Wednesday, June 22, 2011

St. Francis sends Jake to be rescued

Very damp out, cooler, nice breeze, cloudy, dogs burst out of pens, all revved up (you'd think it was fall)... brisk morning run, pick some squash in back , pick up branches taken down by last nights storms, feed and kennel, use enzyme wash on Corey's ears.
What a day ... My husband was in the checkout line at Rose's store, everyone was yelling 'dog in the store' ... they were trying to kick the puppy out, he looked up, saw my husband and staggered over to him, husband picked him up and . was Jake ... apparently Jake had followed his 'owner' about a mile to the store ... husband put dog in buggy and called me, before I get there, his 'owner' came out of the store and
told husband it was his dog but he didnt want him,  he couldnt take care of Jake, his father had given him to him and he didnt need a dog.He had NO car, 4 kids (none of whom wanted Jake.) I got there from work and got a notarized statement from the owner. Unfortunately Aiken SPCA cant take owner surrenders. They did say they would board Jake 5 days for me to try and find him a home, after which he'd be PTS. Cant
take him to county, he's a male black lab puppy, no way would he survive. I brought him home tonight but cannot keep him, I have 4 dogs, I am full up, literally.

Jake is a great little guy! Got along well with my dogs, knew all the right 'doggy language' to intro himself, is very friendly and cheerful (even after his ordeal of walking a mile through city streets trying to keep up with his former owner) ... not a snap or a snarl or a grumble out of him ... appears healthy, no fleas, poop looks good,runs and plays well. I just cannot BELIEVE that no one in his 'family'... kids included, wanted him. All they'd say is 'he chews up everything' (well, duh, he's a 3 month lab puppy).

Evening run, Jake keeping up with the big dogs, fed and kenneled, put Jake in a crate in the kennel area, between the other kennels ... he settled down very quickly... rain during night ... posted info on Jake to my lists and FB


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