Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday January 29

Beautiful weather! High 60's, clear and sunny ... great morning run, joined at the end by little Mattie ... fed and kenneled, then loaded up my 4 and went to town, Hopelands Gardens (I walk them 2 at a time, Corey and Snoopy, then DB and Banshee) ... there was a loose cat! some children were petting it, Corey and Snoopy stopped dead in their tracks, looked up at me ... discretion being the better part of valor, we doubled back ... cat was gone during DB and Banshee's walk. Then to PetSmart, disappointed that SPCA not there, but Corey's 'fan club' from McCormick was there ... as I'm leaving with Corey and Snoopy ... theres a CAT on a LEASH ... Corey And Snoopy stop dead, look at me, the cat stops dead, looks at his owner (who picks him up), we proceed without incident. Put Corey and Snoopy back in van, take DB and Banshee for their PetSmart jaunt (Banshee always heads straight for aisle 6, where often dog food has 'escaped' from the bags and is under the shelf ... an elderly couple get a good laugh out of seeing Banshee trying to squeeeeze under the shelf ... DB meets a nice little boy and is in heaven ... leave PetSmart, stop by shoe store to try to find shoes per the podiatrist orders ... then return home. Disembark, go inside for lunch and brief naps, brush Corey, then out again to prune trees .... this is a huge undertaking, we have a LOT of trees ... little Mattie shows up agaiun, plays with Snoopy and Banshee and DB ... Corey is entranced by the tree pruning, is right at my side, picking up branches, chewing them, pointing out to me which branch to trim ... this reminds me so very much of Angel Ginger, she was my great helper at tree pruning ... the others could care less (unless I happento throw a branch for Snoopy ... work for a couple hours, then whoops, its getting dark ... go inside, get food, feed and kennel.

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