Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oct 31-Nov 6

Beautiful fall weather this week ... sunny, crisp and clear, one evening rain , but all in all beautiful ... dogs all in fine spirits, little Mattie visits several times ... pet therapy day for Banshee, rehab and energy work for Snoopy, 2 van rides and outings for all... a good week! 

In the good news department, Sasha, the elder dobie I posted about last week who was in the pound after her owner died has been saved by Broken Dobes rescue! Hooray!

Let me share with you a poem from my friend who does animal rescue work in Georgia ... on the ones we couldn't save ..

You're there, wandering the roadside, lost.
You're there, chained in a back yard..., forgotten.
You're there, starving under a house with your newborn litter.
You're there, cowering in a kennel at the pound, hopeless.
You're there, on a steel table, waiting for the needle.
You're there, in the landfill in a black plastic bag.
You're there, even when no one else sees you.
You're there, every time I close my eyes, look over my shoulder, look into my dogs' trusting faces.
You'll be there, when I stand before God and give account of my life.
When I kneel to ask forgiveness, will you lick my face?
~ EG 11/1/2011
By: Ellen Graben

Monday Oct 31: Beautiful weather

Beautiful weather, morning run, very windy, dogs all love the wind it sets them off running in circles, noses high, running the fence with the horses, joyous, excited, what MUST they be able to smell in the wind! feed and kennel, go to work, return, Snopy and Corey in kennels, DB and Banshee out loose, husband said Corey kept eating pieces of scrap wood and he couldnt monitor him ... let them out, go inside and fix food, then evening run, feed and kennel.

Tuesday Nov 1: Pet therapy day for Banshee, van ride for all

Beautiful fall weather, crisp clear, bright blue skies, just fantastic ... morning run-walk, feed and kennel, go to food bank and then return, dogs inside, fix lunch, then load up all and go to town, stop by BBB to check stall mats (and let Corey have a 'visit', he calms down after his first 'stop') then to nursing home for pet therapy, Banshee looks so pretty today ... another of our favorite patients has passed away, this is so sad sometimes... then on to PetSmart, take Corey in, then DB and Banshee , then take Snoopy for a brief walk-pee. Home again, Corey and Snoopy inside, DB and Banshee hanging out with Mattie, who came to visit, and husband who is working on building ... let Banshee in, take quick nap, fix food, out for evening run, give Snoopy to husband (who is still at building site). Little Mattie has gone home. Feed and kennel, here comes Mattie again, so sit on porch with her and watch sunset

Wed Nov 2: Little Mattie visits again

Beautiful weather continues ... morning run-walk, all in high spirits, running with the horses in back ... eating the last persimmons ... feed and kennel, go to work, return, greeted by DB and Banshee at gate, Corey and Snoopy kenneled , let them out and walk Snoopy to trailer, fix food. Take DB,Banshee and Corey for evening run, husband walks Snoopy, return to trailer, almost dark, little Mattie shows up for supper. Feed, kennel

Thursday Nov.3: Rain this evening

Beautiful weather, morning run, feed and kennel, go to work, return, cloudy, rain imminent... almost dark, dogs inside, fix food, take the 3 for evening run, meet husband at kennels with Snoopy, feed and keenel

Friday Nov 4: Return after dark
Rained in the night, still fine cold mist in morning, husband gone to town, must do entire routine by myself, which puts me behind ... go to Columbia for meeting, return and go to chiropractor, where I see my Xrays, my back is worse than I had thought , oh well ... return home well after dark. Dogs have been kenneled , take out yogurt-essenses, chewies ...

Saturday Nov 5: Rehab and energy work for Snoopy, van ride and outing for all

Happy Guy Fawkes Day! Very windy, clear and cold! Morning run-walk, feed and kennel, then load up all and go on long excursion .. first stop, Snoopy to rehab, doing very well, the Snoopy to Jay's for energy work (very receptive, let Jay pet her, very calm, almost kissed him ... wow ), then to Pet Smart for outing, no one there for adoptions today, I think this is the first time there have been NO rescue groups there on Saturday ... Corey his usual exuberant self, fell in love with a little teacup chi female, wish I had a camera ... Corey is 'courting mode' is a sight to behold, and the big red dog flirting with the teeny tiny chi was just too cute for words ...  DB and Banshee acting very sweet, met nice woman and her dog Sugar who're intereted in pet therapy, then picked up sandwich for me (and a plain to share with dogs), then to Hopelands Gardens, Corey gets his walk, is much oohed and aahed over, he is prancing about like a racehorse ... then DB and Banshee, finally Snoopy a very brief walk ... then on to BBB, pick up food and stall mat, let Corey greet everyone, he is SUCH a ham. ... back home, at last, husband and worker unload the stall mat (which has ridden home on top of Corey and Banshees crates) let all out, then inside ... fix food, feed the Damcat, try to read, husband then tells me he has to go back in town to pick up nails and I have to go with him as his feet are bothering him and he's concerned about driving ... sigh ... brief final run for DB,Bnshee, Corey, then feed and kennel, go back to town... return 'way late in the night' (for me, around 1030) ... 

Sunday November 6: Visit from Mattie, van making weird noises

Gorgeous fall day, brilliant sunshine, cool morning, just wonderful. Time change last night so its light when I get up! Morning run, feed and kennel, go to church, return, husband and workers working on building, dogs kenneled. Let dogs out, walk Snoopy, then put her inside, take others for run, then inside. Fix lunch, do wash, take naps, am just getting ready to go out to mow when husband finishes working and decides he wants to load up dogs and go to town, unfortunately, van is making a weird noise and cant get hood open .. so unload dogs, little Mattie shows up .. kennel dogs, go to store, return and its almost dark (the downside of time change) take the 3 (and Mattie) for evening run, Snoopy for walk, get food, feed and kennel.

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