Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mattie comes to visit

Morning run, Jake bouncing up and down, all very lively this morning ... get basket and pick squash (very difficult with puppy in your face) ... to take to work, overwhelmed with squash this year ... feed and kennel, to work ... really tiring day, very busy ... return, Banshee and Jake on porch, Snoopy and Corey inside, hmm, wheres DB? Husband finally remembers she's in the dog shed (she wanted some peace and quiet) ... fix food, Jake is very good in kitchen, just sits quietly watching ... manage to get all outside, go let DB out, forgot my water back to trailer, Jake slides in past my feet and ... theres the Damcat... jumps up on the washer, he and Jake stare at each other, the Damcat starts washing his paws ... take Jake out, go mowing, joined by husband... and, little Mattie! Poor sweetie, her eye sill blueish ... all dogs surrounding mne except Jake who spots that I've stopped comes running over, and, Mattie sees him, starts barking, Jake promptly comes to other side of mower gets his treat, steps backl deferentially Great little dog. Mow a little more then feed and kennel all, including Mattie

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