Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Jan.23

Not as cold, wind has diminished today ... nice morning run, feed and kennel, do Corey's ears (his foot has healed nicely) ... go to church. Return, take dogs for mid day run, then inside for naps. Several more trips outside around property, Corey getting somewhat better at sitting and waiting when play fetch ... sit at back of property awhile watching horses, first time I've been able to sit up here in awhile (this is windiest end of property, on the ridge) ... around 4 PM load up dogs and husband, go into town to PetSmart for dogs' 'weekly outing' Snoopy is doing quite well with strangers now, as long as they reach out a hand for her to sniff and dont overwhelm her ... Corey is his usual show off self, prancing around like he owns the place ... DB and Banshee very polite until its time to leave, DB doesnt want to go... but finally capitulates ... no time to walk in the gardens as its near dark, return home, feed and kennel.

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