Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekly update Aug 8-15

On the bright side this week, temps start out in hundreds but moderate by week's end ... 2 great visits with Sally ...  new grooming table a great success ... my gang enjoys playing with, and eating, the final harvest of squash ... on the down side, no little Mattie again this week... one good friend's dog has to be helped across the bridge and another friend's dog killed by a snake ... both lawnmowers now out of commission, and my back is giving me fits.

"Auschwitz begins whenever someone looks at a slaughterhouse and thinks :
They are only animals." - Theodor Adorno , 1903-1969

Monday August 8: Hot and muggy

Hot and muggy morning, pretty sluggish morning run ... feed and kennel, go to work in pickup so husband can take car in ... another hot day, 102 ... return home, temps still in high 90's, fix food, brush corey, finally go out to mow ... hot and nasty, buggy, get stung by mystery bug mowing under trees, big welt on my arm, put tobacco on it ... lots of gnats harassing me and digs... feed and kennel

Tuesday August 9: Visit Sally who meets a cat!

Pleasant this morning, nice fresh breeze.. morning run, DB and Banshee hunt for critters in the high grass ... feed and kennel, go to work ... having to drive pickup again, husband supposed to get car wheel checked today ... temps up in hundred mid afternoon ... visit Sally late afterenoon, she is in fine spirits, its about to storm, we go out in play yard and she meets a cat! The neighbor's cat was out in his yard, a BIG grey tabby, puffed all up and hissed at Sally, who promptly sat down, looked at me, I said 'thats a kitty, good kitty'(or something similar) Sally yawned (a calming signal) and then ignored the cat. Dropped by to pick up flower essences from Claire, (whose sweet little gdog Heidi is nearing theend of her time on earth)  then return home, husband not back yet, let dogs out, go for nice evening run, nice breeze again .. apparently did rain earlier ... mow some on far side, husband returns, dogs all very happy rolling in grass clippings, feed and kennel... pleasantly cool in evening

Wednesday August 10: Second mower down

Hot mugginess descends again ... morning run, gnats plaguing us ... feed and kennel, go to work, another hot one, in the hundreds ... return fairly late, still upper 90's, DB, Banshee and Snoopy meet me at gate, where's Corey? Down the hill with husband, he then comes rushing to greet me ... inside, chage clothes,  go out to mow ... about 10 min later wheel comes off mower ... so thats both mowers down ... walk back up hill, horrible, buggy, swarms of gnats and skeeters ... tell husband, he doesnt believe me and goes to see for himself, meanwhile I let dogs in, fix food, I've had it for the day ... husband returns, yep I'm right. Feed and kennel

Thursday August 11: Both mowers still out of commission

Cooler today (in high 90's). Not feeling well myself, stomach issues ... morning run, feed and kennel, then back to bed. Finally better, go to Columbia for hearing. Return, husband had taken picked up other mower from shop, they fixed one thing and broke another. So now both mowers inoperable. Get on small tractor, evening run, pick squash, a lot of which is now bug damaged so the dogs have a grand time playing with the squash, chewing like a bone, chasing each other etc. (wish I'd brought camera). Cool this evening, nice breeze!

Friday August 12: New grooming table set up

Cool cloudy morning. Groom Corey on new grooming table, wow, what a difference! Root  some rosemary clippings, get some squash and cantelope, take in to town to Christ Central and friend ... planning to visit  Sally in afternoon but pours rain, go to chiropractor (my back is totally messed up now), then try to find washer for lawnmower wheel, return home, no rain here, evening run (on tractor, husband shows me how to mow with it, I just keep bouncing all over the place, its better when mowing)... feed and kennel

Saturday August 13: Visit sally

Warm and humid. Morning run, dogs pretty sluggish. The washers I got dont fit mower. Groom Banshee, then go with husband to visit Sally (see separate update) who meets the cat again... drop by PetSmart and visit adoption groups (and give out some squash), go by other places to try to match washer, get one that may work,  then return home ... pretty hot out. Let dogs inside, try to nap but they are too restless. Husband has put new washer on mower. Go for very brief run... make it halfway down hill, wheel comes off again. AARGH. Walk back to trailer.  Back in, the dogs now want to nap but the Damcat doesnt, he keeps licking my face and meowing firectly in my ear. Argh. Up again, do a wash, fix dog food, then finally cool enough to do some mowing on the tractor. Feed and kennel.

Sunday August 14: Storms!

Cloudy and very 'close' (humid) Can hardly breathe. Morning run, feed and kennel, go to church. Return, husband not feeling well. Let dogs out, it's only in high 80's, mow (on tractor) for about an hour, getting hot, go inside. Dogs had already given up and were on porch. Fix lunch, getting ready to take naps when storm blows in, quickly kennel dogs ... storm ends, unkennel dogs, go for brief run, back inside for naps ... just settling in when another storm comes by, no chance to kennel dogs, fortunately this one is brief and not very violent ... out again, do some more mowing, then husband takes over while I play ball with Snoopy and Corey. Feed and kennel.

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