Friday, April 29, 2011

Banshee goes to groomer

Gorgeous weather! Morning run, feed and kennel, then take Banshee with me into town to groomer's, then to work ... stop by SPCA Thrift store, no dogs today but pick up a nice dog bed, cheap ... continue working til around 4 PM groomer calls, pick up Banshee, she looks great! take her to Hopelands Gardens, where a small boy falls in love with how 'soft' she is, kneels beside her and hugs her, Banshee tolerates this, just rolling her eyes at me ... then to dog treat store for a 'treat' (several), then home ... to avert the usual scenario of DB jumping all over Banshee for daring to go on a car ride without her, kennel Banshee, other dogs inside, go get them, kennel them (DB and Banshee snarling at each other from their kennels), let everyone calm down for half hour or so while I put in a wash, then out for mowing ... once we're moving, all is fine, Banshee and DB trotting along like best buds ... someday I'm going to have to really put some effort into deconditioning this behavior pattern ... evening run, mowing, then feed and kennel

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