Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Banshee goes to pet therapy

Cloudy and cool this AM, morning run, feed and kennel, off to work. Return lunchtime, dogs are kenneled, husband not feeling well. Fix him some soup, then go get Banshee and go to pet therapy. Can't take all dogs as it has gotten sunny and up in high 80's. Husband lets others out after I leave. Good pet therapy session, JoAnn brings her big Irish Chase, who is very calm (compared to my Corey, who tried a few pet therapy visits but was way too over the top ... and, I doubt he'll ever calm down with age, since he's over 8 now) ... return home (dont go to PetSmart of gardens as I want to get some mowing in before it rains)... DB meets me at gate, call husband to PUT the others up while I bring Banshee in (this is an ongoing problem with Banshee and DB, if Banshee goes somewhere without DB, on her return they snarl and jump each other, so I have to separate them, yes, this is management not reconditioning, I need to figure out a 'plan') Kennel Banshee, get Snoop and Corey from house and kennel them, then let DB out of shed and ... of course she rushes to Banshee's pen and they start snarking at each other. Get chewies, get DB into her pen, then leave them all for a half hour to settle down. When I get back out and let them out, they're fine. Mow for several hours, clouding up, back to trailer, let all in while fix food, clean DB and Corey's faces and teeth, then feed and kennel.

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