Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday March 9

Cloudy and cool rain coming in later ... morning run, dogs are all cheerful, horses in back are kicking and bucking , dogs seem to 'catch the fever' and start running around in circles... wind picking up again, a faint drizzle begins ... back to trailer, get food, feed and kennel before rain starts ... to work. Rains all day off and on, return home after dental appointment in downpour, dogs (and husband) are in the dog shed (they had been out working in front during a lull in the rain and the heavy rain hit). I decide to lay down briefly, then up to fix dog food, then  to church for Ash Wednesday service; husband says he'll feed when rain slacks up. Return after church, just a drizzle now, take yogurt-essenses out and chewies

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