Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nov 28-Dec 4

Rain in early week, then cold and clear, cloudy and warm by week end ... Skit & Skat growing bigger!... little Mattie visits ... I visit Sally ... rehab for Snoopy, take all to open house a rehab, lots of friends and treats ... Corey has another hot spot on his hiney ... find out about horrible proposal for impound-kill facility in my tiny rural county ...

Today God Though I can not do it all Alone I will not lose faith in what you want me to do.. God I love you and the calling you have placed on my life.. Thank you though at times I am weary that you never leave me or the animals you place on my heart. I am but one but the friends I have also make me mighty in the fight.. You meant for your creation to be treated with God type love... Shine through me make your love seen through me. Amen

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.  ~St. Francis of Assisi

Monday Nov 28

Colder, foggy, feed Skit & Skat, let them out (they dont go far) morning run for dogs, feed and kennel, go to work ... return, its pouring rain, dogs have been kenneled but not fed ... fix food, take out to them, batten down hatches ... rain and wind ...

Tues Nov 29
Cool and cloudy, but not raining ... let kitties out, then dogs morning run ... poor Corey has hot spot on his hiney, spray. ... go to work, long day ... rains off and on most of day, husband reports manages to let dogs out but then it starts again ...

Wed Nov 30

Cold, clear, bright blue skies ... kitties are hungry! let them out, feed, clean litter, latch them back in, let dogs out (all excited after 2 days of rain and being cooped up) wheeeee, lets run!!! morning run, feed and kennel, go to work, return not quite dark, dogs crated (husband had them out most of day), take for evening run ... joined by little Mattie.

Thursday Dec 1

A bit warmer but still chilly, feed kitties, then morning run-walk, go to work, return in the dark, dogs are kenneled, go out with yogurt-essenses, and groom everybody.

Fri Dec 2

Chilly and clear, frosty... morning run, Corey rolls in the frosty grass with great delight, his hot spot is better .... little Mattie joins us, feed and kennel all. Wait for Mattie to leave then let kittens out, clean their porch, feed, then off to work ... brief visit to check on Sally, she is fat and happy, owner not there, dogs in yard ... Sally is fine, but jumps on me a LOT, really needs training ... finish work, go to  chiro, return well after dark, dogs kenneled ... find out about proposed 'animal shelter' (actually an impound-kill facility) for my small rural county ... when other counties in my state have recently made the news as they have given up running a county shelter and are now contracting out to a larger county,  tiny Edgefield county going in the opposite direction going 'back in time' in the animal welfare field, and, will lose $$ for their taxpayers in the process.

Saturday Dec 3

Another chilly morning ... let kitties out, feed, change litter, then morning run-walk for dogs, feed and kennel, then load into van, go into town for Snoopy's rehab, then quick trip to gardens, walk Corey. then DB and Banshee, then back to Rehab for open house; Corey  all excited  (as usual) DB and Banshee calm, Snoopy walks around quite nicely; lots of friends here, lots of treats. Back home, brief run then take nap, my 80 lb lap dog squeezing me off the couch ... fix food, evening run, feed and kennel. Let Skit & Skat out for evening romp and tree climbing, feed. Inside, the Damcat has thrown up, whoopee.

Sunday Dec 4

Warmer, cloudy, fairly pleasant, morning run-walk and kittie feed-cleanup, go to church ...return, let kitties out, watch them play, climb trees, then 'reporch' them, let dogs out, mid day run, then inside ...fix husband lunch ... do wash... back out, groom Corey and Banshee, take brief run then back in for nap, fix food, take dogs for eveninbg run, feed-kennel, then let kitties out, watch play, feed.

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