Saturday, December 17, 2011

Dec 12-17: Videos of DOCAD,Snoopy,Corey

Long week ... very warm to start, ends with normal December temps ... van out of commission all week, finally fixed on Sunday, also no mower so dogs do not get proper exercise ... Snoopy doing well at rehab, Corey to vet for hot spot on hiney ... meeting about the county impound-kill facility ... the Damcat playing too rough with kittens?... Skit gets on the roof and wont come down ... little Mattie visits several times home visit for rescue ... a long week, at least my back feeling some better, I need all my strength to cope with the kittens!

Monday Dec 12

Cold and drizzly, morning run very brief, feed and kennel, go to work, return after dark. Take out chewies and yogurt. Let kittens inside clean their room.

Some pictures of Corey

Video of Corey & ML napping
Tuesday Dec.13

Warmer today, very pleasant temps ... morning run, feed and kennel, then let kitties out, clean room. Unfortunately my lawnmower is now on the blink, they think the head is cracked as its leaking oil. Also van still not fixed. Groom dogs, then let inside, get ready to go to meeting about shelter. Meeting is fairly successful, got an increase in the budget of around $10K, but still underfunded according to HSUS stats for number of animals. Don't know if they will postpone vote to do more research or not. Still no concrete building plans available. Return home, feed and kennel dogs, let kittens inside, still worry about the Damcat being too rough with them, I really need to do a video so some of you cat xperts can chime in!

Wednesday Dec.14

Video of Damcat & kittens brings interesting responses, but bottom line is everyone thinks I should stop the play (or whatever) when gets too rough. Morning walk, foggy, feed and kennel, then on to work; return before dark, walk around (no mower a bit, let dogs inside, then feed and kennel

Damcat & Skit&Skat

Thursday Dec.15

Foggy again, still very warm ... morning walk , joined by little Mattie, feed and kennel, feed kittens, clean litter, go to loong day at work, return after dark

Friday Dec.16

Warm weather continues, high 70's ... in December. Husband lets kittens in, then goes into town to bank, I feed kittens and then start morning walk-run ... no mower, still, so we walk slowly around trailer, Snoopy now walks very well in straight line, try to practice circles, but other dogs keep coming over ... they won't run far unless I go out on mower. Corey in particular not getting enough exercise. Little Mattie shows up, feed and kennel, back to trailer, workers start arriving, little Mattie barking fiercely. Husband returns, finally Mattie leaves, let kittens back inside, then go in to work. Husband brings Corey in and meets me at vet, get Corey's hiney looked at (vet says it is healing, but forming a callus as its where he sits, so gives me some antibiotics ... then to chiropractor, am late so he's taken next patient, walk Corey around outside so he can pee, then put himn car, have chiro adjustment, then meet husband at Subway, then return home, get food, feed all dogs, then let kittens in, until play gets too rough, feed them and put up for night

Saturday December 17

Somewhat cooler and cloudy this morning, morning walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out, feed and clean room then get Snoopy and go to rehab.(Van still not fixed, cant take all dogs). Snoopy does well today, even with the distraction of other people and dogs,
lets Maggie the tech put her swim harness on for first time, and gets a Christmas present!  Leave rehab, go by library and a few errands, then to Jay's for energy work, Snoopy actualy lets him touch near the injured leg ... then on to do a home visit of a local woman wanting to adopt from a rescue in NC, then (finally) back home ... other dogs are kenneled, let them out, take for walk, then groom, then back inside for nap, fix food, another walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out. They are beginning to 'fight back' with the Damcat! He still grooming them and playing well with them (if a bit roughly).

And a video of Snoopy at Rehab
Sunday Dece,ber 17

Much cooler today, bright sunshine, beautiful! Let kittens out, feed them, put them back in, let dogs out, morning walk, feed and kennel, go to church, return, let kittens inside again, then out, then put them back in and let dogs out ... walk (quite a long walk, Snoopy doing well)  then inside to fix sandwiches for husband's crew, deliver sandwiches then take dogs into shed to groom,. Corey's hiney healing well. Van has now been fixed, load dogs in van, take for ride (just locally), return, let them inside for awhile, Banshee being very obnoxious, tearing up paper and harassing others, put her out, then DB wants out. Take brief nap, but Corey wont settle down either, so fix food, then evening walk and feed and kennel.  Let Skit&Skat inside to 'play' with the Damcat, eat supper, after supper I am watching Damcat groom Skat when I realize, havent seen Skit for a long time .. shake food (the cat 'recall' system) still no Skit. Search entire trailer, refrigerator. go outside Skit ... oh no, I'd started a wash while the kittens were inside ... stop the washer, half full of water ... husband gets plastic trash bin, we pull all the clothes out ... no Skit. But now the floor is flooded, as the trash bin husband found leaked. Get that mopped up, put clothes back in washer. Check outside again ... this time I hear a  pitiful meowww... Skit is on the roof, peering over, wont come down ... husband climbs up and finally gets Skit, who is puffed up 3x her size in fear ...let her inside again, then put both kitties up for the night in their porch room ... they are too young to be out at night,lol.

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