Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday January 30

The beautiful springlike weather continues .... nice morning run, then church ... return after church, greeted at gate by all 4 dogs, all excited, husband has been out working outside all morning ... go inside, change clothes, go for very brief run, then inside for a nap (we had covered dish at church and I'm not used to eating that early) ... up again,  then out to do some more tree pruning ... work for an hour, arms getting tired, go back inside, fix food , brush Corey and Banshee, trim DB's nails, brush Snoopy... the Damcat saunters in, sees all 4 dogs... and runs the wrong way...  I'm really only worried about Banshee now, the others just scramble out of the way ... whew, safe under the couch ... then out again for more pruning, Corey again being my helper ... I wonder if it's an Irish setter 'thing'? Just like Angel Ginger, never leaves my side, examines each branch, picks branches for me ... every so often one of the other dogs trots up to be petted or get a treat, and when i move from area to area they follow to that quadrant ... little Mattie joins us for supper (I'm beginning to call her 'Mattie the Mooch') ... feed and kennel

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