Friday, May 13, 2011

Big storm in evening

Very warm again today, temps reaching 95. Morning run, Corey makes a beeline for the wild plums, which are undoubtedly what is giving him the runs.. oh well, I have pumpkin on hand ... Back to trailer, feed and kennel, then to work ... return, its still very hot, so don't go back out again for awhile then husband notices on weather that storms are coming ... take dogs for run, mow a tiny bit and then it clouds up, get dogs into kennels ... this storm not bad, blows over quickly, so let dogs back out again ... more mowing then Snoopy comes running up, quivering all over, barking... and sure enough a big storm has come up behind the trees ... race back to trailer get food, get to kennels, Corey kenneled and here it comes ... open shed DB,Banshee and Snoopy run inside ... crate them. Terrible rain, then slacks up, so I go out and feed Corey, come back and get DB and Banshees food and take them out and ... here it comes, wind, hail, rain, awful, DB and Banshee totally unfazed, eat their chow. I am stuck out here, about ten minutes later it slacks up, husband comes out to join me, still cant get Snoopy to come out of crate in shed, so leave here there, back to trailer, it has stopped raining, all clear, back to shed still cant get Snoopy out, give her food, get her harness, then lead her to her pen (she is fine the minute I get the harness on). Feed her, give all chewies.

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