Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday March 20

Storms in the night, lots of rain ... cloudy and much cooler this AM ... morning run, dogs all excited, burst out of kennels, running about wildly (almost like the first day of fall!) feed and kennel, go to church, return, dogs still kenneled... change clothes, go for midday run ... find another water spicket that has busted, pouring water down to ditch (I noticed this on way out this morning but thought it was just the rainfall) ... alert husband, have lunch, put in wash, more mowing ... also check new line of some kind of fir trees husband put in last week, need propping up ... finally finish mowing back section ... back to trailer, brief nap with the Damcat, while dogs nap in living room, (Corey stations himself in hall) ... then load dogs into van and go for ride ...return, still light, another brief mowing foray, husband plays fetch with Snoopy, DB and Banshee find mouse in woodpile (but cant seem to catch it)... practice sit-stay and down at a distance with Corey (who's getting quite proficient...) getting dark, fix food, feed and kennel.

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