Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rain in the night

Rained in night, wet and steamy morning. Let dogs out, Jake has popped 2x in Corey's pen ... but no one has the runs. Morning run, feed and kennel, to work.  Husband also goes in to town, leaves Jake in Corey's pen. Poor Corey. (Actually, Jake does just fine in the pen or crate, plays quietly with his Kong, sleeps.) I go to chiro, then home, greeted at gate by DB, Jake and Banshee, Jake has the gate protocol down pat now. All follow me back to trailer. Corey and Snoopy inside. Go in, ice my back for awhile, then fix food and go out to mow. Still too hot, sit on porch awhile, dogs OK at first, Jake then starts scrambling all overm me. Give him a stick to chew (Banshee steals everything else we give him). Mow, joined by husband on tractor. Dogs in good spirits, Jake picks one, then another to follow. They 'trade off' babysitting duty. Finish mowing (well its never finished), pick some squash, back to trailer get food, Jake circling around us in a 'happy dnce' ... feed and kennel. Leave them all with chewies, then back to put Jake in with Corey/

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