Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov 14-20

Heat wave (80's) continues til midweek, turns cold for 2 days, then warm again ... weird weather for November ... Banshee goes to pet therapy at new nursing home, very nice ... Snoopy doing well at rehab ... DB goes ratting ... Corey continues battling sandspurs ... little Mattie visits several times ... work progressing on building ...

"Kindness is the face of compassion; action, the hands; love, the heart; and politics, the voice. Integrate kindness to animals into your life in all these ways."  Sunbear Squad Inc

Monday November 14: Heat wave continues

Warm weather continues, reaches 80 degrees ... in mid November! Morning run-walk, husband's workers all here, too busy to help me except with walking Snoopy ... finish feeding, kennel, go to work, return after dark, dogs kenneled. Take out yogurt-essenses and chewies.

Tuesday November 15: Banshee goes to new pet therapy venue

Unseasonably warm weather continues ... morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to food banks and then return at lunch time, dogs kenneled, let out, walk Snooopy to trailer, take others for brief run, fix lunch for husband, then take Banshee to new nursing home for pet therapy ... too warm to take all dogs for the ride ... very nice (but large) nursing home, patients and staff very appreciative, think Banshee looks 'like a little bear'. Friend Claire and her sheltie Peter join us (thank heavens, I hate to do these by myself!) Return home, DB and Corey greet us at gate, Snoopy in kennel ... ride to kennel area then put DB and Corey in shed and Banshee in kennel, have to 'get over' the DB-Banshee 'we've been separated' routine ... let DB and Corey out, leaving Banshee's gate open, she and DB snark at each other for awhile then run off together, then let Snoopy out and walk her to trailer, all go inside. Take the 3 on a brief run, little Mattie joins us, then load up for van ride, its getting dark ...return, little Mattie waiting for us, feed and kennel. Husband goes into town to pick up lumber.

Wednesday November 16: Rain

Rained a bit in night, still damp, still warm .. morning run, feed and kennel. Big storms coming some time today. Husband and workers covering up lumber and trusses. Go to work, storms coming in late afternoon, leave a bit early, tornado warnings, rough trip home (but just rain) husband has fortunately fed and kenneled dogs before storms hit, as Snoopy and Corey wont eat if there's a hint of thunder ... lots of rain tonight, wind, but no really bad stuff, praise God!

Thursday November 17: Still drizzly

Still very damp, drizzly this morning ... morning walk-run in between drizzles, feed-kennel, onwards to meeting in Columbia ... return home, still daylight! Whoopee! Dogs kenneled, let out, husband takes Snoopy inside, run the others, very excited to have me home early! Cover some pipes (supposed to freeze tonight), fix food, go out to feed, DB has disappeared, keenel the rest, go searching out buildings for DB (sometimes she'll get locked in if no one notices her in there), still no DB, am about to go on search mission when ... here she comes! Running full tilt ... ah, she's been 'ratting'. Good girl! Kennel her, feed all.

Friday November 18: Very cold

COLD this morning, hard freeze last night. Frost sparkles everywhere ... out early to get dogs fed and kenneled before crew arrives to put up trusses ... morning run-walk, a bunch of very lively dogs. Poor Snoopy really wants to run today ... but after a few moments settles down and walks with husband ... feed and kennel, notice that Corey has a bunch of sandspurs in one front leg ... the workers arrive, 4 extra vehicles, 6 extra men, the dogs are going nuts. Go back out, try to calm them, they eventually settle down. Decide to groom Corey as it'll be dark when I return, get the sandspurs out, then off to work, chiropractor and store. Husband reports he let dogs out during workers lunch break, they all went to check out the unfamiliar vehicles and Corey and Banshee promptly stole various items from 'new' trucks ... including a hammar, tape measure and styro cup.  Return home after dark, husband has fed and kenneled, take out yogurt-essenses and chewies. Cold!!

Saturday November 19: Snoopy goes to rehab

Another cold morning. Morning run-walk , feed and kennel ... and Corey throws up his breakfast. Hasnt appeared sick, his poop was normal ... and he immediately wants to be fed again... give him some yogurt and a chewie but thats it... had planned to take all dogs with me when I went to take Snoopy in for rehab, but am not taking a sick dog for a van ride, lol... so, just take Snoopy. Take a bit of video so y'all can see what the rehab exercises are like (which I'll post sooon). She is doing well, according to Dr. D, using the bad leg fairly consistently, stretching out her stride etc. Fingers crossed that we keep improving with no setbacks! Go by PetSmart to talk to rescue folks there, then return home, let other dogs out and into trailer, work on phone and computer to find a foster for the blue heeler I've been trying to help rescue, yippee, find local foster! Fix lunch for husband who then goes into town to get lumber, then take dogs to grooming shed, groom all, clip DBs nails, then out again for evening run (kennel Snoopy), pick up food, then feed and kennel.

Sunday November 20: Drizzly day

Ack! Its drizzling this morning! (no hint of this in last night's weather report). Wait for break in drizzle, morning run-walk, then feed and kennel just in time, starts drizzling again. Go to church, return, still drizzling. Husband is going into town again. Take nap, put wash in, then it finally stops drizzling so unkennel dogs and bring inside... leave Snoopy inside, take others for run, they are all excited ... spot neighbor's huge white cat (who they've seen dozens of times) and run around barking, a bicyclist comes down the road (very unusual occurrence) and Corey fence runs with it (outruns it and stops at end of property turns around like 'what? where is it?' ) ... Back inside, do a bit of cleaning, its now getting dark, fix food, then take Snoopy out for evening walk, little Mattie shows up, we're all strolling around, DB and Banshee playing with little Mattie, husband returns, hand him Snoopy's leash so I can get food and other dogs to kennels, husband has to leave again immediately so crate Corey,DB, Banshee and Mattie, then come back to trailer get food and Snoopy, feed and kennel all. (well, I dont kennel Mattie for the evening, I feed her and she goes home).

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