Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jan 15-22: Skat in heat?

Very changeable weather, cold and windy (very windy), warmer, rain, tornado watches, thunderstorms ... more like March weather... Skat goes in heat, the Damcat is smitten... looking at vans ... Banshee goes to pet therapy, Snoopy to rehab, little Mattie visits, Corey healing well, DB very energetic all week ... Skit learns to leap to the top of every piece of tall furniture in the house ...

Monday January 16

Off for MLK Day! Cold and windy, mower won't crank, morning walk all around property, feed and kennel. Let DOCAD in ... you're not gonna believe this but Skat (the long haired kitty) is in heat. Yeppers, 4 months old, trilling and flirting and, uh, the Damcat is well, smitten shall we say. Ack. Quick research online, he cant hurt her, and this MAY induce ovulation so she'll go out of heat. Take Banshee into town for vet visit , discuss rabies vax and reactions, also discuss Skit and Skat, set appointment to spay next week. Then go look at more vans, geez I hate car salesmen and dickering. Return home, its after dark, let Banshee out, fix dog food, fix plate of human food for husband, then off to church meeting (husband feeds dogs). Return, the DOCAD still inside, the Damcat is exhausted, sleeps like a rock all night

Tuesday Jan 17

Warmer but very very windy ... have early hearing in Columbia so husband feeds dogs. Return from hearing, dogs kenneled, let out for walk, and brief run, then take Banshee to nursing home for pet therapy, a really moving experience today, several residents shared stories and pictures of their beloved dogs who had passed. Leave and go to another car dealer, this is getting really tiresome. Husband goes to chiro, I return home, almost dark, kennel, fix food, then take for walk and feed and kennel. Inside, the cats all sleeping, Skat seems to have calmed somewhat ... but still exhibiting mating behavior. All fine until the Damcat throws up, on the bed, have to remove sheets, wash, turn mattress, clean ... ah, the joys of pet guardianship...

Wednesday Jan 18

Pleasant morning but mower wont crank ... walk Snoopy, all the way to the back, where she attempts to greet neighbor's horses, jumping around ... ack. Limping. Carefully make our way back, she stabilizes ... feed and kennel, off to work ... long day, return home after dark. Dogs kenneled. DOCAD busily destructing the house. Now Skit has managed to learn to leap to the top of the armoire in the bedroom and won't come down (like a cat in a tree?) fine, stay there, shake food and here she comes ...  Skat no longer displaying mating behavior ... could the Damcat's 'attentions' have induced ovulation? Frankly, this is more than I EVER wanted to know about cats mating behavior... vet says let's wait a week to see if she is out of heat ...

Thursday January 19

Mower won't crank again . Cool and cloudy, threatening rain ... little Mattie shows up ... morning walk, then work a bit on a file and go to Cola for hearing, client no show, wonderful. Return and work at satellite office then home. Take dogs for evening run, mower running fine. Groom all. Corey's sore healing, but slowly. Banshee has sandspurs on her belly. DB has rolled in something unpleasant. Snoopy is skittish tonight. Feed and kennel.

Friday January 20

Wake up feeling very poorly, stomach hurting, nasuous ... husband has gone into town, fix food, walk dogs, starts drizzling, feed and kennel, lay back down. Let DOCAD in. Husband brings me some immodium and settle. Feel a bit better, if shaky, go out and groom dogs then take Snoopy and go into town to arrange a change in foster homes for the heeler we're trying to rescue, then to rehab for Snoopy and chiro, return home, its dark, dogs kenneled. Feed and kennel Snoopy. Stomach hurting again.

Saturday January 21

Very unpleasant weather today ... starts off warm and cloudy, starts drizzling while I'm running the dogs, meet husband back at kennels, feed and kennel. Stomach bothering me again. Let DOCAD in, feed, clean their room. Raining off and on. Around noon, break in weather, let dogs out, brief walk, then put Snoopy inside, run the others ... pick Snoopy up, its starting to rain again, back to kennels. Raining hard now, high winds, tornado watch. Ack. Finally stops very late afternoon, give dogs final run, feed and kennel. Husband and I go into town to buy supplies at WalMart

Sunday January 22

Foggy, cool morning. Morning run-walk, feed kennel, go to church. Turns colder, in 40's, damp and windy. Let dogs out, walk-run, then groom and leave in crates, give husband lunch, put DOCAD in bedroom with Damcat and go get dogs, run the 3 while Snoopy inside, very cold. Let all dogs in, take naps, try to work on computer. Stomach bothering me again. Husband napping with the cats. The day wears on. Friend who is fostering the heeler calls, not going well with her resident dogs. What next. Hopefully she can take her to the potential adopter tomorrow. Put in a wash, getting dark, take dogs for final walk (mower wont crank) feed and kennel, return and let DOCAD out of bedroom. They are very energetic tonight, leaping through the air ... get wash out of dryer, ack, a pen has leaked all over dryer. DOCAD go IN dryer and wont come out. Start folding cdlothes, they leap into the clothes pile and start wrestling. Put them in their room for the night

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