish course of pred). Well this AM here we go again, head tilt, dizzy ... no overt ear infection signs (ears have been good lately). My inclination is to wait 2 days and see if it improves .. clears up on its own...  as I really hate to give dogs (or people)steroids unless absolutely necessary . poor Corey, he gamely follows on our morning run, sideways ... feed and kennel, check his ears which are fine .. go to work. Husband calls mid day says Corey is still tilted ... return home, yep, he's struggling ... brush him, wash his face, massage his ears .... then go for evening run and mowing ... he's a bit tentative, but improves! Maybe this will pass! Feed and kennel

Thursday August 4: Thunderstorms!

Morning run, Corey is back to normal, no head tilt, prancing around like a king ... whew! Feed and kennel, go to work ... another hot one, up to 102 ... this has been a really bad summer ... return, dogs all inside, stormstarts brewing, too late to ennel ... nasty little storm lots of lightening, Snoopy and Corey all upset, Snoopy trying to crawl under couch, behind couch, pacing ... Corey freezes at crack of thunder then tries to crawl under me on couch, followed by Banshee who is grabbing pillows off the couch... the Damcat has hidden under the bed, DB remains unfazed ... finally storm abates, fix food, go for evening run, feed and kennel.

Friday August 5: More rain!

Cooler today, only in high 90's ... morning run, everything very damp, dogs are cheerful and boisterous, Corey eating pears, barking at pear trees ... feed and kennel, go to work, husband calls and says Corey has thrown up AND had the runs ... (then admits he gave them all a can of aged vienna sausage ... starts raining early, around 4, come home through downpour, husband has managed to crate DB,Banshee and Corey in dog shed, but Snoopy refused to go so she is in the trailer, pacing,whining ... storm abates, let her out, go let others out, take brief run, then back inside, brush Corey, clip DBs nails, brush teeth, fix food, evening run, feed and kennel

Saturday August 6: Visit Sally

Foggy this morning, damp, sticky.. morning run (I always enjoy watching the dogs disappear into the fog and reappear) ... feed and kennel. My back bothering me, I think from driving the little pickup yesterday ... go into town with husband to visit Sally, my back spasms badly, have to make side trip to chiropractor ... get to kennels before they close, whew ... poor Sally is beginning to go stir crazy, wants to jump and play so badly ... take her out in play area on leash, practice walking, sit and down, my back giving me a fit so I'm pretty inept today, but Sally is doing great ... give her a Zanie puzzle toy (you put treats in it) hopefully this will help stave off boredom (other suggestions welcome) ... go by Tractor Supply to pick up food, see dogs (and cats) SPCA and FOTAS have for adoption ..return home, my back is bad. Let dogs out, its pretty hot, go inside for naps (and lying on ice pack), just getting ready to go out and here come afternoon storms, get dogs crated before it hits ... lasts about an hour, let them out again, fix food, cut up squash, then out for evening run, and here comes another storm ... feed and kennel.

Sunday August 7: Cooler! Hooray!

Day starts out hot and muggy ... morning run, DB and Banshee after a critter in the high (unmowed) grass near the drainage pond, Snoopy and Corey follow me up to kennels for breakfast, DB finally appears, and, at last, Banshee ... really need to get that mowed down there ... feed and kennel, go to church .. return, still very muggy feels like will rain any minute, change clothes, start mowing , husband joins me... and it starts to drizzle ... back up hill, close windows in vehicles and sheds, stops raining. Husband has continued mowing, rejoin him for about an hour, then wheel on his mower attachment breaks ... inside for lunch, naps, wash ... out again, it is remarkably cooler, high 80's and NOT humid, very pleasant! Mow for about an hour, dogs all very happy, rolling in grass clippings, leaping about, DB running in circles, Snoopy finding balls and bringing them to be thrown, Corey barking, Banshee jumping up and down through the high grass ... husband tries to fix wheel and join us but no luck ... finish up, go in fix food, time for supper! Feed and kennel. Oh, if this weather could just hold for a few days ....

Mary Lou
DB,Banshee, Snoopy and the wild Irishman Corey (dogs)
Ginger in spirit (2005-4/9/10)
The Damcat
Callie in spirit (04/90-06/07)

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