Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday April 16

Very very windy all night, very little rain ... one line of storms went through and then quieted down, this AM, when there was a break in the weather about 7 AM, I went to run and feed them, when we got back to the kennels the wind and thunder had started again, Snoopy hid UNDER the shed, I finally got her out and into the shed
(the others went fine into their kennels). Snoopy wouldnt eat (so she got double rations tonight)... rain and wind sporadically until around noon, around 11 I was going out to let them out, it started up again ... finally clearing up, all dogs out, very windy all day ... ,lunch, naps, mowing, trying to pull vetch out of trees it had climbed up ... evening van ride to grocery store, dark when return, feed and kennel.

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