Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 9-15: Anniversary of Angel Ginger's diagnosis

Rain mid week, turns much colder very windy, brrr ... little Mattie visits several times, the DOCAD doing well (they have now destroyed a houseplant and two sets of blinds) , try to keep them inside at night but it doesnt work ... Banshee destroys her crate pad, Snoopy doing well at rehab, husband and I look at vans ...

Monday January 9

Heat wave continues, temps in 70's ... light rain but nothing much ... let DOCAD in, then morning rum-walk, joined by little Mattie, off to work ... very tiring day ... dark when I return... DOCAD doing their job of creating chaos and deestruction, but calming somewhat (whew) ... whoops spoke too soon, Skat climbed up my leg at supper, ouch...
Anniversary of Angel Ginger's diagnosis ... 2 years ...

Tuesday Jan 10

Some rain in night, damp and foggy morning, let DOCAD in ... and here's little Mattie for morning run. Husband takes Snoopy, I run dogs, feed and kennel, go to work , now pouring rain... return early after meeting, still light, husband in town, little Mattie greets me at gate. Back to trailer, was going to put DOCAD inside but dont want them running and getting on roof if Mattie chases them ... fix food, back to kennels, release dogs, Snoopy on leash, all wildly excited to see Mattie, she and Corey chase each other all opver (quite comical, she runs underneath him, he gets all tangled up turning around to follow her, barking joyously ... Snoopyt wants SO badly to join in ... not yet, sweetie... long walk all artound property, back to trailer, let all (except Mattie ) inside, check emails, then leave Snoopy inside and take others on evening run, then pick Snoopy back up ... husband has arrived and is unloading truck with worker, doghs all rush over, barking, mass confusion ... finally get sorted out and feed and kennel ... let DOCAD in, quickly, while Mattie chewing on her bone .

Wednesday Jan 11

Colder this morning, but not raining yet, morning run, feed and kennel ... Snoopy walking well, Corey's ears doing well ... feed DOCAD and clean their room, go to work ... starts pouring rain, rains all morning til mid afternoon ... dentist appt late afternoon, return home in time for evening run, DB in high spirits, running in circles around us, little Mattie shows up, Snoopy so wants to play with her ... we walk to the back of the property, some critter has dug under fence, husband is carrying branches over to plug up hole, Corey goes nuts (he loves to chew branches) husband makes mistake of throwing one for him, and poor Snoopy tries to JUMP after it, aargh ..fortunately no damage apparent. Go slowly back to kennels, feed and kennel. DOCAD inside with the Damcat, chasing each other ... the Damcat is acting like he's a kitten again...

Thurs Jan 12

Getting colder, cloudy, morning rum-walk, feed and kennel ... return after dark, dogs kenneled, take out yogurt-essences .. husband ill with stomach flu, give him soup, DOCAD in rare form tonight, attack my one remaining houseplant knocking it on floor, dirt everywhere ... aargh. Vacuum it up. Put DOCAD up for night. Very windy tonight, scary sounding, feels like the trailer is going to blow apart ...

Friday Jan 13

Very cold and very windy morning ... horrible, like a knife cutting through you. Mower wont crank. Walk dogs, trying to stay on side of building out of wind, finally all take morning poop, little Mattie shows up, feed and kennel. Go by food bank, drop off food , pay taxes, then to work (hearing in Ga,) ... then to office then chiro, return home after dark, dogs kenneled, DOCAD inside, raring to go, not satisfied with their destruction of last night ... calm down after awhile, keep them inside tonight as it is really cold.

Saturday January 14

Still cold, not as windy thank heavens. The DOCAD are in the bathroom with the Damcat, he apparently terroirized them and threw them out of bed, they are huddled behind the toilet. No injuries though. Let them out, feed them, fix dogs food, go let dogs out for morning walk (mower wont crank), feed and kennel. Take Snoopy to rehab, she is doing very well, gets on the blue peanut no problem and even almost whole body on big red peanut (will get pictures, the goal is to stand on it). Pick up dog food, return home, take dogs for run (mower cranks), then groom, Banshee rips up her crate pad, kennel, put DOCAD in porch room,  husband and I go to look at various vans and deal with car salesmen. Return after dark. Feed dogs, let DOCAD into trailer, feed. Tonight decide to put them in bathroom,leave Damcat out, this doesnt work, they start ripping apart the bathroom, let them out but they simply wont lay still in the bed, the Damcat starts washing them, they start fighting out feet under the covers ... strange, during the day they will curl up quietly in bed with you to take a nap, but not at night. Finally put them out in porch room. Its warmer tonight.

Sunday January 15

Not as cold today. Morning walk, as mower wont crank. Feed and kennel, Let DOCAD in, go to church. Return, let DOCAD out for awhile, then put them inside  and let dogs out, go for long walk around property, then inside (cats and husband in bedroom). Fix lunch. Put in a wash, read, take brief nap, go for another long walk (poor Snoopy keeps getting sandspurs), then groom, leave in crates while go fix food, then back and take a final run, husband walks Snoopy. Feed and kennel. DOCAD inside with the Damcat, all is well. Put them outside in the porch room when go to bed.

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