Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday March 12

Beautiful weather ... take dogs for long morning run, to make up for missing yesterday evening ... gosh, the vetch has grown a foot ... really really need to mow... but need to go to second day of reiki workshop ... feed and kennel, go to workshop .. very interesting, I will definitely try to practice this on myself first( I'm now a 'level 1 practitioner') ... and see how it goes ... return home, husband has a full crew working today ... no dogs greet me at gate, when I enter parking area, Banshee and Snoopy come off porch and sniff me very thoroughly ... DB hangs back ... I go inside, Corey and the Damcat are inside, Corey quivers all over and greets me normally ...(ie, jumps up and down, doing the 'Irish jig') I then let other dogs in (put Damcat in bedroom) and get something to eat (and water, I'm very thirsty, this reiki stuff makes you really thirsty) ... lay down on couch, Corey beside me, others in their usual positions (Snoopy behind the couch, DB across the door, Banshee in the dog bed) ... husband then comes in, wanting lunch (geez, its 4 PM) , sigh. OK, fix lunch, then take the dogs out and start mowing the vetch , joined by little Mattie ... workers leave around 530. Back to trailer, fix food, out to kennels ... and Corey acts very oddly, standing in the middle of the yard and barking, finally settles down and goes to his kennel. Feed and kennel.

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