Friday, July 1, 2011

Jake meets his new family

Today was the big day ... we took Jake to meet his new family! I took all my dogs for their regular morning run, Jake was happy as a lark, then loaded him up in his crate with a whole bunch of supplies (food smples, toys, leashes, collars, chewies, treats, etc) put his new harness on him (he still pulls on a collr) and met my wonderful friend Beth who drove our little transport to Charlotte (thanks Beth) Jake slept the whole way, stopped outside Columbia for a potty break (and water), the on to Charlotte ... got the right exit but missed the McDonalds (which is hidden) so went to Bojangles (where there were some nice shade trees) and called new mom Nancy (who was at McDonalds, they came over to meet us) ... she and her boyfriend and one of her other dogs ... great people, great dog, I know Jake has found a wonderful furver home! Took a few pictures and video (which I've posted) ... Beth and I returned home, ran into a few problems on way back (traffic snarled on I-77 due to accident, took a side trip through Fairfield county to get to next exit), a few thunderstorms ... but a nice trip!

I'd like to thank ALL who participated in the effort to find Jake a furever home and get him there! Special thanks to Kevin L and Terry A for sending me $$ to help with transport, to the others who tried to help me rrange transport, to the other 2 families who offered Jake a Furever home (but lived too far ...)

This has been quite a wonderful experience! Thank you all for your help, support and love!



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