Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday June 7: Pet therapy day for Banshee

Morning run, Corey and DB come with me, Snoopy has managed to get new worker (who is working near trailer) to throw ball for her, and Banshee stays to watch ... DB, Corey and I tour the property, turn on sprinklers in back, then pick up food (and Snoopy and Banshee) at trailer, feed and kennel, to work ... return lunchtime, all dogs inside, take Banshee to pet therapy ... then to PetSmart, tractor Supply and Boots & Bridles, picking up various items ... Banshee is on her best behavior today, very polite and pleasant ... return home, kennel Banshee, others all inside with husband ... kennel the rest, take brief nap, change and out to mow and water (mainly watering now ...) Snoopy jumps in mudhole, DB gets sopping wet under sprinklers, no little Mattie again (I think the mom has returned home and is keeping her in) ... feed and kennel.

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