Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Corey goes to groomer

Warm and muggy. Morning run, Jake spent night in Corey's pen again, doing fine. Feed and kennel then take Corey to groomer while I go on to meeting. Pick him up, its raining, Corey looks great but is very very glad to leave ... stop at Boots & Bridles (not raining) to let him pee and pick up dog food, then home ... met at gate by DB. Let Corey out at parking area, other dogs all appear, sniffing him (he smells too good,lol) change clothese, fix food ... looks like rain ... take brief run then kennel ... rain blows over, let all out, husband takes a few pictures then starts raining, Hard ..grab food, rekennel dogs, feed ... Snoopy hides under shed, harness her and get her to pen ... husband makes a break and runs to house ... I stay with dogs til rain slacks up then walk quickly to trailer ... soaking wet ... put Jake in with Corey tonight

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