Friday, December 3, 2010

Thursday Dec 2- Friday Dec.3

Computer down yesterday so missed my daily entry! Two days in a row, no morning run, had to be at work very early and it is VERY cold (for SC that is) in 20's ... so fixed food and husband fed and gave morning run. Amazing how much I miss that part of the day. Both days return home a bit early so I could at least do evening run ... greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, very excited ... no little Mattie all week though. Corey's ears doing quite well! Banshee still has bump under nose. Friday I get to groom Corey, his coat is really looking good now! I guess he's like Angel Ginger, loses hair on flanks in the summer ... husband and workers have been throwing sticks for Snoopy and Corey, as they seem to have lost their red bone toy (or Banshee stole it and hid under porch, somebody skinny who is not scared of spiders is going to have to go under there and retrieve her stash ...) DB is slimming down again (when we went to Dr Ruth in October she said DB was getting a bit chunky and to cut her rations, so I've reduced her to 1 1/2 cups day instead of 2 ... she looks great. Good evening run, fed and kenneled.

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