Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Mattie reappears

No rain last night ... thunder and lightening all around but dry as a bone ... morning run, water trees, dogs all in high spirits, joined by little Mattie! Feed and kennel, go to work ...long hot day ... go to chiropractor, back still hurts, hands still hurt ... return home, husband is working on computers, has Corey inside, others in shed ... fix food, change, go out and let others out, then more watering ... not much to mow, its too dry ... Banshee lays in the water as I water each tree, Corey lays beside hose and drinks out of it, DB waits til I hold hose up and drinks, Snoopy keeps coming up hopefully with ball ... hot and sticky, pretty unpleasant ... water til nightfall, then feed and kennel, give Heartgard (its not quite a month since our last 'cold snap' May 19, but decide to start now anyway ...

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