Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dec 26-Jan 1: Happy New Year

A pleasant week weatherwise ... DOCAD (Demons of Chaos and Destruction, aka Skit & Skat) driving us all bonkers ... the Damcat trying his best to keep order ....Snoopy doing well, walking pretty confidently now ... Corey to vet to check sore on hiney ... mowing (the mower cranks!) the vetch (already) ... the van gets its transmission filter changed (keeping fingers crossed) ...

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown

Monday Dec.26

Sunshine! Thank heaven, I really couldnt take another day of rain... let kittens in, clean their room, feed them, then go for morning walk with dogs (mower wont crank), feed and kennel. All dogs very excited that its no longer raining! Back to trailer start a wash, let kittens in, they are quite sweet in the morning, very cuddly, cleaning each other, the Damcat joining in, then napping. Put them back in their room, let dogs out, now the mower cranks so put Snoopy inside with husband and take others on long run, burning off their pent up energy  ... this is so much better. Do some mowing too, the vetch is coming up in back. (this usually happens in February-March ... it has been so warm so far this winter ...) back to home, fix lunch, do another load of wash, nap, then out again with dogs. Picking up branches in woods (Corey's favorite pastime, he is so helpfull), practice sit-stay-a bit, back to get Snoopy, take her for walk, husband working on windows, then take all dogs to shed, groom everyone, clip DBs nails, try to get Snoopy on grooming table with ramp (gift), but its still too steep. Let all out for last run, get food feed and kennel. Let kittens in, clean their room.

Tuesday  Dec 27

Back to work ... cold morning, frosty, morning run-walk (mower does crank), feed and kennel, off to work ... return after dark. Dogs kenneled, take out yogurt-essences. DOCAD (Demons of Chaos and Destruction, aka Skit & Skat) are inside already, bouncing on the bed trying to catch the fan pull. Feed them, clean their room. Whew.

Wed   Dec 28

Cool morning, dogs in VERY high spirits, Snoopy trying to jump and play .. not yet, sweetie. Husband walks her while I run the others (mower still cranking!) feed and kennel, let kitties out, feed and clean room, then off to work, have appointment in town late afternoon, husband not feeling well, headache but chiro not in today ... he goes on from appt to Lowes, I return home, let dogs out, walk Snoopy to trailer, take others for very brief run then feed and kennel

Thurs Dec 29

Cold. Mower wont crank. Walk dogs, feed and kennel, go to work, return well after dark. Let DOCAD in, they are now climbing the vertical blinds ... ack.

Friday December 30

Off today! Cool crisp frosty morning, morning run-walk, feed and kennel, let kittens out, feed and clean room. Put in a wash, Let dogs out, walk Snoopy then give her to husband while I run the others and mow (yes, the vetch is growing) ... decide to take Corey in to let vet look at his sore (which is healing but not as fast as I would like), van is still inoperable, so just take Corey ... stop by new local rescue to check it out (looks quite good for an outside small rescue, animals all well tended and happy) ... then into town to vet, who says  Corey is healing fine, puts some collagen cream on it no charge ... go by PetSmart, getting late so no trip to gardens, return home, dark, other dogs already kenneled. Feed Corey and kennel him, back to trailer, let kittens out, watch them play in the dusk ... uhoh, on the roof ....

Saturday Dec 31

Warming up! Morning run-walk, husband in town, have just finished when he returns. Feed kittens, clean their room. Take Snoopy into town for rehab, the van is being worked on, run a few errands return, let others out, brief run, then groom and leave in crates while let kittens out ... musical animals game continues ... let dogs out, put Snoopy inside trailer, take others out to take down Xmas decorations on gates, mow a bit, then return. Van is supposedly fixed (replaced the transmission filter), load up dogs, go to store, seems to run fine, return after dark, feed, kennel. Let DOCAD in ... they are in fine fettle, racing thru the trailer, wrestling with the Damcat, chasing their toys ...

Sunday January 1

Happy New Year! Cool, cloudy morning, morning run-walk, feed, kennel, let kittens in, go to church. Return early (no refreshments today), sprinkling rain, but stops and clears up. Let kittens out for while then put them back in their room and let dogs out. Corey is totally fascinated by the kittens, stands at their porch door whining, tail waving ... but he is just too big for them yet .... husband feeling poorly again. Take Snoopy on leadh and others and walk all over property, stopping to let Snoopy (and myself) rest. She is doing very well, walking pretty confidently now. Return and put dogs in crates, check on husbaan, fix him soup. Put in a load of wash. Back to shed, let dogs out, bring inside, Corey is especially rambunctious today, wont stay still, wont nap. Let him out, he harasses the kittens in the porch room, then bark. Grrr. Leaving Snoopy inside with husband, take others on long run, mow, then back to shed, groom. Corey drinks an entire bucket of water but still antsy. Wind has picked up a lot, maybe thats it. Take him out again (Banshee and DB not interested). Getting dark, get food and Snoopy, feed and kennel all. Back to trailer, let kittens out to roam a bit, but, here comes little Mattie (havent seen her in awhile) ... she sees the kittens and runs off ... let DOCAD in for their evening chaos and destruction duty.

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