Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday Nov.24

Off work today! Beautiful warm weather continues ... husband and workers readying for concrete pour this afternoon ... morning run, water trees, mow a bit, then gather up dogs in van and head for town (to the out of way while pour going on) ... went by store to get TOTW dog food , took Corey in, comments 'thats the happiest dog i've ever seen' ... met a woman who worked for an Irish setter breeder 20 years ago ... said Corey was a 'fine specimen' ... then on to Hopeland gardens, first shift Corey and Snoopy, met a couple and their JRT (she used to have an Irish as a young woman ... gee, every time i go out I meet people who had Irishes 20-30 years ago...) I have to walk Corey and Snoopy one on each side as their strides are so dissimilar, and Corey wants to meet everybody and Snoopy is hesitant but we do pretty well ... back to van, water, crate Snoopy and Corey, take DB and Banshee out for walk thru park, this also goes well, I am especially proud when we get to bridge with folks feeding ducks on both sides ... I say 'forward', DB and Banshee walk staring dead ahead, not stopping, despite people reaching out and throwing bread for ducks, ducks flapping around in pond, children squealing, people commenting on 'what well behaved dogs' ... reach the other side, am VERY proud ... then Banshee sees a squirrel and LEAPS after it, almost pulling me on to my behind... recover, and proceed back to van. Give water. Treat everybody. Next stop, PetSmart ... Corey first, greet his fan club (2 of the clerks and the groomer), he falls in love with a little white poodle with a pink bow in her hair .. play bows, whimpers, rolls his eyes, raises his ears, wags tail, prances around...  buy some salmon jerky, back to van, take Snoopy in, then back for DB and Banshee, buy some more dog food ... DB and Banshee acting very calm until a small dog rushes growling at DB, she pulls back politely but is rattled, looking at me like 'what did I do??' I reassure her, return to van, manager brings food out...  Home stretch, stop at grocery for people food. Arrive home, concrete truck STILL there ... kennel dogs, unpack van, by this time almost dark, fix food, unkennel for brief run (staying away from concrete slab) joined by little Mattie ... feed and kennel. a good day!

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