Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday December 5

Much colder today, high in the 40's ... morning run, not very pleasant (for me... the dogs, of course, LOVE the cold weather and are running in circles and leaping over each other in enthusiasm...) the persimmon tree is mostly bare now, the dogs line up under it staring hopefully at the fruit on the highest branches that I can no longer reach ... throw a stick and knock down a few, but, well, the persimmon season has ended, gang ... feed and kennel, Snoopy wolfs down her new herbs ... go to church (late! I hate being late!) return, take dogs for mid day run, still very 'brisk' out ... come inside, lunch and naps ... the Damcat taunts the dogs, sashaying past them (I really dont worry except for Banshee, who is barely containing herself...) ... take the Damcat into bedroom and have a nap while dogs stay in living room with husband ... out again for mid afternoon run, geez, it is really cold, windy too ... brrr ... . at least I locate the red bonelike toy, over in the faar corner ...take Corey in and brush him, he's a mess ... husband then plays 'fetch' with Corey and Snoopy while I fix supper ... feed and kennel. a good day, a pretty good week ... but no little Mattie all week..I hope she's OK, I think they finally figured out she's in heat and are keeping her in...

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