Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday March 17 St Patrick's Day

A beautiful crisp clear morning, all the trees blooming, the vetch growing ... morning run, feed and kennel, go to work ... another long day... return, no dogs at gate ... get up to parking area and here come DB,Snoopy and Banshee ... husband way in back with Corey ... go inside, change, fix food, then here comes Corey and husband ... let them in, brush Corey, then back out for evening mowing to get mower on big tractor, some of this is way too high to mow now ... husband reports that when he went to burn brush pile (with all the branches I pruned with Corey's help) a bird has built a nest in it with little baby birds already hatched, so of course we cant burn it until they can fly away ...practice sit-stay, talk to neighbor in back and her dogs (who 'fence run' with DB and Banshee ... Corey and Snoopy don't bother ... little Mattie joins us on way back, feed and kennel.

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