Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday November 13

A truly gorgeous day ... and full of events! Started with brisk morning run (accompanied by little Mattie) ... fed and kenneled. I always kennel the dogs at least a half hour after meals to ward off bloat... let them out, took another brief run, then brought Corey and Banshee inside to brush, as we're going on a 'field trip' ... tried again to clean Snoopy's tar or whatever it is on her face, this is a mystery ... getting fainter though. DB is spiffy, as always, my dear low maintenance dog. Load them in van, hurry up husband (we already missed the FOTAS breakfast) finally get to town about 1030, go to Bark in the Park at Hopelands Gardens ... met a wonderful lady and her husband and 4 shelties, she does reiki! and herbals! And is also very nice! Took Corey and Snoopy out first, went around to the booths, greeting everyone, Corey his usual loud self, then put them back in van and I took DB and Banshee around (husband tired). DB attempts to go in pond after turtles, but other than that, they behave impeccably. After this, went to PetSmart where SPCA and others having adoptions ... took Banshee and Corey inside (DB and Snoopy have had quite enough excitement for one day and are napping peacefully) ... husband falls in love with little Angelica (the poor little puppy who saw her sibling killed by another dog in front of her and is traumatized ... very scared, very shy..) and BEGS me to let him have her, but no... we have all the dogs we can reasonably handle... I'm sure she'll find a home , she is gorgeous and so very sweet ... adoptions are down right now though ... return home, let dogs out, here is little Mattie, waiting to greet us ... rest for a few moments, then kennel dogs and go across street to neighbor's house blessing ... and little Mattie follows us. And stands on edge of crowd, barking. I am SO embarrassed, and she isnt even my dog. Finally husband goes back home to lure her back ... when I get home, she is playing with my gang... fix food, take evening run ... and whoops, she goes across road again ... but returns. Feed and kennel. A good day!

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